The Diaper Sprayer is on My Never List

October 5, 2009

Cloth Diaper Extras

First, I’ll start off by saying that I am extremely easy to convince of something if your argument is good.   That being said feel free to redeem the Diaper Sprayer after I’m done ;)

Why after 4 years of cloth diapering have I never purchased a diaper sprayer?

  1. Installation always looked too cumbersome.
  2. The minute possibility of being splashed with poop makes me shudder.
  3. Never had a peanut-butter-poo child.
  4. The minute possibility of being splashed with poop makes me shudder.
  5. Is there really a need? Does it make things easier?
  6. The minute possibility of being splashed with poop makes me shudder.

I think that about covers it.  Are you clear on what my big issue is?  Well, if I wasn’t already grossed out by the thought of splashage, this video made it more of a nightmare…

Now I’ll cut the guy some slack for 2 reasons:

  1. The description says they just got the sprayer so this might have been the 1st or 2nd time to use it.  No one does something that great the first many times.
  2. He’s a guy!  Amazing.  My husband is a fully participating dad but I honestly don’t think he’d go for spraying poop.

Let me have it.  Convince me that a diaper sprayer is the best thing to happen in cloth diapering since the Snappi.  I want to feel like I’m missing out :D

And if you’re really passionate about the diaper sprayer make me a video and I’ll post the best one I get.


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87 Responses to “The Diaper Sprayer is on My Never List”

  1. Sydney howard Says:

    I highly recommend a spray pal to protect u and your bathroom from splatter!!!


  2. JoyJoy S Says:

    I have not read all of the posts, so I may have missed a few, but I have only found one comment on using disposable or flushable liners until poo is more solid. I didn’t start cloth with my first son until he was nearly poop trained through Elimination Communication (EC). So at 5 months we were catching 95% of poo in the potty directly and had no poopy diapers.

    With my second son (due any day), I plan to EC from birth, but will use CD when out and about or I am needing a break from EC. I am wondering if I need a sprayer or not. The thought of dunking makes me sick, but the video kind of turned me off to the sprayer too. I am a bit of a germ-a-phob. Has anyone has any luck with disposable or flusher liners? I have even read that you can use paper towel as a liner and just put it in the trash (of course you would have to tie it up so it didn’t smell up your whole house.

    Any thoughts on how effective the really thin disposable liners are for newborn, breastfed poop? I should not need anything after about 4-5 months of EC.

    I would appreciate your advice. Feel free to reply or email me directly



    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I have never needed to do anything with newborn poo (breastfed). Just toss it in the washer for a prewash.


    • Keri Says:

      I use the liners for my CD toddler. Even though his poop is solid, we don’t always catch it before he smashes it into his bum/diaper, and honestly, the liners don’t stay put all that well with how much he runs around. So though they catch most of the poop, they get crinkled up and there is inevitably some that gets on the diaper too, in the creases and what not, so I have to get my hands dirty and push it off into the toilet before I can throw the diaper in the wet bag. That’s why I’m in the market for a sprayer right now, cause I’m sick of getting poop on my hands.


  3. Cherei Says:

    OK he is not a brain surgoen. It is not that difficult to rinse a dirty diaper. I had to use them with my son, poor little guy was alergic to everything I put on his behind. Now I have a grandchild they chose to use disposable, my prayers are with them. My oldest is now prego and due in a few weeks she wants to use cloth diapers. she plans on making them all herself (grandma will be helping) hence the reason I am on this web page. OK back to the original subject. I shook off the chunks flushed the toilet, I then rinsed the diaper in the toilet just as my mother did with my diapers. The toilet was cleaned and santized after. The diapers were then washed in hot water, with Tide and bleach. then rinsed twice and hung on the close line in all kinds of weather. The doctor told us to have the diapers in the sunlight for at least a day to kill remaing bacteria. Perfectly healthy bumb after with never an issue. Sprayer may be nice but not necessary.


  4. Renee Says:

    I recently just tried our sprayer for the first time and it was an awful experience. That video looked very pleasant compared to my experience. I guess I didn’t hold the diaper far enough down into the toilet because poop went EVERYWHERE. The spray is just SO strong… and little bits went all over the toilet bowl, ground, on my pants and all around. “Peanut butter” poop. Now if I could find a way to adjust the spray power I might venture to try again. But I’m not a “handy” gal and it doesn’t look adjustable to me.
    P.S. this is my first time posting… I LOVE this blog… never thought I’d ever read a blog, but cloth diapers are my new love. Thanks for an awesome site.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      renee, do you have the bum genius diaper sprayer? if so you adjust the strength by turning the handle down by the hose attachment.


  5. lily Says:

    you’ll cut the guy some slack? That’s a woman!! At 2 seconds in, she bends down to pick up the sprayer. See, long hair. woman!!! the guy is behind the camera. He’s closer to the microphone, that’s why his voice sounds louder! lol.


  6. Christine Says:

    I am installing one this weekend. I have a one year old with very peanut butter poop and I am sick of letting it sit in my toliet soaking and scraping. Yes they do still wash in the washer but god it would save me time to just spray it off. I also have to say that even when I scrap in the potty now it can still splash dirty water so I think thats a givin ladies. I am also due in 6 weeks with another boy and I want ease. Sorry but thats the real reason anything for a little ease please:)


  7. Sarah Says:

    We had one with my first, and I liked it until it started leaking where it connected to the plumbing, leaving water puddled on the bathroom floor. We tossed it after that. Now I’m expecting my second, and wondering if it’s worth trying again – perhaps we had a faulty one?


  8. Jessica Griffith Says:

    We love our homemade sprayer! I googles directions for a DIY diaper sprayer, printed out the instructions, made a Home Depot run for less than $20, and DH had it installed in less than 10 minutes. The only issue we have had is my 3 1/2 yo ds thinks it is fun to spray it into the tub next to the toilet!


