The Truth About G Diapers

I want to thank my new friend Jen Varty for writing such a wonderfully informative blog post on gDiapers

.  I couldn’t have written it better myself! I personally didn’t have any luck with gDiapers. But this proves that nothing works for everyone and that is so great to have choices so we can all find something we love.

G stands for Great Diaper!

Genius, grow, grassroots, green, gentle, and genuine are some of the “G” words imprinted on the inside of a gDiaper. Some of you may use them, some of you may have heard of them, but for those of you who have no idea, gDiapers

are a revolutionary diaper that offers a biodegradable, flushable insert.

The system consists of a gPant (which are made of cotton and come in very cute patterns and colours such as Go Fish Blue, Girly Girl Ruffle, and Grasshopper green), a waterproof snap in liner, and the insert, a “flushie.” The flushie was designed to be flushed down the toilet (after ripping the sides, dumping the insides and giving it a swish with the special stick), or wet ones can be composted and they break down in 50 to 150 days. Or you can also throw them in the garbage because they contain no plastic to keep them from decomposing.

I got hooked on gDiapers while I was pregnant with my son. I decided from the moment of conception that I wanted to do cloth. I spent nine months learning everything I could about every kind out there. Good thing he was 11 days overdue, because there was a lot to learn. My diaper stash consisted of a bit of everything including gDiapers. When my son was a week old I started using cloth. I quickly found out that gDiapers were my favourite. At 8lbs they fit my son well. Instead of using the flushies, I trifolded an infant prefold and used that. It cut down on my laundry, because the cover and liner can be reused for multiple changes as long as it doesn’t get damp or dirty. They were trim compared to other diapers and fit well under his clothes. I sold the rest of my diapers and bought more gDiapers.

Our small stash of gDiapers contained just orange and vanilla pants, those are the two colours that come in starter packs. To spice things up I went to the local fabric store and purchased some Dylon. I dyed two of the pants blue (see below). To dye the waistband I used kool aid. They turned out great. My friend tried dying one of hers pink. I have seen people add embroidery to their little g pants, or tie dye them, the possibilities are endless.

A good stash for gDiapers would be 4-6 covers (I alternate between 2 a day and keep 2 spares in the diaper bag), 4-6 liners (you can wash these in the sink quickly and they dry before the next change if they happen to get dirty) and at least a dozen prefolds, home made inserts or gCloth (just released this week). With a dozen prefolds I was washing everyday with a newborn. I have made inserts with microfiber towels with fabric sewn on the top as another cheap alternative. I use the flushies when we go out. I get joy out of flushing an insert with a super-sucking toilet, like at McDonalds. I have never flushed one at home because our toilet is a bit sluggish and we are on septic, I don’t want to risk a clog.

I have been using gDiapers for just over 4 months now. I am no expert, but I am glad I found this system and I support gDiapers 100%. We have only had a few leaks in the very beginning.

I think we had leaks for one or all of the following reasons,

a) I was doing them up too tightly (this breaks the seal, just close the Velcro where it falls, don’t pull it tighter)

b) The prefolds not being fully prepped (it takes multiple washes for them to reach full absorbency)

c) My son didn’t have enough “chunk” on his legs to make a good seal.

If you’re getting leaks I would recommend making sure the diaper isn’t on too tight, the liner is making a good seal, the liners haven’t been in contact with vinegar or gone in a dryer, the liners aren’t too old and have lost their elasticity. If you have tried all these things and you are still having problems, give the friendly people at gDiapers a call, they are there to help.

With all this talk about leaks I just have to say that I have never had a leak using a flushie, just when there has been cloth inside. The flushable insert is super absorbent. If you have a heavy wetter or will be going a long time before the next change you can cut an insert in half and double up on the top half or the middle depending on whether you have a boy or a girl.

The gDiapers system works great for our family. We can save money and use prefolds at home, but we are also busy and love to go to the cottage or camping for the weekend. Instead of a bringing a giant wetbag with me and having dirty diapers with us during our trip I take a package of the flushable inserts. I pack 4 gPants, 6 liners and some flushables. Then when I go home I don’t have a ton of dirty diapers to wash and my shelves are full of clean prefolds ready to use. Using gDiapers fits in perfectly with our busy and hectic lifestyle.

