Ultimate Guide to Cloth Trainers Part 2

March 7, 2012

Reviews, Training/EC

If you missed Part 1 of the Ultimate Guide to Cloth Trainers, you will want to go back and check out the cloth trainers starting with the letters A-F. Today I bring you Part 2, G-K.

Again, this guide is a continuing work in progress. Your reviews are MUCH appreciated. Thank you for all the feedback you have already provided.

  • Gerber Trainer Pants. Thick cotton middle provides a little absorbency. Easy to pull up and down and with a wider bottom contains messes well. The downside, besides absorbency, is having to pull poopy messes down the leg. I liked using these on Sterling when he was in the early stages of potty training because it gave him a sense of “big boy undies”. The 18m size were the only trainers that provided his chicken legs with a secure, yet gentle fit. Plus, with my mom sitting right next to me, she says they were good enough for her children!
    GroVia My Choice Trainer
    . Kim of Dirty Diaper Laundry graciously provided her take on the GroVia trainer:

The GroVia is the most visually appealing trainer I have used so far and is stretchy enough in the sides that my son can pull it up and down with ease. The absorbency is enough for a small miss. The pocket is narrow but can fit trimmer inserts when needed. It isn’t my go-to for overnights but I love how it fits and looks.
Check out Kim’s video on GroVia My Choice Trainer for a detailed look.

  • Happy Heinys Pocket trainers. I’ll start with the good: affordable cloth trainer at $10.97, wide variety of color choices, pocket for adding absorbency, snaps for easy mess cleanup. The negative: poofy, balloon-like fit, tight leg elastic, odd sizing makes it hard to find a good fit. You have options when it comes to the Happy Heinys trainers; you can opt for no snaps on the sides, snaps on one side or on both sides. The easiest to use all around (dealing with solid messes and stuffing) is the 2 sides snaps. This is another trainer option that is available in XXL sizes fitting up to 80lbs.
    Imse Vimse Organic Toddler pants. I have not personally tried Imse Vimse trainers.  One thing I will note is the names of sizes; this may throw you off as it does me every time I look at them.  The “small” is a Large, then Xlarge and up to Junior Plus (54lbs). Bambi, an All About Cloth Diapers reader, kindly offered her review:

    I looked online at several different options because when I first started thinking about trainers I really needed something that wasn’t bulky, would fit my 2yr old 43lbs. son and had a small waterproof layer in the event we were out and about. I did some research and not wanting to spend a Ton of money (as most new ones are $15 each) I shopped around til I found the IV ones and they had alot of good reviews and they had sizes that would fit my big boy.
    I ended up purchasing mine off Diaperswappers and while still leary when they arrived after trying them on him I loved them and was hooked! They wash well, the fit is just like underwear and they can be put in the dryer (although I think the tag says not to, but I do because I want them to be soft) They’re absorbent enough that if he pees a little it will stay in, but he can feel it’s wet, but if he insists on napping with them on he’ll be wet through. We recently started putting wool covers over top for when we go out just in case and he can still wear his normal pants with no problem.
    I did look into a few other pairs (BG trainers) but they just don’t fit my son as they are made I feel more for the parents that are practicing EC or their kids are more on the smaller (in the nicest sense of the word) size. I love all the other trainers but my son just doesn’t fit. =(

    Mommy of 3

  • iPlay Training Underwear Description from Nicki’s Diapers: iPlay Training Underwear are like underwear for “big kids” except they have a waterproof interlining to help contain small accidents. They also have 2 layers of terry padding for extra absorbency. With these training pants your child will feel the wetness for faster training.The pull-up design of the iPlay Training Pants is easy for toddlers to pull-up and down while learning to potty train. They have wide rib waist and leg bands for a comfortable fit.Available in sizes L (18 months), XL (24 months), 3T (3 years) and 4T (4 years).Sold in packs of 2.
    Kawaii Baby Training Pants.
    These were the most awkward fitting trainer I tried. No pocket, no tag, tight binding and extremely bad ballooning make this trainer an all around poor design. I have no doubt that several readers will scold me for my harshness but I literally laughed (and so did the rest of my family!) when we put it on Sterling. I was not able to keep it on Sterling long because he was very uncomfortable.
    Kissa’s Waterproof Pocket Trainer. This is the trainer I rank as my #1. I love the simple, flat fit of it. No bunching, poofing, sagging. Sterling is a very thin child so the thighs were not as snug as they would be on meatier thighs. However, even with nighttime accidents there was no leaking out the legs.Kissa’s Pocket Trainer is my most recommended trainer and the only one I reached for when Sterling needed nighttime protection.Maria of Changing Diapers provided this feedback:

