The Best World Breastfeeding Week Ever

August 4, 2011


As I sit here contemplating just the right words to describe the events of yesterday, I am overcome with feelings of humility and gratitude.

I have always breastfed my children and I am grateful beyond words for this privilege.  Bringing a baby to your breast and nourishing them in a way too special for us to comprehend is an honor.

But, there is something even more special than breastfeeding your own child. Yes, the emphasis on “own” was intentional.

You see, I have a very dear friend that loves her daughter almost more than anyone I know loves their child. I’m pretty sure she’d agree that she may have crossed the line to overprotective and perhaps unhealthy.

She’s working on that though, trying to allow others (like her husband) to care for her baby.  It’s a trust thing.  This friend was committed to exclusively breastfeeding her daughter to 1yr.  It’s not something I have done but I supported her 10o %.

Well, as you may have guessed, a wrench was thrown into that plan.  A big wrench.

On Tuesday night, after more than 24 hours of excrutiating pain, my friend was rushed to the ER to find that her appendix had ruptured.  Had it been caught early the surgery would have been in and out.  Breastfeeding may have hit a small bump.

Alas, the surgery became much more intense when they discovered bile and bacteria all in her gut.  She would be in the hospital for 5 days.

As you can imagine, poor baby girl was freaking out.  At 8 months old she had never been comforted, nourished or cared for by anyone but by her mother.  Nursing was this baby’s source of so much more than a meal.

When I was told of my friend’s condition I immediately wondered how I could help.  I don’t pump so I had no stores of breastmilk to offer.  Calls were made to other nursing moms in the church (Praise the Lord for the baby boom in our small church!).  Frozen breast milk was found but she needed something now.

I managed to manually pump 5 oz for the baby.  5 very.hard.ounces.  Why, oh why did my production have to be low right now?!

My husband drove the family to the hospital and I went up to deliver my liquid gold.  Baby girl was not taking a bottle. Of course.  It’s not like an 8 month old gives up that easy!

I offered, very nervously, to nurse if that is what they desired.

OH MY GOODNESS! Did I just offer to nurse someone’s child?

After a few minutes my friend, that has become so close to me since our move in June, asked if I would nurse her baby.

What? Are you kidding me?

The woman who doesn’t trust ANYONE with her baby is asking me to do one of the most intimate and blessed events in the life of a mother with her child?!

The husband and mother-in-law stepped outside.

Guys, I don’t know what you are thinking right now.  If you are saying, “no way I would nurse another baby!” Then I’d say you don’t know until the moment arises.

If you are saying, “Yes! It’s been my dream to be able to help another mother in this way!” Then I’d say you and I think a lot alike.  Even so, as you sit down next to the mother and lift up your shirt to nurse her baby the anxiety is overwhelming!

I prayed before I nursed her because I was so scared she wouldn’t nurse off me.  I know that baby’s know their mommy’s smell.  I smell different.

But, all the anxiety vanished as she immediately and voraciously latched on.  This baby girl was hungry (it had been 5 1/2 hrs since she last nursed).

Baby girl nursed much differently than Camden but I could care less.  I was given the opportunity to bless another mother in an extraordinary way.

Conversation was a little awkward with my friend.  Not on her part, she was in a anaesthetic daze.

Baby girl fell asleep and I left.

As I returned to my family I wasn’t sure how to explain what just happened.  None of them would understand the depth of what transpired.  I was forever bonded to this family.

Even now, I almost cry that I was able to give this gift.

I returned to the hospital 2hrs later and things were much different.  All nervousness was gone.

I snatched up baby girl and sat down to a comfortable, normal nursing session.  I couldn’t have asked for a better thank you than her popping up when she was done and smiling from ear to ear.

Thank you, precious baby girl!

Although I was eager to nurse her again today, I was very happy that baby girl had taken to the bottle and was using the donated breastmilk.  Now another mom was able to bless this family.

Before I stumbled upon a Twitter party I didn’t even know it was World Breastfeeding Week.

I guess you could say I like to celebrate in a big way!



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57 Responses to “The Best World Breastfeeding Week Ever”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    What a beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes! Like Trisha W. I saw this post just now in your top 11 stories. I definitely have to agree with her and all the other very positive comments. Breastfeeding is a wonderful gift we provide for our own children but how amazing that you were able to experience providing for a child who was not your own and helping to meet her needs as well as your friends need to take care of her baby the best way she knew how. Beautiful! May God Bless both your families! BTW….I hope you’re friend has recovered well.