  9. Brown Says:

    Very interesting and amusing subject. I read with great pleasure.


  10. Tiffany N Says:

    I just installed my diaper sprayer three days ago (by myself and it took about 10 minutes – I am no handy-woman either. The time was mostly taken up by my indecision on cutting the hose to length). The first time I turned it on was hilarious. I had the sprayer pointing up (duh) and “washed” the whole bathroom. I adjusted the spray power and pointed it in the toilet. I have loved it ever since. My daughter is 5 months old and new on solids. Her diapers are a mess. I took an old kitty litter pail and placed next to the toilet to hold the wet diapers after they have been sprayed off. This is the best solution I have found to work with my front loader. Poopy diapers are a mess. The diaper spayer has been very helpful once I figured a system out.


  11. Corri Says:

    I am all for the diaper sprayer. I have found a way to use it that when it splashes, it splashes into the toilet. I also clean my bathroom (usually) daily, and would even if I did not have a diaper sprayer. My son has had the “peanut butter poo” for months now, and there are times that NOTHING gets it off except spraying it. I am talking when I clean my son, I have to either sit there and scrub his bottom until he cries or give him a bath. That stuff is impossible to wipe out of the diaper, impossible to swish out of the diaper (which I think is actually far more disgusting then spraying it… even though I keep my toilet pretty clean, I don’t like the idea of dipping his diaper in it), and impossible to shake off. I truly wish this was not the case and I could just shake the diaper off, but that is not the case. The diaper sprayer is the ONLY reason I have been able to continue CD through the last several months. I personally think the $50 I spend of the sprayer was better then the $400+ I would have spent on disposables, especially since he started having these horrible bowl movements within a month of me spending around $300 on CD.


  12. Beth Says:

    I just have to say that I LOVE my diaper sprayer!
    We got it not for the CD’s but for potty training. My son is 22 months and in the middle of training. It is fabulous for rinsing out a poopy potty without having to touch any poo – a very big deal for daddy:)
    It’s great on our cloth diapers too, but REALLY great for the potty…


  13. Jamie Says:

    I swear by my diaper sprayer! It’s not hard to install, I did it myself in 5 minutes. The poo that doesn’t fall into the toilet gets sprayed off and if you hold the diaper right there is no mess on the sides of the toilet. LOVE IT and couldn’t live without it.


  14. becky Says:

    So funny reading the blog today. I also just came home with a diaper sprayer today. I hummed and hawed for 17 months and finally gave in as all we get is peanut butter poo and with a low flush toilet, I was getting it everywhere anyway. And drip, drip, drip to the diaper pail cause our bathroom is too small to have one in there. I do keep a small pail under the sink now to pop the diaper in to transport to reduce the drips.
    I think it will take getting used to and installing took 6 easy minutes. I agree, if it is too annoying for the diaps, at least it will be great for rinsing the tub and cleaning out the potty when the time comes.
    Love your blogs! It keep me going with cloth!!


  15. Rachel Says:

    I love the diaper sprayer, I made one myself and installed it myself, it took 5 minutes all together to install. I don’t soak the diaper so much so that when I’m done it drips to the diaper pail. If I had to dunk it it would be just as soaking wet…I’d rather have a semi dry diaper sitting for a few days to wash it. Do you dunk the diaper now?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      no, I don’t dunk right now. And when the time arrives to dunk it isn’t a real “dunk”. I shake it off, then use toilet paper if necessary. All else gets washed off in the pre-wash.


  16. Heather Says:

    it convinced dh that it wasn’t all that bad to cd! plus we had a low flow toilet so by the time i get the diaper in the toilet i get poo EVERYWHERE except off the diaper…LOVE MINE!


  17. Morgan Says:

    Sprayers are a must-have, IMO. Repeating others in that it took all of 5 minutes to install, and ours has an on/off lever that will hopefully discourage toddler mishaps in the future.

    Also, with pocket dipes our trick is to unstuff and then spray from the inside out – I stick the nozzle in the pocket and spray out. No mess as long as the diaper is low enough in the bowl.

    As far as procedure, mostly we are spraying pockets that come home from daycare in a wetbag, so they get unstuffed and sprayed all at once at the end of the day. We have a small plastic tub that we use to transport the sprayed diapers back to the Diaper Champ.

    An added bonus is that the sprayer can also be used to clean out potty chairs later on.


  18. haley Says:

    I bought the Potty Pail while I was still pregnant, and a cheap dog washer hose for the utility sink in the laundry room. I set up the diaper station in the laundry room also, and use the sink to rinse the diapers for now. When my 2 month old gets too big – and his BMs change when we start him on solid food – then I plan to use the Potty Pail in the guest bathroom (when I don’t have guests) to rinse any stubborn BMs out of the diaper. The pail has hang dry hooks and a rubber stopper. Seems pretty ideal to me and the expense is offset by eliminated need to mop the floor if it splashes :)


  19. Megan Says:

    We have a diaper sprayer and in our 10mos of using cloth have only used it a couple of times. My husband installed it with no problems. He was the first to use it and asked me if he was doing it wrong because it didn’t remove the poo at all. I came to the conclusion that if he was doing it incorrectly, so was I because it never works for me either. If the poo doesn’t knock off into the toilet it gets left in the diaper pail. I ALWAYS do a pre rinse on my diaper loads and everything has come out clean. So I say the sprayer is not only not necessary but it’s a waste.


  20. LaDona Says:

    I just had my husband install a homemade diaper sprayer because I was tired of squishing the dirty diaper in the toilet. Gross! While I love how the sprayer easily removes the poop from the diaper, I don’t like the splatter you talk about. I always clean the top of the toilet after I wash a dirty dipe. I was doing a search to see if people had a suggestion how to use it so you don’t get splatter. So I will try Erica’s suggestion of lowering the valve and keeping the diaper low in the toilet.

