Thirsties Duo AIO Review and Giveaway


Over the last 2-3 weeks I have been using the Thirsties Duo AIO a lot.  My goal was to put it through thorough testing before giving you a detailed review.

I have been using it on Camden who is 13 months old, 24lbs and 33″.  His thighs are meaty (but not really big), he’s got a belly and he has a long rise.

For testing I used both the hook & loop and snap versions of the Thirsties Duo AIO size 2.

I prefer the snap closure better when it comes to the Thirsties brand because the hook & loop just isn’t strong enough.  If your child likes to disrobe they would certainly get this one off.

As far as the rise settings Camden gets the best fit when they are snapped on the top row.  This allows the top of the diaper to sit just above his hips.  If you prefer the diaper to sit more around the belly button you would simply let the rise out.

Briefly, I mentioned the highlights of the Duo AIO in my recent post An Almost Complete Guide to AIO Cloth Diapers.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the Thirsties Duo AIO:

FIT: The waist works for Camden but with the lack of crossover snaps I would not have been able to use the snap version on Sterling (who has a very small waist).  The hook and loop version does have a crossover option.

Another area that may cause some issues for petite children is the leg openings.  There is a small gap in the legs when I snugly put it on Camden.  However, this problem is highly variable since rise, waist and thigh measurements all come into play.

Feedback on using the size 1 on an infant would be very helpful in determining the containment ability.

The Duo system allows for a slightly better rise adjustment than the one-size options by not having to accommodate the end of the spectrum sizes in one diaper.

ABSORBENCY: Sewn into the diaper is multiple layers of microfiber underneath a stay dry layer of microfleece.  Thirsties Duo AIOs have a tunnel passing through the diaper allowing for the addition of an insert and eliminating the need to remove the insert prior to washing.

The Thirsties Hemp insert is trim (not as trim as Hemp Babies doubler or Pooters hemp doubler), soft and absorbent.

I have successfully used the Thirsties Duo AIO at night with the addition of a Thirsties hemp insert.  However, Camden is night-weaned so he is not as heavy a wetter as he was when nursing all night.  I would actually consider him a light wetter for nighttime.

Feedback on using the Thirsties Duo AIO at night with your heavy wetter would be very helpful for other readers.

PRICE: What does $15.75 get you?

  • the simplicity of an AIO (which means daddy and day care friendly),
  • a diaper that can be used at night,
  • many months of use especially if your child enters the size 2 early
  • made in the USA
  • no PVC, phthalates, lead, and latex.

My overall impression of the Thirsties Duo AIO is positive.  It’s cute, practical, simple and affordable.  I have not had any wicking, leaking or red marks.

Thirsties is a brand that has endured the test of time and continues to produce cloth diaper products that make life easier for parents.

Thirsties has generously offered 2 readers the chance to win a Thirsties Duo AIO for their little one!   Follow the Rafflecopter instructions on how to win.

**Must be an All About Cloth Diapers email subscriber, a US resident and at least 18 years old to win.

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308 Responses to “Thirsties Duo AIO Review and Giveaway”

  1. Adina Says:

    I had heard the AIO’s weren’t as good for boys because the soaker didn’t come up high enough. But it sounds like that is not the case for all.


  2. Emily Says:

    I’ve been using size 1 for 3 months (since baby was 8 weeks old). We liked them in the beginning because they fit well and were easy to use. Now, at only 4 months, they are almost too small (baby is 15 lbs). Also, they only last 45-minutes to an hour without leaking. I find this very annoying and will not be purchasing again. I will stick with BG Elementals since they last much longer and have never had a leaking issue. I only didn’t buy more of them (BG E’s) in the beginning since they were too big.


  3. HL Says:


  4. Sarah Johnson Says:

    We have a few of these diapers. Our son is 10 days old and we are starting to use our cloth diapers today!


  5. Sheena Says:

    I love the opening at both ends of Thirsties, but I don’t like the narrow front area. The elastic across the waist always seem to pull the ends inward. Course, this is using the hook and loop version. Wonder how a snap style would be…?

    I just put in an order with


  6. RW Says:

    I love buying these on!


  7. Lauren Keenan Says:

    Love thirsties!


  8. Sarah R. Says:

    I heart thirsties!


  9. Andrea B. Says:

    would love to try these out!


  10. Nikole H. Says:

    My ‘local’ store:


  11. Amy Says:

    due April 2nd and registered at to try out some thirsties diapers!


  12. Candace Says:

    I like easy and an all in one stop shop.


  13. pollyanna valenzuela Says:


  14. Sabrina Radke Says:

    I LOVE Abby’s Lane!


  15. Erin Says:

    I’m new to cloth but this is what’s close to me:


  16. Shae Says:

    Want to try one. I have a heavywetter and need nitetime solutions.


  17. Kim Says:


  18. Desiree Says:

    I’ve never used them and am interested.


  19. Jen Says:


  20. Leann Says:


  21. Kristi Potts Says:

    I love that they have the added pocket! Definitely makes adding extra inserts easier! I will definitely recommend them to friends… I’ve had some mama’s that were close to converting and they wanted an AIO but also wanted to ability to easily add extra absorbency.


  22. Plesiosaur Says:


  23. Jane Says:
    Love the fact that the Thirsties warehouse is powered 100% by wind energy and all products are made by local women. What diaper can beat that!


  24. Trevor G Says:


  25. becca Says:


  26. Heather Heslep Morrissey Says: I love this website and the owner is super nice and helpful!


  27. Heather Heslep Morrissey Says:

    I LOVE the Thirsties diaper covers, so I’m hoping to try out one of these for overnight!


  28. Alanna B Says:

    I always purchased mine from…you can’t beat that free 2-day shipping with Amazon Mom ;-)


  29. Lauren Says:

    I look forward to trying these out. We started w gdiapers and Grovia and are ready to expand our cloth diapering horizon!


  30. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    Did I miss the giveaway? I am on my Wii and not near my computer or phone.


    • Jennifer Tippett Says:

      =( I REALLY wanted to enter this today, but the page wasn’t loading earlier and now it’s too late. Dang!


  31. Whitney Kocher Says: — I heart free shipping!!!! :)


  32. Dee Says:

    I realy enjoy your blog. #2 is due in May and I am excited to try cloth this time around!


  33. Rani Charny Says:


  34. Felicia R Says: :-)



  35. Leahruth3 Says:

    I have thirsties covers and put them on my amazon registry. I got 4 covers and a hemp insert it was nice and easy for people to use.


  36. Elisabeth T Says:


  37. Aimee Says:

    Thanks for the info! I’m new to cloth diapering and found this very informational!


  38. Tara M Says: and


  39. Rebecca Keunen Says: and


  40. Alix Davis Says:

    I would love to try Thirsties AIO out! I LOVE their covers so this would be an awesome addition to my collection!!


  41. Andrea Says:

    I love our Thirsties I cant wait to get the new one!!


  42. Diane L Says:

    I love Abby’s Lane for all my cloth diaper needs!


  43. Christa Says:

    Would love to try this diaper. Mostly use BG pocket and AIO’s but would like to try something different.


  44. Tabitha Says:

    I have been looking for an aio with a pocket. I love the idea of a grab and go diaper, but need the option of adding a hemp insert for my heavy wetter. I would love to try this diaper!


  45. Joana A Says:

    so far the only place i bought diapers from is


  46. kate foster Says:

    I bought the two thirsties covers I have from amazon. I’m glad I did because I bought size one first and realized it wouldn’t last long since my daughter was going through a growth spurt and they have free returns.


  47. Emily M Says:!


  48. bobbie Says:



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