The NEW Tiny Tush Trim hemp fitted Review


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Raise your hand if you’re ever satisfied with your nighttime cloth diaper routine?

Mine’s not raised.  Trust me I loved the Sustainablebabyish bamboo fitteds but one day I just up and decided to sell them all.  I’m strange like that.

It wasn’t until the night after I shipped them off that I realized I had put myself into a desperate situation.  I don’t know about you but I have to really trust a diaper before I’ll use it at night.  I mean, do I really want to change a diaper in the middle of the night or worse my sheets??


So when I received the new Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 hemp fitted I was nervous.  There’s no sweat using it during the day.  The worst that happens is a change of clothes.  I put it to an extreme daytime test, however.

Hold that thought. Let me tell you a little bit about the Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 hemp fitted first.

  • Extremely adjustable.  The Tiny Tush trim fitted is designed to be used from the newborn stage (without the snap in liner), to the crawler stage and on to toddler-hood.  The snap in liner can also be used inside a newborn cover as a diaper. No doubt that with Sterling this will be a true one-size. Plenty of room to grow and it fits in the waist. An annoyance that comes with one-sized diapers and tiny waists.
  • Very soft organic cotton/hemp fabric.  100% hemp would be stiff and scratchy.  The addition of 20% organic cotton to the blend results in a squishy soft (not bamboo soft but cozy sweatshirt soft) and stretchy fabric.
  • Super trim. The Tiny Tush trim fitted lives up to it’s name.  Even with the rise snapped down and the snap-in folded in the front, the diaper is t.r.i.m.  This is the beauty of hemp.You need less layers to get the job done.
  • Absorbent. As expected with hemp, the absorbency is excellent.  Hemp is a naturally anti-bacterial, super absorbent fiber that is grown free of pesticides and fertilizers.  This site has some great information on hemp.
  • Hidden snaps. Beautiful.
  • Workhorse. Pretty cloth diapers are great but everyone needs a diaper that you could literally put through a ringer 100x and it still functions.  Hemp is the fabric for that.  Durability is a great thing for a one-sized diaper. I know a few one-sized brands that unfortunately break down well before the child outgrows them.
  • AFFORDABLE!! I just noticed that my friend LeAnn of Gigglebritches is selling the Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 for an introductory price of $16.15!!!! (Half dozen for $93.90!) Guys, that is an amazing price for a one-sized cloth diaper.
  • Made in the USA.

Back to my daytime use marathon.  I put the Tiny Tush trim fitted on Sterling late morning.  He took a nap, woke up during lunch preparation, after lunch we had to quickly leave the house while Daddy hosted a webinar, played at the park–oh, oops forgot to change his diaper– came home, griped at encouraged the kids to clean up their playroom and finally realized that I had not changed his diaper in a long time (long like this sentence).

I remember feeling his diaper periodically thinking that it didn’t “feel” wet.  Obviously, this is a tactic I learned from sposie days because this trick doesn’t work with a cloth diaper. Duh.

Anyways, I finally change his diaper and although very wet there was still room for more wetness.  The very back of the Tiny Tush Trim was dry.  Not bad. If it lasted all day then I trusted it for nighttime.

I have since used it every night that it is clean.  Which is about 2x/week.  Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 hemp cloth diapers will require a few washes to reach full absorption potential.  I began using mine after 1 wash and have seen a steady increase in it’s fluffiness.

These are fitted diapers so they do require a cover.  I have used So Simple, Thirsties and Flip over the Tiny Tush Trim 4.0.  Because of the uber-trimness any cover will most likely work.  You can even tuck in the “ruffles” if they happen to overhang the cover.

In celebration of the March 1st release of the new Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 hemp, Charlene (Tiny Tush creator) has offered to giveaway 1 to one of you!

Entry is simple…Just follow the rules…you can do it…SEPARATE COMMENTS.

  1. What is your current nighttime diaper?
  2. Hop on over to Twitter and follow Tiny Tush.
  3. Become a fan of Tiny Tush on Facebook (and if you win post a picture when you receive it!)
  4. Place my banner on your blog or link to me on your favorite forum (cloth diaper or other).

