The best cloth diapers for the skinny child

February 26, 2010

Cloth Diaper Fit, Recommended

If you have more than one child it didn’t take you long to realize how very different each child is.  Different personalities, different sleep patterns and different body shapes.

I’ve had a variety of body shapes with my children.  Haley was long and skinny. Haven had a skinny waist but chunky thighs.  Paisley was well endowed all over.  Sterling is missing the fat all over.

Just like a shirt that fits me probably won’t fit you, cloth diapers that worked for Paisley most likely won’t work for Sterling.

That doesn’t mean that all cloth diapers are meant only for skinny babies or chunky babies.  There are many that accommodate both.  But, for that nice, snug fit on those precious stick legs you want to know in advance the cloth diaper you are about to buy is going to hold in the output.

Here are cloth diapers that I have used in the last 11 months on Sterling and how they have faired on a baby with no waist and tiny thighs:

1) Softbums. Perfect thigh fit due to the toggle adjustment. Crossover tabs provided a tight waist fit with no puckering/gapping.

2) Rumparooz. Awesome fit with skinny thighs. Gapping at waist, front puckers.

3) Mutts (Muttaqin Baby). Used from birth to 4months. No leaks out the thighs or waist.

4) Grasshopper Cloth diapers. Tight fit at thighs. Side snapping allows the front panel to lay flat with no sagging.

5) BumGenius Organic and Flip Cloth Diapers. With double rows of snaps I get a good leg fit but often have bunching due to tightening the waist as far as it can. Sterling wears these on the medium setting.

6) Goodmama. Not my favorite. I have to crossover the tabs as far as possible then I get bunching. (review of The One coming soon!)

7) Katydid. Love em. The wing droop snap is a little off center but who cares! I love the fact that I actually have this option.  I get the best fit on Sterling when I use a Katydid. (review coming soon!)

8 ) Envibum. Covers: not the best for skinny babes. Pocket AIO: at 19lbs I get a perfect fit.

9) Huggabuns One Size pocket.  Huge. Even on the smallest waist setting it’s too big. This diaper would be excellent for chunky babies.

10) Bottomstoppers. Love the waist adjustability with the aplix version.  I am able to get a tight fit with no gaps.

11) Cutiepoops. Very snug, compact fit. Nice. (review coming soon!)

12) Marvels One Size Diaper Cover (kissaluvs). Better for a medium sized to chunky baby.

13) Happy Heiny’s One Size snap cover. Similar to Marvel, not the best choice for skinny baby.

14) So Simple Stacinator cover.  Great choice.  At 19lbs Sterling wears the small with a perfect fit.

15) Sustainablebabyish Bamboo fitted. Great waist and thigh fit. Lower rise diaper, tight elastic, crossover snaps.

16) Thirsties covers. Order small! Sterling can literally swim laps in his medium Thirsties cover. A size small would be just right.  Internal gussets are a necessity.

17) Weehuggers. Loved the fit, absorbency wasn’t enough.

18) Anne Marie Padorie I wasn’t a big fan of the pocket but love the AIO. I’m still using it today (7 months later!) and there are no stink problems and the fit is what you’d want- snug.

19) Apple Cheeks cloth diapers.Awkward fit on a 2.5 month old skinny baby.

20) Grobaby. Initially loved them. The fit is great but the re-usability of the shell became an issue for me.

21) Sposoeasy AIO. Puckering at waist led to wicking. Trim and easy to use though.

22) Little Bear Bums. Couldn’t get a tight fit in the legs but the snappi provided a good fit at the waist.

23) Sustainablebabyish Snapless multi. Maybe it’s me but again, as with LBB, I couldn’t get a tight thigh fit but the waist was great.

There are a few features that are a must when it comes to preventing a saggy cloth diaper on a skinny child: crossover snaps/tabs, 2 rows of snaps (one for waist, one for thighs), a way to shorten the rise or a shorter rise sized diaper, front elastic and wing-droop snaps.  There isn’t a perfect cloth diaper for every skinny baby but looking for a couple of these features will get you in the right direction.  Usually if a cloth diaper doesn’t work for Sterling it is due to the poor fit at the waist.  Bunching, puckering, wicking are all common problems with a small waisted child.

