The Easiest Way to Explain Modern Cloth Diapers


It is amazing to me how many people in 2013 see me change a diaper and ask, “what’s that?”

To the vast majority of society cloth diapers are still the prefolds and rubber pants from 30+ years ago.  I love to see the surprise of their faces when I show them how easy, fun and quick modern cloth diapers are.

I don’t always have a baby with me to spark the conversation or to show a cloth diaper in action.

Almost as adorable as a cute baby modeling the latest fashion in diapering are the super cute cloth diaper key chains made by Weensy Baby on Etsy.

When I received my package of key chains I was completely blown away by the TINY details.  I can’t imagine how difficult it is to sew on this small of a scale…I find it difficult sewing a straight line on a large scale.

The artist behind Weensy Baby is Joanna.  I asked Joanna to share a little about her family and how Weensy Baby came to be.

My name is Joanna, and I am the WHAM behind Weensy Baby. I am married to my childhood sweetheart, and am a stay at home  mom to seven wonderful kids. They range from toddler to teen, and are all home schooled. In addition to being a mom, and sewing itty bitty diaper cuteness, I raise goats, chickens and a large garden.

I started sewing as a young teen, and have enjoyed creating fun things for my family and friends ever since. I cloth diapered all my children, starting out using flats, pins and plastic pants. When my sixth child was one year old, I really wanted to try something new, but the thrifty part of me could not bear to buy cloth diapers when I knew I could learn to make them myself. Learning, and then making and using them became a passion that I had not expected. I have been sewing diapers for 4 years, and have made just about every type known to man (or woman). In 2011 I was asked to be part of the design team for Babyville Boutique. It has been a great opportunity to exercise my creative side. I love developing projects and ideas, and helping others to learn to sew cloth diapers for their children.

Early in 2013, I was part of an online discussion about cloth diaper key chains, and I decided I wanted to try and make one for myself. I had seen many simple ones, but I wanted to challenge myself and try making a miniature cloth diaper with all the details. I found that I really enjoyed the challenge, and it turned out so cute that I had to share it online. The response was overwhelming, and I had several requests to buy one. Weensy Baby was born shortly there after, and I have found my own “little” niche in the cloth diapering world.

Since the beginning of Weensy Baby I have continued to experiment, challenge myself, and develop new products for my fans. I make a variety of cloth diaper styles, including most of the popular types of cloth diapers on the market. I have even made replicas of a customer’s favorite diaper style and brand.

People have, at times, asked “Why key chain diapers? They are adorable, but what’s the point?” It is a great question, and I will share my thoughts. Many people out in society have not heard of cloth diapers, or if they have, they have a picture in their mind of soggy, saggy prefolds and pins, covered by poofy plastic pants. These cute little key chains are a great conversation starter that allow you to show others what modern cloth is, how cute and convenient it can be, and just how modern cloth diapers work. They are portable, visible, and are kind of like a bumper sticker for your keys, diaper bag, or purse, allowing you to share your love of cloth, and, perhaps, introduce others to modern cloth diapers.

 (click to enlarge and see detail)

diaper styles

You can’t look at these tiny, perfectly sewn, detailed cloth diapers and not be amazed.  Each of my children were begging to keep one for themselves.  Only one person in my house failed to see the adorableness.  My husband.  Oh and my besties’ husband.  They don’t count though.

Joanna sent me 3 key chains: one for me, one for the bestie whose husband didn’t appreciate the talent, and ONE FOR YOU!!

Here is the key chain up for grabs


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64 Responses to “The Easiest Way to Explain Modern Cloth Diapers”

  1. Manda Says:

    I think it could work well if I let the keys, while attached to the key holder, hang over the side of the diaper bag while I’m in public. This woman does have an amazing talent. They’re so cute!


  2. Paula G Says:

    They are definitely cute! I don’t always have my keys out, so I don’t know how much of a conversation starter they would be. I think they would work the best if someone noticed my daughter’s diaper and I pulled my keychain out to help explain how it works.


  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Yes! I think the keychains are a great way to start explaining cloth diapers!


  4. Amy Says:

    I’ve loved cloth diapering! Not to say it doesn’t have its moments of hardship, but SO worth it!


  5. Michele C. Says:

    I think so…it would be a conversation starter.


  6. Beth VB Says:

    I have to admit.. I was one of those people who thought the key chains were dumb… but these ones are so cute and detailed that I want one!! I’m a convert just from the pictures :)


  7. Mary Ann Says:

    I think these are awesome! I’m totally blown away by the detail. These are definitely a great way to show people modern cloth and get a conversation started!


  8. Lori Says:

    Love this idea…great conversation starter!


  9. Amye Says:

    Yes it’s a good way to spread the word. The detail is impressive


  10. Julia B Says:

    These are adorable!


  11. Alanna N Says:

    Amazing!! They are so cuuuuute. My hubby wouldn’t understand either.


  12. Marianne Adler Says:

    Wow! What talent! I would love to have one to spread the word about modern cloth diapering.


  13. Miranda Says:

    This would be great to show my inlaws that think in crazy for cloth diapering! My husband always puts her in a disposable when they watch her but I think I could convince otherwise with this nifty tool!


  14. Mandy Foster Says:

    At first I didn’t get it, but it is pretty nifty! I’m a seamstress, so I think the patience that would going into sewing stuff that tiny is remarkable!


  15. Bonita Says:

    I think it an excellent idea! It makes me people wonder where you got those from and what they are. It looks like an excellent conversation starter! I really want one now (even if I don’t win, I want to order some. LOL).


  16. Eunice Says:

    It’s easier to start a conversation with this cute little keychain and then tell thm all about cloth!


  17. jessica long Says:

    It has to be easier than waving around Fuzzibunz and covers at unsuspecting mothers.


