The Snake Fits In A Queen Sized Bed. For real

May 17, 2012


“The Snake” is what my husband calls my pregnancy pillow.

Last night, my Leachco All Nighter was set free from the big black trash bag it has been shoved in for the last year and a half.

I’ll give you a minute to head over and read My #1 Pregnancy Must Have from September 2010…run…go now…

You’ll notice that I mention the behemoth takes up almost 1/2 a king sized bed.

We no longer have a king sized bed so when I brought the pillow out last night my husband said, “Oh no! Not the snake!”

He was probably thinking there is no way that thing is going to fit and would proceed to tell me I couldn’t use it.

I was thinking, “I’m using this pillow no matter what!”  It’s that good.

I am happy to report to all you pregnant women with a queen sized bed that YOU CAN comfortably USE THIS PILLOW!

I just asked my husband if he noticed the pillow at all last night.  His report: Not really. Maybe a little on my leg.

This is coming from a man who can’t sleep if anything touches him!

You’re probably wondering why in the world I felt drawn to reunite with my old friend.

Baby #6 is on the way!

Although none of the timing makes any sense we are BEYOND thrilled about this new blessing.  I’m accustomed to moving during pregnancy so our temporary transition to California life won’t be the main stress in my little brain.

I’m trying to accept that I will have a child not born in Texas, with a midwife that is not my midwife :(, thousands of miles away from family and I don’t even want to begin looking at homebirth costs!

One bite at a time, right?  For now I celebrate and sleep peacefully with the snake.

I think it is worth mentioning how funny it is that snakes have been popping up everywhere lately.  Last night as I dreamed about writing this post (yes, I am that dedicated, ha!) my friend was posting her own story about a snake.  I don’t normally link to non-cloth diaper blogs but her post was hilarious.

You can read Super Dead over at Grateful for Grace.

Then as I’m writing this post my husband sitting across from me tells me about some crazy water moccasin story.  I’m really not fond of snakes so I’m wondering if I’m being warned to watch where I step.

We live on 4.5 acres with lots of trees, tall grass and rocks.  I was raised in the city but I’m pretty sure that is a recipe for snakes.  Should I own a snake bite kit?  I know the chances are small but still!

We warned the kids tonight that if they see a snake RUN.  Just RUN.  :)

Any snake stories you’d like to share?  Or pregnancy must haves? You know they go hand in hand and all.

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32 Responses to “The Snake Fits In A Queen Sized Bed. For real”

  1. Emily D Says:

    We moved less than 2 weeks before my due date- luckily she was a week late or we would NOT have been ready. On the plus side I wasn’t at all worried about carrying things, I was hoping it would get things going!


  2. Jessica Says:

    I know a great home birth midwife in the Santa Cruz area!


  3. Jen Says:

    Congratulations on your next little blessing! Wishing you the smoothest pregnancy and the most laid back baby you’ve ever had :)


  4. Christina C Says:

    This post made me laugh :) Congratulations on #6!! Amazing.


  5. Rebecca H Says:

    I have the exact same body pillow and it was an absolute Godsend during my pregnancy! We too haves queen bed and the body pillow was like having a third person in there with us, but we managed. ;)


  6. Agnes Says:

    Congratulations, Autumn! You make me wish for baby #3 :)


  7. Rachael Says:

    I have the same pillow, and I LOVE it! It made it possible for me to sleep from about month 6 on. (I got it in month 5). We are in a queen size bed, and usually hubby takes up 2/3 of the bed, and I take up about 1/3 (size difference and the way we sleep), but with that pillow, I take up 2/3 and he only gets 1/3. So, he was happy when that pillow went into the closet. By about 3 weeks postpartum, it wasn’t comfortable at all, so I was happy to move it out the bed.

    I don’t like that the cover fits so closely, its so hard to get on and off. I’m thinking to make a cover that fits more loosely, more like a regular pillow case. Of course if someone already has something like that, I’d love to hear about it!


  8. Heather Says:

    Congratulations!! I just read your #1 Pregnancy Must Have :) My husband bought me the same pillow when I was pregnant with #3. We have always had a queen sized bed and it fits in ours too. We just had #5 and after rearranging to fit her into the house I’m not sure where to store the pillow anymore. So for now it’s in the playroom in a garbage bag :)


  9. Courtney Says:

    What a blessing! I’m about 3 days away from my due date with #4 and so far he’s in the posterior position (back pain proves it)…even with all these issues what a blessing each one is! I pray you have a wonderful and safe pregnancy and delivery.