  2. Trisha W. Says:

    I’m reading this now since I saw a link to it in your Top 11 stories today. I read it with tears in my eyes. I could totally see myself feeling the way you did, both in offering to nurse the baby and in nursing her in front of the baby’s own mother. What an amazing gift you were able to give that child. May God Bless you and this baby’s family.


  3. Ace Says:

    Autumn, I am expecting in May and plan to exclusively breastfeed our child, so I don’t have any experiences here, but I have heard so many controversial stories, or so many jokes made at the expense of mothers who care so deeply about breastfeeding. It blesses my heart that you were able to give such a gift to another mother and child, but what blesses me more is that every comment here has been supportive. I don’t know if you had to sift through a lot of ugly comments or not, but I would love to think that if someone didn’t understand this particular situation, they wouldn’t say something hateful. Thank you for sharing this story.


  4. Tegan Says:

    What an amazing gift that you were able to give! I am so glad that you were able to be there for your friend and that women from your church were also able to help her out as well. Praise the Lord! :)


  5. Angie Loomis Says:

    I am touched by this! You are awesome. I have been done nursing my 16 mo old now for 2 1/2 months but still can produce (if I try ;) How awesome would it be to have that opportunity to help another mom if I had to…I don’t know how much I would get out now but it would be an awesome feeling!


  6. Maritza Says:

    You are awesome Autumn. That is amazing that you were able to have helped out in that way and I’m sure it meant sooo much to the baby and to the mom that you were willing to breastfeed her baby. They are blessed to have someone in their life willing to something that intimate and you are blessed to have experienced being able to help out in that way as well. I’ve never breastfed someone else’s baby but had I been in your shoes, I don’t doubt I would have done the same thing. Bless you and your heart!


  7. stella Says:

    This is so wonderful.. I wish I was given the chance to help some mom&baby in need while I am breastfeeding my youngest child. In the past this was a common case in Greece too, women often breastfed other babies living close to them when their mothers lacked ability to do so, for various reasons.
    Now, it is soo uncommon.. Women do not even want to breastfeed their own babies, not wanting to carry their baby with them all the time or be obliged to stay at home with them for many hours, waking up at night etc..
    I am so frustrated from so many people around me.. your post gives me hope that their is still real “love” and “caring” for other people.
    You really are a great person, your family must be very proud of you :)


  8. Kristen Bobbitt Says:

    Good for you! I would do that for another mom and baby in a heartbeat. Nursing always settles babies more than any bottle could. You must feel so blessed.


  9. Amy Johnson Says:

    That is so wonderful!!! I’d have done the same. I would love someone to help me like that if I fell into such a dilemma; especially too if something were to happen to me, thus leaving behind my precious baby and family.
    My midwife actually helps transport coolers full of breastmilk from overproducing and charitable mothers to other babies in need. It is such a blessing to be able to give. I hardly produce enough for my own.
    Although I must say, I cant even begin to feel how nervous you must have been that first time!!! God bless you, Autumn!


  10. Erin@TheHumbledHomemaker Says:

    This is the best post I’ve read this week! I think it’s wonderful what you did! Thanks for encouraging and inspiring other mothers! I was blessed with extra milk with my first baby (I pumped with her because I was working), and when we moved Canada (for a short time), I couldn’t take my stash of milk with me. I left it with a friend. It’s been our little secret, but she wrote about it in her baby’s baby book.


  11. Lauren Says:

    What an amazing gift and I’m so thankful that you shared your story with all of us. What you offered to do was out of motherly instinct for that little girl. It’s also obvious that she loves her child very much to have asked you to nurse her. You nursing and her asking was a display of pure love for that baby girl and HER NEEDS with no regard to the politics of it. My oldest son was nursed exclusively til he was 15 months old (tho he had taken a sippy cup as he got older for water and juice etc but never took breast milk or formula out of a bottle) So, I know all to well a child’s need for nursing when that’s all they know. He would get down right panicked if he couldn’t nurse for some odd reason. It more than just a want, and its more than just nourishment! It’s their comfort, it’s security, and it’s what God designed for them to do.

