Sweet Pea Newborn Diaper Cover Review

Guest post by Drea Lamson

The newborn Sweet Pea diaper cover has been one of my favorites!

It fits babies from 6-12 pounds. There’s one set of rise snaps for a more customized fit. This cover was an excellent fit fully snapped on my newborn son.   At birth he was 8 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches.

Now, at five weeks, he is eleven pounds and a couple of inches longer, the cover fits best unsnapped.

Sweet Pea covers are very affordable at just $9.99 each. They are a wonderful option for families looking to diaper on a budget. Many parents prefer to spend as little as possible on newborn diapering. Some babies are born larger, and outgrow the small diapers quickly. Most babies will fit newborn sizes until only two, maybe three, months of age.

The covers can be worn over prefolds, flats, fitteds, or with your favorite natural fiber insert laid inside. My personal favorite for newborns is to use a preemie prefold, angel folded, unpinned and laid inside the cover. Prefolds and covers are an terrific option for this phase. They are easy to wash, not difficult to use and, best of all, affordable.

I love that this cover has legs gussets. Leakage around the legs can be a problem when diapering a newborn. Some little ones have skinny thighs, and it’s difficult for a diaper to accommodate each newborn’s body type. Leg gussets go a long way to contain messes!

The PUL material of the SweatPea cover feels slightly stretchy. Almost like the nylon of a swimsuit. Some covers can be stiff, thick and not as adjustable. With the give of this cover, combined with the aplix closure, it’s easy to get a trim fit.

I grabbed this cover on a whim. Confession: I was drawn in by the cute pattern and colors! I’m so glad I did. It ended up being the first cover I reach for.

My son has had zero leaks or blowouts in his SweatPea. Yes, a cute diaper is wonderful to have. But, when a diaper can be cute AND dependable, you have a cloth diapering win. I consider the Sweat Pea newborn cover a victory!

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Drea is a Montessori Primary teacher turned Stay at Home Mom. She has three boys: Alister age four, Silas 21 months, and Guthrie 3.5 weeks. She found a passion for cloth diapering with her first son four years ago, which has continued and grown with each child. Visit Drea over at her blog Owl Be There

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4 Responses to “Sweet Pea Newborn Diaper Cover Review”

  1. Sherri Smith Says:

    Drea! Would a small Rag insert or a doubler fit in the cover?
    And did you happen to try it over a WAHM newbie fitted? I have a bunch of LFP newborns for next baby. I don’t think my size 0 rags will fit over them!
    Baby G looks like he is saying, “To infinity and BEYOND!”


    • Drea Says:

      Yes! I have used Raga inserts in the SweetPea cover with success. I usually use a doubler with a liner. In the above photo, Thrie is wearing a MonkeySnuggles fitted under the cover. It worked great with everything I tried underneath. The cover has some good stretch to it. Hope that helps! Sorry for the delayed response!


  2. Rain B. Says:

    So cute!!! The baby and the diaper cover! I like the SweetPea covers a lot!


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