  18. Monique Eckert Says:

    I think they are great conversation starter, I have two on our diaper bag!


  19. Katie Says:

    Awesome! I would always have one as an explaination!


  20. Sheena Says:

    I bought a diaper Christmas ornament last year, but I would LOVE a key chain!


  21. Michelle Says:

    I want one just so people will ask me about cloth!


  22. Lindsey Says:

    These are just the cutest things. When people hear that I plan on cloth diapering they are confused and amazed because they think of the cloths with the pins and giant plastic pants. Its so hard to explain how absolutely adorable and convenient cloth diapers are now a days!


  23. Faith Halverson Says:

    I think the key chains are a great idea. I was just in my local cloth diaper shop and saw key chains very similar to these and thought they were adorable!


  24. Natasha Says:

    What a great idea! I think that the keychains would be a great cloth conversation starter!


  25. Jessica Says:

    How cute! I’m not a huge keychain fan, but I would totally use one of these!


  26. Laurie Says:

    What a great way to start a conversation!


  27. Angela Says:

    What a great idea. The details are amazing.


  28. Judith Martinez Says:

    I’ve been wanting a miniature to use as a “baby’s first Christmas” ornament but using them for advocacy is a great idea I hadn’t thought of!


  29. Amanda Says:

    So cute! Easier than pulling the extras out of the diaper bag!


  30. Evette Taybert Says:

    Those are so adorable and cute. This is a super way to promote cloth diapers.


  31. Carrie Says:

    These are so cute!


  32. April Says:

    Goodness, those are just about the cutest things I have ever seen!


  33. Christine Says:

    Those are the cutest things ever! I do think it would be a great conversation starter! I might have to buy one if I don’t win!


  34. Athena Says:

    That is a great tools to educate folks. What detail. I sew lots but have never thought of sewing something that small.


  35. Ellery Biggs Says:

    What a great idea, and super cute! It’s so much easier to explain to people when they have something to actually look at.


  36. Tiffany Says:

    I seriously love this! It is such a great idea. I have one in cloth and one on the way.


  37. Kristin Says:

    OMG I would love a diaper keychain!! I know my coworkers would ask about it and of course I’d show it to my new mommy friends! Super cute!!!


  38. Rachael Says:

    These are so cute! Yes, these would certainly start conversations!


  39. Ruby Says:

    I think they’re an awesome way to educate the public. It still amazes me the reaction I get when I tell people I know that I plan to cloth diaper my baby (who’ll be here next month!)…. I keep having to drag out the box that I keep my still-growing stash in to show them that, like everything else, cloth diapers have evolved in the last few decades! I’m so tired of people who have no idea what they’re talking about telling me that I’m not going to stick with it, or worse, “I told you, you don’t want those! I’m buying you Huggies as a shower gift”. Smh


  40. Amy Howell Says:

    Yes and super cute too!


  41. Katie L Says:

    These are so cute! And the perfect way! People always see it differently when they SEE it!


  42. Erica M. Says:

    These are adorable! Plus a great way to tell others about CD! Would love to win one ;)


  43. Regan Says:

    I don’t see why not! They are adorable and I would ask about it if I saw one :)


  44. Jenny Says:

    These are adorable! I’m constantly trying to explain modern cd to friends and family. The keychain would be such a help!


  45. Rbeca Says:

    Wow, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it..It is just awesome like I wish to have one and show it off when people really look at my all weird because I tell them I cloth diaper my babies…Love it;)


  46. Amy @ {Life to the Full} Says:

    I’m a cloth diapering novice, but trying to learn all I can! And, yes, the modern cloth diapers are so much cuter than many people realize.

    I would love a weensy diaper keychain – they look so cool!


  47. Heather Bailey Says:

    Those are so cute! I think they’re a great way to talk to others about cloth diapers!


  48. Amy Says:

    These are so cute!


  49. Alexis Schrantz Says:

    This a a cute way for speeding the cloth diaper love for sure!


  50. Anastasia Says:

    Must………Don’t……Succumb……….To……….COLLECTING…………DAng It too late, I MUST have them all! p.s. have you EVER showed an “Old School” cloth diaperer (circa 1970’s and earlier) what prefolds and a cover (sans pins) looks like NOW! Usually they have NO PROBLEM getting on board with your “choice”. And THEN you show them the NEW STUFF! OMG I LOVE those kind of heart attacks!


  51. Catie Says:

    These are so adorable and I’m sure would spark conversation! :)


  52. Christy Schultz Says:

    I Think Wantre Adorable! I WantOne!


  53. Bekah Says:

    Fabulous idea! I am amazed at your sewing skillls!!


  54. Laura Noelle Says:

    I think I’m in love! They are so cute and look like great conversation starters. Plus, they let us fluff addicts enjoy fluffiness all day long, no matter where we are. Awesome!


  55. Jill I Says:

    Trying to think where I would keep this! I think maybe on the wet bag? Too clunky on my actual keys. Love my Christmas ornament!!


  56. Karianne Says:

    Yes!! Definitely! :-)


  57. Rose Says:

    This is an excellent way!! :)


  58. Victoria Says:

    I think it’s a great idea and so cute!


  59. Brittany Says:

    I think it’s a good idea. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been trying to explain it to someone without a diaper in front of me to demonstrate. This is a very cute and creative way to explain!


  60. Ana Davidson Says:

    I do believe it helps start a conversation about cloth diapers. :)


  61. Ashley Says:



  62. AlannaB Says:

    Yes! Most of the time I don’t discuss the topic unless someone sees my child’s cloth diapers.


  63. Juliadoulia Says:

    Those are stinkin’ cute!!!


  64. Cristy Says:

    I think it is a GREAT idea! I would love to have one of these on my keychain!


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