Walmart on Black Friday? Why, yes I did.

December 6, 2013

Cloth Diapers

It started out innocent enough.  The Friday after Thanksgiving my husband worked furiously on a 20 page paper he had due on Monday (he had just started it).

Haley had been begging for weeks to get a Christmas tree and we promised her/them that we would after Thanksgiving.

Late afternoon rolls around and my husband’s eyes were glazing over from staring at a computer screen for 8 hours.  We agree that surely the crowds have died down and we could go get a tree…just a tree.

{earlier in the day my husband and I shopped small businesses}

Grandma suggested Walmart so to Walmart we went. On Black Friday. We do realize that Walmart is crazy on a normal day but again surely the shoppers had dropped by 4 in the afternoon.

Turns out it wasn’t too bad. But, they didn’t have a tree we liked. So, back to the toy section we go.

A couple of hours later we made it to the van. In the back hidden under my woven baby wraps were the kids’ gifts. Yes, we went to Walmart and unintentionally bought most of the Christmas presents. Ever gone off mission like that??

We still didn’t have a tree though.

Thankfully, Home Depot is down the road and they had a beauty just perfect for our family!

I love it.

It’s fake. Pre-lit. 9′ tall. And easy to assemble.  Win!

Other things on my Christmas list: Christmas cards, Christmas parties, wrapping gifts, making a gift for my secret sister at church.

I am happy to say they are all DONE! Want to see our Christmas card?? Never mind, I tried to take a picture of it and it turned out horrible.  We used this photo from the summer.

Yesterday, we attended the Christmas Chapel at The Master’s Seminary where my husband attends.  I LOVE the photo we had taken! I would have used it for the cards had it been earlier.

This has turned into a pic heavy post!  One more to go though!

Have you ever participated in a secret sister program?  This was my first year and it was so much fun!  Little gifts and cards throughout the year culminated in a big reveal at the Christmas party.

I was SO nervous.  I had decided to create a painting for the woman who has become like a mother to me.  I’m not an artist at all.  And guess what?  I found out AFTER I gave her my gift that she used to work in a NY art gallery and has a practical museum in her home.  Pretty much embarrassing.  But, being the good mother she gushed and gushed over the gift and now I love her more!

Here is my sweet friend and the gift I made for her.

Now that this week is almost over I am starting to breathe a bit easier.  There is still much to be done between now and Christmas but it’s all fun!

For our family it’s also important to keep the main reason for Christmas as a central theme in our home.  No matter how busy or commercialized the Christmas season is, Christ is still our focus.

Have you sent out your Christmas cards??


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6 Responses to “Walmart on Black Friday? Why, yes I did.”

  1. Sindi Says:

    Hi! So is that MacArthur’s Masters Seminary here in Sunland? I was reading your post to my hubby and he said that Master’s Seminary is MacArthur’s. we used to go to the Resokved conferences an our friend is attending that school now.


  2. Sarah Jane Says:

    Every year, I plan on sending out Christmas cards, but never do. :/ Hopefully sometime I’ll actually follow through.


  3. Tenaj Says:

    You’re a brave soul!

    Random question- There is a fantastic wrap holding your baby in your back. What is that?


  4. Cindi Says:

    Yes you are an artist and I personally cherish everything you’ve painted for me. I just unwrapped my precious little snowman painting you painted for me several years ago. It’s my favorite!

    But I do need a sweet little bird if you want to do another one =)


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