Learning to put on a gDiaper takes a bit of practice, but really isn’t that hard. First off snap in the liner, and then insert either the flushie or your cloth option. Make sure it makes a “u” shape in order to get a good seal. Lie your baby on top of it (make sure the “g” is at the back, however they do work the other way around). Do up the Velcro where it falls, and make sure the liner is inside the leg crease and has created a good seal. Now your “g” is on your ready to go.

The Top 5 Reasons Why I Love gDiapers

1)The customer service is excellent. Whenever I have had a question I have gotten a phone call back the same day or an email. They are all super friendly and love to help.

2)The ease of switching between cloth and flushable depending on if we are at home or out and about.

3)How trim and easily the diapers fit under clothing, especially newborn clothes.

4)That even if I throw the flushable insert in the garbage, I know it is not going to sit in a landfill for the next 500 years.

5)How cute it makes Luke’s bum look! Below is a picture of Luke and his girlfriend Cadyn (born 11 days apart) Luke is in a small G and Cadyn is in a medium.

Just before I end this I thought I would discuss the issue of poop, because no matter how cute or good for the environment it is, if it doesn’t catch poop it’s pointless right? Luke is exclusively breastfed. Therefore he has those runny, explosive poops. About 75% of the time we get poop on the liner. Not a big deal, unsnap it and either throw it in the pail with the dirty cloth (if that’s what your using) or wash it in the sink and it will be dry in no time. We have only had a few poops ever make it onto the cover, and never had it get on his clothes. Looking back on my disposable days with my daughter, I remember the “up-the-back” explosions and I am happy to say we have never had anything that the gDiaper couldn’t catch. Even if I have to wash the liner and cover, I don’t have to wash an outfit.

If you have never heard of gDiapers

, I hope you have learned a lot. If you have heard of them but felt a little confused, I hope this has cleared it up for you. If you have been on the fence for a while, I hope this has convinced you to give them a shot.

If you want more information, or want to look at the cute selection of diapers visit

*Written by Jen Varty *post may contain affiliate links.

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76 Responses to “The Truth About G Diapers”

  1. Corrina Says:

    Great article.
    Could you give me a suggestion for what size pre folds would fit in a small and a medium g diaper? Or specific options for other cloth inserts for the smalls?


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      I personally love Geffen Baby prefolds. The small or mediums would fit fine in a small and medium g diaper.


  2. nicole Hanson Says:

    Thanks for the great post. Baby #4 is almost a year and we are going to switch to cloth. Gdiapers are exciting because you only change the insert and liner if needed. I have been asking my husband for years to cloth diaper and he always said no until now. What got me is last week my son threw one of my daughters “organic all natural” disposable diapers into the fireplace. I have no idea why….really nasty actually. It had been saturated in pee….it actually caught fire!!! How cab something so wet burn like that?? What are these nasty chemicals in her diapers? I’m done with disposables!! Constantly searching for the most natural solution to disposables is pointless….I’m excited for our future and reading more on your blog. Thanks!!


  3. Kelly Says:

    I used GDiapers for the first few months. My daughter had thick thighs so the newborns didn’t fit her even at 7lbs, but the smalls worked really well. She didn’t have a problem with the back closure. I switched over to other brands once we got to medium GDiapers because I didn’t like the thicker Velcro since it made it harder to open/close and I was always having trouble keeping the GDiaper Velcro closed during washes/they would snag the other diapers. They are very trim and I miss that part. But cost wise they were pricier than the brands we switched to.


  4. Emily @ gDiapers Says:

    Hello! We are looking for gBaby photos to add to our Facebook page and would love to add a few of yours! If that’s something you’d be interested in, please send some to me at – – Thanks! Love your blog!


  5. Irina Johnson Says:

    Really loved what you wrote. I believe that cloth diapers are extremely good!! my kid is very comfortable always in a mood to play


  6. Alaina Hatch Says:

    I am planning on using G diapers with my newborn. However, as I was looking at them, they seem like they would be uncomfortable and bulky on a newborn. The velcro in the back, plus the snaps on either side of baby, makes me wonder about the comfort of baby when laying on his back…… Any thoughts?


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      I agree with you Alaina. I don’t think that g-diapers are the best thing to go with for a newborn. I myself wasn’t a huge fan of g-diapers anyway. Have you seen Lil’joeys, small fuzzibunz or blueberry’s simplex. All excellent NB choices.


