Three Interesting Things You May Not Know About Cloth Diapers, 2nd Edition

It’s Fun Fact…Wednesday…I actually meant to do this on a Friday. As parents, I’m sure you can all appreciate it when I say you just gotta go with the flow sometimes! I have been digging and searching to bring you new things that you may not know about cloth diapers and the mysteries that sometimes surround them! The first Three Interesting Things You May Not Know About Cloth Diapers was a big success, why not make it a regular thing!


Fun Fact 1:

What….is…that??? Ever find something that looks like that…thing…in the picture? I found this after taking my clean diapers out of the wash. Your first thought might be that one of your diapers has come apart and this is all that remains. Please don’t worry. This is what is left of a disposable wipe that has snuck into your wetbag or pail and then into the wash. I have heard that people some people actually reuse disposable wipes after washing them. I’m not sure how, and certainly not me! This thing is all that remains after they run though my washer! Yes, I use cloth wipes and I suggest you do to. I have disposable wipes on hand for messy faces and hands when we are out and about need a quick clean up.

Fun Fact 2:

In the first fun fact post, I talked about how cloth diapers need to rub against each other to get clean. Please click here to see the full post and the details on using the right amount of water when washing cloth diapers. The fun fact for today is if you wash TOO many cloth diapers in a load that they can rub TOO much. This can cause pilling of the fabric and premature wear. While you want them to rub against each other a little in the wash (that is they get clean!) too much rubbing isn’t such a good thing.

Please remember: Wash every 2-3 days or so. Over filling a washer may not get things clean and the additional friction could cause premature wear to your covers. Use an appropriate amount of water for what you are washing, this applies more to top loaders. For example, if you have half a load of diapers, use half a load of water; full load of diapers…full load of water. More water is not always the answer!

Fun Fact 3:

I was having trouble coming up with a third fun fact. So I asked my husband, Mike, if there was anything that he thought was interesting about cloth diapers that I could share with all of you. He sat and thought quietly for a moment, (Thanks Mike!). I’m still not sure he was saying this as a good thing or a ‘you already have enough diapers kind of thing’ haha!

What he thought was interesting was that there are so many different styles, brands, prints and sizes of cloth diapers. What I am going to take away from that to share with you is that first, I feel like I could never have too many cloth diapers! Secondly and more importantly, there really is something for everyone. Not every cloth diaper will work for every baby. Babies are all different sizes and have different needs. If a diaper doesn’t work no matter what you do, give something else a try. Ask questions and ask for help. There is absolutely something out there that will work for you AND your baby. Just try not to get frustrated!

What is the most eye opening or silly thing that you have learned about cloth diapers? Please share any tidbits you think anyone might find helpful!

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7 Responses to “Three Interesting Things You May Not Know About Cloth Diapers, 2nd Edition”

  1. Heather Johnson Says:

    I buy whatever is cheapest at the moment. Some of the Pampers wipes hold up. Some fall apart. The cheap Walmart brand actually hold up the best!


  2. Donna-Lynn Craig Says:

    I did not know that too much rubbing together in the wash was a bad thing. There are so many types of diapers out there!!! I love the pocket diapers the best. I’ve also washed a disposable wipe, definitely not fun!!!


  3. Denise Says:

    I agree – there are so many different options now in cloth diapering! Sometimes it’s hard to know what is the right one for you or your baby! Takes some time and research to get it right!


  4. Jennie Says:

    Oh yes, I’ve found that in my cloth diaper laundry before! What was even more horrifying was when we accidentally washed an entire disposable diaper. My mom put it in the diaper pail with the cloth diapers and we just dumped the whole bag in the washer as usual… YIKES. That was quite the mess.


  5. Shaina Chance Says:

    I accidentally tossed a seventh generation baby wipe into the diaper pail and found it stuck to an insert after a cycle in the dryer. The wipe was completely functional and I was shocked it was not more like the photo you have! I started washing the pee only wipes with her diapers, and letting them air dry instead of going into the dryer. They are a little stiff, but work GREAT for cleaning up messes. I use them for things I would prefer NOT to use a paper towel or a napkin with. For example, spills and sticky stuff on the tile floor, cleaning the nasty rim of the toilet, cat vomit,bugs….dead squished bugs, you know … just that kind of stuff. I don’t know if every brand of wipe will come out of a wash all together, or perhaps the type of water you have will determine the life of a baby wipe.. but I would say if you’re comfortable with it try it out! I did this by mistake and now my husband is impressed with my savings on paper towels .. lol. It works for me but I thought I would share.


  6. Ashley Says:

    Omg! The wipes in the wash!! The worst is when you have to pull them out of Velcro, like I did earlier today. We haven’t used disposable wipes in our house in months, but somehow they find their way home from my moms & into our washer all the time, lol!!


  7. Victoria Wanaka Says:

    I’ve done that baby wipe debacle. Leaves linty crap everywhere. >_<


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