The Best Fabric for Cloth Diapers

June 4, 2008

Cloth Diapers

The in-demand, “it” fabric in the diaper world is Bamboo.

Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. This porous fiber absorbs moisture and wicks it away from the skin, leaving baby cooler and drier than cotton or synthetic materials.

The bamboo plant is a quickly renewable resource that, unlike cotton, requires no pesticides or replanting and releases over 30% more oxygen than a typical tree. It is an amazing material that suits both your senses and your environmental sensibilities.

Types of bamboo used in diapers:

Fleece: most absorbent, can lose it’s softness quickly, thin fabric makes for a trim diaper

Terry: snappi-able (which means you can use a snappi with a bamboo terry prefold or flat)

Velour: softest fabric I have ever felt and remains soft especially when using a green fabric softener. Bamboo velour is silky and shiny when you first receive it, qualities unmatched by any other natural fiber.

Why choose bamboo for your baby’s diapers? Here are a few reasons:

*Amazingly soft.
*Absorbs quickly like microfiber. this video on youtube demonstrates the speed at which bamboo absorbs compared to cotton. click here
*Natural fiber.
*Naturally organic. when you see OBV (organic bamboo velour) the organic refers to the organic cotton that provides stability to the base of the
fabric. OBV is an ~80/20 combination of bamboo to cotton.
*Highly absorbent. only hemp challenges bamboo for most absorbent fiber.

Almost every up and coming WAHM that gains popularity uses bamboo. There is almost an assumption that if you make a fitted diaper you will offer bamboo as a fabric choice.

Personally, I only have bamboo diapers. I love everything about this fiber and I am willing to pay the price for the advantages. Fortunately, bamboo diapers have great resell value due to the high demand.

I couldn’t possibly list every WAHM that offers bamboo, but here are some links to the diapers I have or have used and highly recommend:

GAD w/ bamboo inner: pocket diaper, super trim, side snapping

Little Luxe Organic: One-size, bamboo fleece inner, best fitting diaper on Paisley

Piddle Poodles: OBV inner, one-size

Bamboo Velour Wipes trash those disposable wipes and get some yummy soft bamboo wipes. I love mine! I think I use them just as often as nose wipers.

Goodmama: OBV, one-size. I linked to the website but if you want to buy one I would encourage you to try diaperswappers. There are always Goodmamas on the FSOT forum.

Purple Violets: OBV items


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8 Responses to “The Best Fabric for Cloth Diapers”

  1. Crystal B Says:

    Will the bamboo fabric be good for the outside of the fitted one sized fits all diapers or do I need to find a different material?


  2. Calla Says:

    I think eco-friendly and natural fiber diaper fabric is both good to our enviroment and our babies.And we are fabric supplier with high quantity and cheap price.
    By the way, we specialize in producing organic cotton, bamboo, bamboo charcoal polar fleece, hemp and other natural fiber fabrics for the global textile industry. Besides, we are dealing with some polyester fabrics, such as PUL, Minky, Microfiber terry, Microfleece, Suede Cloth, Printed fabric… The suede cloth? and Microfleece? made and designed by ourselves has fantastic moisture absorbency and sweat releasing function, which are both very suitable for the cloth diapers/nappies.

    We understand the safety concerns involved with the use of fabric dyes, and therefore only work with dye houses that have been tested for harmful substances. We follow the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and ensure no harmful dyeing agents have been added during the manufacturing process through lab tests conducted by the SGS. The organic cotton yarn we are using has been certified by GOTS.

    If you’re interested in some of our products, please do not hesitate to email us. Then we will send our catalogue to you to check.


    • marcika Says:

      Hi, nice description, do you have also anti-staining fabrics that are not harmful to be used for children clothing.Thank you


      • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

        I’m sorry, I am not aware of any anti stain fabrics in cloth diapers. Although organic materials do see to stain easier that nonorganic. Hope that helps a little.


  3. Autumn Beck Says:

    Thank you, Diane! I put that approximately sign because I knew they varied in ratios.

    Hi, Amy Sue! I am glad to see you here. Zany Zebra diapers are gorgeous!


  4. Amy Sue Says:

    I found your blog through a “cloth diapers” search… I can’t agree more about bamboo being fantastic for cloth diapers! Hemp used to be my favorite until we developed stink issues then I tried bamboo and have never looked back.

    ~Amy Sue


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