  7. Nathan Says:

    I’m not a “tree-hugger”.. but I recycle and try to make an effort to keep our environment “healthy”..

    When we were expecting our first child.. my wife found G-diapers.. she did all the research.. I just listened to what she then relayed on..

    YES.. g-diapers ARE more expensive than disposables.. but to me it’s not THAT much more and when you think of the impact it has on the environment.. it was a no-brainer.. 500+ years of waste.. or a disposable insert.. that EVEN if the insert was NOT biodegradable, is still a LOT less waste over the life of a child… so we bought about 6 of the tiny ones and 6 smalls for a test run..

    We heard the snide remarks from both sides of the family, all generations, about using cloth diapers.. or “hybrids” as I prefer to call it because we use the disposable inserts… I just can’t do the poop in my washer.. I clean that thing.. and I can do blood and guts all day.. but poop is not my thing, lol.. so cloth inserts were out.. (I’m a stay at home dad as of the last 8 months, so “I” decide)

    We DID run into an issue with the tiny ones.. even though my daughter was 7 lbs at birth and dropped to 6lbs.. the tiny ones just seemed too tight.. they left a rash around her thighs… so I switched her to a small and the rash was no more…

    my daughter turns 1 in less than a month.. the last 11 months have been AWESOME with G-diapers.. I’ve heard of others having leaks.. we only have leaks once in a blue moon.. my wife still breastfeeds.. but we have to supplement with more unfortunately as of late.. so unless she downs 8oz of juice before bed AND we sleep in late.. no leaks.. RARELY have we had a blow-out from the other side XD..

    My wife has tried a few other diapers over the last few months.. a trial issue here and there, just so we can see how some of the others work as well..
    …we have never NOT come back to G-diapers in more than 2 days time ^_^

    I LOVE the absence of the “crinkling” noise you get with disposables! It’s one of the FIRST things I came to love.. the fact that on hot days I can let her run around in just her g-diaper and it NOT look she is just running around in a diaper.. MAJOR plus.. lol.. the fact that I can match her diaper to her outfits as well!.. I’m sold! …Technically no need for bloomers to hide a diaper anymore!.. Everyone who see’s them thinks they are absolutely ADORABLE!

    In EVERY aspect, aside the price (wish they were a LITTLE cheaper.. but you can find deals on-line).. I’m in LOVE with G-diapers.. I think I would have stayed at work if we didn’t have them.. lol.. jk ;P LOVE my new “job”.


  8. D Says:

    I’m a first time mom expecting twins. I have been considering gdiapers to save money. It seems that if I use the flushies, I will be paying about twice the amount of a disposable diaper. If I use mostly cloth inserts, will I be saving money? The diaper covers are expensive. I like the fact that gdiapers don’t require you to change out the diaper cover with every diaper change. Are there other cloth diaper brands that offer this option and are cheaper? Before making my final decision, I want to know if gdiapers is the most cost effective option for this type of diaper. Thanks!


  9. Kaitlin Madson Says:

    I am in love with gDiapers! Even since this review post, they have gotten better! I have been so incredible happy with my decision to gDiaper my son!


  10. Janice Veal Says:

    Thank you so much for your review! I have been searching for the perfect cloth diaper and my sister kept recommending others, while I found gDiapers on my own. She kept telling me I’m wasting money, but she never even tried them to give them a chance. I really think that gDiapers will be perfect for us, since I love the cloth aspects, while my hubby would rather use disposables when he diapers our (soon-to-be) daughter. I am 35 weeks, but she’s coming early so we need to buy asap! I’m so glad I read your review. I’m purchasing my newborn bundle today!!!


  11. Kris Says:

    Thank you for posting this! I was thinking about using Gdiapers and this just sealed the deal!


  12. Nicole Says:

    Wow! That was a great post! But now I’m even more confused as to which one to use!! Kawaii or gDiapers? I guess I’ll refer back to the budget post that you put up, Autumn. That was super helpful!


  13. Jen Says:

    Hey, Autumn- I know this is an old post, but I was curious if you or anyone you know has used the tinyg’s for newborns? I did a search on here, but didn’t find anything on them.