    As for the drip, we keep a container by the toilet to carry the wet dipe to the diaper pale. This way we don’t have drips to worry about. I have considered having a small pale right next the toilet just for the those dipes that I had to spray.


    • Sydney howard Says:

      Get a spray pal. Its like a clipboard with walls sortof and it should reduce all splatter im buying one today, but just research it to go along with your sprayer


  21. Heather Says:

    I had to laugh a little because if you listen closely, it’s actually the wife doing the spraying and the husband is running the camera, and joking around about how she maybe thought he wouldn’t be able to handle the sprayer so she had to demonstrate it. And then the diaper pail wasn’t even there, and he laughed that she had to carry the soaking diaper all the way downstairs. That would be something my husband would do, laugh and criticize me for trying to make things easier, and actually making them more difficult for myself!
    I have never found a diaper sprayer necessary, but I don’t have anything against them, either. :)


  22. Erin Calcara Says:

    I’d like to update my pp now that I’ve tried out my new sprayer. The old sprayer was a Mini-Shower. The new is “The Diaper Sprayer”, that we sell at circle ME. I have to say that there are things I liked better about the old sprayer, but there are things I like better about my new one. One of them is the way it sprays. The openings in the sprayer have bigger holes, so the water doesn’t ricochet nearly as much. The diaper sprayer sprays more like a bidet, so it’s gentler.

    So, now I know that our experiences may depend on the brand of the sprayer :) Before today, I’d actually never knew of anyone who didn’t like the sprayer, or even not want one. I’m glad to have others’ perspectives.


  23. Erin Calcara Says:

    I think it is great the way God created us as individuals. :) He is so Magnificent, and it just makes me smile! It’s odd that I’m reading your blog today, b/c I came home w/a new diaper sprayer this afternoon! We CD for 3 or so months before saving up for one. After using it, I thought, “This is worth every penny!”. Now, almost 2 years later, having two kids in cloth for about a year, our button broke! Needless to say, we’ve used it a LOT. And now 48 hrs w/o one, I have to say I have 4 poopies on my laundry room floor waiting until my hubby gets the new one installed!

    I do admit when I first tried it out, I had never thought through the process of putting a high-pressured water device next to a pooey diaper…I did get splashed a little. It didn’t take too long to learn the ‘how-tos’. After keeping the water pressure down with the valve that comes w/it, and learning how to stand back, knowing to hold the diaper low in the toliet, it’s much easier. And yes, it does drip at times, but not with prefolds (or fitteds) b/c the waterproof cover catches it really well. My pockets do drip on occasion…I just run really fast to our 1st floor laundry room, or put my hand under it. To me, it is a huge time saver as my kids rarely have solid poos. I used to spend about 3-4 min. dunking, to find that it still wasn’t coming off…then I’d find myself picking out the chunks from my washer on wash day.

    So, yes, it does have it’s downfalls, and it is a luxury item (nothing you have to have), but I love the time it saves. AND I love to use it for cleaning out the bathtub!! My husband thinks it’s great, too.


  24. Cyndy Says:

    I went from part time cloth diapering to full time once I discovered the sprayer! I have had some trials and errors, but I do love it for poo that doesn’t roll off. I had a fear of the older kids “playing” with the sprayer and visions of a soggy mess, but thankfully that hasn’t happened.


  25. Amelia Says:

    Thanks for all the info! DD has just started solids and I have been scraping off poo with toilet paper….ick! The idea of dunking and swishing is just too gross for me and I have been debating whether it is worth $50 for a diaper sprayer. Now I just have to wait 2 weeks for my local cloth diaper store to get them back in stock…..


  26. Sarah Flukinger Says:

    Okay, y’all are going to think I’m disgusting. But I have a claw foot bathtub with a shower sprayer and I do use that when my son has a horrible peanut butter poo or diarreah just because I think it’s disgusting to let that sit in a pail all night. I just dump what I can into the toilet and then rinse out the excess and then spray my BacOut on the diaper. Now, I will say that 1) I currently do NOT use my bathtub to wash my body because I am pregnant so baths are a bit of a no no and 2) I sanitize my bathtub every couple of days with Comet and a bristle sponge strictly for my tub. I know, that just sounds gross. But it really works out nicely. I just never felt the need for a toilet sprayer when I have a perfectly good sprayer in my bathtub and it all goes to the Septic tank anyhow!! :)


  27. Laura Says:

    I think diaper sprayers are great. They keep poop out of the washing machine and put it in the toilet where it belongs. The guy in the video was waving the sprayer head around too much and not holding it close enough to the diaper to prevent splatter. And yes, you do have to have a pail near the toilet but so what?


  28. Rochelle Says:

    Actually, I really like having a toilet sprayer. I didn’t watch the video, so I can’t comment on that, but I haven’t had too much problem having stuff spray outside the range of the toilet. But it’s also an advantage that these things are *much* cheaper in India, and you can have a plumber install it for you for next to nothing. People here don’t use toilet paper; they either install a bidet-type sprayer, a hand sprayer (similar to the diaper sprayers), or just use a plastic measure cup to clean their privates. Personally, I still like having toilet paper to dry myself, as I don’t enjoy spending the day with wet underwear, but it’s easy to get used to rinsing yourself off regularly and feeling cleaner.

    I’ll also add that Indian bathrooms are different than American ones. Most don’t have separate bathtubs or shower stalls (you sit on a short plastic stool and pour water on you from a bucket), so they all have drains in the floor. Therefore, it’s easy to rinse the floor down (though I don’t enjoy the many leaky faucets people have here–every bathroom inevitably has at least one).