I will randomly select a winner on Monday March 15, 2010 and will post it at the bottom of my next blog post.  Winner will be contacted via email.  God bless!

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158 Responses to “The NEW Tiny Tush Trim hemp fitted Review”

  1. Barb Says:

    You are my favorite forum….


  2. Barb Says:

    Following on Twitter!


  3. Barb Says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook!


  4. Barb Says:

    We use Fuzzi Bunz or BGOS with a microfiber and Premium Joey Bunz Pouch Rider hemp insert. They work well most of the time but she can wet through them.


  5. cutiepoops Says:

    I have a link to your blog on my website at


  6. cutiepoops Says:

    I became a fan of tiny tush on fb


  7. cutiepoops Says:

    I’m following tiny tush on twitter.


  8. cutiepoops Says:

    I use cutiepoops at night with a fleece soaker (just in case). Or the Bum Genius 3.0 with a fleece soaker.


  9. Liset Says:

    I am a Tiny Tush fb fan.


  10. Liset Says:

    I am following Tiny Tush on Twitter. uschicana


  11. Allison Says:

    Our current nighttime diapers include:
    1.)BG stuffed with a hemp babies bigger weeds
    2.) Happy Hempy stuffed with a BG microfiber insert and hemp babies doubler with a So Simple or wool cover.


  12. Liset Says:

    I use two stay-dry flip inserts with a flip cover for night time diapering.


  13. Rebecca Says:

    We use a motherease sandy’s bamboo diaper with an extra motherease stay-dry insert at night.


  14. Lori Says:

    We currently use Sbish with a Thirsties cover. Works pretty well, but we still have occasional leaks though…. :( wish we could find something that’s bullet proof!


  15. kristen Says:

    I use a bamboo diaper and flip cover but still get leaks sometimes. My Son usually wakes early in the morning and needs to be changed to go back to sleep. So I would love to find something that will last all night.


  16. Stephanie Says:

    I’m currently using disposables at night. In the past I used BG pockets with 2 regular and 1 newborn insert but I coudn’t handle the pee smell in the morning. I’m interested in another option then sposies and sounds like the hemp mix of these might help with my stinky morning issue.


  17. Julie Says:

    Became a tiny tush facebook fan


  18. Shannon Ropp Says:

    I use a happy hieny one size pocket with the reg. microfiber insert and a Ducky buns hemp insert and a fleece cover.


  19. JCF Says:

    Right now my nighttime diaper for both kids is a BGOS stuffed with a Little Lions flat. We then use fleece one piece pajamas as extra protection. I’m not sure what we’ll do once it warms up too much for the fleece pajamas. Maybe I’ll make some pajama shorts from fleece and then let the kids wear a t-shirt?


  20. Cristy Says:

    currently use: flip disposable insert and BG microfiber doubler inside of whatever cover is clean or comes to my hand in the basket first. I still have leaks though… I think my microfiber is dying…some of them have a funky texture to them and I end up bleaching them all after every use cause they get such a stinky smell to them…..because of that I am not really caring for them much right about now. Any other solutions for doublers? Something that is easy to care for and can just be washed with my other diaper laundry without making them all stink? (Normally my diaper laundry smells fresh and clean after washing.. Not after I wash them with the microfiber doublers.. PHEW!! ) I have been looking around and see hemp and bamboo doublers out there but wonder if they hold the smells too.???

    signed.. NOT liking microfiber doublers right now.


  21. Joanna Says:

    We use a Flannel fitted pocket (RRP) with microfiber towel insert at night as well as during the day. I use wool longies or my fleece/nylon combo covers and have never had a night or day leak.


  22. Lesley Says:

    I use a Happy Heiny or Fuzzi Bunz with a Rump a Rooz 6r soaker for my 7 month old son.


  23. Kayla Says:

    Tiny Tush FB fan


  24. Kayla Says:

    I follow Tiny Tush on twitter (monkeyksmama)


  25. Kayla Says:

    We use a BG 3.0 stuffed with a Super-Do and BG newborn insert/doubler


  26. Audrey Says:

    Banner added to LiveJournal.

