The Ickiest Most Disgusting Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me While Cloth Diapering

What’s the biggest hurdle faced while trying to lure people over to cloth diapers? They think it’s gross. At first… I did too. Of course that was when I thought everything about kids was gross. Truth be told, kids are pretty disgusting sometimes and so are diapers. Before you had kids you couldn’t have imagined picking a booger out of another human being’s nose and now you do it all the time. Wiping poop off of another person’s butt? Yup…gross…but now you happily do it multiple times a day.

Who would have thought? Our younger, childless selves would have run away with our fingers pinching our noses shut because of the smell. Now it’s totally normal to pick up your child and smell their butt at a distance so small, your nose actually grazes their fluffy little tushie.


Are cloth diapers gross? Nope! Not at all!

As with anything new, there is a learning curve; user errors that can cause mishaps to happen. But cloth diapers aren’t any worse than disposables. In fact, in my opinion, they are better. Better for baby, better for the environment and absolutely adorable.

Now, with that being said, gross things can happen while using cloth diapers. But nothing worse than while using anything else! I have friends who have told me stories of blowouts their kids had that would have made me cry. Thank goodness for cloth diaper’s leg and back elastic!

Will you get poo on your hands? Probably. Cleaning poop off a baby doing the alligator death roll or a toddler who is trying to run away can get poop in places you never imagined. But again, that is the same with whatever diaper you choose.

Bad smells, boogers and dirty hands are now not even on my grossness scale. But let me tell you what is. This only happened to me once. And it is something that can only happen with cloth diapers. (Because no one is really doing it with disposables.) It could happen to you. Let my tale be your warning! Here it goes…

Changed a poopy diaper. Cleaned Sophia up. Got her dressed. Grabbed said diaper and headed to the bathroom to plop into toilet. Arrived in bathroom. Opened diaper. Nothing inside diaper. NOTHING!!!

PANIC! Where did the poop go???

I ran back to the nursery. Nothing! I quickly headed back toward the bathroom. That is when I saw it! Nestled in the corner there was my sweet daughter’s poop. Apparently it had fallen out while I was carrying the diaper to the bathroom. It bounced off the wall and settled on the floor resting up against the corner molding where the hallway meets the door. I actually had to laugh! Not why you are thinking though…

Huge shout out to my husband Mike. He happened to be home at the time and was actually super awesome about cleaning it up. I told him I already clean enough messes and thankfully, he agreed.

Have you ever had a gross cloth diapers only moment?

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37 Responses to “The Ickiest Most Disgusting Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me While Cloth Diapering”

  1. Sharon Says:

    My nephew was actually in a disposable diaper when the event my sister would love to forget happened. She heard the most frightening sound for a parent: silence. She went upstairs to the playroom and the horror of horrors. Use your imagination. The scene before her included the emptied contents of one diaper, windows, curtains, carpeting, a couch, and one monster truck. Yes, A Monster Truck! Her playroom looked like a mud derby, but it wasn’t mud.
    I used cloth diapers and pins; those things stayed on until I took them off. After I heard about the monster truck poop rally in my sister’s house, I was even happier that I used cloth diapers!


  2. Denise Beeman Says:

    We are half cloth diapering and half doing elimination communication with poop – since 10 months majority of the time our guy goes in the toilet. The other day it was an emergency toilet run and I am trying to get the diaper off as fast as possible I whip it off without realizing I was too late and the whipping caused the poop to fly – all over the shower curtain, bathtub and floor. OPPS!


  3. Marissa Says:

    My LO recently started eating solids including bananas. After washing diapers, I always pull them out to inspect before drying. One insert had what looked like a tick on it. It was a blob the right size and had little legs coming out one side just perfectly. The other side was smooshed legs. So I pick it up to inspect and ask my hubby what he thinks. By the time we give up, we’ve both handled the blob and poked at it. I decide it’s time to wash hands and call it a mystery, glad he doesn’t think a tick was near LOs bottom. The next diaper change, I see a similar blob in the diaper and that’s when it dawns on me that the spider looking legs had been banana strings and we’d been carefully dissecting a chunk of poop!! I really felt stupid. Lol


  4. Janna Law Says:

    I have yet to have something gross happen in CD but I have in disposables. I was holding my 1 month old at the table and trying to eat at the same time. He had a blow out from the leg rather than the back and it went all over my leg. It was on my arm as well but amazingly none on his clothes. I also had diarrhea all over my leg when my oldest had a stomach virus and i cleaned him up before myself. It’s crazy that things that would have made me vomitin the past barely phase me now.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Yup, Sounds like typical mom stuff. Younger us would be so grossed out by what we do on a daily basis now.