    I have had a very similar story with my sister. Our 2nd children are only 26 days apart and I had to nurse her baby girl a few times while she was on some hardcore antibiotics. I have never had an issue with the idea and even looked into being a wet nurse for premature babies and or babies born to mothers who passed or due to complications couldn’t nurse at first, etc. I had gotten alot of negative responses to the idea but I’m glad that you have only heard positive remarks on here!

    *Sorry this was so all over the place, I’m a bit tired lol*


  12. Leah Says:

    What a special person you are to have shared such an intimate part of yourself with that sweet baby! As an EBF’ing mama to a 6 month old boy who refuses a bottle or pacifier I know that the needs that nursing fulfills far exceed simple nourishment. I’m sure that the baby sensed something wasn’t right and was not only hungry physically but emotionally too. I have always worried what would happen to my lil fella if something suddenly happened to me and he couldn’t nurse, with or without a supply of pumped milk. Nursing soothes him down to his soul….me too! We all know what a gift it is and kudos to you for sharing your love.


  13. Nicole D. Says:

    You totally ROCK!! Sharing this with everyone I know.


  14. JulieK Says:

    This post was so interesting and makes me think! I have never been in that situation before, but while it might be awkward for me, I think I would do it too if needed. I have off and on considered whether we should adopt or foster an infant, and if we did, I would want to breastfeeding that child, so why not a friend in need? I think I do think a lot like you then, even though I never considered it much before!!
    Happy breastfeeding week indeed!!!


  15. Carmen Prieto Says:

    Dear Autumm
    I am so happy to hear that you did that! I one felt just like you. Afraid that to me, breast feeding was only to happend between the mother and her own child (no one else)
    My little sister and I recently had babies that are only 3 month apart.
    One afternoon my sister needed help watching her 3 children while she was crazy finishing a job. My niece was only 6 month old and my baby 3 month. Our babies only breast feed. (never from bottles)
    Between her children and mine there where 7 at the time,

    I had told myself that, that was ok, that it was a blessing to b able to bless with so much love another mother and child like that.
    After I nurse my 3 month old boy and placed him on his crib sleeping , I took little baby Anna and prayed for God to bless the both of us with the bonding and nutrition that she may need, as well as the comfort of being away from her mama would be.
    Baby Anna was so happy, and I… full of thankfulness, for I was blessed too.
    After that moment my sister and I grew closer and I have left my baby to her to go on a date with my husband as my sis. Would nurse my baby and her’s .
    What an amazing thing!!!
    I wish we can hear more and more this act of pure love, to others.
    I hope we can be more giving of ourselves with out counting the cost.
    Breast feeding is a joy!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your story!


  16. Anna Says:

    Chills, and tears as I read this post. What an amazing gift and experience, thank you for sharing it with us!


  17. Julie Says:

    what an awesome and encouraging story! No, you’re not weird, and yes, that is one selfless and beautiful thing to do for a friend. I only hope I have a friend willing to do something like that for my nursling if the need arose, and in turn, perhaps I’ll be more bold to offer if someone ever needed my help for their nursling. Thanks for sharing!


  18. Cyndel J Says:

    I’ve thought about this for a long time and decided years ago that I would willingly nurse another woman’s baby if she needed me too! I pray that someone would willingly do the same for my children.


  19. Li Tompkins Says:

    I learned about nursing donations when I started investigating nursing while pregnant with my youngest. I had never even heard of it and I was surprised such a thing existed…my daughter who is my oldest was born with special needs and was very sick when she was born because of complications couldnt nurse and she had no suck reflex because of being born premature. They had to feed her through her stomach with gastro tubes and I tried to nurse for her so she could have mommy’s milk… I was a very young mother and my body would not take to pumping. I tearfully and painfully agreed to have her put on a special formula that is made for premmies with extra calories in it because I couldnt pump for her more then 2 oz in 5 hours and she needed to be fed every 30 minutes to an hour. Then a couple years later when I got pregnant with my son I was insistent that I was going to nurse him. I ended up nursing until the week before he turned 2 years old which was a blessing that I was able too because he was severly lactose intolerant and could not take any form of formula or dairy milk no matter what animal it came from he couldnt tolerate it until he was 2. I wish I had known with my daughter that they had milk donations available, and I admire you for being willing to nurse your friends child when she was unable to nurse her. It is so heartbreaking when your child is comforted only by nursing and refuses to take a bottle….my son never would take a bottle or a pacifier and I was his “comfort blankie”. At 4 years old when he gets stressed out he still wants to put his hand over my heart where he rested it when he was nursing. Even though we dont nurse him any longer, when hes sick or stressed being held close like when I nursed him is the only form of comfort he will accept. Alot of people think its weird or that hes too old to be comforted in such a way- but by nursing him for so long and the way the Lord has designed his personality, nursing was his only comfort and it has built a very strong bond between us. I say go you for nursing your children and for being willing to comfort and feed your friends child….when thats all a child knows its tramatizing to lose that comfort and nutrition, so thank you for being that for the little girl when she couldnt be with her mother.


