Ultimate Guide to Cloth Trainers Part 3

March 9, 2012

Reviews, Training/EC

The final installment of the Ultimate Guide to Cloth Trainers. You can catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 for info on cloth trainers beginning in letters A-K.

As mentioned before, this is a work in progress that will be added to as reviews are discovered and experience is had.

Feel free to offer comments on trainers listed or not!

    Little Beetle Learners.Absorbency is comparable to Gerber training undies. Pull up style, no pocket for adding absorbency. I like the wide, flat leg and waist elastic as opposed to the tight, bunched elastic on other brands.But, be aware of the snaps! They will leave marks on your child. Poor Sterling had horrid impressions!Better for Babies, the company that makes Little Beetle, has closed it’s doors. However, there are still many trainers on the market if you are interested. Little Beetle Learners are very soft, as they are made of organic velour cotton. They do not contain any PUL so don’t count on them holding much but solids.The side snaps do make it easy to take off in the event of a solid accident.I enjoyed reading the review written on the Earthy Crunchy Mama Blog.
    Otter Puddles

    I really liked my Otter Puddles- they have cute colour combos, they look just like undies, the range of sizes goes down really small (I think they would be good for EC), they have (adjustable) snaps at both hips, and an optional booster. They wouldn’t keep the bed from getting wet, they will feel damp on the outside if there is an accident, but as long as you change soon they should keep clothes dry (to be honest I’m not 100% sure on that, I always put my dd in skirts or dresses when potty training). In any case, I figure that if your ‘training pants’ are able to keep the bed dry, it’s actually a slip on/off diaper, not training pants! ~Emily D.

    Super Undies. Super Undies are one of the most recommended trainers among experienced cloth diaper moms (as observed from forums and Facebook groups). Super Undies have a great size range. If you have a older, large or special needs child the size large will accommodate where most other brands don’t.

    Super Undies pocket trainers are designed to look like big kid undies. They have snaps in the back to remove them in the case of a messy accident, but the front looks more like underwear than a diaper. There is just enough absorbency sewn in to catch a small accident, but you can add step up inserts to provide enough absorbency to last through a car ride or other extended wear. Three sizes with two waist settings each will fit even big kids. The trainers are fairly trim with the sewn in soaker only, but adding inserts gives them more of a fluffy, diaper-like look. ~Maria

    Maria wrote a great review of Super Undies Pocket Potty training pants that I highly recommend.

    Super Undies produced this video to show you how their pocket trainer works.

    Snap-Ez Pocket Trainers. If you have a special needs older child or adult, Snap-Ez is the best option for you. Cloth diapers and trainers in adult sizes are much harder to come by. I get several inquiries a year for recommendations in this area. If you are shopping for an adult you will shop the Snap-Ez pocket diapers. This is because you are most likely looking for something with more absorbency than a “trainer”.
    Tinkle Time Trainers by Ladder Hill Designs. Tinkle Time Trainers is a pattern available for purchase.  There are many different styles that can be seen here: Tinkle Time Pocket Trainer Pattern.  Review written for All About Cloth Diapers by Audi D.

    I purchased this pocket trainer (PUL outer, bamboo velour inner) for at night for my 4 year old potty trained son. I wanted something that could be pulled up and down easily, as he sometimes wakes up at night to go to the bathroom on his own. He still is a very heavy wetter at night.

    After discussing some options with the lovely lady, Hope, we decided on a nighttime trainer with her bamboo insert and doubler set. I purchased the size 4T, my son weighs 38lbs and wears mostly size 4 clothing. The trainer with the doubler set comes to about $25 total.

    I was curious about using zorb, as I heard it’s good for heavy wetters so she offered to sew zorb in the inner layer of the inserts for me. She is a wonderfully helpful lady! When I received the package in the mail (about 2 weeks from the time I ordered until I received it in the mail, from the US to Canada!)

