The Biggest Giveaway Event Starts On Monday!

December 1, 2012

My Favorite Things 2012



—->Winners Announced!!!<—-

Last year we kicked off a new tradition here at All About Cloth Diapers.  My Favorite Things is an event where I share many of my favorite things with you in the form of giveaways!!

This would not be possible without the generosity of dozens of sponsors.  This year’s sponsors include:

Giveaways begin Monday December 3, 2012.  Each day I will link the giveaway to the sponsor lineup below.

  • Monday December 3: Orange Diaper Co, Sweet Pea Diapers, Pooters, Diaper Daisy, THinc&Balm! Baby

All the giveaways will run until December 28th.  Winners will be chosen and contacted by the end of December 29th.

PLEASE use valid and often used email addresses!!  Winners will only have 48 hours to respond before an alternate winner is chosen.

Contest rules: Open to US and Canada residents.  Must be 18yrs or older and a subscriber to All About Cloth Diapers via email.  All social media networks are released of all liability and are in no way endorsing, promoting, supporting this event.  Rafflecopter end dates will all be set to December 28, 2012.  Winners will be chosen and notified by the end of December 29th.  Winners have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.  Thank you and God bless!

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at

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44 Responses to “The Biggest Giveaway Event Starts On Monday!”

  1. Ellen Says:

    cloth is so addictive, gotta love a yummy baby in a cloth diaper! !!


  2. MTC Says:

    I’m a huuuge fan of Charlie Banana, so December 17th is a winner! Good luck everyone! :)


  3. Lorrine Says:

    softbums giveaway/…..dreaming of trying one!


  4. Tiffany Cardenas Says:

    Monkey Foot Designs


  5. jamie davis Says:

    There are so many brands I haven’t had a chance to try! I do like the Balm!baby and rockin green products though!


  6. Anne W. Says:

    I like the Day 5 giveaway, but I would be happy to win any of the days! :) Thank you for these fun giveaways!


  7. Naomi Says:

    The sweetbottoms try everything giveaway is my favorite:)


  8. Christine Says:

    I absolutely love Sweetbottoms and have ordered from them several times. That giveaway is definitely my favorite!


  9. Tanya T Says:

    My favorite giveaway is the Ragababe and Chelory ones! But hope to win any of them!


  10. Michelle Says:

    My favorite giveaway is the Sweetbottoms Baby one, although I’d love any, lol.


  11. Jennifer Says:

    They are all so great! I’d love to win any, but have heard especially great things about s’bish and thirsties!


  12. Heather Says:

    Love you favorite things!!


  13. Vaniecea Says:

    I think all of the giveaways are great! However, I’m partial to Pooters diapers! I love their OS bamboo fitted for overnight!!


  14. Cait Says:

    All of them!


  15. Kaitlynne Winslow Says:

    All of them were awesome!


  16. Tina S. Says:

    I like all of the products I see on your site. The giveaways are pretty cool.


  17. Rebecca M. Says:

    I think all of the giveaways are amazing thanks so much for hosting this fun event!


  18. Patricia Says:

    I lOVE sweetbottoms, Ragababe, Jack be natural…gosh they’re all GREAT!!


  19. Jennifer G Says:

    Would love to win!!


  20. abigail morris Says:

    I think they are all great. i would love to win any of them. Merry Christmas everyone!


  21. Karen C. Says:

    I think today’s might be my favorite. :-)


  22. Nikki Kalina Dyess Says:

    I think today’s giveaway is the best! I too am slightly addicted to Aden & Anais!


  23. A.m. Says:

    The boba carrier!


  24. Katrina Says:



  25. Kristi Says:



  26. Meredith Says:

    I think today’s giveaway and the December 3rd giveaway!!!


  27. Rebekah Says:

    I think today’s giveaway is the best!


  28. Elizabeth C Says:

    I think today’s giveaway is the best!


  29. Elizabeth C Says:

    Thanks for hosting these giveaways!


  30. Terri Moore Says:

    Monkey Foot Designs Wet bags!


  31. April Says:

    this is so exciting! ;-)


  32. Amanda O Says:

    I love your giveaways!!! Thank you for all your helpful informative blogs throughout the year…..I follow almost religiously!


  33. Denise James Says:

    Hooray for giveaways!! Thank you!


  34. Desirae Says:

    These are such great giveaways, thanks so much.


  35. Sharalee Says:

    I’m so excited about this give away. There are so many great items to possibly win and enjoy putting to use on my fourth baby but first cloth diapered. Enjoying the journey of experimenting and learning about cloth diapering :-)


  36. melanie Says:

    So excited. My first child is due on the 6th and my boyfriend and I.are using cloth.diapers. so far we have a package of Charlie banana and ordered some bumgenius. It would be wonderful to add to the supple. :)


  37. Jenny Says:

    That would be SO great to win something!!! :D
    I have a question though. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts, all I have is an email account and don’t wish to get any of those other accounts. I know most of the entries are done through Facebook, right? Is there something I can do to have a bigger chance of winning through just my email account??
    Thanks for everything you do!


  38. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    Awesome! With so many going on, hopefully we’ll win. Thank you so much for hosting these giveaways!! =)


  39. Rach Says:

    This sounds really neat!! Thanks Autumn!


  40. Lena Erickson Says:

    Oh boy! I’m going to enter every one! ^_^ Maybe I’ll finally win something. Thanks for arranging this!


  41. Renae Meyer Says:

    So exciting! I hope I win!


  42. Jessica Says:

    I am so excited!!!


  43. Jenna Says:

    Yay!!! Can’t wait!’


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