  5. Melina Says:

    I had a blowout… and a real nasty one. The
    back elastic of my bg needs to be replaced.

    My little man was still breastfed but we were introducing solids.

    That day he ate prunes, raspberries and quinoa. We were eating at a friend’s house so he was sitting in his bumbo seat, on the table… wearing only his diaper cause it was such a hot day.

    One huge fart.. with all the sound effects. Seconds later we noticed the poop dripping from the TOP of the bumbo…


  6. Krista C Says:

    Similar things have happened to me a lot lately, but not with a diaper involved. I like to let my 2-year-old run “free” sometimes to help raise potty-training awareness. Also, I sometimes have him sit on the potty and then we both get distracted, resulting in him running off before he finishes. I have to be careful, because often during these times his body decides to get things moving. He seems to have a knack for pooping while his diaper is off. Now, we have laminate flooring, which is a cinch to clean up. However, there is also a two-year-old involved, and he steps in it EVERY TIME. It’s happened about five times now. You’d think I’d learn, right? :P At least he doesn’t TRY to spread it around.


  7. Charity Says:

    The grossest disappearing moment I’ve ever had was with my second girl, we have four. She was three days old, Daddy came home from work eager to help out with his new baby girl. She was wet and as he wiped her little tush she expelled newborn poop all over his hand, his shorts, the couch, and even the carpet. Daddy jumped up so fast I had to catch the baby so she wouldn’t fall. Worst part we used public washers but it all came out. He has only changed a few diapers since then, but helps out in every other way.


  8. AnnMarie Says:

    I’m pretty much nodding my head to all of these. Dropping poop on the floor, getting pooped and barfed on, the dog eating the poop, poop painting on the wall. Yep, I think we can all commiserate. :)


  9. Lisa Says:

    The amount of hair my son ends up eating is disturbing, this one time I was changing his Poopy diaper on the bed…get it off and see there’s no poop. So I’m searching for it as my son flips over and starts to crawl away…and there’s the poop, attached to a long strand of hair coming out of his bum!! The poop is flopping all over the bed (white sheets, of course!) I ended up having to grab it with my hand and pull the rest of the hair out. Ick. Even better I’m carrying him with no diaper to grab a clean one and he poops all over my side and more in my hand . Not a fun day.


  10. Kirstin Says:

    That’s happened to me a couple of times, but it’s nowhere near as bad as when my lovely, wonderful son decides to remove the poop from his diaper and use it as finger paint.


  11. Nikki Says:

    Haha! I had something similar happen, except when I grabbed the dipe to dump the solids, I STEPPED in it!! And didn’t even realize that was what I had stepped on until I got back to the nursery and saw other little “nuggets” on and around the changing table…


  12. TerriQat Says:

    Not CD specific, but the results of an epic bout of stomach flu will forever live in infamy in my brain. Nothing like cleaning up toddler, bed and self only to have the next round hit the newly clean bed, floor, walls, me, and herself from hairline to toes, coming from both ends. The things we go through for our kids! (And yeah, she shared the germs with the rest of us!)


  13. Jessica Says:

    I sat a poopy diaper to the side to clean up baby’s bottom and next thing I know our dog was eating the poop. Gag me! Also found my son with poop painted all over him and his crib after naptime. I guess those could happen with any diaper. Kids (and dogs) are just gross!


  14. Michele Says:

    Ha, mine was the time when after some lovely flies got into the diaper pail at my son’s daycare and we didn’t wash the diapers right away (left early that Friday to go camping for the weekend). Came back to maggots crawling ALL over the diapers. You can be sure I wash them BEFORE we go away for the weekend in the summer now (and use disposables on the days we leave early)!


  15. Weng Says:

    It did not happen to me but I saw a momma’s pictures of spaghetti like molds that grew from a pooped on diaper that was forgotton for about 2 weeks. Poor GroVia. :-)


  16. Becky Ann Says:

    Dropped poop on the floor and the insert in the toilet…at the same time. How is that even possible???


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Becky Ann, that is something I could totally do myself. I know how it happens….being tired, sore, it’s noisy, kids running around…you get the point!


  17. Susan Howard Says:

    The only gross thing I can think of is when I make the mistake (and yes, I have done it more than once!) of rolling up a diaper and sitting it off to the side in what I think is a secure spot to be dealt with later. Then it always happens that my son manages to trample on said diaper and track poop all over the living room floor. O_O You’d think I would learn.