    My last nighttime fav was a Wickeez Original with doubler and two-layer hand-dyed wool jersey shorts I made from the Little Comet Tails “Crescent Moon Yoga Pants” pattern (booty option – see photo). The Wickeez literally wicks the moisture to the outside VERY quickly, where the workhorse wool absorbs it. In the morning, baby feels almost dry, and the wool doesn’t feel wet but weighs a ton! In Florida wool takes forever to air dry so we help it along with a room dehumidifier. :) Right now we’re in transition because my toddler’s potty patterns have changed (he seems to hold it and let go all at once now) and I haven’t decided if I want to order the next size Wickeez or try something new, so we’re using a disposable at night.[img][/img]


  27. Theresa A. Says:

    Actually, Amber, finally finally finally I have a nighttime routine that works. I use A lOT of hemp stuffed in a bumGenius pocket diaper. My hemp combos that hold up 12 hours include a SuperDo and a Knicknappies, and a Blueberry with a BabyKicks hemp (I love the reengineered design) AND a Hemp Babies insert. It’s pretty bulky, but we rarely have leaks anymore!


  28. kristine Says:

    I became a fan on FB !


  29. kristine Says:

    My night time diaper is a double stuffed, fuzzi bunz, one size!!! (havent had a leak with that one yet!)


  30. Sarah Says:

    Using a fuzzibunz double stuffed or disposable. Cant find anything that doesnt leak or cause a rash :( Would love to try one!


  31. Andrea Says:

    FB fan of tiny tush


  32. Andrea Says:

    i follow tiny tush on twitter


  33. Andrea Says:

    I am currently using a BG double stuffed with a microfiber insert & bamboo prefold.


  34. Jes Says:

    Currently using prefold w/ 2 hemp doublers and fleece liner, topped w/ Aristrocrat, but hoping to try this. Sounds great!


  35. Sonya Says:

    Right now I am using a double-stuffed Fuzzi Bunz. It seems to be working fairly well, except sometimes his pants fold in a bit so the waistband is all wet in the morning. Still, I would love to try some of the other styles of diapers everyone is always talking about….just can’t afford to buy all of them to play with. :)


  36. Kim Says:

    I must not have a very heavy wetter. We use BG OS or FLIP with only one insert.


  37. Jen Says:

    Our son currently wears either a hemp prefold trifolded into a flip cover or
    a flannel diaper that I made with a flip or a thirsties cover. No leaks so far and he is a super soaker at night!


  38. Debbie Says:

    I also became a fan of Tiny Tush on Facebook.
    Thanks again!


  39. Debbie Says:

    I am currently using goodmama goodnights and love them but this new Tiny Tush diaper seems appealing…enter me in the draw!


  40. Nicole Says:

    Became a FB fan! Love all of the TT pics!!!!


  41. Nicole Says:

    My nighttime diaper is currently a BG OS 3.0 with the fullsize microfiber insert and a hemp doubler from Olive Branch Baby. I have stuffed with a prefold and hemp (due to stinky issues) however, it is too bulky on my 19 month old. I tried SBish, however (maybe it was b/c I bouht it used) it wasn’t absorbant enough for us. I swear we change routines about every 3-4 months….always a new stage and new problem! We are expecting our first little girl, so I am sure I will start a whole new can of nighttime routines for her! :)


  42. Christa Says:

    I am currently using BG as my night time solution.


  43. Kelly Says:

    My night time diaper is a Bum Genius 3.0 with two regular inserts and two newborn inserts. And I still sometimes have leaks. But I think that is because my 2 year old daughter saves all her pee for night time :). I would love to try something else, but figure she is probably close to potty training and I don’t have leaks all the time, so I don’t want to spend the money on anything else right now.


  44. Esley Says:

    Facebook fan. You are my favorite blog!


  45. Laurie Says:

    I haven’t tried any overnights yet since my baby isn’t due until June, but I’m planning to cloth diaper and have been finding your blog so helpful. Thanks!


  46. Esley Says:

    My nitetime is a microfiber pocket w/one insert or. Grnmtn prefold bummis cover.


