Sweet Pea Diaper Reveals NEW Prints!

October 9, 2012

Budget, Covers/Wool

You know how much I love Sweet Pea diaper covers right??

They have been included on the My Recommendations page since the moment I first used them.

I’ve even passed on the Sweet Pea love to others that write guest posts about them! A Sweet Diaper Cover From Sweet Pea Diapers was written by a dear to me friend.

Sweet Pea diaper covers are generously sized to fit over the fluffiest nighttime bum.  Yet, with the snap down rise can accommodate a super trim disposable insert.  I’ve had extensive experience with both.

Recently, Sweet Pea underwent a change that has vastly improved the function of the cover.  By adding an additional snaps to the wings I no longer get the dreaded wing droop.

I am so blessed to not only use great cloth diaper products but to develop relationships with the precious moms behind them.  Nancy has always been so supportive of All About Cloth Diapers over the years.

I pray you enjoy the fruits of her hard work as much as I do!

Now go get your Sweet Pea diaper covers! (where to buy links below photos)

Did you miss the other two prints released over the last year?

Where To Buy:



Sweet Pea would love to hear your th0ughts on their Facebook page!

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6 Responses to “Sweet Pea Diaper Reveals NEW Prints!”

  1. Chrissy Says:

    Can anyone speak to the longevity of sweet peas? Will they last for years? Does anyone have experience with the covers specifically?



  2. Sue Says:

    Do they come in hook and loop as shown because I do not see them anywhere like that. I prefer hook and loop.


  3. Renae Meyer Says:

    Wow love their new cover prints! Especially for boys! thank again for sharing.


  4. Jennie Says:

    I noticed you only mention covers. What about their one size diapers? Do you like those too?


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