TushMate One-Fits-All System Review

The One-Fits-All system by TushMate may very well be a fit for all.

With a snap down rise, the system adjusts to fit a small infant to most potty training toddlers (8-40lbs) giving you the one-size-fits-all dimension.

On the inside is where you will find the other dimensions of the One-Fits-All name.

TushMate is a cover, a hybrid, an all-in-two, an all-in-three and a pocket.  No matter what system you prefer the TushMate can accommodate you and still give you the freedom to change it from time to time.

I want to share my overall review with you first then go into the details.

Do I like the TushMate One-Fits-All system?  The simple answer: Yes.  Long answer: TushMate provides a snug, trim fit and packs some super absorbency.  The velcro is gentle yet very sticky.  The best part of the TushMate One-Fits-All system is the versatility.

I’ve used it as a cover over fitteds with no problem, however my favorite way to use it is as an All-in-Three.  I can use it at night without Finley having a huge bubble butt and he still has the stay dry liner against him.

Now let me break down each component for you.

COVER: The cover is made of PUL and has 4 size settings available with the front rise snaps.  Finley wears the TushMate on the “medium” setting.  (I’m listing the settings as xs, s, m and l)

I was curious to see if the thinly encased elastic would leave deep marks on his back and legs.  Surprisingly it didn’t leave red marks or grooves yet provided a gentle tight containment.

The waist wings are quite long which is great if you have a baby with a large belly.  I was able to wrap the wings (you can see one sticking up in the above photo) around to Finley’s back almost.

For reference, Finley is 4.5 months old and 16lbs.  I need to measure his rise but based on a comparison to Camden’s diapers and longies Finley is probably at 18″ (it’s long!).

INNER: See that little hole in the photo below?

It’s a hidden snap. I love it. It’s the little things that make me happy.  I love the little “snap” sound it makes when you connect the insert inside the hole.

There are two hidden snaps, one on top of the other.  This allows you to snap in an insert in the bottom and the stay dry liner on top OR snap in two inserts.

The inserts are hemp/cotton which provides a lot of absorbency while maintaining a trim fit.

The liner is suede cloth which is stay dry and it has elastic sides.  When you fasten the diaper on your baby the elastic sides form a sort of gusset-like containment.  The elastic does help to minimize messes on the cover allowing for more uses.

There is a pocket in the front and back of the cover where you can tuck in any insert you have in your stash.  Perhaps you’d like to use a 6r soaker.  Just tuck it in the flaps and snap a liner on top.  Voila! You have a pocket diaper.

VELCRO: This velcro is great.  I like that the teeth are small and the “loop” is extremely soft.  The only downside, and this will sound silly, is it can be a little TOO sticky.  I have to really work at unfastening it.  That’s good news for little Houdinis!

VALUE: A starter kit includes 1 cover, 1 liner and a 2-pack of inserts for $25.78 (a nice rounded off number).  This may seem pricey to some for one diaper but when you figure that $9.78 buys you a 2-pack of hemp/cotton inserts (read: another diaper) you really start to see the value of this system.

The inserts are very easy to snap in and unsnap at each diaper change and I could really see myself using this system as a true AI2.  Other AI2s I tend to use once and wash (more like an AIO).

Finley really likes the TushMate One-Fits-All system and hopes you will too!

**TushMate provided me with a free starter kit to use.  The information given is quite clearly an honest opinion not affected by the gift.

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  1. Jen walker Says:

    It is versatile.. But seem to me a little too complicated to assemble…….thanks for your review!


  2. Amy Johnson Says:

    I have never heard of Tushmates but they sure look neat! Thanks for sharing your review! I also just had to comment on how cute Finley is! :)


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