The NEW Tiny Tush Trim hemp fitted Review


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Raise your hand if you’re ever satisfied with your nighttime cloth diaper routine?

Mine’s not raised.  Trust me I loved the Sustainablebabyish bamboo fitteds but one day I just up and decided to sell them all.  I’m strange like that.

It wasn’t until the night after I shipped them off that I realized I had put myself into a desperate situation.  I don’t know about you but I have to really trust a diaper before I’ll use it at night.  I mean, do I really want to change a diaper in the middle of the night or worse my sheets??


So when I received the new Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 hemp fitted I was nervous.  There’s no sweat using it during the day.  The worst that happens is a change of clothes.  I put it to an extreme daytime test, however.

Hold that thought. Let me tell you a little bit about the Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 hemp fitted first.

  • Extremely adjustable.  The Tiny Tush trim fitted is designed to be used from the newborn stage (without the snap in liner), to the crawler stage and on to toddler-hood.  The snap in liner can also be used inside a newborn cover as a diaper. No doubt that with Sterling this will be a true one-size. Plenty of room to grow and it fits in the waist. An annoyance that comes with one-sized diapers and tiny waists.
  • Very soft organic cotton/hemp fabric.  100% hemp would be stiff and scratchy.  The addition of 20% organic cotton to the blend results in a squishy soft (not bamboo soft but cozy sweatshirt soft) and stretchy fabric.
  • Super trim. The Tiny Tush trim fitted lives up to it’s name.  Even with the rise snapped down and the snap-in folded in the front, the diaper is t.r.i.m.  This is the beauty of hemp.You need less layers to get the job done.
  • Absorbent. As expected with hemp, the absorbency is excellent.  Hemp is a naturally anti-bacterial, super absorbent fiber that is grown free of pesticides and fertilizers.  This site has some great information on hemp.
  • Hidden snaps. Beautiful.
  • Workhorse. Pretty cloth diapers are great but everyone needs a diaper that you could literally put through a ringer 100x and it still functions.  Hemp is the fabric for that.  Durability is a great thing for a one-sized diaper. I know a few one-sized brands that unfortunately break down well before the child outgrows them.
  • AFFORDABLE!! I just noticed that my friend LeAnn of Gigglebritches is selling the Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 for an introductory price of $16.15!!!! (Half dozen for $93.90!) Guys, that is an amazing price for a one-sized cloth diaper.
  • Made in the USA.

Back to my daytime use marathon.  I put the Tiny Tush trim fitted on Sterling late morning.  He took a nap, woke up during lunch preparation, after lunch we had to quickly leave the house while Daddy hosted a webinar, played at the park–oh, oops forgot to change his diaper– came home, griped at encouraged the kids to clean up their playroom and finally realized that I had not changed his diaper in a long time (long like this sentence).

I remember feeling his diaper periodically thinking that it didn’t “feel” wet.  Obviously, this is a tactic I learned from sposie days because this trick doesn’t work with a cloth diaper. Duh.

Anyways, I finally change his diaper and although very wet there was still room for more wetness.  The very back of the Tiny Tush Trim was dry.  Not bad. If it lasted all day then I trusted it for nighttime.

I have since used it every night that it is clean.  Which is about 2x/week.  Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 hemp cloth diapers will require a few washes to reach full absorption potential.  I began using mine after 1 wash and have seen a steady increase in it’s fluffiness.

These are fitted diapers so they do require a cover.  I have used So Simple, Thirsties and Flip over the Tiny Tush Trim 4.0.  Because of the uber-trimness any cover will most likely work.  You can even tuck in the “ruffles” if they happen to overhang the cover.

In celebration of the March 1st release of the new Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 hemp, Charlene (Tiny Tush creator) has offered to giveaway 1 to one of you!

Entry is simple…Just follow the rules…you can do it…SEPARATE COMMENTS.

  1. What is your current nighttime diaper?
  2. Hop on over to Twitter and follow Tiny Tush.
  3. Become a fan of Tiny Tush on Facebook (and if you win post a picture when you receive it!)
  4. Place my banner on your blog or link to me on your favorite forum (cloth diaper or other).

I will randomly select a winner on Monday March 15, 2010 and will post it at the bottom of my next blog post.  Winner will be contacted via email.  God bless!

