The Point of No Return

Guest post by Michelle.

An idea was subtly suggested to me by someone a few months ago; to consider stopping the use of cloth diapers because of the time I invest in their cleaning and such. This suggestion was presented not in a negative way but in a sympathetic way, trying to help me find some kind of relief. I was backed-up on my regular laundry partly because of the extensive process required to clean my diapers (which btw…took me 2 months to figure out with my water type and finding the right detergent and all).

Clothes were everywhere! I was almost literally drowning in a sea of cloth of all kinds.  I admit it – I was doing a little complaining about the situation, trying to figure out how to manage it all. My schedule was becoming tighter and something had to give – why not it be the cloth diapers? Right?

So there it was…this suggestion.  And a thought followed – in my mind it became, “Go back to disposables?”

As fast as it came – it left. There was no considering it at all. I immediately replied out loud, “No way. There’s absolutely no way.”

Isn’t it crazy how just an idea (of whatever magnitude) holds the potential to alter your life and the lives of those around you. I know it’s a cliché but sometimes you really don’t know what you have until it’s gone or until you imagine it gone.

I’m telling you (no exaggeration), I realized then and there how valuable the cloth diapering experience has been for my family because I didn’t even have to think about it. Cloth diapering is such a part of our lives now, I can’t imaging not doing it. It has become automatic.

Simply put…I love cloth dipers!

Why do you love cloth?

There are a host of reasons why I love cloth diapers. Here are a few:

  1. Cloth is natural! And it has started a “natural” revolution in me (e.g. practicing EC, eating organic, making homemade lotions, balms, baby food, etc.).
  2. My son hardly gets a diaper rash.
  3. I don’t have to run out to purchase diapers in an emergency!
  4. They have versatility w/o an extra cost – There is a much wider range of options than what is offered with disposables.  For example, tailoring the thickness to suit baby’s activity or needs. Maybe a thin flat and cover for playtime, maybe a prefold and cover for naptime, then a pocket or AIO with inserts and doublers for over-night or long car ride. Whatever the need…cloth diapers provides a solution.
  5. The-oh-so-many choices of designs and colors to make changing diapers special and fun!

Since the day I was faced with an opportunity to continue drowning, not in laundry but in a clouded perspective, I have become conscious of this fact, as far a cloth diapers go  – I am at the point of no return – and so glad about it!

I have settled here content – no longer drowning but on the shores overlooking my sea of laundry – with a smile!


P.S. – In posts to follow, I will discuss how I now manage my laundry, how I figured out how to wash my cloth diapers, what products I use, etc…

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Michelle is a wife and mommy (her dream come true)! Her family is her heart, and she feels that cloth diapering is a product of that love! Michelle finds solace in music, reading, writing, but mostly in her quietly beautiful times with Christ.

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12 Responses to “The Point of No Return”

  1. Joana A Says:

    I love cloth diapers but sometimes I get frustrated and want to use disposables again so I do but then I feel guilty. It just feels wrong to use disposable diapers.


  2. Julie Says:

    Good for you! It can be rather tempting to go the easy route, but important to stick to cloth diapers. Like you, cloth diapering opened up a whole new world to me and we now use so many reusable products around our house that I never would have come across (well, maybe not never) – all thanks to cloth diapers!


  3. Glauvie Says:

    Never,ever going back! I have been doing this for 17 years. I have seen things some of you can’t even imagine. I cloth diapered when it was WAY uncool and super cheap as a result. I actually have some of my first diapers and, no, they are not carwash rags. They are diapers, white and fluffy after 5 hineys, waiting folded to see what my 43 year old reproductive system decides to do next. I would never part with them. My kids are super healthy, in part because of what the cloth diaper community taught me (back when I had to get advice from Dr. Sears SENIOR and Mothering mag–the first thing I did when we bought our original iMac in 1998 was join a CD listserv!)


  4. cara Says:

    So far washing them has been really easy for me but I only have one baby who is 4 months old. I use Bac out on poopy dipes then use Rockin green’s ammonia bouncer in the prewash. Use Liloutlaws detergent in the main wash with an extra rinse. I do have to dissolve the liloutlaws in water then add it when the wash cycle starts. For some reason it forms a detergent ball in the powder compartment of my washer if left like normal powder detergent.So far dipers smell and look great. Daycare even uses them too and no diaper rash yet!


  5. Brandy Says:

    Stress is a natural part of life, even some enjoyable things come with a bit of stress… and I agree that cloth is fun and not a source of woe!


  6. Anastasia Says:

    oh yes let’s do that. And while we’re are it I get sick a LOT! Sometimes so much that just the simple act of standing to make dinner is an impossible task. But NO ONE suggests I starting eating only takeout and t.v. dinners and using only paper and plastic plates. Besides being extravagant, it’s also unhealthy. Nope I do get tons of suggestions on how to handle the problem. But cloth, everyone just says ditch it. But wait my cloth diapers were the ones that told me what the problem was. Actually my Diva cup LITERALLY told me (it has measuring numbers on it, lol) and I started cloth diapering because of what happens to ME. So stopping with what I know is almost child abuse in my eyes. (one word, pain) Nope there are other ways to handle what ails me. Like teaching my older children how to help out more. Now THAT was a breathe of fresh air, lol!


  7. Melissa Says:

    I too decided a long time ago to stick with cloth diapering…and because of the same reasons, the chemicals in the diapers, and disposables really end up as another money sucking addiction! I paired cloth diapering with Elimination Communication from the beginning and it has been so rewarding seeing my baby girl become diaper free at 11 months. And with that sucess AND passion for cloth diapering, I have decided to pay it forward and encourage other parents to cloth diaper by providing a community wide “free” class in cloth diapering! I can’t believe how excited I am to share my knowledge and get parents to realize that cloth can be easier than disposables, in the long run AND in their present situation! If we mamas want to see a change, I challenge you cloth diaper divas to create clubs, classes and community to welcome other parents to this knowledge base so they can know they have another option other than disposables!! Its already starting to happen, but each if us impassioned moms needs to reach out and encorage;) its amazing how good it feels to pass on this knowledge to mamas that want another money saving and safe option! Thank you Autumn for all you do! You have inspired me to take action in my community! ! Xoxo


  8. Christine Says:

    Thank you for the encouragement!!!! I really needed to hear that this morning as I too am surrounded by a sea of cloth this very moment. I love my cloth diapers but the washing can get overwhelming. Especially with having a front load washe that takes forever to wash diapers.


    • Michelle Barber Says:

      Yes…I have a front loader like you Christine, and it can be a challenge! But we make it work! Thanks to Autumn for her site and all the encouragement and help we get to keep up the good CDing work!


  9. Patricia B. Says:

    Thank you for this post! My neighbor made that suggestion to me at Thanksgiving and I actually did switch back. (It only lasted a few weeks and I used Seventh Generation diapers so I wouldn’t feel as bad.) I missed the cloth diapers so much and giving them up really didn’t relieve any stress at all. I felt like it created more! I re-committed myself to the cloth and found ways to better manage my time. In other ways…….I’m NEVER going back ever again!
    Also, after CDing for nearly a year, the cost those sposies really got to me.


  10. Samantha Says:

    I have only been CD’ing my 9 month old for 2 months, and I ablsolutely LOVE it! I wouldn’t give it up either. Actually, washing them is part of the joy!


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