    Before we had the sprayer installed, I scraped the poop off the diaper with a plastic scoop purchased for that purpose, and rinsed the rest off in the sink. I didn’t think it was hygienic to rinse them in the sink, and I disliked dunking them into the toilet water, so I was happy to get the sprayer. Also, the scraper rubbed the poop into the fabric some, so they didn’t rinse as well.

    If someone is willing to spend a good amount of $$$, I did see online somewhere a diaper sprayer sold with a bucket-like thing that attaches to the toilet to reduce splashing.


  29. Dae Says:

    I haven’t read all the comments, but let me just say that the video makes me want to vomit! I, too, have never used a diaper sprayer, and never even had the desire to think about wanting one. I don’t see how you can keep things cleaner by using that. Even if you are very careful with it, just because you can’t SEE the microscopic poo flying around while using that, it most likely IS. Also, like the lady in the video, you must have a diaper pail literally right next to the toilet or you are bound to get poo/pee water dripped everwhere. And finally, I’ve never seen a need for one. When my kids have been in stage where the poo doesn’t fall into the toilet, I simply take a couple squares of toilet paper and take the poo out of he diaper, drop it in the toilet, and flush. No mess, no poo getting on anything, etc. Call me crazy, but I also can’t imagine the diapers touching the toilet or toilet water. I clean our toilets A LOT, but I wouldn’t dunk my underwear in the toilet everytime they needed to be washed, and can’t imagine doing that with my kid’s diapers, either.


  30. Wendy Says:

    I don’t have any moral obligations to diaper sprayers or anything but figured since everyone else was so pro-diaper sprayer, I’d offer my 2 cents. I have a peanut butter pooing 18-month old that goes 2 to 3 times a day minimum…I dunk and swish and pre-wash and would rather spend my $50 on a fancy new cloth diaper :)


  31. Anastasia Says:

    Sorry dunk & swish was never on my list of acceptable “things” in my mind. In fact sticking my hand into the toilet for ANYTHING short of the toilet brush bothers me, lol!

    1st trimester so I will NOT watch the video thanks, still trying to hold down breakfast. ok that said.

    We have a sprayer too! It’s called the shower! (Really) I have a disabled child so we make a point of not touching the bottoms of babies any more then we have too! so as soon as they are old enough to sit up well, we clean nastiness off in there! (on the road he doesn’t come into the lady’s room so) And only I really do it, until the child is able to help then they do it! all because I have a special child who also was a LATE toilet master & I did NOT want him taken advantage of!

    But yeah if we get one of THOSE dipes, or it gets onto the wool, then the shower works, but really I just add an extra rinse to my routine so normally I have no problem! The big stuff usually rolls right off.


  32. heidi Says:

    ok, I want one, and my dd is going to be starting solid food in a month. What is the best brand?


  33. Tina Says:

    I don’t have a diaper sprayer, but I didn’t start using cloth until my DD was 8 mos. She started having problems with constipation at 5 mos. and her poo has been mostly solid since about the time I started with CDs…..She loves her fruit and veggies, too but she also LOVES cheese, so I think that really firms things up ;o)…Anyway, I just plop…I think that I will definitely get a sprayer for the next baby, though since I’ll be dealing with newborn poo…..But, I am VERY terrified of flying poo and I’m not the best with the kitchen sprayer, so I’m nervous about it…


  34. Nicole Says:

    Okay ew…this looks like a lot of work. A lot of nasty work actually. Please tell me I don’t HAVE to do this…I think that alone could make me stop cloth diapering.

    I am thinking I will just use liners once my boy is weaned, and eating real food!


  35. Bianca Says:

    I have a sprayer and there’s no way I would be able to cloth diaper without it. I have a newborn who is still exclusively breastfed and has very runny poop. The idea of that sitting on the diaper in my pail for 2 days, grosses me out. Also the dunk and swish just makes me feel like i’m soaking the entire diaper in poopy water. How some families survive without one is beyond me! In the beginning I was wetting the entire bathroom (or at least around the toilet area) whenever i sprayed but i quickly learned that if you keep the diaper low and spray a couple of quick pulses, then you can control where the water flies and now im able to keep it all in the bowl. Spraying, wringing it dry and prewashing just seems to be the best, most hygienic way to manage cloth diapers in my opinion.


  36. Kristy Says:

    I use a sprayer, but it it’s in the toilet in my laundry ‘cos they ain’t the most beautiful looking things. My question is where do the little remnants of poo on the nappies go if you don’t spray them off before washing? I shudder at the thought of them collecting in the lint filter or in the nooks and crannies of the washing machine. Remember you wash your normal clothes in that washing machine too…..


  37. JenR Says:

    I can pretty much just copy Dawn’s comment – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my sprayer! We have a 5-6x day pb poo 2 year old and I’m not going back! :) I try to slide my insert out first, which eliminates most of the drips. Keeping the diaper low in the toilet works great to pretty much eliminate spray – I basically use the toilet as a “backstop” for the water, so the bottom does come in contact with the water in the toilet, but I just rinse it one last time as I pull it out. I also keep a small plastic bucket right next to the toilet. I just drop them in there and then take the bucket in and pour it into the diaper pail. It has also minimized staining for us.

    Try it, you’ll definitely like it!


  38. anpnek Says:

    I agree completely with Dawn. We were living with my grandparents for a few weeks and did not take our diaper sprayer along. Our little guy had the worst poops then for some reason. The diaper was literally covered from the back to the front in brown runny poop. It didn’t really come off with swishing either. I cannot live without my diaper sprayer. :)


  39. Andrea Says:

    I completely agree with Dawn because I have a peanut-butter poo child. I would not cloth diaper if I didn’t own a sprayer. The thought of sticking my hand in poo water is absolutely horrifying. I share the same technique as Dawn also…clean it from front to back, keep it close to or in the bowl, keep the diaper pail close by. I use pocket diapers so I remove the liner before the spraying begins, plus I shudder at the idea of “wringing” out the diaper afterward.


