They held HOW much? All in One Cloth Diaper and Overnight Fitted Absorbency Test

My last post was about how much liquid cloth diapers hold. I actually really enjoyed doing the experiment. Sophia did too because of all the water that ended up on the floor by the time we were done! I use a lot of All in One cloth diapers as well as night time fitteds and was curious how they would stand up to the test. This time, I actually was surprised about how much liquid these held!

AIO Absorbency Test

For testing, I used the all in one as it arrived off the shelf. No additional absorbency added. The overnight fitteds were tested including the inserts and doublers that came with them when purchased. I used all one sized (OS) or the large version of the cloth diaper.

Overnight Fitted Results (check out the amount on that first one!!! I was blown away!)

37 oz…Twinkie Tush Night-Nights OS cotton velour

30 oz…Kissing Blake Extended/Night time Hybrid Fitted OS organic bamboo fleece

28 oz…Sustainablebabyish size large organic bamboo fleece

I can honestly say all three of these fitteds are EXCELLENT choices for night. Pair with a lanolized wool cover and you really have a perfect night cloth diaper. Obviously, Twinkie Tush blew it out of the water on this. They are a little bulky because of all the included absorbency. But the trade off is the amount it can hold…wow! Also, the Twinkie Tush has stayed incredibly soft even months of washing in my hard water. It’s pricey, but if you want the ultimate solution for dry mornings, I suggest trying to get your hands on one.

All in ones (or AIO for short) are the supreme in easy when it comes to cloth diapers. You wash, they wear, you take off and repeat. That’s it. No stuffing and no assembly required. Super convenient for you and perfect for daddy, grandma or daycare.

AIO Results

13 oz…Chelory AIO OS Stay dry bamboo and zorb

12 oz…Ragababe AIO Large bamboo

11.5 oz.Opulent Monsters OMMO OS bamboo/ cotton fleece

10 oz…Sweet Pea AIO OS bamboo velour, bamboo fleece and microfiber

8.5 oz.Bum-Ware AIO BWX2 OS microfiber

I’ve often said that Ragababe is my favorite AIO. It fared really well in these tests. The Chelory AIO did hold more liquid. The trade off  is that it can take a while to dry. You can separate the soaker layers before drying to help the process along though. The Ragababe AIO when hung overnight is totally dry in the morning.

Check out our Recommendations Page for other great cloth diaper choices and reviews.

Which all in one and overnight fitted would you recommend as the most absorbent?

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10 Responses to “They held HOW much? All in One Cloth Diaper and Overnight Fitted Absorbency Test”

  1. Jess Says:

    I have a 6 month old chubby legged heavy wetter on my hands. She is soaking through my sbish obf with a bestbottoms cover. I’m thinking it might be time to make the wool plunge. What wool cover would you recommend? I’m thinking I might try the Twinkie toosh too since it seems to hold so much. My lo is a nighttime marathon nurser so extra fun for me:)


  2. yael Says:

    can you please tell me how to do absorbancy test? i want to do to all my diapers (mostly pockets)


  3. Nancy Says:

    Please check out Sassybumz! The work at home mom is fabulous and her product is incredible. My favourites are the Twilight Diapers (for night time use) and I’ve never, ever had to use a cover with them!

    I also love Twinkie Tush so thanks for highlighting them!


  4. Carolyn Allen Russell Says:

    Oh man, I wish you had the ones in my stash to test, too! I’m dying to know how they compare :)


  5. Jessi Cienda Says:

    Thank you sooooo much for these experiments, probably THE most helpful thing I have come across as of late! Off to buy night diaps… I have woolies on the way, but am at a loss with fitteds-we’ve always been a pocket family, but our ds is breaking all the rules and I’ve been cd for 5 years. Where do you think a simple gmd fitted would come in at (just for comparison)?


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Thanks for saying so Jessi! The GMD’s are 100 % cotton, so the absorbency would be quite a bit less. You can however stuff them with additional inserts to make up for that. I have a Tot Bots fitted that isn’t awesomely absorbent on its own, so I stack two thirsties hemp inserts under it’s included soaker. You can add anything on the inside to increase absorbency.


  6. Jena Says:

    When my daughter was a baby, we invested in Knickernappies Super Dos. We had to eventually back them up with a hemp or bamboo doubler as they started to wear out. Now, with y 1yo son, I use 2 bamboo inserts with it when I use it, because it’s lost a couple of hemp layers with all the washings. We currently also use Omaiki overnight fitteds with wool covers, and those have been hit or miss unless I add a bamboo or hemp doubler to that as well. That Twinkie Tush sounds amazing…


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      No joke….I had to add another cup of water to the bowl for the twinkie tush! I couldn’t believe it Jena!


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