  14. Emma Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! I have been looking at these diapers for a while (not due for another few months, but I want to be ready!! =) And I have compared them to other cloth diapers out there and these def have seemed the best. You have convinced me!! =) And I really, REALLY appreciate you giving a number of how many one should need, because for someone not only new at cloth diapers but the whole motherhood, you really are quite clueless! =)
    So thanks a bunch!!!


  15. Carrie D Says:

    I am about to go cloth for diapering and am researching brands. I sortof agree with your cousin JoDe. I feel that folks exaggerate the expense of diapering a child. If you lock into a bargain, it only costs about 1100$ to diaper a kid. That’s not including pull-ups or late potty training (like a 3+ year old). However, those prices are obviously for mainstream, non-organic brands. And – Of course, price isn’t everything and when it comes down to it, disposable diapering just not the right thing to do.


  16. JoDe Watson Says:

    I just ordered the gDiapers for our baby we will be meeting in October! I’m so excited, I love the idea of being able to use it completly as a cloth diaper and only having to buy the “inners” and not so many outer pants which overall saves me money! Not just on the g pants but on the washing and detergent in the long run. I didn’t cloth diaper much for my 3 year old but bought an AIO which I liked but the inner part got all bunched up and was really bulky on her. I had also used Bummis for a while and she seemed to soak right through with one pee, so I started to use another thin insert which helped but it had so much bulk in between her legs that she looked silly. I have read a few bad things about them but I’m staying positive and my hubby is even looking forward to this. I just am really upset because it seems like most people I tell I’m cloth diapering practically freak out! my cousin even said she had estimated her daughter to go through only 800-1,000 dollars worth of disposable diapers in her diapering career. WHAT?! I could have sworn pampers were WAY more than that! And to think it’s this kind of people giving me a hard time about trying to be a little more responsible. How do you now get a little worked up with the semi-rude comments people make? I need a quick response to get them thinking about the choices they are making for their children and their childrens environment. Thank You Ladies!!!


    • Amber Skinner Says:

      Hi mama! First of all congrats on the new baby & doing the right thing with the diapers for the baby & the earth!

      You are absolutly right, I bought the cheap target diapers because my son reacted less to those then spendy dipes and it cost me tons more then $1,000! Especially if you have a baby with rashes, you have to change EVERY TIME they pee or poo a tiny bit (which you should do anyway!) and even if they don’t have a rash, my babes generally ALWAYS hate(d) wet diapers, so we went through tons of disposable diapers! Unless you are one of those ppl who leave the diapers on till its drooping & hitting the ground :-( How would you like that? Before anyone gets mad, I did that myself once they where toddling around ~ GUILTY ~ to get the most for my money out of the spendy throw away diapers. Wish I had known about cloth 10 years ago with my 1st baby! Would have saved me several THOUSANDS because I am on baby #4!

      When I started cloth diapering, there was NO one in my family, community or circle of friends that cloth diapered. What I say is that cloth diapering isn’t what it used to be! I always have a diaper with so I can show them how much its “evolved” so to say in the last few years and demonstrate how easy it is. I guess its not quick but it works just about every time! Now more of my friends & their friends use cloth diapers then don’t, because they see its not bad at all, that its actually fun & a mommy can be excited about diapering their baby – what disposable diapering mama do you know who is as excited about diapering???!!!

      My son also had bleeding diaper rash (as did my 3 babies prior to him, where I didn’t know about cloth) for the first 4 months of his life – after 3 days of using cloth it was GONE! No doctor or cream EVER did that! So that also helps in response of negative onlookers, when I tell them that!

      A quick thing would to be to tell them that a diapers takes around 500 years to break down – if it ever does! That always shockes people & gets them thinking.

      Do you know that they have outlawed the chemicals the US puts in diapers in every other country because it is toxic – causes rashes and serious reproductive harm? That always gets ppl thinking too!

      Hope I have helped & been encouraging!


  17. Tammy Says:

    I have been using the Tiny G Pants for a month now on my newborn. We love them, but they have a tendancy to leak through the back of the diaper where the velcro is sewn on. Makes for a lot more laundry! Can’t wait for my baby girl to get big enough to start using the size small gpants. Also, because they are just one piece (no liner insert) they tend to get dirty faster and I am having to wash them more often, instead of being able to use them over and over with new inserts.


    • Ashley Says:

      If you’re interested in selling your Tiny Gs, send me a message. Thanks!