  20. Rebecca2 Says:

    WOW does this story ever sit close to home with me. When my first son was born critically ill with a brain injury he was not physically able to nurse, and it was one thing I wanted more than anything to be able to give him. I pumped for three excruciating months but my milk never really came in this way and he was never able to nurse and was eventually placed with a gastrostomy tube for feeding. Then I had two great nursers who decided to wean themselves both at five months old. When my youngest was born at 34 weeks she had a hard time and then became extremely ill and was in ICU with RSV and never would even try when she came home from the hospital at two months old. We are now pursuing adopting a baby with special needs and I have been frantically researching induced lactation because I feel so strongly about it and I want to be able to breastfeed our adopted child. My mom breastfed eight children including one that she was not able to begin straight away as she suffered an amniotic embolism and was in ICU herself for several weeks. As it happened, my older sister had become a mom a month before my youngest sister was born. She was able to nurse her own baby sister (though not full time). There was a time not that long ago in history when nursing somebody else’s baby was not unusual and not so taboo. I think it is wonderful that you were able to do this for your friend and especially for her baby when she needed the physical comfort even more than she needed the nutrition. Her mom is very lucky she only had a 5 day hospital stay….my daughter’s appendix ruptured and she was in for 2 weeks!


  21. Elizabeth Says:

    Thank you for sharing that! I have tears running down my face. I know in a heartbeat I would do the same thing. I have an almost 8 month old you doesn’t take a bottle at all, I would pray someone would be willing to bless me like you did your friend.


  22. Kylynara Says:

    Back in April I had a couple gall bladder attacks (I have side had my gall bladder out). They had to give me medicine that required pumping and dumping for 12 hours. My 3 month old picked that point to start refusing the bottle. It was awful. We tried every thing we could think of the feeding tube, a spoon, a small cup, in addition all 4 different type of bottles we had, to get him to eat. Even formula. Luckily I had frozen reserves. The first time we got about 2 oz. in him in those 12 hours. The poor little guy was so hungry when the 12 hours were up. The second time he finally took a bottle about 8 hours in, but he really never has since then.

    It was awful to see/hear the poor little guy screaming and not be able to feed him. At the same time it was also a bit heartening since he wouldn’t nurse for about the first month and I had to build my supply by pumping. We did have to supplement formula in the begining (which is why we had some). It’s hard to explain, but after he wouldn’t for so long it was just kinda nice to see him refuse anything but me. That doesn’t change the fact that he got several long tearful explainations and apologies for not being able to feed him those days and for a couple following each one.


  23. Nicole Says:



  24. Shiree Says:

    What a blessing for you to be able to nurse her! And what a blessing for you to be able to have enough milk. I have rarely in my 3 children nursing career been able to pump 5 oz. My production has always been low and I have always envied mothers that have an ample supply. You are truly so blessed.


  25. judi Says:

    Such a gift! My breastfeeding role model is my great grandmother. During the depression, while she was nursing twins, she took in the baby of a woman who had to go into a TB sanitarium and nursed that woman’s baby too. Women in the past have always done this when needed.


  26. Cindi Says:

    Tears and goosebumps. God is so great and you are so blessed to be able to give that gift to your friend and her baby. I’m even more in awe of the journey of friendship that brought you two to this point. I see God’s fingerprints all over this story.


  27. April Says:

    Your story brought tears to my eyes, as I nurse my own precious baby this morning. Thank you for sharing your gift, and for sharing your special story with all of us!


