The New Face of Weehuggers Cloth Diapers

A few months ago, Weehuggers entered into a new phase of their business. Not only were they releasing a brand new design but they were also joining up with one of the big names in cloth diapers: Blueberry Diapers.

I had the opportunity to try out the new weehuggers™ covers – H/L with bamboo insert.  There are many things to love about Weehuggers:

  • Gussets. One of my favorite features on any diaper. No matter how big the poopy, it gets held in the diaper.
  • 2 sizes. This is a feature we first saw with Thirsties Duo Wraps. I really like it. 2 sizes allows you to have that adjustability for months (in some situations a size 2 could almost be a one-size) and yet not have your little baby swimming in a cover that can fit a toddler.  The size 1 option fits from 6-18lbs. Size 2 from 15-35lbs.
  • Versatility. The Weehuggers covers allow you to choose between a bamboo insert, prefold or disposable insert to lay in for absorption or you could use a fitted underneath.  I have used the bamboo inserts and they are very soft and one is adequate for day time use.  The bamboo insert is very trim which is good and bad.  Good because it’s trim :)  Bad because sometimes the thinner the insert the easier it is for it to shift around.  Often the insert was bunched in the crotch area when I would change Sterling.
  • Cute velcro tabs. I chose the velcro because of the hands. They’re cute. I find it to be strong but the con comes when you have a skinny kid.  When you close the hands close together as the child moves around the wings move down and the waist top starts to roll in.  This can cause the top of the velcro strip to rub against the belly.  I imagine this wouldn’t be a problem if your baby is a) not moving much and b) has a belly to hold the waist top in place.

Overall, the 2nd generation Weehuggers is a great improvement over the 1st generation.  The obvious changes include going from a quick dry AIO to a cover and the outer fabric change from bamboo to polyester (PUL) solids/cotton knit prints.

I wanted to get the scoop from Lisa Versaci about her partnership with Blueberry diapers (Margarita).

When I was just starting weehuggers I called everyone I could in the cloth diaper business – anyone who would answer an email or take a phone call from little ole me. And… I have to say… not very many folks (read: none!) shared their insights and gave any real advice to me. Margarita, on the other hand, was extremely forthcoming with helpful information and she even offered to share her sourcing contacts! At the time, that was unheard of. Literally everyone I “interviewed” was very guarded about their “proprietary” textiles and sewing contractors.
Several months later, I actually ended up sharing my bamboo fabric source with her even before we entered the partnership together. I don’t have any qualms about divulging these things. We’re all in this together – right? If there’s one thing Margarita taught me, it’s that “there’s more than enough cloth diaper business to go around”. The most important thing is to make a good product that will help families cloth diaper more easily… furthermore, we’re ONLY in this business to make cloth diapering more fun and appealing and to possibly inspire disposable users to try cloth – even based on the cuteness factor alone. ;)

Once weehuggers was established (about a year and a half later), and I had the patent approved, she was the very first person I called. I asked her if she would be interested in licensing the hugging hands or even going into business together. She was intrigued and we continued our talks via email and iChats. I’ve never met her in person – isn’t that amazing? We entered into an equal partnership and I couldn’t be happier! She’s an amazing person who really cares about quality and she’s very candid and honest with me; even when I ask dumb questions, she’s been very patient and kind. I’m SO lucky and I feel very blessed to have such a great mentor in this business. She manages to hold down the fort at home with 3 children and stay absolutely on top of everything business-wise. She’s very savvy and a real inspiration to me.
And, finally, I want to share with you the video that Lisa and her husband created. It is ADORABLE! and catchy so don’t blame me if you’re singing it all day. The bags are available in limited quantity at Blueberry Diapers!

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7 Responses to “The New Face of Weehuggers Cloth Diapers”

  1. Melanie Somnitz Says:

    This is great! I want to put it on my blog too! So awesome! If I wasn’t a pocket only girl I would be shopping…


  2. Em Says:

    They are adorable! And thanks for mentioning about how if you have a skinny baby the wings can move down and the velcro can rub against the tummy. I have this happen with my BG 3.0’s with velcro and I wondered why.


  3. ladybuggsmom Says:

    I wish my babe wasn’t potty training!!! I have no reason to buy these SUUUUPER cute covers!!! Darn!


  4. Kristi Potts Says:

    That video was just too cute! And so are those dipes! :)


  5. Lisa Versaci Says:

    Thanks for the review, Autumn! Let’s hope our video serves to educate those who don’t know paper diapers are an environmental scourge of the Earth.


  6. Maritza Says:

    Yet another diaper that’s been added to my wish list. I must admit, these covers are super cute! Very cute video, too.


  7. Heather Says:

    Love the video, so cute!


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