The most popular Cloth Diaper in the UK is coming to America! Bambino Mio!

Written mostly by Abbie &  tested on her daughter Trixie with a few comments from Jenn/ Bambino Mio is a diaper company based in the English countryside in Northamptonshire and are the most widely used brand in the UK. They have been around for almost 20 years and are now sold worldwide. I was super impressed with the fact that Bambino Mio has won over 50 awards! Bambino Mio really wants you to try their diapers out! They have something awesome coming later this week, so keep your eyes open!

Bambino Mio  sells many cloth diapering products including all in twos, all in ones, swim diapers, trainers as well as a laundry detergent, cloth wipes and liners. One cool thing about the liners…they are made of cornstarch! All of their products are made in Europe.

I received Bambino Mio products to review. All opinions and statements made are honest and true.

Photo Courtesy Bambino Mio

Photo Courtesy Bambino Mio

I received a lovely brown paper package tied up with purple and white string, with a stamped and personalized tag.  Fluff mail is always exciting but these simple touches really amped it up.  Inside I was delighted to find, two miosolo All in One diapers: Cheeky Monkey and Elephant Parade.  They also included two sample miowipes (their biodegradable, natural wipes), a sample of miofresh (their diaper detergent), and a generous sample of mioliners (their biodegradable, natural liners).  There was also some lovely purple sequins sprinkled throughout!

I have stashed away the sample wipes in my diaper bag, so I haven’t used them yet.  I also haven’t used the miofresh detergent yet; to be honest, my wash routine works perfectly and I didn’t want to do anything that might alter it.

We have used all the liners.  They are similar in shape to the GroVia roll of liners, but they are softer. Remember how I mentioned they were made from cornstarch! So cool!

The package arrived mid September; I promptly prepped them and on the butt they went.  Trixie was about 5.5 months old and weighed approximately 14lbs.  She is long and lean, with hardly any tummy and no chunk to her legs.  We started on the smallest rise setting and the velcro tabs met in the middle but did not overlap.  Looking at the picture I took that day, there was a little gap at her belly, so the waist probably could have been tightened up a bit for a better fit.  Trixie is now 9.5 months old and weighs 16lbs.  She seems to be on the petite side compared to my older daughter.  We are still on the smallest rise setting and still have plenty of space on the waist.

The quality of workmanship of the diapers is just lovely. The outer layer, which is polyester laminated to polyurethane (PUL), feels incredibly soft and flexible.  The inner stay dry layer is also remarkably soft.  Personally, that is what I look for in a diaper.  The velcro is extremely strong and the laundry tabs actually work (both of which are a HUGE plus). The elastic is nice and snug yet stretchy.

These are One Size (OS) diapers and are designed to fit 8-35 pounds. That will also depend on the shape of the baby as well. The inner absorbent part is 85% polyester, 15% nylon, in other words…microfiber.

Photo courtesy of Bambino Mio

Photo courtesy of Bambino Mio

The diapers were just a hair big back in September (Trixie was around 14 pounds then), but now they fit very well.  We have used them for daytime, in home, out on errands or visits, and during nap times.  Everything Trixie has thrown at this diaper they have managed to contain, ebf poo and the ever lovely started food poo.  I have not used any other inserts or doublers yet.

I will add they are a bit wide in crotch area, but the diaper is squishy and flexible enough that this didn’t bother us.  When compared to my TushMate AIO it was noticeably wider, but against a BumGenius, it was almost the same width.

We’ve been using the miosolo AIOs for 4 months now.  They have been through countless washes and still look just as new. Big plus!  There is not even a hint of pilling on the inside.  I haven’t put them in the dryer, instead I prefer to use my drying rack.  It doesn’t take them overly long to dry even though they are an AIO. Also a plus!

Photo Courtesy of Bambino Mio.

Photo Courtesy of Bambino Mio. It’s just a few of the prints they have available!

A few things that I really love…

I was delighted to discover that the snake style insert has these tabs on it so when it comes time to wash you can really avoid getting your hands dirty by simply using the tabs to pull the insert out.  Additionally, on the other end of the tail there is a convenient small pocket just big enough for your fingers for when you need to stuff the insert inside the diaper.

The Bambino Mio miosolo AIO retails for for $21.99. New customers who sign up for for their newsletter also get a 15% discount off your first order bringing the price to $18.69. I’m really excited to see how Bambino Mio does in the US. Have you tried any of their products yet? What did you think?

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7 Responses to “The most popular Cloth Diaper in the UK is coming to America! Bambino Mio!”

  1. Molly Says:

    I love my miosolo!!


  2. Dandi D Says:

    I’ve never tried these diapers before, but they have such adorable prints.


  3. Deborah D Says:

    This sounds like an awesome diaper.


  4. Amber Ludwig Says:

    I got one when they did their promo where you only paid shipping on them and I can’t wait to use it!! They sound amazing!!


  5. katie Says:

    Those prints are so cute. I love it when a diaper is one size so I can use it longer and don’t have to buy the same print in two different sizes.


  6. Geri Zapryanova Says:

    Hi there, I’m from Bulgaria and I used the all in two system of Bambino mio with my first chil, a girl, very successfully. The brand is fairly widespread here in Bulgaria. I haven’t got any miosolos but I’ve heard from other moms that they are very happy with these. The all in two is very economical but a little inconvenient for grandmas and childcare and it also doesn’t work very well with my son now. I had to redesign my while stash twice with him :) and barely use bambino prefolds now. He fidgets a lot and can’t wait for me to put on his diaper so I’ve resortet to much simpler options like pockets. I also wanted to add that mio Fresh is not the detergent per se, it’s an antibacterial sanitizer and can just be added to your regular washing routine (their detergent is called mio care).


  7. Jessica Powers Says:

    I’m an American living in New Zealand and knowing that Bambino Mio is only just now hitting the States makes me all the happier to have had our little girl here! We use the MioSolo all the time, and just bought the set of 6 white ones to bulk up the unisex set of 6 we got given (gentle second hand, barely used) and the two ‘pretty’ cover ones I got on special. So, with 14 on hand, I could use them all the time, but I do still alternate with some Australian ones we like. In humid weather I find they take just that smidge longer to dry.

    At 7 months Audrey’s figured out undoing them so during diaper only time I put them on backwards. We do use the extra Mio inserts at night, but usually that means that I put her down with a feed around 7pm and when I go to bed and top her up at 10pm I just remove the wet extra insert and the rest of the diaper is good to go for most of the night! The MioLiners ended up being our favorite of all the ones we tried because the cornstarch was obviously wet, unlike some others, so when she was newborn we could easier tell if it was change time (and she didn’t like the wet liners so let us know!).


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