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158 Responses to “The NEW Tiny Tush Trim hemp fitted Review”

  1. Mahua Mandal Says:

    Will the snap in liner on the Tiny Tush Hemp fitteds keep baby dry on his skin (if yes, do you know what material it is made of)? Or do I need to use doublers to keep skin dry? (I just ordered some BumGenius doublers to try with Pooters)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      No it is not stay-dry, they’re hemp & organic cotton. If you want the skin dry you’ll need to lay in one of those BumGenius stay-dry doublers you just bought.


  2. kristin Says:

    my current night time diaper is a BGOS stuffed with one microfiber and one hemp…it’s fine for now, but foresee a change coming in our future since our daughter is still young. for our older daughter, i loved the Dancing Bears fleece cover!


  3. Jenny Z Says:

    Facebook’d and Twitter’d!

    We use sposies :( I have yet to find a clothie that is absorbant enough for my heavy wetter.


  4. Dawn Marie Says:

    I have had a hard time with finding the right nighttime and daytime dipe.
    AIOs and covers have had no luck.
    I have Cushietoosh and don’t care for them AT ALL….
    They leak within two hours and don’t snap very well, very disappointing!
    So, I bought the flip system and like it other than with poopies. We use this
    with two stay dry inserts at night.
    However, when the poo is involved you have to change the cover due to the poo getting on the liner. It never has gotten out of the cover so, that is great! The stay dry cover does work well as far as pee goes.
    I haven’t used a ton of CDs due to being on a budget so, I’m open for suggestions….


  5. Rebecca Orr Says:

    I added your banner to my blog:
    bekki1820cb at gmail


  6. Rebecca Orr Says:

    Tiny Tush Facebook fan: Bekki Orr bekki1820cb at gmail


  7. Rebecca Orr Says:

    Tiny Tush twitter follower: @bekki1820cb
    bekki1820cb at gmail


  8. Rebecca Orr Says:

    None right now…just getting my stash set aside for the next baby. But, when I do start using them, I would like to use of one these. You really have me sold! Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail


  9. Amy Riley Says:

    I am embarrassed to say we use a sposie at night as I feel our current supply of cloth diapers do not offer lasting nighttime coverage.


  10. Chelsea King Says:

    FB fan of TT
    chels_leigh4 at yahoo dot com


  11. Chelsea King Says:

    Follow TT on twitter
    chels_leigh4 at yahoo dot com


  12. Chelsea King Says:

    I have to really stuff my (1 and only) BumGenius 3.0 and on other nights I use our Booroi, which I dont really like either…but it is super absorbant

    chels_leigh4 at yahoo dot com


  13. Valerie Says:

    I currently use a bum genius with an extra hemp insert, but I do get leaks sometimes. I spent a lot of money trying to find a night solution and I gave up, the bum genius works 90% of the time


  14. Christine Says:

    Microfiber insert wrapped in a prefold, inside a fitted pocket diaper, with wool longies


  15. Cyndy Says:

    I have not found a night time cloth diaper that doesn’t result in leaks…so I have been using disposables. I don’t know if it is because he’s a boy or because he is a heavy wetter, but my go to long lasting day dipes don’t cut it at night!


  16. Shauna Says:

    Added banner to my blog. :)


  17. Shauna Says:

    Following TT on Twitter.


  18. Shauna Says:

    I’m a facebook fan!


  19. Shauna Says:

    Currently we use a small old-style FuzziBunz with an insert and doubler… never leaks for us!


  20. Mary M. Says:

    your banner is on my blog


  21. Mary M. Says:

    fan of tiny tush on facebook (mary michaud)


  22. Mary M. Says:

    follow tiny tush on twitter (simplymerrier)


  23. Mary M. Says:

    don’t have a fave yet as i haven’t started cloth diapering!


  24. Becky Says:

    Ok….Just became a Fan on the FB page for Tiny Tush :)


  25. Becky Says:

    Ohhhhh please please please oh please pick me!!! We REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED a Night Time diaper!! We are having leaking issues….EVERY diaper I have tried leaks at night…ugh! Please please please consider us for your winners…..Thanks!


  26. Becky Says:

    I became a FB fan!


  27. Becky Says:

    My two go-to diapers for my 4-month-old are BG 3.0 or Tiny Tush Elite. I have also not had any problems with my Rumparooz or Flip. My 2-year-old wakes up dry more than half the time, so for him I just use a prefold in a Bummis wrap.


