The Best One Sized Cloth Diaper for a Newborn


One sized cloth diapers are great but they usually don’t start fitting well until your baby is at least 12lbs.

This creates a dilemma for new parents:  Buy newborn cloth diapers or use disposables until baby fits into one-sized diapers.

I am elated to have found a solution to this dilemma!

Peachy Baby cloth diapers is a brand new line launched by successful owners of Anne Marie Padorie cloth diapers.  Peachy Baby is and All-in-Two system proudly made in Canada.


The system consists of a waterproof shell and bamboo inserts.  The shell has serging all around, 3 rise settings, crossover snap and a soft microfleece inner.  The inserts are bamboo and are available in small or large sizes (sold as a 2pk).

Peachy Baby diapers are designed to fit babies starting at 6lbs and ranging up to 40lbs.

The placement of the rise snaps allows for a greater adjustment for newborns. The newborn rise is 10 1/2″ and the largest setting is 17 1/2″.

FIT:  Finley was born 8lbs 2oz.  Peachy Baby surprised me when I tried it on him.  I did not expect to find a one-sized diaper that fit a newborn and that wasn’t bulky.  The design of the shell combined with the bamboo inserts allows for a very trim fit on a small baby.

Camden hasn’t had the privilege of wearing the Peachy Baby diapers because I hoard them for Finley.  I went in as he was going to bed last night and told him he had to model it for me.


The best part about Peachy Baby on a newborn isn’t the trimness.  It’s how beautifully it wraps around my baby providing full coverage at all areas.

What is the one thing every new parent wants to avoid with any diaper (cloth or disposable)?  Blowouts and leaks.  Peachy Baby totally has this covered.  Elastic in the back AND front plus the very gentle serging and elastic at the legs ensures that no runny poo is getting out!

With the crossover wing snap and infant rise setting I am able to get a snug fit on Finley.

Oh, and guess what? No red marks on those precious baby legs!


SOAKER: Peachy Baby soakers are made of 70% bamboo/30 % cotton and come in small and large sizes.  The small can be used by itself for a newborn or combined with the large for heavier wetters or longer periods of wear time.

ABSORBENCY: This is my slam dunk nighttime solution for Finley and has been since he was born.  I wish I had more than 2!

When I put a Peachy Baby diaper with both the small and large inserts on Finley for night I rest easy knowing I won’t have wet sheets in the morning. 

I don’t change babies at night so finding a diaper that will absorb and contain is crucial! 


VALUE: Shell retails for $18, 2pk of inserts for $10. With the size range of Peachy Baby this is a great value.  Investing in them from the beginning could mean years of use.  Peachy Baby is a choice system for cloth diapering an infant and a toddler.

WHERE TO BUY: In Canada you can purchase from or and in the US from  More and more stores will be added to the retailer list as the word of this great line spreads.


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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at

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241 Responses to “The Best One Sized Cloth Diaper for a Newborn”

  1. Angel A Says:

    Weighed 6lbs 9.5oz


  2. Sarah Says:

    I need to start my cd stash soon


  3. Steph B Says:

    I don’t have a baby yet but I am due in July. I just started researching doing cloth diapers since it is so much cheaper and better overall for your child. I was not going to start with cloth diapers due to the umbilical cord still being there but this diaper looks interesting.


  4. Morgan Says:

    My baby weighed 9 lbs 3 oz at birth. She currently is 20 lbs.


  5. Stacy Says:

    This was very helpful! Thank you. :)


  6. Amber Says:

    My son was 6lbs 8oz at birth. I didnt cloth diaper him until he was six months old but I am pregnant with another boy and plan on cloth diapering from the beginning this time :) wish me luck!


  7. jenn w. Says:

    I cloth diaper a 30 pound 2.5 yr. old and a 18 pound 14 mo. old


  8. LIsa Howard Says:

    My LO was 8lbs and we used mostly fitteds with covers until he was a little bigger.


  9. Stephanie Says:

    My little man was 7 lbs 7.5 oz at birth, he is now up to 13 lbs 8 oz, but has skinny little legs.


