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Is Bleach Really The Only Way to Disinfect Cloth Diapers?

September 18, 2014


Is there someone out there telling you that there is one magic detergent…one mystical additive…and only one way to wash cloth diapers and actually get them CLEAN? It’s not true. How could that even be possible with all the different kinds of detergents, materials in cloth diapers, types of machines and water types? There is a […]

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How to Disinfect Cloth Diapers Without Bleach

May 12, 2009


Lucky for us the world seems to be on an “all-things-natural” kick.  This means more information and more products available for us. Every known manufacturer of cleaning products now offers a “green” alternative.  This is great when it comes to cleaning the bathtub, sinks and windows.  But what about the laundry?  How can we get […]

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