Come See My Freshly Updated Cloth Diaper Recommendations

July 13, 2011


I am so excited to announce that I have finally updated the My Recommendations page!

I listened to your feedback and have added links to the reviews. Plus, I have subtracted and added products where necessary.

A few things worth noting:

  • Pooters has a new hemp and bamboo fitted diaper design. I’ll be reviewing it in the near future but I wanted to give you some basics. The rise is longer, they now have snaps for a newborn setting and they are now turned & topstitched.  They look great and of course perform excellent!
  • Sweetpea diaper covers are now in my recommendations for covers.  I did not write the review but once the cover was returned to me I began using it and reeeeeeally like it.  I love the softness of the knit PUL and it just fits way better than my other covers (Rumparooz and Thirsties).
  • Itti Bitti cloth diapers are now in the AIO category. I have not gotten around to reviewing them (boo!) but they are super…all of them.  Love the line.  Very absorbent. Trim. UBER CUTE.

I think that sums up the major changes.

Let me know if you have other suggestions.  I make a mental note of all the feedback and eventually act on it.

Also, next week I will be out of town. Don’t think I’m ignoring you if I ignore you.

If you comment and it’s your first time commenting it won’t be approved until I return. Ask over on the Facebook page if you need an answer immediately. (and if you still don’t get an answer ask Maj @ Pooters on her Facebook page. She’s awesome at responding!)

I’ll have 1 or 2 scheduled posts publish — hopefully— to keep you informed and educated :)

What cloth diapers do I recommend??


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26 Responses to “Come See My Freshly Updated Cloth Diaper Recommendations”

  1. melissa Says:

    Hi Autumn,

    Quick question – we prefer using cloth diapers with covers rather than the aio, etc,. Do you have any recommendations for these? We have a couple of kissaluvs – but I’ve noticed that they’ve already lost most of their softness – and the bebe is only 6 weeks old now. We use prefolds, but my husband would prefer a fitted type diaper, and honestly, it seems like the baby prefers them as well.



  2. Emily Hicks Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    I love your blog! I’ve learned so much! I have a question about the Pooters Hemp or Bamboo fitteds. My 10 month old son has extremely sensitive skin so at night I’ve been putting him in disposables but I want to use cloth. I currently have to put a fleece liner with his prefolds to help keep his bum from getting red. Would the Pooters be good for a nighttime diaper? Would I need to put a fleece liner with those as well? FYI, he is a heavy wetter.
    Thanks for your help!


  3. Jane Smith Says:

    Not sure if this is the place for this but I have a mini ‘review’ of the Itti Bitti Tutto:

    I truly wish I had these diapers when my daughter was born to see if they really live up to a ‘one size’ reputation. As it is, I first got them when she was 11lbs and I’m happy to say I was extremely happy with the fit (and the different adjustments available to the fit). The inserts were a little daunting but they are very intuitive – snap smallest setting with most padding in the middle for a girl. I then decided to try the diapers on my (just turned) 2 year old who needs the rise of a large diaper and is a heavy wetter. I snapped in both inserts and the ‘mini’ pad to give maximum up front absorbancy. I didn’t hold out much hope of a leak free experience as the inserts are so thin. 4 hours later I removed the wet diaper and everything outside of the diaper was dry. I was amazed as I had only washed the diaper once and the bamboo was no where near maximum absorbancy. It fits nice and trim and I love the fluffy soft outer fabric. I like the flexibility of adjusting the inserts to suit both an infant and a toddler. I also like that you can use the outer shell as a cover or just snap in a fresh liner if the shell is still dry. I will be buying the extra insert sets that are sold separately.

    My one wish was for this diaper to be not suedecloth (I had really bad experiences with BG3 suedecloth and DS had bad reactions to it). I have had no such experience with this diaper so I can only assume the suedecloth is different.


  4. Lauren R Says:

    I am starting to build up a stash of cloth diapers before my baby arrives. I ordered several flip on size diapers and I think that they are going to be great when the baby is big enough for them. After looking at them I realized that they are most likely not going to fit a newborn, so now I am trying to decide what brands to purchase for a newborn. I am looking for AIO diapers, have you ever tried grovia AIO newborn diapers or the bum genius AIO newborn diapers? Do you have any other suggestions for AIO newborn diapers? I am looking for the best deal on diapers however I am willing to spend a little more for a good diaper.


  5. Melinda Says:

    What about ragababes?