  10. Jessi W. Says:

    I used disposables on my daughter because I simply wasn’t educated on cloth. I was curious, but didn’t know how people really did it… until I started reading about it after she was potty trained and got hooked. We’re TTC #2 right now and will cloth from the start! Our daughter is currently potty trained and sometimes has accidents at night, so we use cloth overnight… I use Super Undies pockets and Best Bottoms.


  11. Valerie S Says:

    Will probably use what’s provided from the hospital, but go home in cloth!


  12. Shellie B Says:

    My son weighed 9lbs 8oz at birth but now at almost 2months he weighs 13lbs and we love our AMP cloth diapers…so I am excited to try these out. At birth he weighed 9lbs 8oz and also had trouble with our cloth diaper stash fitting right away even at that weight.


  13. Suzanne D Says:

    These sound wonderful! My first baby was 7lb 15oz and baby number #2 is due to arrive in June!! I’m hoping she will be similar in size :) and definitely will CD from the beginning. Thanks for the giveaway!


  14. Katie L Says:

    Weighed 6lbs 9 oz and now around 18 lbs


  15. JaceyHough Says:

    My little guy weighs about 19lbs at 6 mths.


  16. Ginger Says:

    My little boy was 6 lbs. 12 oz. at birth. We didn’t start cloth diapering until he was about 12 weeks old (I had been experiencing a lot of bad diaper rashes with him, and a friend sent me a starter pack of cloth to test out). 10 months later and we’re hooked on cloth…. definitely plan on starting from birth with the next little monkey!


  17. Mandi McGonagle Says:

    My first was 5lbs 13oz at birth and second was 9lbs 3oz. We couldn’t afford newborn cloth for them so started cloth later but baby #3 is due in April and we are planing on cloth right from the start.


  18. Kelly Says:

    My little froggy was 7lbs 9oz


  19. Anna P Says:

    My son was 7 lb 10 oz at birth, and dropped down to 6 lb 14 oz. He is now 14 months and 23 lbs.


  20. courtney k Says:

    my first was 8.3oz and able to fit into cloth from birth. expecting no # & i’m thinking this baby will be thinner!


  21. Jessica Says:

    In the next couple weeks I should have a new little guy and I plan on cloth diapering him right away. I’ve got some SoftBums echos and newborn workhorse fitteds I’ll be using.
    My 2nd child was 6lbs 12oz and I had to wait awhile before I could start cloth disappearing her.


  22. Jen Says:

    My youngest baby weighed 6 lbs and 9 oz. She is now 24 months and weighs 22 lbs. She is starting to potty train so it looks like we need another baby to use more cloth! lol


  23. May Says:

    Mine was 5 and some change. His last weight at 2 mos was almost 12lbs. I’m looking for overnight ones and these sound like I should try them!


  24. Geri Fink Says:

    Autumn, I tried to message you, but haven’t heard anything. Please help! This post you sent out this morning has been spamming me all day. It seems to be improving. I was getting four every 30 mins or so. Now only two every hour or two. Sorry to post this here.


  25. Renae m Says:

    toddler 30 +lbs and infant 12 lbs


  26. Tracy Fox Says:

    These diapers sound great! I don’t want to spend the money on a separate newborn stash for baby due in May, but I would love to use cloth as early as possible.


  27. Sara Rohrbach Says:

    7 pounds 6 ounces and this new baby will be clothed from day 1 too :)


  28. Rachel Says:

    I haven’t decided whether to cloth diaper from the beginning…it might depend on whether I can win a few to cut down on the cost!


  29. Andrea Says:

    That diaper looks awesome!


  30. Elizabeth Walker Says:

    This is my first child I’ll be cloth diapering from the very beginning!


  31. Lydia Says:

    My baby was 7lbs 12oz at birth. I started cloth diapering when he was around 1 month old ( I didn’t have any newborn cloth diapers). He is now around 18lbs at almost 9 months.


  32. Sissy Says:

    Current baby weighed 8 pounds, 10 oz. Waiting to see what #2 will weigh.


  33. Olivia L Says:

    6 lbs 6 oz. & 7 lbs 9 oz. My diapers didn’t fit my first baby at birth so we got prefolds. With my second we used cloth from birth except when fighting yeast rashes.


