Through the Pain, We Will Triumph and Celebrate Life

December 17, 2012

My Favorite Things 2012


On December 14th a terrible tragedy hit our nation, yet again.  Twenty 6 and 7 year old children were senselessly taken from families who cherished their every move, mood and giggle. Six adults also died that day.

As God would have it, on December 15th I celebrated the 6th birthday of my daughter Paisley Elizabeth.  What a blessing it was to wake up and see her smile another day.  We truly never know the last time we will say “I love you” to our children.

I wish I could say that this tragedy has shaken the selfishness out of me.  I wish I could say that I have viewed every bad attitude as one to hold dear, one that 20 parents would give anything to be experiencing right now.


The truth is every day, every breath is one to honor regardless of what is happening in the world.  However, it takes a shock of great magnitude to wake us up.

We can’t let what occurred in Connecticut dominate our every thought.  Instead, we must pray for those affected and use this horror to propel us to a higher standard of parenting.  It’s not easy for me to choose the higher ground when my children are acting like animals at church.  I tend to want to act just as childish as them.

But, I must, I will do what God wants me to do…  Raise up my children to love and honor Him and those around us.

I share not only cloth diaper information and products with you but also the rawness of who I am.  I, like you, am a constant work in progress.

I could not be more grateful to be walking with the Lord than on those days when I seem to be an utter failure or when sin rears its ugly head like it did in Sandy Hook Elementary.

Today, I will continue the My Favorite Things event.

I absolutely LOVE giving things away!  Knowing that someone will be jumping with joy at winning these prizes makes me giddy.

Donations today come from Thirsties, Inc, Charlie Banana and CJ’s BUTTer!!

Thirsties is a family run, made in the USA company.  They are truly a joy to work with.  Thirsties has generously donated 5 Duo AIOs and a container of Booty Love.

Thirsties Duo AIOs are one of the easiest, trimmest cloth diapers to use.  They’re almost a no-brainer if you are looking for a good quality, affordable Made in the USA cloth diaper.

Charlie Banana is one of my favorite pocket cloth diapers.  I’ve referred to them many times over the years.  They have donated a one-sized pocket for today’s giveaway.

Rounding up today is CJ’s BUTTer.  The winner will receive 8.5 oz. Apples & Spice Carcass Cleaner, 4 oz. ‘Tis the Season Spritz, 4 oz. Cranberry Balsam BUTTer® Tube, 2 oz. Peppermint Cream Jar, .15 oz. Frosted Pumpkin Lip Balm!


I have a CJ’s BUTTer product in most rooms of my house.  I love the Spritz so much that I bought 6 of them (all in Pixie Pie scent) so that I would always have it handy.  In my bathroom I keep a big tub of rash cream in the BUTTer Plus formula.

BUTTer Plus contains shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, Vitamin E (derived from soy), sesame oil, neem oil, and essential oils. Yes, it stinks.  Neem is stinky.  But, it heals skin so well!

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Don’t forget all giveaways are open until December 28th!!

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274 Responses to “Through the Pain, We Will Triumph and Celebrate Life”

  1. Kimberlee Fedorko Says:

    My 5 month gives me hugs and her toothless grin makes me smile. I tell her I love her about 20 times a day ????


  2. Krista Says:

    Everyday! the sweetest thing my daughter does is come in and snuggle with me every morning, then my baby boy is just the cutest baby I have ever met and everything he does is sweet!


  3. Tiffany Cardenas Says:

    When he laughs


  4. Haily Says:

    When my daughter smiles and “talks” (coos) at me…my heart melts!


  5. jamie davis Says:

    My daughter is almost a year old and she give the best hugs! I love the feeling of her little arms around my neck. She also signs “more’ wave and says hi/bye and makes friends everywhere she goes. She is my sunshine.


  6. jessica long Says:

    my son is so sweet he is 7 and still likes to cuddle and hug Mommy! I think it is cute when he acts just like me


  7. Megan Borkowski Says:

    Every morning without saying a word my 4 year old Daughter walks downstairs, half asleep and crazy haired, and walks past everyone to come to me and curl up in a ball on my lap for cuddles until she wakes up and gives me my kiss and hugs!!


