Thought About Using Cloth Wipes?

July 18, 2008

Cloth Diaper Extras

I have to admit that switching to cloth wipes took quite a while for me. I began cloth diapering in 2005 and only this year have stopped buying disposable wipes.

What stopped me was the major convenience of disposable wipes. I had no simple system in mind on how to use cloth wipes.

It wasn’t until I visited my best friend in Oklahoma that I realized using cloth wipes is really easy. Her system consisted of a disposable wipes box, cloth wipes, and a wipes solution. There are dozens of wipes solutions available on Hyena Cart, Etsy and Diaperswappers but I prefer my friend’s recipe: 1 cup of water, tea tree oil and lavender essential oil.

Most of the time though my diaper changes go like this: **visualize me sprinting through the house because i have just discovered my child sticking her hand down the back of a poopy diaper** I grab 2 cloth wipes, get them wet in the sink, and quickly clean up the mess.

Amy Sue of Zany Zebra has a collection of recipes on her website Zany Zebra Designs.

Here is a list of some WAHMs that sell wipes solutions you can purchase:

Punkin Booty Bits Wipes Solutions

Booty Cubes

California Baby Diaper Area Wash (can be purchased at many Target stores)

Rash Magic Wipes Solution (this one looks great for yeast rashes! it contains Grapefruit Seed Extract)

Northern Essence

Blissful Booty

Cloth wipes can be as simple as a baby washcloth. I purchased some velour/sherpa wipes from a WAHM off of diaperswappers (I still use these!! Nov, 2011)

Popular cloth wipe material combinations are: flannel/velour, sherpa/flannel, sherpa/velour, flannel/fleece, knit print/bamboo.

Almost any cloth diaper making WAHM offers cloth wipes in their store. If you have a serger or know someone who does, making them would be a simple task. Make sure and cut the wipes to an 8×8 size. This is the best size for cloth wipes.

Many moms prefer a “rough” side and a smooth side- one for grabbing the other for wiping.  I’m not a big fan of knit because it is too smooth.  The ones I grab first are Ragababe or the single layer Charlie Banana wipes.

Do you have a favorite cloth wipe?

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15 Responses to “Thought About Using Cloth Wipes?”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    I’m pregnant with my 1st baby and I’ve been making my own cloth wipes in preparation for cloth diapering. I’ve been making them with towel material on one side and soft cotton on the other… but after reading some of the comments, I’m worried that the towel material might be too rough. I though it might be nice to “scoop” off the poop and then actually wipe with the cotton. What do you guys think?


  2. Candis Says:

    I realize this an older post, but I have searched the web for the answer to my question and have not been able to find it, so here it goes. What do you do when you have a majority of the peanut butter poo is on the wipe? Does it have to then be rinsed along with the diaper before going into the pail?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      This is what I do: wipe most of the poop off with the diaper. Then clean up with the wipe. Toss wipes into pail/bag. Spray off diaper with sprayer.


  3. Danielle Says:

    After switching to cloth, I hate diapering my niece and having to use wimpy disposable wipes! They’re thin, smelly, and don’t do the job nearly as well as my flannel and terry wipes.


  4. amanda miller Says:

    I love using Cloth wipes. i have been using them since i started cloth diapering 6 months ago. i mostly made my own out of micro fleece and flanel. I use Heiny wash, mand by happy heinys.


  5. Heather B Says:

    I am switching to cloth wipes and was wondering if I use a wipe solution with oil in it will it still be safe to wash the cloth wipes and the cloth diapers together or will I have to wash them seperately then?


  6. Heather Says:

    For the “cost-sensitive”: I find cut-up old T-shirts make wonderful wipes! We’re switching to cloth, and my (younger) daughter is turning 2. The baby washcloths from her sister’s baby shower are long gone. We may or may not come out ahead financially on cloth before she’s potty trained, and we’re strapped.


  7. Awesome Mom Says:

    I have flannel wipes that I made myself and I just get them wet when I need to butt wipe. I also made a set that I use for the multitude of mouth wipes and nose wipes that you do when you have small children. The soft flannel is so much gentler on noses than tissues.


  8. Autumn Beck Says:

    Frankie! Can you resend that email so I can properly respond to you? *blush* This morning sickness is messing with my brain and motivation!


  9. Andrea Says:

    I have been using some thin flannel wipes I got from a WHAM and they were pretty good. i bought some of the bumgenius wipes last week and they are awesome… super soft on the little bum but really gets the job done. I make my own wipe solution… 2c. boiled water,2TBSP baby wash/shampoo, 2TBSP oil (baby, olive, calendula, apricots my fav), and 4-5 drops lavender and/or tea tree oil.


  10. Frankie Says:

    Autumn, thanks for all the info. I was wondering if you received my last e-mailed questions. I am sure your receive a lot, but just wanted to check. I was asking about cloth training pants. Thanks, Frankie


  11. Michelle Says:

    I use the bamboo/flannel wipes from Leslie’s Boutique and regular baby facecloths. We fill the disposable wipes container with a stack of cloths that have been soaked with water and the excess wrung out. So far, just water is working great for us!


  12. LesLee Says:

    I am in love with cloth wipes! I have been using them for about a month now and have more on the way. I got them (and my wipes solution) from wahms on diaperswappers. I got really cute wipes with flannel/terry cloth to use instead of paper towels for sticky hands and faces. I use flannel/flannel or flannel sherpa for diaper changes. They are just as cute, if not cuter than the diapers! I use the same system as your friend, I even keep 4 or 5 (all that will fit) in a pampers travel wipes case in the diaper bag. It is so easy and makes more sense because you can dump the whole pile in the pail instead of picking out trash wipes and throwing them away then pailing the dipe. I would reccomend them to anyone cloth diapering.


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