    • Tajsha Says:

      Did you ever contact the company about this problem? We are having the same issue. I contacted g diapers and they said they haven’t had any other complaints, but are looking into the problem.


  18. Amber Skinner Says:

    I just dyed my liners with kool-aid but wondering if anyone knows how to set in the color? Does it dye the baby once they pee on it? Anyone have any experience with this? Should have thought about this before dying them…


  19. Coco Says:

    I found this review very helpful! I just saw the gDiapers last night while at Babies R Us and am very interested, and I love the idea of the cloth insets. With one in diapers and another on the way I am excited to try these out.


  20. Rose Says:

    I tried the G diapers but did not like the inserts very much. Always had blow outs. Then I found Gro Baby diapers. Wasn’t sure I would like them, but I went to a local Cloth Diaper Store, Cutie Poops and Bottoms near where I live (I think they have a website too) and checked them out in person. I like these inserts much better as they have double gussets to contain the mess. They also feel softer, and I have since used these liners with my thirsties wraps.


  21. Alicia Says:

    So I have just ordered my first set of g Diapers and I am more than excited to start. Upon my tedious research I found a blog about Cotton Wood Baby g Diaper inserts. Its an alternative to the g Diaper brand and is made specifically for the g Diapers. I am curious to know if for some reason my child were to develop a rash or skin irritation, is there anything specific I can or cannot use with the cloth or flushable inserts?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Alicia, you can use the g diapers as covers over prefolds, flats, alternative inserts….anything. Or are you meaning rash creams? If so do a search for diaper rash creams on the blog.


  22. Annie Says:

    We have been using G diapers since my 4th child was 11 months old. We wanted an alternative to disposables but water use with cloth seemed like a lot. It was about a 2 week learning curve for us but I am glad we stuck in there. My son has explosive poops and is a heavy wetter. So when he poops we have to wash the whole diaper. When he pees we compost the pee insert and can use the covers for 2-3 days. Sometimes the liners too. After 3 days, the sides start to loose shape and they need to be washed. I line dry mine and they still work great.
    I toss the poop inserts into a bio-bag. The bio-bags decompose as well so I figure in 6 months to a year or so, there will be nothing left at the landfill. (bio bags can be found at the supermarket)
    The cost of the inserts is huge and so we are looking for a cloth prefold to put in there or the new G cloth inserts. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a BOY heavy wetter?


  23. Katie Says:

    Thank you! That was really informative. Just found out we are expecting our third and am finally making the change to cloth. I was searching for revies of gdiapers with cloth and am glad I found yours. Sounds like a great option.


  24. ajchalom Says:

    Sounds great. I wouldn't switch at this point but I like what I see. Only problem. If you throw away the insert in the garbage it will not biodegrade inside the plastic bag at the landfill. Nothing biodegrades at a landfill because of the amount of plastic there. You can find 50 year old newspapers that you can still read. So if you truly want them to biodegrade, you will have to compost them yourself.

    I love that you can put an infant prefold inside them or now a cloth insert. although, it seems that if you are doing cloth, why not just do cloth?


  25. christelpistol Says:

    i know they have the wierd soly-whatsit but does it leak out everywhere like other disposibles or does it actually stay inside like it should? and for that matter, does it matter, is it anyless bad if it does or doesnt leak out and stick to your baby?


  26. MegTrib Says:

    Ahh I'd love to dye my vanilla gdiapers, but I would be so nervous! I really like your blue :)


  27. snogurl84 Says:

    I know the G flushies are better for the Environment than disposables, but do they still contain the chemicals that are harmful to babies? (like the ones that are used to absorb..)


  28. April Says:

    I too really want to know how you did the koolaid dyed waistband!


    • Jen Varty Says:

      I mixed I think 3 packages of koolaid with equal parts hot water and vinegar and then just soaked it for a while. The colours runs out of the diaper but sticks to the waistband :)


  29. Victoria Says:

    How did you dye the diaper pants? I'm dying to dye mine but am not sure how to


    • Jen Varty Says:

      With the pants I bought Dylon at the local fabric store. I just followed the directions on the container.
      For the waistband I used koolaid, I mixed 3 package of koolaid with equal parts hot water and vinegar and soaked it.


  30. trinas Says:

    I just ordered my Everyday G Pack! I can't wait to get it. I am hoping to use these with prefolds. What kind of prefold do you use? Where do you buy them? There seems to be soooo many choices??? My daughter is 9 months old. We are slow starting… but still excited!