  40. Kristin Says:

    Well Im basically cloth diapering my first.. I have 2 other children but only started cloth diapering my 2nd child after she was pretty much pooping on the potty… and she was just in diapers for outings and night…so haven’t really had to deal with the poop till now.. DS was BF until 6 months then started solids and up until about a month ago when we started adding in formula he had the just fall into the potty kinda rock hard poops.. we end BFing and do all formula and he now has peanut butter poos… and I’m dunking — then you add in this ear infection and antibotics we are running through right now… they stink to high heaven and are sticky sticky sticky.. I”m currently dunking cuase I don’t have another option but sooooooo not liking this! Its funny cuase a few weeks ago I could have written your post about why do we need one… welllllll now after almost 2 weeks of 4-5 peanutbutter poo diapers in a day I’m REALLY wishing I had one… I think I’m gonna try the shower sprayer idea.. our toilet is right next to the shower and think if I had a long one it would reach just fine.. plus I could use it to wash the kids and the dogs AND put it up high out of my toddlers reach – since she thinks she has to do EVERYTHING I do it might save me a drenched bathroom…. that was my concern over the kind that hooks to the toilet.. how do you put it away from curious hands!?


  41. Autumn Beck Says:

    Have I mentioned that I have the BEST readers ever!!!! Thank you for all the wonderful personal stories. I must admit that thinking of Sterling reaching that “real poop” stage is a headache.

    How have I survived this long? I’ve dunked and swished and always done a prewash.


  42. Kristin Says:

    Autumn…I’m really wondering what you do with OUT a sprayer?!?! We couldn’t live without ours :) I say we because my husband is spraying a diaper as I type :) :) :) Anyway, I’m curious how you get the diapers clean without the pre-rinse. Along with a nice way to clean toddler potties, it’s also a super great way to spray out the tub (if it’s close enough to the toilet!)


  43. Melia Whitley Says:

    I forgot to add that I didn’t purchase an actual “diaper sprayer”. My husband is very handy and he built mine from a kitchen faucet sprayer and plumbing parts. It only cost about $12.00 to do it that way!


  44. Melia Whitley Says:

    I completely agree with Dawn. I would offer all of the same arguments that she gave you. I have a peanut butter poo child and could not live without mine either. Never had poo or water even splash on my toilet because I regulate the water pressure from my sprayer. And I hold my diapers in half with the poo side out and just turn it to get both sides instead of holding it all of the way open like the guy in the video. They are easy and don’t have to cause nastiness to spray everywhere. The other thing that I like about my diaper sprayer is that my husband made the hose a little longer so that I could spray out my tub with it after I have cleaned it or washed something out in it. My toilet sits right next to my tub, but he made the hose so I could reach the far end of the tub. Much better than having to turn on the shower or use the faucet and a cup of water to rinse!


  45. Amanda Says:

    Ok, I love my diaper sprayer too, my DD is not always a PB Pooer. But even for those times when you are out and you have to put that poopy diaper in the wet bag until “later”. It really comes in handy getting those dried on poops off the diaper. I leave my toilet seat down which controls the over spray and I also hold the diaper right down in the bowl. LOVE IT!! It is also great for cleaning up around the rim of the toilet with that high powered spray and to rinse off the bath tub after a good scrub down. Not just for diapers alone. Just my 2 cents.

    Also my husband bought ours at Home Depot for $14.99, a quarter of the cost of the “other one”. The difference is ours attaches to our shower head so you have to have a toilet that is pretty close to your tub. But they do sell an extra long one. Really couldn’t live without it!


  46. Carol Says:

    On my 3rd cloth diapered child and I have never used a diaper sprayer. All 3 of mine were (are) breastfed for a minimum of 2 years (starting with solids around 8 months on the older 2 – youngest is only 5 months). I just never saw the need to spend $$ for a sprayer when my diapers were clean without it. As they got older if there was anything “solid” then I dumped it in the toilet, but mostly straight to the dry pail for me. The couple moms I know that had sprayers either found them a hassle to use or that the use did not improve the laundry.


  47. Erin Says:

    Oh, and it’s also useful for cleaning out my toddlers potty!


  48. Shawnna Says:

    Everything that Dawn said!!
    Plus..pull out the inserts when spraying a BG


  49. Candace Robinson Says:

    I gotta say I think Dawn may have me sold as well. My DS is just starting more solids (barely older then Sterling) and his poo is starting to be peanut buttery. I mean JUST starting. He’s had two poo diapers that were pretty nasty. I didn’t rinse them but it certainly crossed my mind that the day may have arrived that I needed to think of dunking. But I’m a clean freak and a germ a phobe and I can’t imagine sticking my hand in a toilet. I’d be scrubbing that thing 20x’s a day! I think I’ll be adding diaper sprayer to my list!


  50. Sandy Says:

    I agree with Dawn totally! I usually start with the diaper sprayer on a low flow to get the majority of the poop off, and then make the spray more powerful to get the rest. I LOVE my sprayer and from what I hear they work great for potty training too! You don’t have to have one, but it sure makes life a LOT easier for me! PS. My husband sprays down my sons diapers too! He is way more accepting of the whole cloth diaper thing than I thought he would be!


  51. Alison Roberts Says:

    The couple in the video don’t know what they are doing! You’ve got to have your diaper pail in the bathroom if using the sprayer. I love my diaper sprayer and no longer need it for spraying out a dirty diaper! I mostly use mine now for spraying out the potty chair, and for really dirty feet. I just have my son stand in the tub to spray off dirty feet.