  28. Lanie Says:

    I was so touched by this story! Brought a tear to my eye!
    I have a 5 1/2 month old son… I would not think twice about nursing my friends baby. What an awesome gift you can give a child…let alone a child of your dear friend. You are an extroidanary mom and your friend is lucky to have you in her life! God Bless!!!!


  29. Tanya apodaca melby Says:

    What a beautiful blessing you were able to give that family!!!!


  30. Sarah Says:

    I, like a few others, never comment but love your blog and read it regularly. Thank you for your story! Thankfully you’ve gotten nothing but positive comments on here in regards to this story. I think it’s a wonderful way to help out a friend and continue nourishing a baby. The only reason it would be “weird” is because of societal expectations – and as believers we know that it doesn’t matter much. I would totally do this for a friend if needed, and if I ever do I will think of you and draw from your strength to get through any awkwardness. God bless!


  31. laura Says:

    autumn –
    i am crying as i read your post…and i am so glad that you posted it for others to read! not only did you do an AMAZING thing in helping that mommy and baby girl when you nursed her, but you put yourself out there to OFFER it, knowing that they may think you’re crazy! i am sure that was not easy, and i pray God blesses you for your willingness to lay down your ‘self’ for this mommy and baby. when my little bean was a baby-baby (she is 20 mos. now and we are STILL nursing!), i had this talk with a couple of my friends who also had babies around the same time (“if i am ever sick and clementine needs it, will you nurse her?”) and consider myself lucky and blessed to have women willing to do something so priceless for us!
    God is good, and allows us to scoff in the face of criticism…you did an awesome thing, friend!


  32. Rachael Says:

    That was a generous thing you did, Autumn. Thanks also for the encouragement. I grow and donate my hair, I will do things just to have something to give away. I’d started on pumping to donate milk, but got off track. This has inspired me to keep at it, and keep pumping, even though its a bit inconvenient at times. And I think I’ve got the courage to offer this, or frozen milk, or somesuch, when I learn of someone in trouble or such difficulties.

    Thank you for your story!



  33. Katie Says:

    I got teary too! What a beautiful story.


  34. Nikki Says:

    Oh wow! That made me cry too.


  35. Samantha B. Says:

    What a beautiful thing you did! Hits home even more that my little Addie is the same age as that precious angel. Thank you for being able to put social awkwardness aside to attend the needs of this little girl and her mommy. You think you guys were close before? =)


  36. Randi Says:

    Made me tear up!! What a huge blessing to be able to provide what was so very needed for that sweet baby girl :-)


  37. Kim Says:

    What a wonderful thing, Autumn! I am sure you lifted such a weight from your friend by providing this loving gift. With my supply issues since returning to work, I know how much I cry inside with every little drop of supplemental formula my daughter has to have, and I can’t imagine stacking that on top of being hospitalized myself. How wonderful that you can save her from that anguish (and I’m very envious of you having enough to feed not only your own child, but another!).


  38. Brooke Matherne Says:

    That story made me cry. I am thankful your friend is getting better and that you were there for her family in an already stressful and difficult time. My husband and I have talked about this before. I want him to find a mom and some milk to feed my daughters if anything happens to me. Not only do I believe breastmilk is best but I also think a baby who is suddenly separated from mom is under tremendous stress and needs as much comfort as possible. Nothing is more comforting then mama milk.


  39. Lois Says:

    I was very blessed also to have a very good friend nurse my baby when I couldn’t. I was so touched that she would do that for me. I’m happy to hear other mamas are being blessed by the very same gift I cherished so much. I have supply problems and this very same friend also pumps and freezes for me. When my son was first born she came to the hospital and pumped 9ozs so he would stop losing weight and stay out of special care. In fact every time I go to her house she pumps my son a bottle. I’m so grateful to her. She’ll never know just how much good she has done for my heart. I can’t fully nurse my baby, bit he still receives lots of human milk thanks to her generosity. Such a blessing.