  10. Jill Says:

    You’re probably not this far north, but we have a lovely and fantastic midwife up here in Redding, CA! (north of sacramento about 2.5 hours)


  11. Jeniffer Smith Says:

    Congrats! I’m definitely starting to need something extra, since my pillow between the legs isn’t working anymore. :( Just one more sign that I’m getting closer. And I definitely understand about moving during pregnancy. We moved last time when I was about 26/27 weeks. This time, we’ll be moving in my third trimester. Major life changes during pregnancy? No biggie. ;)


  12. Kirstin Says:

    Many Congratulations! I am certain there are several wonderful midwives where you are going that will suit your needs – I think they’re probably easier to find in CA than they are here. I wish you a blessed pregnancy!


  13. Christina Williams Says:

    Congratulations on #6! Glad you can enjoy your pregnancy pillow!


  14. Tara A. Says:

    Congratulations Autumn!!! I wish you a happy & healthy pregnancy. I’m so with you on the “unknown” being stressful. I’m sure you will find a fabulous midwife in CA though.


  15. Ericka Blythe Says:

    So funny, our last littles were born about the same time and I too am pregnant again. My DD is named Autumn ) How many weeks are you? I am just 9 and have not announced it yet. congrats!


  16. Liliana Montemayor Says:

    Hi, congrats!! And good luck with the move..Cali is very expensive :(.. We are moving from WA. To TX. for that reason… I’m in the packing process right now..not fun..can not imagine doing it pregnant…sending you lots of good vibes ;)


  17. Heather Bowles Says:

    Autumn, depending on where in California you are, a snake bite kit wouldn’t be a bad idea. Country living is awesome, and your children will love it, but there are dangers to living butted up against the wild.

    I lived on an acreage that had a lot of trees, deer, snakes, foxes, skunks, and more squirrels than we could stand. They’re beautiful animals, and you’ll probably never get tired of watching the landscape outside your kitchen window in the mornings, but they all carry nasty diseases. Make sure your pets have their shots, especially if you let them run outdoors without supervision at all. Rabies is deadly, and so are copperheads. ;)

    Good luck, and take lots of pictures!


  18. tarin Says:

    A big congratulations from cape town south africa autumn! Hmmm, maybe you could do a post on baby carriers soon…


  19. Tobborah C. Says:

    Congratulations Autumn, and this gives me hope for my next pregnancy!


  20. Somerset Says:

    I know exactly what you mean about that pillow! I couldn’t sleep without mine. We had to travel (road trip) when I was 36 weeks pregnant and I insisted on taking that pillow with us. It took up almost the entire back seat of the car and we def got some funny looks from the bell boys that helped us with our luggage haha! But I got a good nights sleep and was quite comfy. And my husband didn’t mind the pillow so much and we were in a queen bed at the time (we’ve since upgraded to a king). He used to actually use part of it as back support as well. Glad to know someone else kept theirs bc I was debating selling it and getting another for the next pregnancy but it made me sad to let it go.

    Congrats on #6!!


  21. Megan Samson Says:

    WOW that thing does look like a snake! I’ve just got a Snoogle.

    Grats on baby #6, I’ve recently completed vital systems on baby #4 myself. (That means it’s now a mini-baby 8 weeks along, as opposed to a tadpole, certainly not that it’s viable, lol.) I’ll be having a homebirth with a midwife, also.

    And, I know CA is a massive state, but it would be neat to live in the same area! (No idea where you’re going, but I’m in the Monterey Bay area.)


  22. Grateful for Grace Says:

    I’ve considered getting that pillow even though I’m not pregnant because you make it sound so fab!

    Thanks for the mention and link up. I’m happy to entertain you, especially if I can make you pee on yourself. :-) I might have to post the video just to cause that.

    I bet I can find a Texan midwife who will come to ABQ! You can come here for New Year’s and we can hang out while we wait. You’d be halfway.


  23. Heather Says:

    Congrats! How far along are you? And what are you doing moving to CA? Is it a temp. thing?
    I know what you mean about midwives… I was so attached to mine I offered to fly her to South America with us and she accepted! (but thankfully the move got cancelled!)
    I hope you find the perfect helper for your next birth!


  24. Andrea Says:

    Yay, congratulations!!!


  25. Jennifer S. Says:

    Congrats on the pregnancy.


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