Tiny Tush Elite Now Has Prints!

I love prints. But, I’m picky. Aren’t we all?

I could list a million things I don’t like but it’s hard to put my finger on what I do like.

This probably explains why I don’t own many prints.  I think I have 5. That’s nothing when you look at all that I own.

Charlene, the Tiny Tush diva (not sure she’s a diva but it fit well with “tiny tush”), sent me the robot print (Bot).

I envisioned bright bold colors and something similar to what other brands have come out with.  I was overjoyed to open my package and see a deep dark purple robot diaper!

It’s beautiful! Boy prints all seem to fit in this one mold but this one stands out. It’s chic, stylish, preppy and all boy.

Tiny Tush released 5 prints–Star Spangled (already released), Bot, Bella, Bubbles and Camo.

Here are pics from my Bot Photo Shoot. I took way too many but here are my three faves.

Rush on over to www.tinytush.com and pick up a print today!

These one-sized pocket diapers are MADE IN THE USA!

For a limited time, Tiny Tush Elite cloth diapers are Buy 5, Get 1 FREE!

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9 Responses to “Tiny Tush Elite Now Has Prints!”

  1. Molly Says:

    Wow, a real camo pattern on a diaper! I hate all that pink and blue camo pattern on kids stuff. My husband’s favorite color is camo so maybe he would be more excited about changing diapers if he could use a camo diaper. If I need a new pocket diaper I will keep these in mind. I had some Tiny Tush a while back but they are all dead by now.


  2. Danav Says:

    LOVE that girly flowery one! I think I have to have it.


  3. Leslie T Says:

    I just love the camo print. It different from the normal camo prints. It is more of a hunting/forrest print. I am pretty certain my hubby has a shirt in this print. I can just picture the two of them, my son in his diaper, and hubby in his shirt together for the cutest fluffy picture ever!


  4. Rebecca2 Says:

    Prints are very difficult for companies to accommodate simply because of the volume you have to buy and the produce in each print and appropriateness of the print varies greatly from newborn to potty training, ie. there are things that would work for a newborn and be very cute and sweet but I would never put on a toddler….boys are the hardest! Stripes and Polk-a-dots are probably the safest best. For us, since our son is 10 most prints designed for a younger child I would never buy and I think like you I am picky as well. But I have made my son a few mock gpant covers in prints like superman (black and silver), frogs and tye-dyed. But I would love some cute tiny prints for our baby when we are finally matched (we are adopting a baby with special needs like our son).


    • Rebecca2 Says:

      Forgot to say that I do like their robot and star prints, the others, I probably would not buy ;0) Well maybe the flower one if we got a little girl.


  5. Jennie Says:

    I just read a really positive review of these from the Abbyslane newsletter in which it talked about how they fit a bigger toddler longer than all other one size diapers. I looked around yesterday and didn’t see any prints so I decided not to buy them but now I think I will have to! And of course the buy 5 deal makes it really tempting to get 6 new diapers although I have a full stash already… it’s an addiction for sure!


  6. Audrey Russell Says:

    Love, love, LOVE the camo, with the bright leaves popping off the dark background. Not your usual drab or cutesy blue/pink camo. Too bad we’re about to be out of diapers!


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