  52. Heidi Says:

    I wish I had the water pressure that they have in the video!!
    I have a diaper sprayer, but our water pressure is so low, the poo has to practically falling off already in order for the sprayer to do its job. But since I have a little one who often has peanut butter poo, I am all for the sprayer. I’d send a video convincing you of why, but I think I already explained why that won’t work. Good luck on being convinced!


  53. Heather Says:

    I can’t tell it any better than Dawn, but NONE of my kids have solid poo. They eat so many fruits and veggies, and water all day long, and I’m guessing that’s why. Or perhaps that’s just the way they are…But it’s rare that I have a diaper and the poo just rolls off….Baby DS still is primarily breastfed and his poo has not yet changed, but after 9 months, I know this will soon be over…

    I would have a much more difficult time with toddler poos if not for the diaper sprayer.

    And yes – this guy really has it all wrong. I’ve NEVER had poo water splash on me, nor the bathroom. The inside of the potty is sometimes a little dirtier, but that’s to be expected! I manage to spray right into the water.

    and installation was easy!


  54. Emilee Says:

    i’ve never owned one either. we use the imse vimse flushables and most of the time it all comes off that way and once in awhile we have to dunk in the toilet. dh is not a fan of when this happens! so now someone needs to tell us what the good brands of sprayers are.


  55. Liz Says:

    I definately agree with PP. For whatever reason, I could not view the video but could hear it and that was enough for me- yuck!

    First, installation is a no-brainer…I did it myself because I could not wait until DH got home…I had a little problem and called the 800 number and the guy was super helpful.

    Personally, I hold my diaper opposite than the guy in the video…I take the insert out and I have the laundry tabs fastened…also like PP, I have the diaper further in the toliet and one DOES NOT need the sprayer to be on full force, oh yuck! I ring mine out also and have a wetbag right by the toliet.

    I will not be submitting a video just because even though the diaper sprayer is a godsend IMHO, I dont really feel like videotaping it :)

    As a sidenote, maybe its a guy thing. Although DH is wonderful, I always cringe when he sprays the soiled dipes. But he is willing to change and spray off diapers…how many guys do that?!?!


  56. Katie Says:

    We bought the BG sprayer about 2 months ago and I LOVE it! My husband installed it and it was easy….he is the type of guy who doesn’t read directions and uses a lot of under the breath swearing. He didn’t do either of those things. I am with the first poster. I don’t hold it up so high. I lay it on the rim with about 3/4 of it in the toilet, faced away from me. Then I spray sort of from behind and down. The poop literally slides off. I have a dry hand and a yuck hand. The dry hand hold the top and the yuck hand does all the dirty work. What I like about the sprayer is that I can really direct the spray close up in there, and I have had very few stains because of this. When I am done with the sprayer, I just wring out the diaper with my yuck hand and plop it in the pail. Wash up and done! So much better then the dunk and flush method, and I think probably uses less water.

    Plus, it does double duty. When I clean the toilet, I use it to get up under the rim really well. I also have a older child who has accidents and I can use it then as well. You could use it for your own cleaning, like a bidet, but it would be cold and to me, cold water spraying that area never sounds like a good idea. So worth the price tag! Do it you will not be sorry.


  57. Amy B Says:

    Okay, I cannot do without my diaper sprayer. But, my DS has some nasty sticky poo. He loves his fruit! Anyway, I ALWAYS take my inserts out of the diaper before I spray. It makes it much easier. And, like the previous poster I have the diaper in the toilet while spraying. He is holding it up too high. It does not have to be gross. It can be if you don’t control the water pressure or are in a hurry. But, if your system is working for you stick with it. I love my sprayer and could not do it without it.


  58. Theresa Says:

    I don’t have a diaper sprayer because I was too cheap to buy one. But I do take my shower head and spray poop diapers into a bucket. Then I dump the contents of the bucket into the toilet. It’s an extra step but I didn’t have to buy or install anything. If I’m doing wash that day I don’t even bother spraying but if the diapers are sitting for a while I will spray.


  59. Sara Says:

    Dawn, you said it so well! The diaper sprayer is on my “must have” list, and like Dawn, I am a clean freak. In fact, it is because I am crazy about being clean that I can’t imagine NOT having it. Dunk and swish? No, thanks!!!

    As Dawn mentioned, our sprayer installed in just 5 minutes without much effort at all. And, it comes off easily, too, so I know that taking the sprayer down when our diapering days are over will be a breeze.


  60. Kristin Says:

    I am in the “do I or do I not get a diaper sprayer” phase as my son is just starting solids…if you dont use a sprayer what do you do to get it all off the diaper if it dosen’t plop?!


  61. Racheal Says:

    I have two in diapers and I can not believe it took me so long to get a sprayer for myself.
    I got mine and installed it my self it was not hard at all.
    My two year old has both the harder stools as well as the peanutbutter kind so it works well for both.

    The frist mistake I saw was that they had a stuffable diaper and left all the stuffing in the diaper. It is allot easer to clean out if you take the stuffing out first.

    I agree with Dawn the control was not there.

    thanks Racheal


  62. Erin Says:

    Ok, I actually watched the video although I wasn’t going to in the beginning. What he needed to do was to fold the tabs back FIRST, then not only hold the diaper where he’s holding it but also grab the other side in the same hand so that the diaper is folded in half clean side in and poopy side towards the toilet. Hold it close to the bowl (not in the water) and spray one side, flip your hand over and spray the other side. I would do a video but…I’m not really sure how to upload it in this medium. Did that make any sense?