These are just the cloth diapers I could recall using in the last 11 months, what are some that I am missing that you love on your skinny baby?

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30 Responses to “The best cloth diapers for the skinny child”

  1. Christina Says:

    my little girl is 18months old, kind of inbetween sizes on sposie dipes. she wears a size 5 but 6 is still too big on her. I ordered a FLIP organic system and a couple of the BG 3.0 AIOs. The BG leaked and seems too small on her :( and the FLIP OS is SO bulky with the organic insert. It seems to fit her ok…but, it just seems like it is also a tad too small. size 6 sposies are for babies 35lbs and over, so she isn’t quite that heavy, but she is probably right around 30lbs. Are there any CD out there that will fit her chunkiness?


  2. Tara Says:

    I loved my BG 3.0, but my little guy is allergic to suedecloth. Fuzzibunz are working for us right now. Liam is 4 months and 12.5 pounds. Very long and skinny.


  3. Britt Says:

    I would love if you would do a list of great diapers for big kids! My very big 18 month old has a very long rise and has outgrown her one-size diapers which makes me very sad. How/with what will I replace her one-size BG Organic AIOs and BG 3.0 pocket diapers? Other than large Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and toddler prefolds which we use a lot for daytime, what will get us through to potty learning? Are there any sized pockets and AIOs that are significantly larger than the one-size diapers on the large setting?


  4. CMommy Says:

    OOOH!!! I have a STACK of GM “The One”. I LLOOOOOOVE them! But, here’s the catch, I don’t know why she doesn’t start doing hidden snaps? The snaps always leave marks on the baby! That’s what I do not like.

    Here is what some of you may not like: They are definitely bigger than her regular GM’s. I held up “the One” I bought 2 months ago to my GM’s I bought last year and , and it’s a FULL size bigger (even though it is adjustable, I do not see this fitting a baby under 15-18 lbs). Also, Zig (10mos/25lbs) is not chunky and not skinny and they fit him perfectly. I think they would fit a chunky kid fine but not so much a skinny kid. She just released NB size though and omg made me want to have another baby!!! ACK.

    Autumn, I’ve never had a skinny baby, but I REALLY look forward to your review of “The One”. Since the prints are mostly fuzzy on the exterior (ok that’s the ones I bought) they can wick a bit, but it’s really only if I leave it on too long and Zig is a super wetter.

    It’s the easiest diaper, my hubby and oldest reach for it first, every single time.


  5. Andrea Says:

    I actually found that gro-baby did not fit my skinny boy very well. The front always gaped, no matter how we adjusted it. It did fit well around the legs though!

    Flip works MUCH better for us, I love that diaper!


  6. Tina Says:

    My little one seems to like to change shapes….she used to have average waist/thighs with a long rise (10-18 mos) then she started to shoot up and it seems she has an average rise and thighs with a skinny waist now….I’ve been using the same stash of diapers for the last year and it’s worked o.k. even through her body shape changes.


  7. BoysMommy Says:

    Alright now where is the one for super chunky babies LOL! I am just outside of Fort Worth and volunteer my son to try some of your diapers LOL!


  8. Candace Says:

    @Jessica, AppleCheeks has elastic in the front and has a lower rise AND it’s super soft! No digging in in the tummy! I do know what you mean about that. It was more of an issue in the summer though, he’s 1 tomorrow (WOW!) and it was just more of an issue when he was a smaller baby. I LOVE my Snap EZ but it’s not OS, it’s a large. But I just got the AppleCheeks and it has that nice trim fit with a lower rise.
    My faves on my chunkier monkey (1 year, 25’ish lbs?, not sure he hasn’t been to the doctor in months) are:
    Rumparooz, AppleCheeks, Snap EZ, and Little Smudgeez (LOVE these!). I like my BG’s but I’m just not in love with aplix and my husband won’t use the aplix diapers at all. And it seems like anything aplix digs into the tummy more. I don’t really care for my Thirsties AIO’s because the extra gusset, though nice, digs into his thighs too much and leaves pretty bad red marks. The Flip is cute and is okay but if he has a big explosion it goes everywhere. It’s actually almost loose in the thighs. I have loads of diapers and I could probably go on, but that’s just a little bit of my two cents if anyone is interested in it.