  34. April Bergkamp Says:

    She was 8lbs 12oz. We started as soon as she came home from the hospital.


  35. Courtney Says:

    I’ve cloth diapered from the beginning using prefolds and Grovia diapers. Don’t know how much my baby weighs now but he’s 9 months old and is the biggest baby out of our 4 kids. This diaper sounds awesome!


  36. Helen Says:

    My three-week-old is under 9 lbs, still using my OS on my toddler so I borrowed fitteds and prefolds from a friend


  37. Amy Says:

    I want to try one of these so badly! My baby is due in May and I plan to use cloth from the start. These look perfect for little legs!


  38. Laurie Says:

    I wish my baby was a few months younger, not older than your baby; you have given such great information for newborns. Our little peanut was only 5lbs when he was born and we just couldn’t find a diaper that would fit him. Even now at 10 lbs 6oz he still doesn’t fit well in a lot of the one size diapers. I will definitely be buying one of these to see how they fit our trim little guy.


  39. Carrie Says:

    I hope to use cloth diapers from birth, as long as I can figure all this out!


  40. Michelle Says:

    I plan to use from the beginning…


  41. Brandi Powell Says:

    My daughter was 8lbs 4oz, and we used cloth right from the beginning! I found the Bummis newborn prefolds and covers worked best at first, but this sounds like a good option too!!


  42. Ellen Bratzel Says:

    She weighed 8lbs. 1oz. I didn’t have enough cloth to start when she was first born, and the few I had would have been big on her…


  43. Melissa Rau Says:

    Yes!! My baby will be here in a few weeks and I’m so excited to be building up my little stash. This is my first CD baby and my family thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t care!! I am so ready to wrap my little girl in fluff from day one!


  44. Jennifer Says:

    My 9 week old is still too small for my OS diapers, but as a heavy wetter, I cannot seem to fit enough stuffing into the NB ones I have so we have leaks all the time. I’d love to give these a try.


  45. Vanessa Phillips-Williams Says:

    I wanted to CD from the beginning buyout baby will be a preemie and the hospital does not allow it. Plus we have a long trip home so I am thinking about CDing once we get home.


  46. Bethany Says:

    My baby boy is now 1 year old and is still tiny. He weighs about 18 pounds now and is trim. I don’t worry too much about his weight though since his father was the same way as a baby and all of my children have been small compared to others. He weighed 7 lbs at birth but wore preemie sized diapers and clothing since he couldn’t fit newborn sizes. I usually only make diapers and have yet to buy one since my mom makes them also (sewing is her hobby so it gives her an excuse to sew). It would be nice to hae a store brand one and see the difference in quality. I hae another baby on the way and he feels like a 7 pounder! I am making diapers for him now and this time I am preparing with newborn and preemie sizes! So excited! I would like to win a diaper though so I can hae some excuse to buy something other than fabric on sale. I love to shop!!! Maybe that is why I cloth so I can use my saved money for shopping lol. Not really, since I have 3 kiddos and 1 on the way, I guess its more kid shopping and mani and pedi for me (plus those cool new cleaning gadgets that come out, I love a clean house)! Plus my husband saves more money for groceries which means more man food for him and workout supplies. Ok I am done rambling on about things. Love this post!


  47. Barbara Says:

    We had our first baby in November. He was 8# 2oz & is a really long baby (22.25″ @ birth). He’s already in 6-9mo clothes! We started using Rumparooz when he was a month old & are really happy on the savings of cloth diapering & eliminating so much waste. We haven’t tried any other type of diaper yet but these look cute!


  48. Maya Hoehne Says:

    Currently he’s 15lbs2oz!


  49. Keri B. Says:

    My babe currently in cloth weighs 28 lbs and was 8 lbs 10 oz at birth. We are expecting #3 in October and do plan to use cloth from the start!


  50. rachel lewman Says:

    I would love this


  51. Monica Says:

    I plan on using cloth diapers and there are sooooo many to choose from – these look great!!


  52. allie Says:

    I am due april 5 and I am starting cloth diaper stash and I would love to try this brand out.


  53. Heather B Says:

    Baby is due in June and we will definitely be cloth diapering from the beginning.


