Two Moms Review Baby Babu Plus a Giveaway


Hope and Joe Chanda not only are the blessed parents of twin boys but also manage to find time to operate their business Baby Babu.

Joe has been a joy to work with!  I’ve really come to appreciate owners who care about their customers and representatives.

Several months ago I was sent products to try out.  Due to my busy schedule I asked reader Daniella to put Baby Babu to the test of course not before I could put it on Camden first!

There are several aspects I want to point out that I liked about Baby Babu pocket cloth diapers:

  • Snap inside pocket to secure the insert.
  • Inner gussets to help prevent leaks or blow-outs.
  • Several rise snaps.  Camden has a short rise allowing me to set the rise on the 2nd row.  Giving him plenty of growing room.  Camden is the same height and weight as Daniella’s son mentioned below and as you will see the diaper fit him much differently.
  • A front and back pocket opening. No need to pull out the insert as it will agitate out due to the water being allowed to flow through the opening pushing the insert out.
  • Low price point for a one-sized pocket cloth diaper.
  • Adorable applique/embroidery choices.  I am loving this Slow Down! turtle

Overall, I was pleased with the performance and cute factor of Baby Babu pocket cloth diapers.

I hope that by adding Daniella’s perspective you will get a well-rounded review.

(this portion was written by Daniela Cárdenas.)

We received our Baby Babü (RUFF RUFF Dog ) Pocket Cloth Diaper as part of an assorted fluff mail. While I was going through each item, my son quickly spotted the Baby Babü and kept it to himself. That is a good start, a toddler that hugs a diaper because the doggie flapping tongue!

As usual washed everything prior to use and this was the very first diaper he requested to use ( he was 20mo when we received it). My very first worry were the snaps. I had not much experience with them and my son has no patience to wait for me while I adjust the fit.

The few (about 6-8x) times we used it within our rotation stash, we had a great performance. A fair trimness and absorbency were reached as I added a hemp doubler to the included microfiber insert as usual for summer days when D raises his fluids intake. No “opportunity” to try the leg gussets with any blowout (phew!) but for us soft inner gussets help to avoid the dreaded elastic marks in his tights.

The two openings sure helped to stuff the diaper easier and comfortably. Never used the front snap though always forgot it was there.

I was able to adjust properly the fit through the snaps but it was the right fit only for the moment. He was hitting the 28lbs and just above 34” tall. He used the diaper all unsnapped and you could tell he would outgrow the rise any day soon. Actually, you could get a peek if he got all busy playing around.

He is a solid boy that is for sure, and most OS diapers are leaving us as he approaches and surpasses the 30lbs mark. We started cloth diapering when he turned one year old, but I can tell this is a great diaper for those that start cloth diapering with younger or slimmer babies.

Said that, after a couple of weeks I decided to pass on this cute diaper to a dear friend that is expecting her second child. Her oldest is a couple of months younger and a bit shorter than D.

She tried the diaper on him “just for fun”. He usually wears one-size diapers in the medium setting but with Baby Babü he needed all the way unsnapped. That is why she decided to keep it for the new baby on December.

Baby Babu has generously offered to not only give 2 readers one free diaper each, but to offer 10% off purchases to all readers!

To take advantage of the 10% off use the code TRYUS10 at checkout. (free shipping on orders over $50)

Enter to win a Baby Babu cloth diaper by using the Rafflecopter form below. Please make sure that you are a subscriber to All About Cloth Diapers before entering.

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178 Responses to “Two Moms Review Baby Babu Plus a Giveaway”

  1. Patty Comparan Says:

    Autumn thank you so much and to Baby Babu!! I’ve been a reader for a little over two years now and never have won anything!! But I read for the info not the giveaways! ;)


  2. Jamie P.! Says:

    I would pick the unbleached premium indian prefolds!


  3. Shannon Stubbs Says:

    I want the slow down diaper


  4. Marsella Romero Says:

    I would definatly choose SLOW DOWN turtle and This Guys Bananas
    They are my favorite


  5. Allison Says:

    I love “This Guy’s Bananas!”


  6. Ranu Tanu Says:

    I’d want a Cheetah Fuzzy pocket diaper


  7. Breanne Says:

    FLY AWAY – Butterfly pattern


  8. Justice Montgomery Says:



  9. Katie Fender Says:

    I would pick This Guys Bananas.


  10. Jenny R Says:

    The alien pocket diaper! It’s so cute!!


  11. Amy Says:

    I’d pick fuzzy brown cow!!!!


  12. deltaflute Says:

    brown fuzzy cow is so cute!


  13. Bree Terrill Says:

    brown cow fuzzy and this guy’s bananas


  14. Rebecca Says:

    ALF – Alien Life Form Pocket Cloth Diaper (loved this! So cute!)


  15. Elizabeth Says:

    All star dark blue pocket diaper


  16. beth carbone Says:

    the cheetah fuzzy!!


  17. Danielle Mann Says:

    I would choose the Grape (Purple) pocket diaper. Great color!


  18. Keara B. Says:

    I love the Slow Down! Turtle Pocket Diaper.


  19. Kelly Says:

    I like juicy orange or blueberry.


  20. Nicole T Says:

    RUFF RUFF Dog Pocket Cloth Diaper!


  21. Julie Ghrist Says:

    I would choose Juicy (Orange)


  22. Krystal Says:

    I love the “my honeybee” print!