    • Jen Varty Says:

      I used newborn prefolds in the smalls, but I think regular sized prefolds will fit in the mediums. My son is still in smalls. I got mine from Banana Peel diapers I believe. They work great. Super easy to use, and wash.
      There is a ton of choices out there.


  31. Liz Says:

    What do you use as wipes?


    • Jen Varty Says:

      I cut up old receiving blankets and then made a wipe mixture of baby shampoo, oil and water, Then I soaked the wipes and put them in a wipes warmer :)


  32. Jeana Says:

    I just got this system. I started with the flushable liners, I want to change to cloth liners but I am not sure what cloths fit inside. I know that I can get the gcloths but I was hoping to try others too. I am very new to cloth dipering and am not sure if there is a better opion for cloths. Any help would be great. Also my duaghter is 10 weeks and we just switched to clotha and I am not sure how long she will stay in the small size, she is about 12-13lbs now. Are the weight guidelnes pretty accurate. Should I have gotten the medium to start?


  33. Molly Says:

    Thanks for the discount code. I already use gdiapers, love them, and am so happy that I just ordered all the covers I’ll need at a discount!

    My questions for you is about dying them. Kool-aid for the waist band?? How did you do that?? Your dye jobs are cute! I’ve never dyed anything in my life before so it makes me a bit nervous. (but I would love to have a few fun colors too).

    If you could enlighten me that would be great!


  34. christel! Says:

    i can read! duh, got mommy brain already.


  35. Jen Says:


    it’s not g799varty :)

    Try that


  36. Lynn Says:

    Christel-The code is g779varty not g799varty, (2-7’s not 2-9’s) Hope this helps. :)

    Jen-what are the measurements on the prefolds, mine are just 2 big-thanks.


  37. christel! Says:

    Sorry, code “g799varty” is not valid. Check to be sure you’ve entered the code correctly and followed its conditions.

    thats all i get when i enter the code.=o(


  38. Amanda Says:

    Vicki– Did you try folding the prefolds tri fold from the short side? Fold both ends in to the middle. I also use flat fold diapers folded in half long ways and then folded in 4ths or 5ths.


  39. Jen Says:

    Sarah – I throw my pants and liners in a dry pail with the prefolds. But if I was using the flushies just throw the covers and liners in with regular baby laundry. DON’T put the liner in the dryer (the cover can but it will probably last longer if you don’t)
    Make sure to do up the velcro so it doesnt snag on other clothes.

    As for using for more than 1 baby. I bought most of Luke’s smalls used, and a few had been used 3 months straight + I have used them for 4.5 months on Luke and the velcro is still in great shape. The newer diapers have different velcro as well apparently and it is even stronger


  40. Jen Says:

    Vicki – I used infant prefolds from Banana Peel diapers. They seem to fit perfectly trifolded. I have never used GMD prefolds so I am not sure what to suggest.


  41. Jen Says:

    Christel – choose the Everyday G package ($70) then at checkout put in the promotion code and it should take the price down to $40
    If that doesn’t work let me know!


  42. christel! Says:

    the discount code doesnt work!!!!!! help!!!!!! i tottally want to take advantage of the discount while its there!


  43. Vicki Says:

    Can you tell me which brand of prefolds you used? I bought some small sizes of the Green Mountain Diapers prefolds & they are too big for the small g-diaper covers. Just curious what worked for you when your son was in the small g-diaper size. Thanks!


  44. heather Says:

    great article! i’ve been using gdiaper covers since our son was about a month old, along with a diaper service (with prefolds) and it’s been GREAT! my only concern is that my 9 month old is already in the largest size, and he’s only 18 lbs…the prefold just bulks things up a bit. i’m worried he’s going to grow out of the liner before he’s potty trained…i don’t know what i’ll do!


  45. Amanda O Says:

    I have been researching g-diapers and they do have pretty pink and striped covers that you can by individually on their website…..lots of other colors also!