    With disposables my daughter hid behind a curtain and smeared poop all over herself, the floor, the window, the wall… and she even tasted some! The only reason I thought to check what she was doing was that she was making some spitting noises like she had put something unsavory in her mouth “pfffllth”. lol. Oh, and the blowouts! We had one at the hospital when my son was on IV fluids and there I was, alone with no change of clothes. I put a cloth cover over his disposable after that. I’ll take my cloth any day of the week!


  18. Megan Says:

    The other day i walked into the garage for a second to get a tote, i walked back in the room and my guy had reached into his diaper and pulled all the poop out. Managed to stomp half into the carpet and carry another handful to me yelling poop, poop ( he’s only14mo but uses the potty regularly and i guess he didn’t want it in the diaper)


  19. Kelli Robertson Says:

    The grossest thing that happened to me was when my older daughter who still wears pull ups to bed woke up with it leaking, I told her to immediately go stand in the tub, which she did. After I had cleaned her and got her in the tub, her little brother came into the bathroom. He had also been in the bathroom while I was cleaning her. I noticed after about 10 minutes that he had the runny poo on his head. I was mortified and he immediately went in the tub as well. It was a poo filled morning.


  20. Kristin Says:

    Haha, that’s not all that gross. I’ve had that happen a few times. Honestly I was expecting to read that the dog ate it! LOL! That happened to me a few times! I had to start closing the bathroom door if I left a diaper to be rinsed if I was busy…


  21. Leslie Says:

    My grossest moment was when I was carrying the pail of poopy water with diaper in it from the bathroom back to the laundry room and tripped. I didn’t go completely down, but it sloshed and got all over me and the floor!!!


  22. Kat Says:

    Awesome! Actually, my gross-est was with my first who I used disposables on…. I heard him from the other room gagging, went to check and he had had a blowout, then ate it, then vomited….. Then, I almost vomited. Not a fun day!


  23. Tory Says:

    That absolutely HAS happened to me while using disposable diapers!


  24. Lauren Says:

    In the morning I put my daughter on her potty after I take off her nighttime diaper while I gather her clothes for the day. She likes to put her hand in the potty which I discourage but she does it anyway. I turned my back and when I turned around she was covered in poop. I was upset she was all poopy (and I got all poopy picking her up) but I was really happy she pooped in the potty. She’s pooped in it a few more times since then but thankfully hasn’t spread it all over herself – maybe I’m a little more alert now.

    I guess that wasn’t actually cloth diaper specific…


  25. Autumn Beck Says:

    I am rolling! That’s hilarious! Sadly, my grossest moment involves children playing in the poop in their diaper. I really could have died in those moments.


  26. tm Says:

    Yup. Happened a few times here.I even missed the toliet… one time at the sprayer have a burst of pressure… poop all over, too.
    Sometimes my youngest (the only cd kid now) will have little rolly balls of poop. Ugh. Hubby changed her on the couch. A few days later, I kept smelling poop. Checked everyone– no poop. Checked couch… two small poop balls under the cushions. Thats how I knew daddy did an “illegal diaper change”. So effin gross. Lol


  27. Bethany Says:

    Early on my baby was a double pooper… He’d poop, then poop more a few min later so we’d gotten pretty good at letting it sit a couple min to make sure he was done.
    One of the first days after I went back to work the baby sitter wash changing him and did know, so he pooped right in her hand while she was wiping him.


  28. Michelle T Says:

    Lmao! Poop bouncing off the walls…


  29. Julie Says:

    You know, I don’t think I’ve ever had a gross cloth diaper moment that I would have been not-so-gross had we been using disposables. I don’t understand why people say, “but what about the poop??!!!!”. My usual response is, “What about the poop?”. It’s a baby. You’re going to be pooped/peed/barfed/boogered on whether you do cloth or disposables so what exactly is be problem? If anything, cloth is easier because in the 10 years I’ve been cloth diapering, I’ve only ever had to clean up nasty, out in public, blowouts all over the baby, her clothes, my clothes, car seat etc. while using disposables. Usually, that’s what makes me switch my newborns to cloth because throwing a load of diapers in the laundry is *so* much easier than the blowout scenario.

    lol. I love your lost poop story and what a sweet hubby you have to clean it up for you. :D


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Thanks Julie! I haven’t had it too bad with cloth diapers. My husband does alright once in while, lol. I think I will keep him!


  30. Anastasia Says:

    The only story I have is more about my child being disabled then cloth diapering. He didn’t understand gross, & he liked to paint, I’ll let you figure out the rest. I still have nightmares about it.


  31. Rhonda Says:

    I’ve had this happen! lol. Unfortunately, dd was quicker at finding it than I was. :(


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