    I was surprised at how large and substantial the insert seemed, and how well the trainer was sewn. VERY VERY good quality and lots of bang for your buck! It went through the prewash beautifully. The first night I tried it I also put in small fuzzibunz minky insert as a doubler. When trying it on my son the first time he said it was very soft and comfortable. It’s also quite a bit more trim than any other trainers I’ve looked at (SuperUndies, Happy Heiny’s)

    My son is VERY picky about what he wears, he would NOT wear cloth of any kind before this. I put him to bed and surprise! His sheets and pj’s were completely dry in the morning. He sleeps 12 hours at night. 2nd time I tried it he was still dry. The 3rd we had a leak… I’m not sure why as the insert wasn’t saturated, but I was ready to try again anyways… the 4th and 5th time I tried it we had no leaks! Fit is very important in these trainers, and Hope sewed them exactly to the right specifications.

    On the whole I am very pleased with this trainer, honestly I have no idea what could be improved on, all the reviews I’ve read rave about these, and I agree!

    Hope is simply THE BEST lady I’ve ever dealt with, (in my limited experience) and if you are looking to invest in trainers (night or day) she is the lady to call!

  • Underwear. No absorbency, hard to clean up poop accidents. However, easy transition and cheapest. I’ve used underwear for potty training 4 children and, aside from 1 child who makes everything interesting, it has been a smooth experience. I’m sure I change sheets more than someone who uses cloth trainers but overall I have found the system to be successful.
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8 Responses to “Ultimate Guide to Cloth Trainers Part 3”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Is there anywhere you can find Bum Unders any more?
    I want something that’s good for nighttime but still looks like and feels like underwear.
    I have some super undies, but they are too big still for my 2 year old. I wish the nighttime version of those came in smaller sizes.
    Any tips or help. I want her out of pull ups for nap time and bedtime.


  2. Amy Says:

    Where can you find the tinkle time trainers? Ladder Hill design no longer sells it.


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      I checked into this and it looks like the download is no longer carried there. I was unable to find it anywhere else. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be more of a help.


  3. Tamara Says:

    Just thought I would let you know I just spent a lot of time and went through each and every one of these. They are almost all unavailable!!! They are either out of business, stopped making that particular product, or are “on leave”. It seems like most of them went out of business!
    I COULD NOT find 1 pair that I liked that were available (or affordable. IMHO there needs to be some more affordable clothe diapers. I can buy a simple pair o Gerber trainers for real cheap, but the thing is i want side snaps. ChaChing!!! Something with side snaps suddenly becomes $15 to $30 a pair. I just want a simple pair of padded underwear with snaps; it shouldn’t cost me a small fortune! Okay rant done HAHA) anyways, I finally found these on amazon, which are the most affordable thus far: BubuBibi training pants. You should add them to your list! And whats better, you can get them from cheaper on the BubuBibi website. :-)


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Hi Tamara, You are right. It does need to be update. This post was written three years ago. I will get it on my to do list and check into Bububibi. Thanks!


  4. Meg Says:

    We have used several cloth trainers over the years and our favorites have been a few of those you have listed :)

    – Snap-EZ (AIO & Stuffable)
    – SuperUndies
    – BumUnders
    – TotWraps Transitions
    – Potty Scotty/Patty (padded underwear, non-waterproof)
    – Ladder HIll Designs Tinkle Time (daytime and nighttime pocket)


  5. Brooke Says:

    Thanks for putting this together – I have friends that often ask me about trainers. While I have CDed all of my children, I have always switched to disposable trainers for potty training. For my first two children, there were no trainers available. For my third, there were just 3 kinds and I didn’t want to spend the $$$. With my current potty trainer, my issue is his escapist tendencies. He can get out of anything that snaps and then pulls it out of his britches . It is quite a treat to be walking through a store and have him suddenly hand his trainer to you! I do have two pull on only style Blueberry trainers that I really like, but poopy accidents are a nightmare. What works for us is Pampers Easy Ups. He can’t get them undone, but I can tear them off if I need too. I often just put him in very cheap undies then cut them off if the mess is really bad. :)


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