Thank You for Loving Me Plus A Photo of the Sore

I am completely overwhelmed by your kind words and support.  To know that you care and are willing to share your experiences is humbling.

I wanted to post a picture of Camden’s sore to better explain what it looks like.  Today there is improvement but as you can see is still very much a problem.

I was not able to wait until the Calgon arrived to wash the 2 1/2 wetbags full of cloth diapers I had sitting by my washer.

So, I took bits of your advice and ran a Delicates cycle for the prewash and then for the wash I added 1 gallon of water.  I used some Clean B that I had in my pedestal storage and added some Borax.  I then ran another cycle for rinse purposes.

When the Calgon arrives I will start using it and hope to try out a detergent one of you recommended- generationMe.

Now that you’ve seen a photo of the sore would you say it looks like a bacterial infection?  Yeast?  Something else?



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48 Responses to “Thank You for Loving Me Plus A Photo of the Sore”

  1. Robert Says:

    Thanks for sharing it I have one with my nephew and we don’t know what we will put on it so it will cure. I’m glad some of you know knows the remedy to cure it. :D


  2. Kati Says:

    Just had this site recommended to me to learn about detergents and just happened to see this post. My son had gotten this exact same sore on more than one occasion too. I don’t know what it is, but he also had a yeast infection a month ago and I had some left over medication and put that on his sore and it went away. Just wanted to let you know, we had that problem and Nystatin cured it!


  3. Heather Says:

    looks like staph. When my children get a staph infection I treat it with raw honey. I just put it on there instead of any diaper rash cream, and during diaper changes I wash them with dial antibacterial bar soap. It takes about a week to go away, but begins getting better rather quickly. But then keep treating it for a week after it is completely gone.


  4. Barb Says:

    My daughter would get the same sores and she did have a bad yeast issue. We saw tons of improvement after a round of diflucan. We are already on the GAPS diet and she is sensitive to a lot of foods…we tried cutting out all fruit/natural sugars but it wouldn’t help. After the round of diflucan and giving her s. boulardii (probiotic that ‘eats’ yeast), the sores have not been back :)

    WE also had tried Bactroban thinking it was an infection but that did not help at all….


  5. cara Says:

    This is off topic but I saw in an old post that you used Mrs. Meyers fabric softner on your diapers. I picked up some and used it on my natural fiber diapers. half the recommended amount and it made such a difference. They are so soft now. I am still nervous about using it. Did you run into any issues with it?


  6. Rhonda Says:

    Like some of the others suggested I would def make a visit to the doctor to rule out bacterial infections. Staph, particularly MRSA is rampant nowadays and is not something you want to “wait and see” about. My 3 year old has had horrid problems with MRSA since he was 3 months old. He’s been hospitalized twice and had 4 IND’s. As he has gotten older it has become less of a problem but this week Gracelyne, my 16 mth old, is dealing with her second round since Christmas. I’ll be honest and tell you that the first thing I did when I realized she had a spot on her bottom that looked “suspect” was to take away the cloth and put her in sposies. Not because sposies are better for it, but simply because I don’t want my cloth tainted with staph. Yes, bleach kills it, but after the past 3 years with my son it is just not something that I want to risk getting into my diapers (I threw away the prefold I had on her when I noticed the spot!) I hope all turns out well for Camden…hopefully it isn’t bacterial. But again, I would have a dr. check it to rule it out. Good luck!


  7. jessica Says:

    My son had the same thing…started with a diaper rash from teething and turned into impetigo. Doctor was very concerned and put him on an oral and cream antibiotic, within 3 days it was gone. Go buy the smallest pack of disposable you can and treat your cloth. Good luck, and one day you will look back and smile…oh the joys of motherhood!


  8. Emily D Says:

    Looks to me just like the sores that my dd (9.5mos) had just last week, she was teething AND I had to use sposies due to plumbing issues- no laundry!- but b/c I was using sposies anyways I used penaten once or twice and slathered on vaseline the rest of the time and it cleared right up. In her case it also may have been worse because she tried a bit of orange for the first time- so don’t forget to consider diet!


  9. Liz Houser Says:

    Ug, I hate that feeling! Little man had two quarter sized ones just like that on his bum and even one on the end of his little penis. I finally broke down and took him to a doc, the doc looked at it for .5 seconds and said – “yeast”. “Whenever there are localized red spots or blisters, instead of general redness – yeast.” Children’s acidophiles every day to keep his poo from re-infecting the sores(takes a few days for it to culture in his digestive track). Vaseline and Lotrimin (chlotrimazol) by night and Grapefruit Seed Extract in his diaper cream and wipe wash by day (for us it was WAY more effective than tea tree or coconut oil). Lots of baths, lots of air time between diapers, lots of giving yourself grace! There is more to being a good mama then keeping your little ones perfectly healthy! On a Bible note, I think of Asa, that guy who had some random foot disease. “Though his disease was severe, even in his illness he did not seek help from the Lord, but only from the physicians.” An easy trap for me to run into. Good grace!