  63. Jessie Says:

    dawn, i’m with you!!! i’ve always said that not having a diaper-sprayer would be a deal breaker – i wouldn’t cloth diaper without it!!!

    i have had two “peanut-butter poo” kids, and i don’t know what i would have done without it. it has made clean up so much easier, and i’ve never sprayed myself with poop. :) thank goodness….

    i also place the diaper almost completely in the toilet before turning on the sprayer – it’s really not that messy. i also keep a couple of plastic bowls near the toilet that i use to transport the diaper to the diaper pail after they’ve been sprayed.

    i personally installed our diaper sprayer in under 10 minutes, and i’m NOT a plumber! :)

    a diaper sprayer is the #1 item that i recommend to people who are considering cloth-diapering!

    i’m also with dawn on this point: if your system is working without one – why bother. just thank your lucky stars that you haven’t had any “peanut butter poo” kids!! :)


  64. Sherrie Says:

    OK, i dont own THAT i bought a hand held shower head with a LONG hose to reach my tolet witch really isnt’ that far from the shower it is RIGHT there next too it…i would DIE with out my sprayer, i have never gottin sprayed with poo..LOL i too stick the diaper in the tolet and then turn the water on, making sure the showerhead is in the toliet…LOL i forgot once and ended up mopping my floor…lol and just spray the diaper, turn the water odd ring it out…and bamb i’m done…lol

    i think it is the guy with the camera, and the mamma spraying the diaper…lol HAHAHAAA you tried to give him credit..ROTFLMAO i dont think my hubby would even get that close to me he leaves my son in the floor when he has a poopy and i have to go and get him he wont bring him to me..:P


  65. Erin Says:

    I love the diaper sprayer. I don’t think it matters what kind you get…but we have the BumGenius one. It, too, took hardly any time at all to install. You do have to make sure the flow isn’t on too hard, or it will spray too much, but other than that it’s really easy to get the hang of. I hold my diaper at the top and the bottom, the poopy bit down inside the bowl and spray downward towards the water. My kid’s poop is rarely the same twice…some days I can just plop and move on and others I have to spray all day long…but I never put poop in the pail. I think it saves me laundry, staining, and stink for sure. On top of it, you can use it to rinse your toilet while cleaning. I think I would have given up on cloth diapering without a way to really make sure that I don’t have to see old poop again on laundry day. Just my take. I hear that the old dip and swirl/flush can do the same thing…but I hate the idea of actually putting my diapers into the toilet water. Ew.


  66. rosanne Says:

    We have a big bucket that sits on top of the toilet and we spray into that – the poopy water doesn’t splatter out of the bucket.
    Kinda like this…


  67. Eva Says:

    Love my sprayer. I personally easily attached it in about 5 minutes. So much more efficient than dunking. My kids all have peanut butter poo. Splashing never been an issue. I second everything Dawn said.


  68. karen Says:

    But how do you keep the diaper sprayer away from busy toddler hands? This is the one thing holding me back, the idea of my toddler hosing down the entire bathroom.


  69. Ginger Says:

    I could not live without my diaper sprayer. I have twin boys and when people ask me the one thing I could not live without, my diaper sprayer is always the first thing I mention. I don’t have the model in the video. We have the Potty Pail Diaper Sprayer that is on Green Mountain Diapers. The idea of poop in my washer eeked me out more than anything and I knew I had to have one from the very beginning. The boys are 13 months now and we don’t use it every day but it still comes in handy from time to time. We chose the Potty Pail Sprayer because it has metal fittings and I found some comment some where from a person who’s husband was a plumber that he wouldn’t ever install a sprayer with plastic fittings. That is why we chose one with metal fittings.

    The diaper sprayer does take a little practice. And you can certainly make a mess if you aren’t careful. But poop flying everywhere can certainly be avoided.

    That being said I think the diaper sprayer is easiest on prefolds (which is mostly what we use). I hated using the sprayer on BumGenius one size. Poop and water would get caught in the little flap on the end (just like in that video) and that irritated me. We also use Sloomb Organic Bamboo Fitteds at night and those are pretty easy to spray off as well.

    I agree with your last commenter about holding the diaper too high. We hold it low in the bowl so nothing flies out. When we had a run of runny poo problems the diaper sprayer was our very best friend.

    My husband is a full participant in cloth diapering and it is usually his job to spray the diapers from the wet bag down each evening. I know for a fact he would not take care of the dirty diapers without the sprayer. Even my mom and dad agree that without the sprayer they would not be as willing to take care of the dirty diapers and mom has commented many times she wishes she had a sprayer when I was in diapers!

    I do think the type of diaper makes a huge difference when using a sprayer. Like I said we us mostly prefolds and those are super easy to spray. The fitteds are a little trickier but I can still manage it without getting poop all over my bathroom. Those BumGenius are my least favorite to spray clean!


  70. Charlotte Says:

    We have a “peanut butter pooer”, so a diaper sprayer is a MUST HAVE for us. That being said, I would never consider using one without a Potty Pail ( All the overspray stays in the pail.


  71. Kathleen Connolly Says:

    I LOVE my diaper sprayer! I agree with everything Dawn said, and I use pretty much the same technique. We had it installed in minutes, and even installed one at my mothers house.
    Luckily our toilet is near the bathtub, so I use the sprayer to clean almost everything! Its like having a handy little power washer!
    Couldn’t live with out it!
    Just my 2 cents!



  72. Sara Says:

    This video was exactly what one would expect for a 1st-time user of a diaper sprayer. You can tell that this is the first time they used it based on the tools on the floor!
    I do not use a diaper sprayer. In fact, I am JUST starting to cloth diaper and have A LOT to work on!! I don’t think that I will use one…but who knows?!?
    I wasn’t impressed by this video and I would guess that if you were to catch up with this couple today, their technique has changed immensely since then.

    Also….that ISN’T the husband using the sprayer!!! If you pay attention to the narration, it is the husband handling the camera and the wife is doing the spraying.