  9. Emily D Says:

    Both my girls are small, especially in the waist. My second has a long rise so that makes things a little difficult! Definately agree that Thirsties Duo-wraps are great, with the rise snaps all out I can fit it over my huge night-time diaper and still get a nice snug fit at the waist.
    I get a good fit with dream-eze fitteds on my older girl, they’re almost too long in the rise so I know they’ll be perfect for my second!
    Jessica- as a fellow mom-of-tummy-sleepers, I had the same issue. Pockets are definatly not great for ts! When I do have to use a pocket during a nap or at night, I put a day -weight wool cover over top, which works great (fluffyfanny covers). I would really recommend fitteds and covers, they are my favourite! The Sbish bamboo fitted is low rise so it probably wouldn’t dig into your lo’s tummy. And a medium fits my 6 month old and my 2 yr old! For a cover, maybe try wool (love wool, hard to get cheaply in Canada) or a sosimple cover- I’ve seen them but don’t have one yet, but check out Autumn’s review. Good luck!


  10. jen Says:

    kissaluvs size 0 fitteds and thirsties duowraps. our faves!!!!


  11. sanaa Says:

    have you tried Itti Bitti CD from australia?
    they’re really great for skinny thigh babies… my son uses size M since 6 months till now, 1 year 4 months. its a hipster style CD.
    plus they have minky outer, so plush.
    I prefer their SIO coz you can change the inserts and use extra inserts when the days are damp.
    do try one out and write some preview… please!


  12. Debra Joy Says:

    One more you didn’t mention that’s been fantastic for my tall and skinny-all-over baby: BUMMI’S! I absolutely love both the Bummis Superbrites and Super Whisper Wrap covers for Annabel. From 12 lbs to her current 25 lbs, I’ve always gotten a perfect, leak-free fit with the size Medium (that is, once I figured out the microfiber insert trick from you). The cross-over tabs in the front and leg gussets are all I need. And, I also would like to add that the quality is great. These covers came with me to a remote African village for two months last summer, when they endured being washed by hand (washboard, bristly brush, harsh soap and bleach, etc.) and by the end of the summer were in as good condition as when we got there. We’ve been using only these eight covers for the last year and a half and they’re showing no wear at all. Plus, they’re only about $12 each. All reasons why Bummi’s are a great option that deserves mention!


  13. Amelia Says:

    I’m still searching for a fitted diaper that has a high enough rise, but the waist is small enough. She fits like a small in the waist, medium for the legs, and large for rise….I’m tinking about just making my own. Most one-size diapers are getting to be too low in the back (crack showing!) but the waist is too loose…amd she’s only 9 months.

    Any ideas?
    Right now we are using AMP fitteds, BSRBs and goodmamas. They all have the same problem. Maybe prefolds are the best option.


  14. Jessica Says:

    I just recently discovered your blog and love it. So helpful! Thank you! I really can’t officially call myself a cloth-diapering-mom because I have done it off and on. I have one little guy…10 months old. Started with prefolds and they just didn’t work for me. Never could find a cover that fit right around the waist. If I make it tight enough for his thighs, the waist is so tight he burps when he sits up. I guess he must have skinny thighs and a plump tummy. I have moved on to Pockets or AIO’s but I am still searching for a diaper that won’t leak (especially during naps – tummy sleeper). I do have a OS Snap-Ez that has elastic in the front and that has been great. For the most part, it fits him really well but I’m not convinced it’s perfect enough to invest in a whole stash of them. Most of all, I really want to be able to use the same diaper for another baby someday (convinces my husband it’s a good investment).