  10. kanani Says:

    definitely visit the pediatrician to rule out staph… that’s what i immediately thought when i first saw it. if it’s not that, it’s got to be something bacterial… a chemical reaction would be more rashy, i would think. i hope it’s NOT bacterial but if it is, an rx should clear it up lickety-split. good luck and i hope you get this under control ASAP!


  11. ExpectingEaster Says:

    Poor baby! Yes, that definitely looks bacterial, and not yeasty. I stand by my previous statement in yesterday’s blog: a mixture of coconut and tea tree oils will help, as will air drying.

    It appears akin to those hard, under the skin acne knots some kids get in their teens. His pedi may recommend a good cleanser. Maybe witch hazel pads?


  12. Krystyn Says:

    Yes, looks like bacteria to me, too, and we’ve had several rounds of staph and MRSA here. You need to get it checked out. And, impetigo is bacterial, too, and all would need antibiotics.

    When we’ve had yeast, it’s scaley and more yellowish, never any sores.


  13. Brooke Says:

    Staph or MSRA needs to be ruled out by his doctor. There is nothing wrong with using disposables for a time until you get this figured out. If it IS staph, the cloth diapers will need to be treated with bleach or boiling. Staph is very hard to get rid of and the cloth diapers can re-infect him.


  14. Rebecca Eagle Says:

    You need to take that baby to the doctor. It doesnt look like impetigo to me bc it spreads fast. It looks like staph or a bed sore sometimes called a compression sore caused by something something putting too much pressure in one spot for too long. Try using prefolds/flats with a snappi and a soaker style cover for awhile sew if that helps. Also I would use neosporn on it (I’ve used neosporn witj my diapers and have never had any problems from it. I did not use a liner) the upside is neosporn makes one with a pain reliever in it. :)


    • Nicole Says:

      watch out with neosporin, my MIL had a nasty reaction to the meds in there, and it should not be used for more than 3 days even on adults. I would check with your doctor.


  15. christy Says:

    from the perspective of a pediatrician, it could be any of these things. in the picture, it actually looks like it could be an ulceration which would indicate skin breakdown from the persistent moisture. if that is the case, it certainly is at risk of developing any of the other mentioned infections.

    if you want to try treating it at home, use ‘triple paste’ liberally at every diaper change. use a liner if needed. triple paste has antibiotic and anti fungal.

    my best recommendation is to have it seen by your pcp for an accurate diagnosis.

    best wishes


  16. Stephanie G. Says:

    My kids just had a rash like that and the doc called it folliculitis (infection in the hair follicles) and basically treated them for staph with an antibiotic ointment.


  17. Anastasia Says:

    IMPETIGO! It includes staph and MRSA in it’s definition. And yes it’s the dreaded purple stuff. (gen violet, yuck) My docs won’t swab (I believe it’s complicated by MRSA since older daughter HAS tested positive for it twice before) My grandma says when summer is here, to over chlorine the pool a bit or in my case we add a capful of bleach (yes really) to her bath water. Just went on Vacay this weekend and the ONE trip to the pool actually calmed her skin so much I WILL be fighting to take her DAILY when we move in 2 weeks, and yes I will send a picture of the site, as she has a sore OUTSIDE her diaper area from the same time (god forbid it breaks) The prescription for it didn’t do much because she also had a bad yeast infection as well……ugh…so try burning the candle at both ends (for the bugs not you silly) and exhaust this bad boy out!


  18. Serena Says:

    That could be a pic of my daughters butt and she got treated for staph. If I were you, I would talk to the doctor. You’ll kick yourself if it’s worse than you think.


  19. Mila M Says:

    Autumn, you are having the exact same issues as me when it comes to washing and that sore. In the past month or so, I have started pre-washing with delicate cycle (the only cycle where I can actually see the water level in my machine) and then normal 60 Celsius cycle, to which I add 3 gallons of water. And then I rinse, rinse, rinse. Also, I’ve added a few scoops of detergent to my wash. I have a scoop that is the size of a tbsp, and I used to put 3, but now I’ve upped it to 5. It’s been going well so far!
    As for the sore, ours has come and gone… it seems that the longer I leave a diaper on, it will come back. I do think it’s some type of bacterial infection and should be treated with Neosporin or prescription strength gel. That is how we got rid of ours… when it would slightly come back, I would put coconut oil over it and it would go away again. However, since I’ve improved my washing routine, it hasn’t come back!
    Good luck!