  40. Katie M Says:

    I sit here with chills…and memories. I have 3 kids now and my older two are almost the exact ages of my best friends oldest two children. When our middle two kids were very young- I think no more then a couple months old)- my friend was in the hospital for kidney stones and her baby wasnt taking a bottle at all. I got a frantic call from my friends mom asking me if I would be willing to help feed the baby if needed. Without a second thought about it I said absolutely and ran off to the health food store to get Mothers Milk tea and some tincture drops that I have since forgotten the name of. I wanted to be sure that my supply would be ready quickly for nursing two babies.
    The actual need for me to feed her baby never transpired – but I was so touched by them just asking if I would, that it is something I will never forget.
    I am so pleased you were able to be there in their time of need- I know it is something you will never forget either.
    Happy World Breastfeeding Week <3


  41. Michelle Says:

    This story brought a tear to my eye. What a beautiful gift you gave. I would happily done the same thing. It is amazing all the lovely mamas in your church that offered milk to her as well. What a lovely community that you belong to. I hope this mama is able to pump to keep her supply up while recovering and is feeling better very soon. Prayers for her and her little one.


  42. Eanista Says:

    This is such an awesome story! I agree with many of the comments! BF’ing is such an honor & you are a beautiful woman for sharing that with someone else in need. As a mom who has breastfed one child to age 1 & another that is 3 months old (also intending to nurse to age 1), I cannot imagine not being able to nurse my own baby. But thank God for angels like you! God bless!


  43. Krystal Says:

    Wow! That is so amazing and definitely all a God thing! What a blessing. You are always so encouraging. I wanted to tell you this funny story that happened today: I do cd on a half half basis with disposables. Well, I put my son in a cloth last night for the first time in 13 months o his life and it went well! Today I put a disposable on him, and he grabbed at it and cried wanting me to take it off! I was so surprised and in awe. Just thought I would share that with you.


  44. Sara Says:

    That is fantastic!!! Human milk is still the best for babies. So glad you shared your story & hoping people will be understanding & embrace such a great gift.
    WTG Mama!!!


  45. tanya bondarchuk Says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. You did the right thing. God bless you.


  46. Katherine Says:

    What a great post! I had to comment (and Im not much of a commenter) because this is so fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate for one second if someone asked me to nurse their baby. There are wet nurses for a reason! What an awesome (and free!) gift to be able to provide for a mother/friend and that baby. That was very selfless and honorable.


  47. PharmToxGirl Says:

    This was incredibly moving. I was able to EBF for the first 5 weeks and used supplementing to 12. We moved to formula, but I did love BFing. And if I was BFing, I’d like to think I would absolutely offer to help another mother and child. I don’t know if that is a decision you can make prior to the situation. But I respect anyone’s decision when faced with the issue.


  48. MonicaYB Says:

    Autumn, I never comment, although I read your blog regularly. But I HAD to comment on this! <3 <3 <3
    Your story blessed me in such a way I cannot explain. Thank you for sharing!
    I have actually been very open to nursing someone else's baby, and will always allow myself to be available if the need ever arises, as I pray that if anything ever happened to me, someone would offer to nurse my little nursling. <3


  49. Elizabeth Says:

    I, too, am in tears. What a blessing you were, and I agree it would be such an honor to be able to contribute in that way. So beautiful.


  50. Courtney Fisk Says:

    just beautiful! i would totally have offered the same thing. i hope mom is out soon and that baby girl cam get back to her mom’s arms to nurse away!


  51. DeLise Says:

    Autumn, I’m in tears right now! I just don’t know how to respond except to say that I thank the Lord for you and for the unconditional love you showed your friend and her baby girl. That was such a self-less act of love. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to BLAST this all over Your recent transparency has meant more to me than you know. It’s my hope that as I pass it on, it blesses others as well!! <3 <3 <3


  52. Liz Spillmann Says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Autumn; you have brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful gift you were able to give!!


  53. Katie Says:

    What an amazing post! What a wonderful thing you have done for that family, and I think, in your shoes, I would have done the same thing!! Gosh, I wish when my son was back in the NICU, when my supply was drying up, that some of those moms with several freezers full of milk would have offer to donate some. They had seen the struggles I had been having, but not once did someone offer. I couldn’t have even imagined asking if they could donate some milk to my son, let alone having someone nurse him for me. If someone would have OFFERED though, i would have gladly taken them up on that!!


    • Renee Says:

      Katie- That hurts my heart to know that you and your son were in need and no one was willing to offer help.

      This whole story has made me take a look at myself and I can now say through a bit of thinking that I would 100% go through the awkward feeling to be able to give a mama and her baby the much needed food and nutrition for the baby and the mama the relief from a heavy heart of not being able to feed her own child. I hope Autumn’s story will help others be more open to helping other mothers and their little ones in need.


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