    Do other people have this problem with diapers digging in around the waist? It doesn’t seem that his tummy is THAT big or really even above average for a baby. It seems similar to me putting on a pair of tight jeans while laying down. I may be able to get them on but sitting up is a different story.

    I’ve been reading about the Soft Bums on your blog and the thigh / rise adjustments. I’m thinking about giving them a try but am trying to figure out if I’ll have the same problem of having a gap at the waist if I leve enough room for him to sit up and play (obviously this is essential).

    Do you know of other diapers out there that have elastic at the waist? I wish I could get elastic at the waist AND the toggle adjustment for the thighs.

    Any feedback from anyone is more than appreciated! I am a frustrated mom right now who wants to do cloth doesn’t want her little guy to be uncomfortable. I also can’t change clothes and sheets several times/day.


  15. Karen Says:

    I have a skinny legged, extremely heavy wetting boy with a very very long waist so the low rise diapers were ridiculous on him. I found the Primm n’ Proper fitteds on hyenacart work really really well on him with the appropriate sized thirsties cover. Still haven’t found a nighttime solution though with enough absorbancy and good enough fit. I don’t want him in fitteds overnight as I need something to pull all the moisture away. Just got a new Thirsties pocket and hoping if I double stuff it up that it may do the job.


  16. Kayla Says:

    You mentioned Thirsties covers, which I’ve never tried, but I
    LOVE mt Thirsties Duo Wraps and the new Duo Diaper. Both fit perfectly on long, lean girl. Absolutely no gaping at the waist or thighs!


  17. Theresa Says:

    We only use side snaps on our little girl who is 19lbs at 18 months. We love dream-eze aios. With front snaps we always get wing droop.


  18. cleo Says:

    What about the Rocky Mountain diapers? Ever try those?


    • Kat Says:

      I have tried RMs, but have to fold over the insert in the front to take up more waist space so as to avoid wing droop. And they don’t have thigh snaps. Not my favorite.


  19. Liz Says:

    I love GAD! Elastic in the front and back and side snapping (no drooping). I only have one and now its too small for DD :(


  20. Tiffany U. Says:

    I love, Love, LOVE Mother-ease! I have different covers that I use at different stages, but both the Sandy’s and the One Size’s give me a GREAT and adjustible fit! My girly is so skinny she has AB’s! It’s crazy! I have to throw doublers in, but have never, not once in 8 months, had a leak in the ME. Can’t ask for much more!


  21. Erin Says:

    I love my Wahmies One-Size with the hooks. My kids are both on the skinny side. One is skinny all over and the other is skinny waist with chunky thighs, but these work great for both. They are SO adjustable at the waist. The only thing I don’t like them for is for double-stuffing at night. That is the only time the waist will gap if you’re not careful.


  22. Kristin Says:

    I have a skinny (legs especially)and the Gro babys we used starting at 2 weeks with a great fit (except at night due to skinny legs if I put in doubler it leaked out leg holes) but I too noticed after a bit the shell held stink in so reusing it wasn’t possible. Plus the aplix tabs started to curl and the laundry tabs didn’t work so it snagged all my diapers (and other gro babys). I could never use my small fuzzie bunz because the leg holes were too big for my skinny boy!


  23. Megan Says:

    Our son just came home last month, and is 18 pounds and 18 months (a little guy). We are loving the Rumparooz as his nighttime diaper and BG organics during the day!


  24. heidi Says:

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again! LOL. BSRB’S!! LOVE THEM!
    bagshot row bamboo………..for those who might not know!


  25. melissa Says:

    Have you tried the OSOcozy?

    Just wondering what you thought…there has been a lot of chatter lately…..


  26. Katie Says:

    I wish I’d seen this 12 hours ago. I just threw all my new Kissaluvs into the washer for my super skinny boy this morning!


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