  20. Marianne Says:

    My son gets sores that look like that every time he cuts a tooth! I was assuming it was a Ph change due to teething because it always comes with diarrhea, too. The sore comes on with the onset if the diarrhea and then hangs on for a few days. I’ve been treating with coconut oil but now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t take him to see a doctor? They seem to go away fairly quickly so I wasn’t terribly concerned until I started reading these comments :-/


  21. Jorjie Says:

    I am not slightly worried too! My daughter who is 10.5 months old has gotten a few rashes like this the last two – three months but goes a way with a bit of balm. We found its timing matched up with her teething pain being at a high. So we have not really thought much about it just part of teething. But everyone here seems to thing staph! We are going to the doc the next time it shows up ASAP!


  22. Jamie Richards Says:

    Does not look like the ammonia burn my daughter had and using calgon helped. It is way more red. Hope that helps narrow it down.


  23. Lisa Says:

    My daughter had a sore just like that last year after having battled ammonia burn from sitting in her car seat for prolonged periods while we were driving on vacation (even with frequent changes, the pressure of being seated and the lack of airflow did a number on her diaper area).. Since it would not heal no matter what I did, I took her into the doctor, and she was diagnosed with impetigo. It cleared with oral antibiotics and hadn’t returned.


  24. Chelsea preston Says:

    I worked at a a day care for years and have seem this many times before ….. I agree with the other comments its staph


  25. Kim Says:

    I also keep Babyganics protective ointment on him all the time.


  26. Jennifer Allison Says:

    I agree with several other commenters. It looks like staph. My son had a few spots like that and they refused to go away until I took him to the pedi and she gave us a prescription gel. Since then he hasnt had any issue with staph but my husband got one on his leg and I had one on my arm a bit after we got rid of the kiddo’s spots. We used the gel and it cleared them right up.

    If it is staph, make sure you make everybody wash/scrub their hands well when they handle the diapers or come into contact with anything that has touched it. Also, staph spreads easily so be careful.


  27. Kim Says:

    Coconut oil and Jamaican Black Castor oil worked wonders for my son. I also let him “air out” with just a light towel over him. The best time for that was nap…otherwise he just crawls around naked because the towel falls off….which he loves. I hope it works out so you won’t have to get something stronger and stinky from the doc.


  28. Emily L Says:

    I’m going through this EXACT same issue right now, only 2 spots and they’re much bigger. He’s in a disposable right now, and I hate it! (plus, he figured out how to take it off and I woke up to a wonderful “finger painting” on the wall this morning! YUCK!)

    Putting him in disposables or using biosoakers seems to clear it up within 24 hours, but then another day or two in cloth and it’s back with a vengence. I’m so frustrated and feel so guilty for not being able to figure this out! So far I’ve found that using our pockets instead of fitteds seems to make a little bit of a difference – the stay dry element, I’m assuming. But I only have 5 or 6 of those, and it still comes back – just not as badly or as quickly.

    He did have a yeast rash and we treated it about 4 months ago, and I thought that it went away, but it seems that everytime he cuts a tooth he gets another yeast rash – is that common? Ugh! Then I thought that maybe it was ammonia burn that got infected, so I followed the ammonia-busting routine and changed up my washing routine. And that helped a LOT! I could smell the difference right away, but then another tooth and hey looky! Baby’s bum is bleeding again. :( Then starts the yellow pus. I change him hourly, I cake him up with cream to the point that I’ve ruined my couch and there are stains on all of his pants, he spends at least an hour but usually 2 or 3 in just underwear to air out. GRRR!

    So, that basically turned into my own blog post.. haha and I don’t really have any good advice for you. Just an equally frustrated shoulder for ya!


    • Emily L Says:

      My fiance gets sores like this on his thighs and back that he has antibiotics for. The doctor never really told him what it was, just gave him antibiotic pills and cream and instructions to use them both twice daily until they’re gone… but they keep coming back. I bet you if we solve daddy’s issue, we’ll solve baby’s!


  29. Sara Says:

    That’s staph. You can get a topical for it through your doc, but that never did it for my girl. She needed a course of ABX to get rid of it. Also, staph became a big problem for us when I used Bac-Out in the diaper laundry. The enzymes did not get along with her skin.

    The most successful staph prevention I’ve discovered is a cold rinse with peroxide or NC bleach and a long hot wash with soap nuts. Extra rinse in cold to finish everything off.

    Go to the doctor tomorrow. In the meantime, ABX ointment will keep it from getting any worse.


  30. Patricia Says:

    It looks very much like staph from the picture. My daughter got it twice, once in diapers, and more recently in undies. It can start out as a regular rash and then the bacteria gets in there and you end up with a staph infection. It’s very common, but I would have the doctor check it out. If its staph, of even yeast, you can start with a more natural remedy, but a stronger one for back up will help him recover faster. The first time she had the sore for weeks before I took her in and then it cleared.up in a couple of days after the bacitrin, which is stronger than neosporin.