  46. Amanda Says:

    I absolutely love gdiapers. I have 6 covers that I got on freecycle (for free), I believe they are the old design. I have to admit I have never used the flushies. I have only used prefolds and flat folds folded in half long ways and then in 4ths, because that’s what I had and did not want to spend $$ on anything else, I haven’t needed to change or buy any other inserts because these work just fine, except at night. I have never had poop leaks a few pee leaks when I have gone too long in between changes. I use the same cover all day and then let dry and can be used again unles she poops and then the smell gets trapped, anyway…..I can’t say enough about them and am so glad to hear others using them as well. My only wish is that I had a pretty pink one!!


  47. Sarah Says:

    I love the thought of G Diapers, and have many friends that use and love them! My only question is how often are users recommended to wash liners and gPants, and how do you go about doing it? Also, are the velcro in the gPants still in pretty good use, enough to pass them on to another child?? Thanks for any help!


    • Rebecca Says:

      @Sarah: (yes, this is a long-time after the question, but for future readers) I contacted gDiapers HQ about some worn-out aplix on my red gDiaper. They immediately sent-out (free!) a replacement kit (more aplix) for fixing it. The red had been our favorite, and used significantly more than the others. Looking back, having 2 red diapers may have been a wise option. :)


  48. Mommy2gav Says:

    I love to use gdiapers. In place of the flushies, they are now also selling cloth inserts made for the gdiapers. I have just ordered my first set so I am not quite sure how well they work. I mainly use gdiapers when ds has a rash needing cream not safe for my cloth.


  49. christel! Says:

    I’ve been on the fence about theses for my first baby (due in oct!!!) because i really wanted to do cloth only. But now that ive seen the new cloth inserts i think im going to give them a shot, plus they are way cheaper and probly alot more wallet friendly for my hubs then my “dream stash” ive been begging him to buy us. i cant wait now! Even if the “flushies” have the gel stuff in them and all that jazz, i really love the fact that if i use them i know that i can throw them away with no bad feelings. why cant all diapers biodegrade like that?


  50. Amy @ Six Flower Mom Says:

    I tried gDiapers for 2 of my children, as I like the idea and they are cute! But they grew out of the largest size very quickly, before they were one! They just did not fit my little chunkers!


  51. Anastasia Says:

    why not just do an aio-2 like jamtots or something? even a prefold in a bummis wrap would be healthier, just my $.02


  52. Olivia Says:

    gDiapers saved me from cding burn out! I had been cding since 2005 and then again with my third son 2008 and I was tired of the crazy amts of laundry and stink issues I was having. gDiapers gave me the flexibilty I needed to continue and we havent had one issue in the 4 months since we started. gdiapers now even have their own cloth inserts gCloth) to use which makes ordering from their site a one stop shop


  53. Agnes Says:

    Jennifer – I’ve used flushies with Bummis covers and they work great.

    I really like the idea of gDiapers, but I was never happy about the marks the inside snaps and elastic left on my daughter :-(


  54. emilie Says:

    g-diapers were my gateway drug! they hold a special place in my heart, even though i’m not a fan of the flushies, either (they’re the only “disposable” that hasn’t completely broken my son’s bottom out…but i by far prefer cloth!). we used the g-pants and liners with tri-folded gmd yellow edged prefolds, and the combination was perfect for my little guys! i’m pretty excited to hear about g-diapers’ new cloth insert….has anyone had the chance to try it out yet?


  55. Patricia Says:

    I made about 10 of my own PUL liners (I got addicted to buying fabric for them). Anyway, back to your question. Yes you can use them in other diapers and they work fine. I just lay a insert on top of my PUL diaper cover, lay the baby on top of the liner and cover, pull the liner up to her front and then pull the PUL cover over the front of her and I close it up… I must say I have had a couple of minor leaks but they were from wicking because I didn’t really use the correct types of outer fabric for the covers (but they’re pretty!) So, they do work with other covers as long as the cover is waterproof… I love experimenting with them in all different covers… Hope it helps


  56. Jennifer Says:

    Just wondering if you or anyone else has tried using the G diaper flushies with other covers, like Thirsties or Bummis?? If so, how did it work out? I am going to be traveling soon and can’t take my cloth stash with me. But using the flushable liner seems like a very good compromise. I’m not allowed to buy any more new diapers for a while.. he he he… It sure is addicting. :)


  57. Kim Says:

    The flushes do contain that whatsit gel, tho (unless they have changed it in the last six months), if that bothers you. My girls are allergic to the flushies anyway, once I figured that out I stopped paying attention, so it may have changed, but I haven’t heard so I would guess not.


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