  54. Lois Chapo Says:

    My little cloth diaper baby weighed 9lbs 3ozs when he was born and now at 28 months he is around 35lbs.


  55. Victoria Says:

    My first was 8 lbs at birth, now 30 lbs & 25 months. We rented a newborn rental for him, probably will do the same for #2 due in Oct!


  56. Claire Says:

    My #2 was 7lbs 13 oz and I plan to diaper #3 as well.


  57. Jenna Says:

    My daughter has been using peachy baby since 6 months and is now 18 lbs at 10 months and they have never leaked! Amazing


  58. Melissa Says:

    My son was 8 lbs 14 oz. now he’s ~22 at 16 months.

    In the very first picture, is the insert bunched up and bulging below the snaps? That’s why we sold our AMPs even though I loved the materials.


  59. Monique Eckert Says:

    My current cd baby is 22#s, but we are expecting #2 in OCT!


  60. Lisa L Says:

    My 3 yr old has been out of diapers for almost a yr. I used BG organic starting around 4 mo, sposies before that. Baby now due in April. I was thinking about a rental program but this sounds like a great ooption. I would love to try it!


  61. Jessica O Says:

    My daughter weighed 8lb 12oz. Now at 16 months she is 21 lbs.


  62. Amelia Says:

    My son was 9lbs 2oz at birth and grew crazy fast after that, so newborn diapers pretty much never fit well for us. On the other hand, it did take a couple of months (and a few pounds) for any one-size to fit snugly and not leak. We basically filled the gap with prefolds and covers. I’m super excited to try Peachy Baby for #2; it would still fit my big 2 year old at 36lbs! Definitely worth the money!


  63. Jen Says:

    Baby weighed 6 lbs 6 oz started cloth diapering after 2 weeks because current cloth diapers didn’t fit. Still cloth diapering


  64. Jessica V Says:

    I have a toddler that we didn’t cloth diaper, I am about 5 weeks away from my due date with our second little girl, I will be cloth diapering from the get go. I’m kind of nervous about starting it all up, but really looking forward to the experience. This would be a great product to try out!


  65. monique Says:

    4lb 15oz. Now he is the chunkiest!


  66. Kara Says:

    She was 5lb 8oz and is now 16lb at 8 months


  67. Darcy Says:

    8lbs 8oz. I was a tester for these diapers and I loved (and still love) them! Despite her weight, she was quite lanky and has very narrow hips with a big belly so I had trouble with a love of my other newborn cloth diaper. Not with Peachy Baby! This diaper fit beautifully and still does!


  68. Trisha W. Says:

    7 lbs 10 oz


  69. Andrea R. Says:

    My daughter was 6 lbs 12 oz at birth, but I had a lot of IV fluids. Her lowest weight was about 6 lbs 4 oz. We weren’t cloth diapering her at birth. I’m looking around now for newborn stuff, so that if we have another baby, we’ll be set for cloth from the beginning.
    DD is now 8 months, with pretty skinny legs. She’s on the smallest rise and almost tightest snaps of her AMPs.


  70. Lisa Says:

    My first weighed 9lbs 1oz at birth and we did a newborn rental program. I am due with #2 on July 5th and think I will try to buy most of my newborn stash this time…. so I’m glad to hear of this brand! I will definitely try it out. (With other newborn dipes, the blowouts were the worst!!! I was still learning the art of cloth diapering so maybe I didn’t change him frequently enough?)


  71. Suzanne Scripture Says:

    Our little one was 8lbs 3oz and now that he is 3 months he is almost 12lbs.


  72. Barb Says:

    We have a potty trained two year old and hoping for another little one. We weren’t able to cloth diaper with the first, but would love to from the beginning with next!


  73. Jenny Laux Says:

    My baby weighed 6lbs 1oz


  74. Sarah E. Says:

    My son weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and at 18 months he weighed 22 lbs. I started cloth diapering when he was 3 months old. It’s sometimes hard to get a good fit around his skinny legs. I’m expecting my second in April and will cloth diaper as soon as we get home from the hospital.


  75. angela bruhn Says:

    My daughter weighed 6lbs 4oz when born. Started cloth at about 9pounds. She now weighs about 18lbs at 6 mo!


