If you thought swishing cloth diapers was bad…

May 6, 2009

Cloth Diapers

We’ve all heard the “argument” against cloth diapering…”Ewwww, what do you do with the poo?” “You mean you just wash them in your washer??” (Okay, I love to follow that one up with “um, yeah. And what do you do if your child has an accident or throws up?”)

Well, next time you feel overwhelmed with excessive poopy diapers or your little one has a bout of diarrhea refer back to the following video.  Leave it to Mike Rowe to make me feel REALLY good (and clean) about my life ;)


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14 Responses to “If you thought swishing cloth diapers was bad…”

  1. Crystal Says:

    I can’t find who makes it but this is the best site for description and pictures: http://naturalbaby.stores.yahoo.net/914500-diaperduck.html
    I use a liner so I could always just use it on that. I just wanted someones opinion who’s actually used it before I forked over the money for it!


  2. Crystal Says:

    Speaking of swishing, have you ever used a diaper duck? And if so have you used it on a pocket or AIO? I’ve only ever seen pictures of it being used with a prefold.


  3. sunflower Says:

    baby poppy diapers are nothing compared to an adults. I use to work as a CNA we had to spray out all diapers nothing like seeing what they had for dinner the night before…


  4. Shannan Ajluni Says:



  5. Dawn Says:

    That was hysterical!!!! He is brave! The song was great!


  6. Eva Says:

    I love his singing!!!


  7. Jessica Says:

    That was great! I too loved the song.


  8. Sharon Says:

    I loved it. He proposed there? I don’t have to swish often. I just pick it out of the diaper with a wipe and throw it into a separate lined diaper pail. It seems to work well unless with have a really smooshed one, then I swish.


  9. Shannon Says:

    Love the clip! He is so funny….I think I might sing that song next time I’m washing a poopy dipe in the toilet! It will certainly make me smile. =)


  10. Skye Says:

    HeeHee. We do have it easy don’t we-lol! I love the little song :D


  11. Cinthia Says:

    Poopie diapers don’t look so bad anymore. =)


  12. Julie Says:

    Oh, this is nothing. You should have seen the episode of him at the diaper service cleaning diapers. That was gross. Ha ha! Thanks for sharing!


  13. Rebekah Says:

    Thanks for this post! I love Dirty Jobs and I just got done with one of my own .. emptying a wet bag with 5 days worth of dipes from my teething baby (LOTS of poopy diapers!) At least we don’t need a boat to navigate through the mess!


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