  47. Jessica Y Says:

    Right now I use disposables, because my DS is a super soaker. During the day we use prefolds, and in the process of making my fitted & pocket diapers. I would love to find something that would work for night time.


  48. Sasha Says:

    Hemp rocks! I know bamboo is all the rage anymore, but you cannot go wrong with hemp and cotton at night. Currently, I’m using a BGOS shell stuffed with a GMD PF and a Hemp Babies large doubler. Works for 12 hours with my little super soaker.

    I may have to give the Tiny Tush a looksee. Thanks!


  49. Danielle Says:

    I mostly use prefolds, so at night I use either 2 prefolds or a flip stay dry insert inside a prefold, and then I’ve crocheted my own wool covers. The wool is amazing but I’d like something a little more absorbent and less bulky as far as the inside diaper.


  50. Heather Says:

    I’m a FB fan!


  51. Ann Marie Says:

    We use fitteds – Dream Eze, Cricketts, or BabyKicks OS, all with a doubler (hemp or mf) – under and Aristocrats soaker. :)


  52. Heather Says:

    I use SBish w/ wool at night.


  53. Michelle Says:

    Fan of Tiny Tush on Facebook…


  54. Michelle Says:

    Following Tiny Tush on Twitter…


  55. Michelle Says:

    No current nighttime diaper… expecting March 29th, and want to be prepared! Have found your blog to be invaluable :) Thanks, Autumn!


  56. Asashia Says:

    I don’t have a nighttime diaper yet as I’m just making the switch to cloth. I’m totally unsure of all of my options!


  57. Jill Says:

    I put your button on my blog.


  58. Jill Says:

    Just fanned TT on facebook


  59. Jill Says:

    WE use a BG pocket with the regular insert plus 2 newborn doublers. It never occurred to us to buy a couple of ‘nighttime’ diapers and never knew they existed. Argh. Oh well.


  60. Sonja Says:

    We use a Clover diaper with the lay in insert (sometimes two) and a wool cover. Works great!


  61. Christy Says:

    We now use a Katydid pocket with a booster and it’s been fabulous so far! Would love to try this dipe though!


  62. Kathleen Says:

    I am following you on Twitter too! :)


  63. Kathleen Says:

    I am following you on Facebook! :)


  64. Kathleen Says:

    I don’t have a night time diaper…yet. Baby is due in May! My first 2 children used disposables because at the time it was not as easy to find info on cloth systems let alone so many choices. Fast forward 6 years to surprise baby #3 and I am going to use cloth. So I really have no idea what works for me yet but am willing to give this a try when the time comes. It sounds like a great diaper.


  65. Monica Barrientes Says:

    I am now a TT fan on Facebook! :)


  66. Monica Barrientes Says:

    Our current nightime diaper(s) are pockets, with MF and Help inserts. But, I am definitely in the market for a new nightime diaper, since that has not always worked too great for us. :)


  67. Valerie Says:

    I currently use a disposable at night, and cloth during the day.


  68. Charlene Says:

    I am now a fan on Facebook!


  69. Charlene Says:

    My nighttime is either a Fleecelined Happy Hempy with a Thirsties hemp insert, under a wool cover, or a Rumparooz with the 6r insert (both peices). Works like a charm!


  70. Heather Says:

    I’m a fan on facebook!


  71. Heather Says:

    We use a b4 or baby behinds hemp with a fleece cover!


  72. Gemma Says:

    I’m a newbie too and we currently use fleece/terry cloth diapers that my mom and I experimentally made stuffed with a prefold. We currently cannot afford to add to our “stash” , so we are making do with what we have got. My son is 7 and 1/2 weeks old and I wake up to change and feed him usually 2x a night.
    Would love the chance to get to try out a “real” diaper. :)


  73. Kristen Says:

    I’ve been too afraid to put my little guy in a cloth diaper overnight (even though he wears cloth during the day) because he’s a decent sleeper and I’m afraid of a wet, leaky diaper ruining that for both of us…. But if I won, I’d be more than happy to try! (I really do want him to get out of the ‘sposie.)


  74. Nicole Says:

    Became a fan!


  75. Nicole Says:

    Following Tiny Tush!


