My Top Four Fitted Diapers

March 29, 2008

Fitteds/ Prefolds/ Flats

BABY BEEHIND My favorite fitted is the Baby Beehind one-size fitted diaper. I love the colors and the construction. Baby Beehind offers a hemp version or a bamboo version. Both choices are 100% chemical free natural fabrics. Baby Beehind are highly absorbent diapers and the one-size fits most sizing makes this an economical investment. This is hands down my go-to nighttime diaper. Baby Beehinds are not soft, stretchy diapers. Where they lack in squishiness they make up for in absorbency. Using a Baby Beehind guarantees my little one will not wake up with wet sheets.

LITTLE CABOOSE Little Caboose is a front snapping fitted diaper (all in ones are also available). I always add a doubler because they are not the most absorbent diapers. However, they are the trimmest and best fit on my little one. Little Caboose have serged edges, 2 rows of snaps and a quick dry sewn in soaker. There are a variety of materials she uses to make her fitted diapers. I have one with hemp inner and one with velour inner. The outer are made from stylish knits that hold up well to many washes. I have 2 Little Caboose that I bought off the FSOT forum on diaperswappers. They were well loved by the previous owner and yet I have gotten over a year of use out of them so far. Little Caboose come in a two sizes, 1 or 2. The sizing chart looks like this:

Little Cabooseâ„¢ Diapers & All-In-Ones

10-20 lbs

20-32 lbs


16-17.5 inches

17-18.5 inches


11-19 inches

14-24 inches

Paisley is 25 lbs but has a short rise so she is still wearing the size 1 at 15 months. As long as I can squeeze her in I will!

GOODMAMA Yes the Goodmama is expensive, hard to get and the center of constant drama; but the bottom line is these are amazing diapers. The materials Suzanne uses are far superior in softness than any other diaper available. Goodmama are a one-size diaper therefore validating the price along with the high quality fabrics. Goodmama diapers are a front snapping, serged edges, snap-in soaker fitted diaper. Suzanne worked for months developing a diaper that would solve the annoying wing-droop that other fitteds get when on tight settings.

The absorbency of a Goodmama puts it in the top 5, possibly top 3, most absorbent fitteds. The inside of a Goodmama is absorbent organic cotton/hemp fleece, the lining is another layer of soft and silky organic cotton/bamboo velour. The snap-in soaker is organic cotton/bamboo velour + 2 layers organic cotton/hemp fleece sewn together to another soaker of the same construction. All together this soft and squishy diaper is nine layers thick, but constructed to wash clean and dry quickly. No doublers necessary!

Obtaining a Goodmama is not as easy as clicking on the link and putting it in your cart. Because of their high… HIGH… demand the easiest way I have found to get a new Goodmama is at Be prepared to spend between $47-$60.

CLOVER Clover diapes are made of US grown and milled organic cotton fabric.

The Cloverâ„¢ Diaper is a side snapping, fitted diaper constructed of:

  1. An outer layer of organic cotton velour.

  2. An internal full body layer of organic french terry.

  3. An inner layer of organic cotton velour with an access slot for repairs and adjustments.

  4. A lay-in soaker of organic burley knit terry topped with organic velour.

  5. A rainbow of color choices for the snaps and trim thread.

Clover diapers offer the most unique component that I have seen on a diaper. There is an access slot on the inside of the diaper that allows you to perform elastic adjustments or repairs. The button hole elastic allows you to lengthen or shorten the elastic to fit your little one. Theoretically, a sized Medium diaper could last your baby’s diaper lifetime. Clover diapers are not always available in all sizes. Most of the time Larges are available. When she does stock her inventory the mediums will sell out within hours. I am eagerly and impatiently awaiting my order of Clover diapers for my precious babe!

Kissuluvs Size 0

This is the only diaper on my list that is easy to get. Kissaluvs are always available from many different retailers. I included KLOs in my top 5 because of their simplicity and price. They are between $11 and $13 brand new. I only had the unbleached but writing this I see they have colors! Kissaluvs are well known for their softness and ability to contain even the messiest messes. Made right here in the USA, Kissaluvs diapers are made with soft, absorbent and durable cotton fleece. These diapers are very popular for newborns.

  • Soft, stretchy, and plush. Deep pile sherpa finish–thicker and nicer than most cotton fleeces, and no pilling!

  • 100% cotton surface. A touch of poly (10%) in the base adds durability, and knit construction ensures that only cotton touches baby’s skin.

Honarable Mentions:

Loveybums certainly could make my list of top fitteds based on what I have read about them. I have not yet tried them to see if they hold up to the numerous praises they get. Loveybums is a family run business and they must be busy! There is a wide variety of different fabrics offered: velour, sherpa, recycled t-shirts, cotton.

Also worthy of mentioning are Blackbird Lane, Zephyrs and Cricketts.


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5 Responses to “My Top Four Fitted Diapers”

  1. serena Says:

    What do you love about Blackbird Lane?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      This post is from 2008. It doesn’t appear that Blackbird Lane is an active store anymore. Check out current posts on fitted diapers or the My Recommendations tab.


  2. Renee Says:

    What about Sandy’s Mother-ease fitted diapers?

    The price is right! Think I’ll give ’em a try.


  3. instantcashadvance Says:

    I think it is wonderful to be a SAHM. I was not when my boys grew up and I have regretted it my whole life. I can see the difference betweenstaying @ home or being a working mom. There are not enough hours in a day to be a good mom and work. You are even more fortunate to be able to have your husband there as well. Your baby is adorable.

    I wish I knew all your tips about cloth diapering when my were babies. We only had the old traditional ones 40 yrs ago. JMO>


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