  73. Erica Says:

    I want to add that I DO still wash my hands after spraying the diaper. I’m sure that’s obvious, but when I read my comment after it posted, I realized that it could be taken as, “Hey, now that I spray my diapers, I don’t have to wash my hands!” Whoops!

    By the way, I use the diaper sprayer that Cotton Babies sells. I’ve heard of another one that you can hook up to your shower or sink instead, so that you can use warm water if you’d like to. That would be great for anyone who is using it for post-partum cleansing. I can’t remember who makes or sells that one though. Sorry!


  74. Erica Says:

    We looooove our diaper sprayer! Like Dawn said, you have to have the diaper down in the toilet, and you can control the pressure of the water, so there’s no reason for everything to get wet.

    My husband installed the sprayer. He isn’t very handy at all, but he said that it was really easy. Also, he has become much more inclined to deal with poopy diapers since we got the sprayer a year-and-a-half ago!

    The thing that I like best about using a diaper sprayer instead of dunking is that my hands no longer wreak of poop after taking care of the diaper! I used to have to wash my hands over, and over, and over again, but now that I just have to spray it and then wring it out, there’s no lingering odor. Now, if I’m at a family member’s house and I have to dunk a diaper, I cringe, and dream of my diaper sprayer!

    Lastly, my 4 y/o loves the sprayer. He had a stomach bug for a few days a while back, and his poor little bottom was too raw to be wiped. I offered to spray him, and he thought it was the greatest thing. Now, once or twice a day, you can hear him yell from the bathroom, “Mamaaa! Come spray my butt!!!” It’s pretty funny. :)


  75. Wendy Says:

    I feel the exact same way as you, Autumn. I have done well without the sprayer and don’t find a need for one.


  76. Slee Says:

    I LOVE my diaper sprayer. he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    The only thing that isn’t wonderful about my diaper sprayer is that I hate bending over too far, but if i were swishing, it’d be the same problem.
    I’ve never been splashed with poo, and Snapdragon’s diapers are poo free before going into the wash, so that’s a relief, especially since I’ve been handwashing them.
    I suppose it might not be very ecologically sound for me to be using hydrolic pressure to remove the clingy poo of doom from Snapdragon’s diapers, but alas, I love it love it love it.


  77. Mya Says:

    I Love my diaper sprayer! I regret not having it every time I travel. It makes getting all those BM poos off so easy. Less solids go into the washer which really makes me happy. It also makes cleaning the bath tub so so easy, just scrub and spray it down! And I put in in myself at 9 mo.s pregnant, so it can’t be all that hard to install! If you get one, you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t get one sooner…


  78. Erin Says:

    Well, it took me less than 5 minutes to install ours with no tools required, so not cumbersome at all. And I’ve never been splashed with poo, though my 2 year old has taken the sprayer off the toilet while I was in the bathroom and sprayed me with it before. ;) We went for a while without having one, but it cleans the heck out of my 6 month old son’s puree-poo’d diapers and we LOVE it. Definitely far easier and cleaner than scraping those less than firm poos. After using our sprayer, I’d never be without it!


  79. Dawn Says:

    This video is awful! There is poo being sprayed everywhere!

    I honestly don’t think I could cloth diaper without my diaper sprayer. I am a CLEAN freak too, so I definitely couldn’t handle getting splashed with poop, nor could I handle it getting sprayed all over my toilet and bathroom. That’s just unsanitary.

    My husband attached the diaper sprayer to our toilet in less than 5 minutes. Seriously. And he actually installed it correctly too! I didn’t watch him do it, but he said it was super easy to install.

    I have a peanut-butter-poo child. I always waited for the day his poo would become more solid and I could just “drop” it in the toilet how other people have described, but that day still hasn’t come. He gets a good dose of flax oil daily, lots of fruits and veggies, plus breastmilk, so I’m guessing that’s why. For this reason alone, the diaper sprayer is NECESSARY for me!

    What’s great about the diaper sprayer (that these people in the video obviously haven’t figured out yet), is that you can control how forceful the water comes out. In two places actually. It has a lever on the side where you turn it on, and then the button that you actually push can be pushed in just a little or a lot. So you really have more control over it than what it looks like here.

    You also cannot hold the diaper up so high! I basically put the diaper in the toilet and just hold onto the back of it with my left hand (laundry tabs fastened!) while spraying the poo off with my right. It’s also much easier for me to start at the back and work my way to the front, flushing as many times as I feel necessary. I also clean off ALL the poop, but maybe that’s just because I’m a clean freak and don’t care to wash my diapers in poop, no matter how small the amount. I also ring out the diaper so that it isn’t dripping wet as well as keep my wet bag close at hand!

    One last thought: It doesn’t sound like you have the need for a diaper sprayer. Obviously you have a system that’s working for you, so why even bother with one? Just consider yourself lucky that you don’t have a peanut-butter-poo child!!

    I’m not passionate enough about my diaper sprayer to make a video, but for me personally, I just don’t think I’d want to cloth diaper without it.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Dawn, you have me sold! lol I told you I was easy to convince. Sterling is still in the “pretty much still breastmilk poo phase” which means it only gets as solid as the sweet potatoes he eats. So they go straight to the diaper pail. I am starting to consider a diaper sprayer now …


    • aj Says:

      Hi, realize this is an old post. New to CD. Can you do dry pail with a sprayer or its a given that the sprayer wets the diaper so you need a wet pail? Or just rinse and let the wet soaking drapers in a bucket and wash?


      • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

        Nope, no wet pail necessary. I use a sprayer and just try to wring out as much water as possible (touching the outside cover) and then just throw in a wet bag. SOme people use a pail liner in a kitchen trash can. You don’t add water though. Here is a good link to check out and a good place to start.


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