  76. Nicole Says:

    I use a prefold with a microfibre insert and a Wonder Wrap cover!


  77. Stephanie Says:

    We use several different fitteds at night, usually a Swaddlebees one size. Sometimes we use an 0range edge prefold trifolded in either a blueberry coverall, or a pocket diaper w/o stuffing (since ALL of our pockets leaked/repelled constantly, so now we use them as covers). We add whatever random inserts or doublers are laying around. This diaper looks great!


  78. Jane Smith Says:

    My current fav. nightime diaper just arrived in the mail – a Very Baby Simply Nights bamboo fitted by OBB Diapers. Yummy scrummy. Soo soft.


  79. Ranae Says:

    Amber, your twitter link is going 404….here’s the right link on Twitter:

    and I’m a follower :)



    Button on my blog! :D


  81. Angela Aitken Says:

    Became a Tiny Tush FB fan.


  82. Ranae Says:

    I’m now a Facebook fan of tiny tush diapers :)


  83. Ranae Says:

    I would love to try a hemp diaper!
    Currently we’re using bamboo with wool covers.



    I’m a fan on Facebook…twitter link didn’t work for me! :)



    I use either Kawaii with two inserts or an XL Happy Heiny with 2 inserts. My newest nighttime diaper is Envibum…no leaks w/one insert! :D


  86. Tanya Apodaca Melby Says:

    would luv to find a great nite time diaper!!!!
    right now I use little beetles hemp and one trim with a wool cover and sometimes swaddlebees pocket with a hemp insert and I still have to put a wool cover over top………


  87. Janie Says:

    Our nighttime solutions…
    A pocket (usually FB) cramed full of every insert that’s clean at the end of the day and maybe an extra hemp insert if I’m lucky! I have a new wool cover just waiting for that special fitted to cover!


  88. tgal Says:

    my pm diaper is gerber flat rolled inside of dsq prefold (the short way) with gpants as the cover or my hand sewn pocket with ger peva pants on top.

    i am a newbie and stuck in that stage of being overwhelmed by all the choices


  89. Sara Says:

    I’m a fan of Tiny Tush on Facebook and would TOTALLY brag about winning by posting a pic of my lil’ supermodel in her spiffy new fluff!


  90. Sara Says:

    I follow @tinytush as @craftarrific


  91. Sara Says:

    My current nighttime dipe of choice is my Rumparooz with 6Rsoaker or JamTots Berry Plush with the minkee top hemp soaker.


  92. Andrea Says:

    following tiny tush on twitter


  93. Andrea Says:

    At nightime we use a fuzzibunz with both inserts.


  94. Boleyn Says:

    1. My current nitetime diaper is a prefold & Bummis cover. No probs with leaking. Then again, he’s only 4.5 wks old.

    Enter me in!


  95. Becky Says:

    My current nighttime diaper(s):
    Either a double stuffed Flip, double stuffed Fuzzibunz, or a boosted (with Kissaluvs booster) Thirsties duo diaper. And then we change SJ into a–eek!–disposable before we go to bed. We need a better routine, but since we?re only 2 months into cloth diapering (and enjoying it), we?ve yet to pick a nighttime solution.


  96. Stacy Says:

    I am still tying to figure out what I want to do for a nighttime dipe. I am still nervous about it because now my son sleeps through the night. I will probably be doing a BG with an extra insert and probably a pair of longies.


  97. Angela Aitken Says:

    My current nighttime system was the Nature Babycare sposies (even though I was an avid cloth diaperer up until my daughter was daytime potty-trained at 17 mos. Still with nighttime wetting but none of our cloth diapers worked overnight anymore). However, I decided to get back to my cloth and am trying the Drybees Fleece with SuperDo liner (very bulky), and have ordered some Sbish products. May have to add this Tiny Tush to my new system.


  98. Candace Says:

    Current night time diaper is a Little Smudgeez fitted with a fleece cover (that is not working so well!).


  99. Amber Says:

    I use a disposable and an aristocrat wool cover…..I have a super duper heavy wetter and I still haven’t found a good solution, so I’d really like to give this a try.


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