  31. Julie Kanter Says:

    I am a doctor and my son had the exact same sore, coming and going for over a month. It’s a smoldering abscess. In brief, we but a barrier cream on during the day when he was in his cloth diapers with a liner – you could use desitin. At night we put on a cream of nystatin+zinc oxide+vitamin A, and we put him to bed without a diaper. You could also use nystatin and leave the diaper off. We just put him to sleep on top of a bunch of prefolds or with a waterproof cover on the mattress. He needed a bath every morning, but the hole healed in 3 days. I didn’t change anything about my wash routine and the sore has not come back. I do’t think it has anything to do with the diapers, it just needs to get dried out enough to heal. Your son’s sore does not look like it had any surrounding infection, so you shouldn’t need any antibiotics. The only problem is that my son’s hole left a little scar now, so we are using silvedene cream on that, with a liner.


  32. TerriQat Says:

    I agree with the advice to check this out with your pediatrician. One of my students (2.5) got ringworm on his butt, and had an almost identical (as much as I can see for the picture!) sore. I know his mom started giving him probiotics in addition to the topical cream and it seemed to help. Since probiotics can’t hurt, maybe start him on some acidophilus as soon as you can, and make an appointment to see the pediatrician. If it doesn’t respond to treatment, you may need to take him to a pediatric dermatologist. In the meantime, naked time as much as possible!


  33. Julia Says:

    I would definitely have him checked by a doctor. My son kept getting impetigo…until I finally got fed up and told him no more diapers (he was 3 years 2 months at the time). It was horrible, and he would cry and scream every time I changed him. He needed oral antibiotics once because it was not only on his bum, but also his face, but each of the other times he required an antibiotic cream. His doctor told me if I caught it early enough I could use neosporin on it instead of coming in, so you could try that. 3x a day on the spot. I bleached my diapers when he had it the first time, but then just washed in super hot water the following times and it seemed to be fine. My second son now wears the diapers and he has never had it. Impetigo tends to spread a bit, so the fact it’s only in one spot makes me wonder if it could be something else, so a doctors opinion may be in order if your other options don’t work. Good luck, and know it’s only a small snafoo in your cloth diapering world!


  34. Natalie Says:

    My daughter had a sore like that on her behind with the yeast rash. The continual use of the coconut oil was the only thing that cleared it up for good. The athlete’s foot cream would clear it up, but the moment I quit using it so that I didn’t have to worry about damaging my diapers, it came right back. The coconut oil didn’t bother my diapers, so we slathered that on at every diaper change. Plus, it gave us a chance to sing about when you put the lime in the coconut!


  35. Crystal Says:

    I agree, I think it is staph. Sometimes will take stronger ointment than Neosporin like Bactrim.


  36. Alix Davis Says:

    Also you can put the coconut oil in his food to help as well…


  37. Alix Davis Says:

    If you want a natural solution, try coconut oil. It works great on diaper rashes in general, and it kills yeast, viruses, and bacteria. Good luck!!


  38. Lynn Wilson Says:

    that is definitely staph. My son battled it for awhile. Neosporin is the best thing for the sore and then the next step is getting the ammonia out. The ammonia is actually aggravating it which is why it won’t go away completely.


  39. hayley Says:

    I have to agree it looks like a yeast type sore that daughter had and now has again!!!! I stripped and used Tide and tried all natural soaps and creams…. Also dealt with the sale frustrations you have mentioned even to the point of wanting to ‘throw in the cloth’…. Never dealt with it with my son at all?! But glad to see someone else has similar struggles to know I’m not on my own….


  40. Melissa Says:

    I have a front loader HE machine too. My husband added a hose to my utility sink in the laundry room and I just put it in the detergent area and run tons of water into my machine, if you have a utility sink close it saves me SOOO much time than trying to dump pitcher after pitcher into my wash.

    I hope that sore clears up for your little one!!


  41. Morgan Says:

    It DOES kind of look a little like impetigo–I agree with Christine. My son had a similar, non-impetigo sore on his poor behind for several days after having eaten something WAY too spicy for his system (in my defense, I did not give it to him. His father and sister did…haha). That we just slathered on A&D (with a liner to protect the dipe of course) for several days with each change and he finally FINALLY got better. But you may want to have it checked out–I think I missed the post telling us of the sore/problem so I don’t know how many days it’s been. I hope things improve!


  42. Shauna Brackeen Says:

    My daughter had a sore almost exactly like that for weeks. My husband finally asked one of the doctors he works with and he said to try the yeast cream we had (athletes foot cream) on it…it totally cleared it up within the week never to return. :)


  43. christine kangas Says:

    that looks like impetigo to me…. I have a picture of impetigo from my son (doctor diagnosed) if you want to see it. I’d rather send a private message due to the location of his sore, however.


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