Sweetbottoms Baby Brings in the Grand Finale!

December 21, 2012

My Favorite Things 2012



This has been a fabulous year for My Favorite Things!

We end it with a “Try It All” package from Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique.

Pocket and Nighttime: Kawaii Goodnight.  Kawaii diapers have a microfleece inner and come with 2 XL microfiber inserts.  Kawaii Diapers from Sweetbottoms Baby are an inexpensive, one sized pocket diaper that allows hundreds of families enjoy the benefits of cloth diapering all with a Fix & Fasten Guarantee.

All In One: BumGenius Elemental.  An all-around amazing diaper. One day, oh yes it will happen, I will redo my whole stash *again* to BumGenius Elemental AIOs.  Buttery-soft organic cotton makes up the inside of this diaper.  I absolutely love BG stretchy tabs.  It’s the little things that make me happy.

Fitted: Sustainablebabyish Bamboo Fitted.  The “magic diaper” is its nickname.  An excellent nighttime cloth diapering choice.  My heaviest wetting children have worn one at night with either wool or PUL cover with success.  Success being dry PJs and sheets.  The entire diaper is bamboo so if you prefer a stay dry layer against baby’s skin simply make a fleece liner!

Cover: Thirsties.  Made in the USA.  Inner gussets…need I say more.  Thirsties are the brand I think of when I consider a sized cover that holds it all in.

Hybrid: Flip Diapers.  I think Flip are the best hybrid system available.  The stay-dry inserts are highly absorbent and adjustable.  The covers have the trademark stretchy tabs and gentle leg elastic.  I love the fact that the covers are wipe/rinse and reuse.   The covers can be used over any system: prefolds, flats, fitteds, or disposable inserts.  Flip Diapers are also a great option for traveling.

Rash spray: CJ’s Spritz.  We love CJ’s Spritz here in the Beck house.  Anyone can use it and not get hands all messy.  The amazing Pixie Pie scent (I love others too but Pixie is my current fave) covers up nasty poop smells that tend to linger on the skin.  CJ’s Spritz doesn’t just smell good it also clears up any redness or minor rashes Camden may get.

Laundry: RLR.  This is a quick and easy cloth diaper stripper.  It helps release buildup in your diapers and allows the detergent to get in there and do its job.  For a more detailed description, read What is RLR?

Plus, the best baby blanket ever!  I love the Aden & Anais Dream Blanket.  I recommend it to everyone as a great baby shower gift.  There are very, very few baby products that I think are worthwhile and recommendable.  Every parent is different.  Some can’t live without a baby monitor or a changing station (floor works for us) or the newest, flashiest contraption.  My list is simple.  Give me baby nightgowns, hand-knit hats and Aden & Anais blankets.  And cloth diapers of course.  I could easily become a collector of the swaddle blankets but the real love comes for the Dream Blanket.  They are thick but not too heavy and cuddly.  $50 may be pricey for many but it is a splurge worth taking.

I can’t wait to pick the winners next week!!  I pray you have had fun learning about new products and entering all the giveaways.


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Don’t forget that all giveaways are open until December 28th!

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251 Responses to “Sweetbottoms Baby Brings in the Grand Finale!”

  1. Tiffany Cardenas Says:



  2. Kimberlee Fedorko Says:

    This one is my favorite so far!!


  3. Mica Says:

    I can’t pick just one. All of them rock!!!


  4. Alexa Says:



  5. amber Says:

    My in laws are now ok with me using cloth diapers they thought they might be the same as the ones they used when my husband was growing up and they were scared


  6. Kora Moore Says:

    This giveaway is my fav! All of these things are on my “want to try” list with a new baby due in March.


  7. Haily Says:

    My favorite is day 12! I love Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique!


  8. Amanda Dobelmann Says:

    All of them are pretty amazing! I would be happy to win any but day 1 I think is my favorite.


  9. Lanae Says:

    All of them! There are so many good ones it’s hard to choose just one


  10. Hannah Avery Says:

    This one might be my favorite!


  11. jessica long Says:

    Kawaii Over nights!!! AWSOME


  12. Kelli Darter Says:

    Friday, December 14th


  13. Faith Ash Says:

    I I love all of them it is too hard to pick a favorite. Maybe the sweet bottoms giveaway… No wait the ragababes… Ok the wool ugh see I can’t pick just one.


  14. Ashley lindberg Says:

    There has been so much great stuff provided for these giveaways! It is so hard to choose! I think I am going to go with Thirsties just because I love their prints but like I said everything is great!


  15. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    I would say the Semi Custom Knit slot by Molly’s Bottoms.


  16. Megan Borkowski Says:



  17. sara russell Says:

    All of them :).


  18. Amelia Says:

    Love Elementals, as well!


  19. Carrie C Says:

    They have all been great. I really like this one because I love Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique. Their costomer service is wonderful!!!


  20. Sara Rodriguez Says:

    Ragababe and Molly’s bottoms (free woolies – what, what!).


  21. Melissa Says:

    Ragababe – would love to try one!


  22. Janet Benthin Says:

    I like the thirsties the best!!!


  23. Kasie Says:

    Monkey Foot Designs!!!


  24. Karianne Says:

    My favourite is the Ragababe giveaway (I can CHOOSE the print I want?!?!! WOW!!), with the Chelory giveaway on a close second :-)


  25. Alicia L. Says:

    The Chelory, Ragababe, and Monkey Foot Designs! And, I would love to try the SoftBums!


  26. Desirea Says:

    The boba air.


  27. Kerrigan Says:

    Everything is great, but I do love Ragabebe!


  28. Natalie Zohner Says:

    Love them all! But I really would love a Ragababe or Bum-ware. Woohoo!


  29. Mary D Says:

    Ragababge or Chelory.


  30. Hilary Says:

    Love them all! Hoping for a Ragababe diaper! :)


  31. Kari Says:

    This is my favorite giveaway!


  32. Amanda Says:



  33. Laura Says:

    This sounds great


  34. Megan Says:

    And, I LOVE sweetbottoms baby anyway, but this is my favorite giveaway also ;-)


  35. Megan Says:

    Thanks again to you and all the retailers for the awesome giveaways


  36. Jessica Says:

    So hard to choose, but that Softbums prize pack is the awesome one that comes to mind!


  37. Vasudha Says:

    Love this giveaway.


  38. Lily Ivey Says:

    My favorite giveaway is the SoftBums “GoodToGo” pack. That’s an awesome price package!


  39. Eunice Says:

    Pooters Diapers


  40. emily Says:

    Softbums are awesome!


  41. Lena Erickson Says:

    There are so many things I, as a new cloth diaper mom, would love to try! ^_^


  42. Lindsay Says:

    I really want to check out soft bums and the Cjs line.


  43. Angela Norman Says:

    I think this giveaway has to be my favorite. Everything in it I would love to have!


  44. Rose Stading Says:

    Diaper Junction, Monkey Foot Designs, and Ragababe. :)


  45. sheena Says:

    I love getting to know more of the personal care product companies! Cant wait to try Balm Baby


  46. Aubree Faunce Says:

    I love all things Thirsties and I love Jack be Natural


  47. Pollyanna Valenzuela Says:

    they are all awesome.. i love ragababe .. balm baby, sweetbottoms baby.. i love it all :) thank you so much autumn may GOD continue to bless you and your family.


  48. Jennifer N Says:

    Monkey foot designs!!!!


  49. Denise James Says:

    They are all sweet ;)



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