  23. Nicole S Says:

    I’d choose a Juicy orange pocket diaper.


  24. Jenna Burris Says:

    slow down turtle is adorable


  25. Dandi D Says:

    I like the SLOW DOWN! Turtle Pocket Cloth Diaper


  26. Danielle Says:

    Brown cow fuzzy is pretty cute!


  27. Melanie Says:

    Definitely the kitty fuzzy!


  28. Katie L Says:

    slow down turtle


  29. Beth Ann Says:

    RUFF RUFF! :) It’s so cute!


  30. sarah d Says:

    the owl one too cute!


  31. Elizabeth Says:

    That pink polka dot pocket diaper would be my choice… so cute!!


  32. Michele C Says:

    I would love the turtle diaper! So cute!


  33. Melissa Says:

    no question… that cute puppy!


  34. Becca Arender Says:

    thx for the review! I like the Ruff Ruff dog :) (As my 9 month old is currently talking with the Sheltie in the kitchen!)


  35. Katy Emanuel Says:

    I would choose the who’s this owl pocket diaper


  36. Kristi B Says:

    Cheetah fuzzy pocket diapeer


  37. Michelle Says:

    Mooo and This guy’s banana’s pockets


  38. Kaylee Trammell Says:

    I LOVE the Slow Down Turtle diaper…so cute!


  39. Kiersten Says:

    I really like the “Who’s This?” owl diaper:)


  40. Meghann B. Says:

    These are pretty cute diapers! Thanks for reviewing them!


  41. Tracey B Says:

    I love the kitty fuzzy cloth pocket diaper! So cute!


  42. amy corinne Says:

    I love the ALF diaper!


  43. Becky Worthman Says:

    If I win, I will get: Kitty Fuzzy and SLOW DOWN! Turtle Pocket Cloth Diaper


  44. Heather Stout-Reilly Says:

    I’d love the ALF – Alien Life Form Pocket


  45. ginger Says:

    I love MY Honeybee and This Guy’s Bananas.


  46. Katherine J Says:

    Cheetah Fuzzy!


  47. Liesal Hoffman Says:

    I love the brown cow fuzzy and kitty fuzzy diapers!


  48. Tara M Says:

    Probably the ALF or Monkey pocket :) Tough decision!


  49. Paula Says:

    I have a limited stash and would love to check this ones out. i like the Alien Life Form…


  50. Kee Law Says:

    I love the Polka Polka Dot- It is the perfect pattern for my little girl!


  51. Kyna Says:

    I would get the Alien Life Form Pocket Cloth Diaper. :)


  52. Amber Miller Says:

    I like cheetah fuzzy or the monkey one.


  53. Lily Ivey Says:

    I like WHO’S THIS? Owl Pocket Cloth Diaper.


  54. Taryn Says:

    If I won, I’d get the organic baby wipes because we’re currently using disposable & they are awful!


  55. Yesenia Says:

    I love the Alien Life Form pocket diaper.


  56. Tamara Sz Says:

    I’d choose the POLKA POLKA POLKA– Pink polka dot pattern
    and the Flyaway–Butterfly pattern


  57. Lauren Says:

    I would totally get the Royal Blue Crown. After having three princesses. We were blessed with our little Prince 2 months ago! And I love to CD.


  58. Krista Clement Says:

    I love the ALF pocket diaper!


  59. Kristi Says:

    So cute!


  60. lareine Says:

    These are so cute! And great price. I’d have a hard time deciding.


  61. Ana Says:

    Oh wow! These are totally affordable. I’m gonna have to try one and if the fit is right and work well with my LO I will definately be purchasing a few of these. Now… which one to pick as my try out diaper… ok maybe two. Alien Life Form and This Guy’s Bananas. These are too cute.


  62. gina lee Says:

    chocolate (boring, I know) ;)


  63. Amanda Alvarado Says:

    I like the This Guy’s Bananas monkey diaper!


  64. Anna Says:

    I love the Ruff Ruff Dog and the Fly Away. I just started CDing my 7 month old recently and would love to add to my stash.


  65. Danielle Eldred Says:

    My son Trip would sport the slow down turtle! His nickname is turtle so it would be 2 cute ;)


  66. Gwen Says:

    Ruff Ruff Dog! I love the owl one too but the doggie is gender neutral. ;-)


  67. kamilla Says:

    I would be nice to find a cheap os diaper from an American company. I hate having to buy from China just to get a good deal.


  68. Julia M. Says:

    I would choose juicy orange.


  69. Lisa Says:

    I like the turtle diaper best. So cute! Autumn, I love how you introduce so many neat brands! I always go check out their websites. Though pretty much my stash is complete, I’ve been looking for bamboo inserts to replace some microfiber. Baby babu has them so I may just need to try some! Thanks!!!


  70. Faith Halverson Says:

    I would choose the RUFF RUFF dog. My daughter is obsessed with doggies.


  71. Kelly T. Says:

    Omg…I’d get the Who’s This…so cute and it actually goes with my daughter’s room decor. :)


  72. Jessica Says:

    I love the Ruff Ruff Dog diaper, both my daughter and my son will like it!


  73. KD {Mom of 3 Dolls} Says:

    I’d get the Alien Life Form Pocket Cloth Diaper.


  74. Brandi Elam Says:

    I like the Brown Cow Fuzzy diaper!



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