Kissaluvs Kissa’s pocket trainers have cute, printed flannel inners, which help your child feel wetness. There is a trim, 2-layer microfiber insert sewn in, plus a pocket to add additional absorbency as needed. They come in a size 2T and 3T to fit kids 20-40 pounds, though the 2T was a bit big on my petite son when he was 23 pounds. What I love about these is not only their trimness (narrower through the crotch than a diaper) but their versatility. If you have a child who is getting too big for one-size diapers, but isn’t quite ready to use the potty yet, you can use these as a pocket diaper, then use them as a trainer later. At just $14.95 each, they’re also a good value. (Read Maria’s full Kissa’s Pocket Trainer review on her blog.)

Part 3 will include (subject to change): Little Beetle, Super Undies, Snap EZ, Tinkle Time Trainers by Ladder Hill Designs, Superhero, Dora or other fun underwear.

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11 Responses to “Ultimate Guide to Cloth Trainers Part 2”

  1. Emily D Says:

    I haven’t tried many types, but I did not like the Gerber at all, first of all it was very hard to find ones that fit (both my girls needed the 18mth size), and imo they might as well have been wearing regular undies. I really liked my Otter Puddles- they have cute colour combos, they look just like undies, the range of sizes goes down really small (I think they would be good for EC), they have (adjustable) snaps at both hips, and an optional booster. They wouldn’t keep the bed from getting wet, they will feel damp on the outside if there is an accident, but as long as you change soon they should keep clothes dry (to be honest I’m not 100% sure on that, I always put my dd in skirts or dresses when potty training). In any case, I figure that if your ‘training pants’ are able to keep the bed dry, it’s actually a slip on/off diaper, not training pants!


  2. Kim @ Dirty Diaper Laundry Says:

    I’ve been meaning to try the Kissaluvs for a long time. I’ll definitely look into them now.


  3. Jess Nye Says:

    My older son has the same shape, and there is a mom on Diaperswappers who makes trainers that fit hm awesome- her business is called Mother Goose Designs and these trainers fit and feel like underwear but have nice tight thighs/waists. They have more padding than Gerber and can have an optional hidden layer of PUL. She makes some different styles of trainers, I’m thinking these are called something like “piddle pants?”


  4. Kim T. Says:

    The imse vimse trainers fit nicely but they have VERY little absorbency…maybe not even enough for a full pee accident. And definitely not for night.


    • Katariina Says:

      I agree! Imse Vimse trainers fit so well and they are super slim. But yes, they could use little more absorbency. We have had leaks with them….


  5. Olivia Says:

    I bought the flip trainers when they first came out, preordered them, and I agree. the idea is great, I love the flip diapers and other cottonbabies products, but for us they just don’t work well. So I ordered some Hanna Anderson trainers. They are organic cotton and so soft and the colors are lovely. It was so fun to see my daughter pee in them and realize she was wet! We are in the early stages of potty training and use cloth diapers so it seems silly to move to pullups, yet almost equally ridiculous to spend a fortune on trainers…


  6. Sitha Says:

    I love Imse Vimse, Superundies, Qtbunns (at Etsy) and Trimsies (I made some from the pattern). Bambino Mio and Bright Bots are not bad too for handling small accidents :D Happy Heiny’s, in term of the design, I don’t like much. I wish I could try GroVia & Blueberry trainer…


  7. susanne wedel Says:

    thanks for the great reviews. i am reading with great interest, as (well in about a years time) we are at that point as well with our 3rd boy. The other two took a long, very long time, from starting potty training to be accident free during the day. it maybe took 6 months. It was a lot of stress for me. :) the issue with all of them is, that they have very skinny legs, no hips and a waist that makes them wear pants a size smaller, so they don’t loose them. I love blueberry and ecoposh, but i think they will fall off his hips and will have too big gaps at the legs. what is your experience in this respect? any recommendations? thanks!!!


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