  8. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    When he smiles and laughs. I know it sounds simple and cliche, but it’s true. That, and when his head bobbles as he walks (13 months). =)


  9. Amelia Says:

    My two year-old loves to get my attention, then just smile. It makes me melt every time.


  10. emily Says:

    I love when they imitate a behavior/saying that my husband or I do/say. Good or bad it is still funny.


  11. Carrie C Says:

    I love it when they share. My 4yr old has been going aroung sharing her Christmas candy. Love it!


  12. Nicole Guterman Says:

    When my daughter dances, spins in circles or tries to “run away” from you when you try to take her out of her crib.


  13. Sara Rodriguez Says:

    My 3 year old tells me “You’re mine favorite mama.” Makes me melt every time :)


  14. Chelsea O. Says:

    Trying on all the shoes she can find


  15. Karianne Says:

    My baby boy just started making this funny face at random times and not on que and it’s making me laugh every time! :-D I love it!!


  16. Lydia Says:

    I love seeing the look of concentration on my 7 month old son’s face when he is trying to figure something out.


  17. Desirea Says:

    When I hear them randomly tell each other “I love you.”


  18. Becky Says:

    my LO is 6 months old and practically everything she does makes me smile!


  19. Brittany Land Says:

    My almost two year old always says “Hi mom mom”when I walk in her room. I love it. :D


  20. Natalie Zohner Says:

    Their perfect, thoroughly sincere laughs. Love it!


  21. Kari Says:

    I think I’d like the spritz for the ease of use, but does it work as well for a rash as the butter? Does it work better than coconut oil?


  22. Hannah VW Says:

    Hearing my oldest son read his very first easy little books brings a smile to my face.


  23. Vasudha Prabhala Says:

    Feeling my baby kick inside me


  24. Laura Says:

    I can’t help but smile each time I pickup my baby girl from her crib.


  25. kelly Says:

    Watching them play with others is adorable.


  26. barnolds Says:

    when my baby sees my face and smiles, it warms my heart


  27. Anne W. Says:

    When she chirps and mumbles to herself :)


  28. Megan K Says:

    My 3yo makes jokes to make me smile. :)


  29. Ashley LIndberg Says:

    Both of my babies are sick so I have been cuddling and loving on them since Friday! I love to hear my kids laugh. It is impossible not to smile when they are enjoying life so much :]


  30. Angela Norman Says:

    I love when my 5 year old daughter talks ans plays with my 5 month old son. Some of my greatest memories.


  31. Eleanora Says:

    My son is 4 months and everything he does makes me smile, he’s the reason I fall in love a thousand times a day :)


  32. Erin B. Says:

    Giggles instantly make me smile and I tell her every day that I love her :)


  33. Nancy T Says:

    During this latest tragedy I am reminded how blessed I am that my children are safe today. I tell them daily that I love them and hope that they understand how special they are to me. The one thing that always brings a smile to my face is when my son kisses me goodnight and tells me one thing that he found beautiful in the world that day. Sometimes it’s about a nice thing that someone did for him or his friends and sometimes it’s about a toad or something he finds outside.


  34. Diane Says:

    I am a grandmother. Yes, I tell my grandchildren every day how precious they are to me. Every moment makes me smile, even the tantrums. Its easy, as a grandparent, to step back and see the bigger picture. Much easier than it was when I was a young mother.


  35. Alessandra Peterson Says:

    I haven’t told her directly because she hasn’t graced us with her presence yet! But as soon as she’s here (and even now I tell her we love her all the time) she won’t hear the end of it from her adoring parents. Right now, her movement inside is what makes me smile. There were a few days I couldn’t feel her and so now every time she moves I am so grateful and relieved.


  36. Annie Barber Says:

    I love watching them play together and love each other. It is especially sweet to watch my older kids (who are 13,12, 10, and 8) play with and dote on their 3 y.o. brother and 6


  37. Jennifer N Says:

    Hug your leg. Its adorable!