  76. Jenine Says:

    My daughter weighed 8lbs8oz at birth, and we’ve been using AMP smalls and OS since birth. She’s now 22lbs and we’ve added Peachy baby to our stash since they came out!


  77. Catherine Cua Says:

    My daughter was 6lbs and did not fit in her OS well until she was 5-6 months. It wasn’t so much the weight that we had an issue with but mostly the rise since she was only 17inches at birth. Even now as we are getting ready to potting train her, she is still not on the highest rise.

    We are expecting baby number 2 and def. want to CD from the start.


  78. Alexandra B Says:

    Baby Evelyne weighed 7lbs 3oz. We love AMP diapers and would love to try the new Peachy Baby diapers.


  79. Heather B Says:

    My baby weighed 3 lbs 15 oz at birth (yes, she was preemie). I didn’t start cloth diapering until she was about 8 months old because I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start, which diapers I would like best, etc. I’m loving it now though and am slowly building my stash.


  80. Dacia Says:

    My little one is almost 5 months old and she can still fit into some of her newborn diapers. She is long and skinny! :) I am desperately looking for some good nighttime diapers. I don’t like waking up to a wet baby and wet sheets!


  81. Jennifer Case Says:

    MY first was 6.4 pounds and this one is due in May. Plan on using cloth from the start with our second.


  82. Nicolette KP Says:

    My little guy was 8lbs 13oz at birth, and now he is 15.


  83. Karianne Says:

    Mine weighed 10.7 lbs when he was born! We went straight into FuzziBunz smalls :-)


  84. Alesia Says:

    Mine weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. when he was born, but I didn’t start cloth till he was 15 months. #3 is due in July and we’re planning on cloth from the beginning–prefolds and Thirsties covers and some newborn AIO’s.


  85. Leah Says:

    I might have to try some of these. I’m due in March and so far have a NB stash of Lil Joeys and Simplex. I have AIO stash of BG and FB. I would love to find a system that works all the way through because I do plan to cloth diaper from day one


  86. Eleanora Says:

    He weighed 6’9 and now at 6 months weighs 20


  87. Kelly Says:

    My baby (#5) was 5lbs 2oz at birth and we had a hard time finding a diaper that fit well in the beginning. Now at 7 months and 13/14 lbs with skinny legs it can still be tricky getting a good fit. These look like they would fit well!!!


  88. Mary D Says:

    He was a little under 9 lbs at birth and is 14 now.


  89. Sheryl Says:

    I think he weighs around 15 lbs. Going for our 4 month appointment next week so I will know for sure then!


  90. Jen R Says:

    my almost 3 yr old weighs 31 lbs, but was 5 lbs 3 oz at birth. Next one due at the end of May, and would LOVE to try these from birth, since we didn’t CD at first with my son.


  91. Jenna Says:

    She’s 15.3 now at 4 months and was 7.11 at birth :)


  92. Kristina R Says:

    7lbs 12oz at birth.


  93. SSadi Says:

    would love to give these a try on baby 2


  94. Denee Says:

    I haven’t cloth diapered a newborn-all of my boys were 7.7-8.8.
    I am pregnant for baby #5 due in August and will be cloth diapering from the start!


  95. Catherine Says:

    My first born is due in July, and it will undoubtebly be a cloth diaper baby!


  96. kristina Says:

    at birth she was 7lbs 1oz at 23mths she weighs 28lbs even.
    I’m expecting my 3rd in august and it would be awesome to finally own a OS that fits a NB!


  97. Ashley R. Says:

    My baby will arrive this June, and I am planning on doing cloth right from the start! I’ve been gathering different types of newborn cloth, prefolds, covers, newborn sized, but this option of a one size that fits a newborn sounds AMAZING!!!!


  98. Victoria Wollf Says:

    Baby’s due in June and we intend to cloth diaper from the start (if he’s not born early)


  99. Terri Reid Says:

    My daughter was born 7lbs 11oz and we used disposables until she was 10lbs. I would LOVE to try Peachy Baby diapers on her now (16lbs) and right away for our next child!


  100. Leanne Says:

    My baby girl is 6 months old, weighs 18 lbs, and has worn cloth diapers since 2 months of age.



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