  28. Jillian Says:

    I think I will have to try the Tiny Tush Trim Hemps since I’m using (gasp) a sposie at night.


  29. Jillian Says:

    I became a fan on facebook!


  30. Trina Says:

    OOOOHHHH a good night time diaper would be ideal, we are using a premium prefold and a microfiber insert, inside of a BG 3.0, and wool longies. we have never had a leak, but do have to get up and change his very soaked diaper in the middle of the night. Oh how I long for a full 4+ hrs of sleep.


  31. Andrea M. Says:

    I became a fan on Facebook. :)


  32. Andrea M. Says:

    I use my Bumgenius 3.0, with the additional insert. But, I may have to upgrade to a hemp doubler as well. I’ve also done a Flip cover, stay dry insert, and hemp doubler.


  33. Lauren Says:

    currently using a medium (recently moved up!) FuzziBunz with the included microfiber insert & one of the small inserts as well… he still nurses through the night so we usually change once sometime between 12-4am.


  34. Brandy Says:

    I am now a FB fan!


  35. Brandy Says:

    Follwing Tiny Tush on Twitter (brandyellenphot)


  36. Brandy Says:

    We currently use just a prefold and cover, but that is b/c my little is only 3.5 weeks old, so we are still changing every couple of hours at night. We are in the market for a good nighttime diaper.


  37. Kristin Says:

    As far as night time dipaers go.. I fell in love with SBish magic diaper.. it was great and never had a leak… but DS started waking several times a night and wasn’t going back to sleep easily.. eventaully I figured out that if he was in a disposable he slept great… so I think he doens’t like the ‘wet’ feeling at night.. and was waking up becuase of it… so i’ve given up (but still looking) on nighttime cloth diapering…. and we are currently in disposables every night… I don’t like it but I do like sleeping all through the night… so right now it works but looking for a good nighttime diaper that has some kinda stay dry liner built in…


  38. Kristin Says:

    Fan on Facebook


  39. Erin Says:

    We use a blueberry one size with a super doo insert added to it (my daughter is a VERY heavy wetter).


  40. Pamela O. Says:

    I use a Fuzzibunz OS pocket with a hemp prefold as the insert.


  41. Kristy Says:

    I became a fan on FB!


  42. Kristy Says:

    My current night diaper is a bamboozle with an extra doubler and a MEAF or Bummis Whisper Pant.


  43. Laura Says:

    Follwing TinyTush on Twitter!


  44. Laura Says:

    My current favorite nighttime diaper is a Fuzzibunz perfect fit, but I only have one of those….


  45. Caroline Says:

    now a fan on facebook


  46. Caroline Says:

    I currently don’t use nighttime diapers b/c I am due in a handful of weeks and this will be the first baby in cloth! Yay! My son is potty-training… pray for us!


  47. Tami Says:

    I use a Bumgenius pocket with the microfiber insert and a hemp doubler. It’s the only thing I’ve tried so far.


  48. BoysMommy Says:

    I use a Super-doo in a DryBees fleece pocket with a Dancing Bears cover.
    mnjsowers at yahoo dot com


  49. Jen D. Says:

    My current night time routine differs for my six month old and my two and half year old. The six month old usually wears some organic one size fitted to bed…a Good Mama or a Sprout or Under the Nile, with some sort of booster for night and a Thirsties cover. My son wears a Dreamez fitted with a booster and Thirsties cover.


  50. Katarina Says:

    For night we usually use bum genius.


  51. ALI Says:

    I use the flip organic with hemp stuffed in it and bg stay dry doubler–or all that with a bg organic aio. Or flip with bg sock stuffed with a pf and hemp.

    These 3 seem to work the best. The flip works beter then the aio.


  52. Molly Says:

    We use a Flip cover with two stay dry inserts.


  53. Kay Says:

    I have a hemp fitted diaper from Wildflower Mama Designs on Etsy (TurnANewLeafInc) and when it’s clean, we use that. I fold the doublers in half and get 8 layers of hemp. For a cover I will use a PUL cover with wool or fleece over top. My son is a super pee-er and the diaper *never* gets soaked like when we use GM’s at night!

    I am guilty of using a sposie on my sons at night with wool or fleece over top.


  54. Mona Montraix Says:

    For nights, we are currently using Gro Baby and woollybottoms footies. No problem so far! :)


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