Ultimate Guide to Hemp and Bamboo Inserts & Doublers, Cloth Diaper’s Best Friends


Back in February, I wrote: Curious about Microfiber, Hemp, and Bamboo inserts? Is there a RIGHT way to use them in a cloth diaper? I refer people to it alot! As a spin off, it seems appropriate to include a post comparing a number of different hemp and bamboo doublers. If you said to me, “I need more absorbency but I still want it to be trim, what should I get?” My answer would be, hands down, hemp or bamboo! Besides being super absorbers, they don’t hold onto stink and wash easily as well.

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Itsy Bitsy Bums, a cloth diaper and natural parenting store, was kind enough to provide me with a few different brands of doublers to test out and review. While I was given these doublers I am still giving you my sincere honest opinion here. Abby, the owner of Itsy Bitsy Bums, was super helpful to work with and I just wished I lived closer to their brick and mortar Itsy Bitsy Bums store that is located in Kansas City, MO. I would have loved to visit their cloth diapering and babywearing classes when I was a newbie!

I added two of my own inserts (Ragababe and Thirsties) to the bunch just to include as much information as possible. As it turned out, I found a new front runner in my night diapering system, which I was surprised about because I already really liked what we were using. I tested these in our night and naptime diapers and have used and washed about 25 times. This list is organized in order of my preference and recommendation. Ok, so what are we looking at here…

From L to R: Peachy Baby Large and small,  Thirsties Hemp Insert Large, Babykicks Joeybunz Premium Medium and Regular OS, Ragababe Medium, Sloomb Large, Hemp Babies Large.

From L to R: Peachy Baby Large and small, Thirsties Hemp Insert Large, Babykicks Joeybunz Premium Medium and Regular OS, Ragababe Medium, Sloomb Large, Hemp Babies Large.

1.  Peachy Baby Bamboo Inserts

This is my new favorite. I cannot get over how trim they are (thinnest most effective doubler I have ever used). I was a staunch supporter of Thirsties Hemp Inserts and while they are still awesome, Peachy Baby’s are thinner! These are made in Canada of 70% Bamboo Rayon/ 30% Organic Cotton and come in a two pack of one small and one large. Even after approximately 25 washes, these have remained so soft that my husband actually caught me rubbing it on my cheek after I took it out of the dryer! All inserts have some shrinkage after washing. These started out 5”x14” for the small and 5”x16” for the large. They now measure 4.5”x11.75 for the small and 4.25”x 13.75” for the large. The quality of construction is very high. They still look like new. I will be buying more of these. Because these are made of bamboo, the inserts are very versatile. They can be used by themselves, together, or added to another insert to make the ultimate cloth diaper. These can also be used from birth till potty training! Check out Autumn’s review of the Peachy Baby inserts and diaper! I LOVE these!!!

2.  Thirsties Hemp Inserts

These were part of my personal stash already. You can find my full review of them HERE. They have been my go to add on’s for our bullet proof night time diapers. In case you are wondering, that is a Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter with both microfiber inserts and two large Thirsties Hemp Inserts. Yes, big butt, but totally dry in the morning. I now wish I had more of the Peachy Baby Bamboo Inserts as they made the fluffy butt slightly less fluffy. Thirsties is still a great option though! Thirsties Hemp Inserts are made in the USA of 55% hemp/ 45% cotton. They measured 5.5”x 14.5” new, now almost a year later they measure 5”x13”. Easy to add to any diaper that needs a boost, washes well and are also very reasonably priced for a two pack.

3.  Babykicks Joeybunz Hemp Doublers

I received one Premium Medium Babykicks Joeybunz Hemp Doubler and one One Size doubler. The premium is like two inserts in one because it’s sewn together at one end and open at the other for faster drying. These are made in the USA of Hemp/Cotton (I was unable to find exact blend). Starting dimensions are 15.25″ long (6″ at the widest part and 4.5″ at the center). They currently measure 14.5” and 5.75” at widest and 4.25 at center. Super trim at only 1/8”. Babykicks recommends these as replacement inserts for any cloth diaper. They are contoured to provide a better fit around the legs. There are a lot of glowing reviews on these. I needed to use all three layers, (they were still trim) in our night diapers. Having to use more would raise purchase price because you would need to buy more. I did have a few loose threads around the edge serging, nothing major. I just snipped off, no problem. These are also just slightly rough feeling to me. Because of these reasons, these were pretty middle of the road for me.

4.  Ragababe Organic Cotton Sherpa Inserts and Doublers

These were part of my personal stash and I have been using them for most of Sophia’s life (19 months). Ragababe in general are my favorite diapers. These are made in the USA of a 100% organic cotton outer and 90% Bamboo Rayon/ 10% polyester inner. I was unable to find starting measurements, but they currently measure 10”x4” for the doubler and 11.75”x4” for the medium insert. There are a couple of reasons I didn’t rank them higher: The actual doubler is kind of small, so I actually use their medium sized inserts to double up during the day. And secondly, they are slightly thicker than the other inserts mentioned above. So in order to get enough absorbency for night, we would end up with a pretty bulky diaper. Finally, they are on the spendy side. On the plus side: they are very absorbent, well made and remain soft even after years of use.

5.  Sloomb Organic Bamboo Doubler

I received a large doubler to test. Most people usually receive this doubler inside one of Sustainablebabyish’s organic bamboo fitteds or OBF’s. You can also buy these separately though. This is a decent day time doubler. These are made in the USA from 70% viscose from bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Starting measurements are 13”x4” and currently measure 13”x3.75” (very little shrinkage). The biggest drawback is that after a while, these start to feel stiff. Like when you dry clothes outside in the winter. They can be softened up with a little Mrs. Meyers Fabric softener if you need to.

6.  Hemp Babies Hemp Doubler

The one I received to review oddly enough measures bigger than the listed dimensions on the website. The fully prepped dimensions are listed as 14.5 in. x 4 in. Mine currently measures 15.5”x4.5”. ??? These are actually made by Cotton Babies here in the USA of 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton. Truth be told, these are the thinnest doublers on the list. But also not one of the most absorbent because of that. I would say this one is probably the most versatile because you literally fold into any size you want and it still razor thin. I’m kind of lazy, so I didn’t reach for these because I had to fold it (otherwise it wouldn’t even fit into the diaper). Obviously it is easy to fold, but like I said, lazy is my reason. This was just my personal preference to rank this one lower I think many would find it higher on their own list.

**Wrap-up** I reviewed the larger sizes of all inserts and doublers because that is what my 21 month old needed. However, most of these come in sized options and some in one size. They can all be used interchangeably in any cloth diaper. And whether you choose hemp or bamboo you will be making a good choice.

Please click this link in case you missed it posted above: Curious about Microfiber, Hemp, and Bamboo inserts? Is there a RIGHT way to use them in a cloth diaper? It will explain a lot about hemp and bamboo including how to prep for use!

Alright! Any other hemp or bamboo inserts or doublers you would like to see reviewed? Do you have a favorite?

Itsy Bitsy Bums is generously matching what they gave me in a giveaway for All About Cloth Diapers readers! That means you can enter below to win: Peachy Baby Bamboo Inserts – 2pk, Babykicks Joeybunz Hemp Doublers (Premium Medium and Regular OS), Sloomb Organic Bamboo Doubler, and a Hemp Babies Hemp Doubler. This is only open to US residents as IBB does not ship internationally. Please use the rafflecopter form below to enter. Good Luck!

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