  6. Jen H Says:

    We’re a long way off from needing them, but was just wondering what your recommendations on cloth training pants are. My son is 3 1/2 months old, so we’ve still got plenty of time. All our diapers are one-size pockets. We use bum genius 4.0s, Happy Heinys and Rumparooz, and have both snaps and Velcro. I know they say they fit from birth to potty training, but how does that work? It seems like they’d be too difficult for him to get down by himself. I stopped by a local CD store to pick up some Rockin Green today and they had training pants there…which got me to started thinking about this. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks!


  7. Heidi Says:

    I recently got some grasshopper diapers, based on your recommendations. I have washed and dried them at least 8 times now and I have trouble with them leaking through the PUL everytime. Any suggestions?

    I have noticed my thirsties covers leak through the PUL at times as well. What causes this?

    Thanks for all the helpful info in your blog. It is much appreciated!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      When does the leaking occur? Right away or after baby has saturated the diaper? Do you use fabric softener?


      • Heidi Says:

        The leaking occurs about an hour to an hour and a half after I change him. Usually the diaper is wet, but not fully saturated. I do not use fabric softener.


  8. Sarah B Says:

    Autumn, love your blog! it has been SO helpful as we started our cloth diaper journey.

    I have a troubleshooting question with my Rumparooz–we have been using them for nighttime for over a month with no problems (DD is 2.5 months) and now they are mysteriously leaking after only 3-4 hours (they used to go 12 or more, easy!). I recently stripped all my diapers with Dawn (1 Tb then two wash cycles with five rinses) to clear buildup off some used Fuzzibunz I bought. Not sure if it’s related to the strip, because all the other diapers are working great–it doesn’t make sense that only the Rumparooz would be leaking, but I have no idea what else it could be. Any suggestions?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Where is the leaking occuring? Through the PUL or around the legs?


      • Sarah B Says:

        I’m not exactly sure what you mean by through the PUL. Both times it has happened, when I picked her up I noticed that her clothes were damp over the entire surface area where her diaper covered her bottom. I checked the elastic at the back and to see if looseness or gaping had caused the leak, but the elastic seemed tight. Did not check the legs because the wetness was closer to her back. This most recent time I checked the inserts too and they do not seem to be repelling.


  9. Diana Says:

    Hey Autumn,
    thank you for the great blog/advise!! I have a question though about washing. If you have the answer before, I can’t find it. I wash my diapers, mostly bum genius in a front loader with tide (for smell) but sometimes, well often they still smell like poo! What am I doing wrong? I use tissue liners in the diapers, (sometimes they have not worked though) and I rinse them out immediately after they poo and wash them pretty quickly thereafter. Any suggestions on how to get rid of poo smell? It isn’t as noticeable when dry but when he wets the first time it really stinks! People have smelled it and said that he needs a diaper change! I’ve tried soaking in hard rock for ammonia. What else can I do?

    Thank you,


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Sometimes that smell can be from a detergent buildup which is probably the case with Tide. To strip them you need VERY HOT water. Are you using BG AIOs? or pockets?


  10. Karissa Says:

    I love my Itti Bitti’s. I am in Australia, so they are popular here being an Australian brand, this is the first time I have heard them mentioned on an “international” page. :) I am definitely an AIO kind of girl for day time use, and had the Itti Bitti D’lish AIOs when my son was little, Now I have recently acquired some of the Snap in Ones… Love them…. I think I am starting to convert to the snaps ins in various brands now rather than the true AIOs. I am thinking they must get a better clean being in separate pieces and I don’t mind snapping inserts but I hate stuffing pockets.. LOL


  11. Jessica Says:

    Have you tried the Thirsties Prewash? I absolutely love it. The only thing that’s gotten rid of the stinkies! Tried just about everything else–RockInGreen soaks, Ammonia Bouncer, etc. Wonderful product–wouldn’t have survived cloth diapering thus far without it.


  12. Heidi Says:

    I thought maybe Tot Bots Easy Fits would have made the list. If I like these, what other diaper on your list would I like? Thanks for all your reviews. Love it!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I should have added them :) I sold ours because Camden didn’t react well to the inner but other than that they are great!


  13. Chantelle Says:

    I just ordered 2 Itti Bittis today!!! I can’t wait to try them out! I ot 2 shipped for less then 40 dollars!


  14. Yanira Says:

    thank you so much for your reviews. they are very helpful!
    what type of diapers or brands would you recommend for dads or babysitters use. my son is 10 months old.
    thank you.


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