  38. Kayla Says:

    he isn’t born to yet… but i love to feel him move around.


  39. Mandy Says:

    She smiles just to get me to smile back at her.


  40. Heather B Says:

    My daughter brings a smile to me every morning. She is always in a good mood and with crazy hair.


  41. Catherine W Says:

    My girl is asleep in my lap, the best!


  42. Pamela Says:

    I love when they smile!


  43. regina p Says:

    Their smiles make me smile! I tell them I love them every day


  44. Julia Says:

    When he says “I love you mommy”


  45. May Says:

    When his eyes lights up when daddy comes home


  46. Mandi McGonagle Says:

    When my little guy dances.


  47. Kendall Says:

    I can’t help but laugh when my daughter makes her “silly face”…it is kind of like the Home Alone aftershave face.


  48. Mel gil Says:

    When my 10 month old crawls over to me just for a kiss.


  49. Rachel R Says:

    Yes. I love the way he lights up and does a happy dance when he sees his daddy!


  50. Lanae Trevino Says:

    When they give me hugs and kisses


  51. Beth R Says:

    Most things make me smile. But I love his little laugh


  52. Melissa Says:

    I haven’t seen my boy yet today, but I love it when he reaches up for me!


  53. Journeekapri Says:



  54. Theresa Says:

    Yes, the sweetest thing they did lately was to fall asleep in the car while holding hands.


  55. emily r Says:

    I love my babies smile and laugh


  56. Erin K Says:

    Yes! Every time he smiles, I smile!


  57. Franchesca P Says:

    Yes. She woke before I had to leave for work and I hugged her with gusto! She leaned her head to me for her kiss.


  58. Talia Says:

    One thing that makes me smile and laugh is when my son “dances” (shuffling his feel around with a big grin). Melts my grinchy heart!


  59. Candace T Says:

    I tell them both how precious they are and how much I adore them. What I find really cute is that they’re both old enough now to ask if I’m being sarcastic!


  60. Rebecca M. Says:

    Yes, I tell them several times a day and it melts my heart every time they say it back to me!


  61. Janet Says:

    I definitely told my boys that I love them today. I hugged and snuggled my 4 year old and did the same with my 6 month old as well. I love it when my big boy asks me for a snuggle and I toss him to the side counting, “One…two…potato!” and we laugh really hard! My baby brings me joy when he finishes nursing, looks up at me and smiles his biggest gummy grin as if to thank me for the meal.


  62. Samantha Says:

    My son is only 13 months old but I love it when he comes and gives me kisses without me asking for one! It always brings a smile!


  63. Jodi J Says:

    I can’t help but smile when my kids get excited when I come home or enter a room (it feels good to be so important to them).


  64. Michelle Tompkins Says:

    That is the first thing I tell them each morning and the last thing I tell them each night. My children are 2.5 years & 10 months watching the dynamic of their relationship evolve is amazing. It melts my heart when my 2.5yo will stop playing just to run over and give my 10mo a hug or kiss and then go back to whatever it was he was doing. I have been blessed.


  65. Franchesca P Says:

    My favorite is the Thirsties Duo AIO! Easy to explain!


  66. Nicole B Says:

    I have told her I love her today. My favorite part of the day is when she comes into my room in the morning and says “Hi!” She’s 18 months old and such a morning person. We don’t know where she gets the morning person part :)


  67. valerie Says:

    Yep. when the littlest one talks i smile. he has some delays and is just starting to talk at 4.


  68. sus vandil Says:

    yes, it’s the first thing they hear from me when they wake up and also the last thing when they go to bed


  69. Joanne Gregory Says:

    I tell them that I love them every time I see them.


  70. Melanie Says:

    My daughter is too little to understand but my favorite time is when she’s just woken up all cheery!


  71. Danielle Says:

    I tell the kids frequently that I love them, but especially when I leave.

    I smile when they are genuinely kind or polite.



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