Want the best wet bag for your cloth diapers?

September 21, 2009

Cloth Diaper Extras, WAHMs

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We just bought a new camper (new to us) and we can’t wait to go camping!  But, first things first, I need a bigger wet bag before our first trip.

The first place I turn for wet bags is Leslie, designer of Leslie’s Boutique Wet Bags.  Over the last year and a half I have gotten to know Leslie and have seen first hand the love and quality she puts into her products.

I have been using the same Leslie’s Boutique wet bag for over 2 years…and it looks as good as new still.

I am looking for a bag that will hold at least 12 cloth diapers, cute print and is water-tight.  I don’t need any leaking of moisture or smell when I’m in a small pop-up camper. (the 16×20 wet bag looks like it might be the best fit for me)

I appreciate that on Leslie’s site (now called Cloth Diaper Superstore) has pictures of each wet bag size with the number of cloth diapers it will hold stacked next to the bag.  This is great for someone who is very visual!

There is one thing confusing about the site though, on the Wet Bag homepage there are 2 tabs: in-stock and custom.  I knew what the in-stock was but custom I assumed was a place for people who ordered custom items to go check out.  Therefore, I never clicked on it until this morning.

The custom tab is actually a page where you can order irregular, or custom, sized wet bags.  Fantastic!

Now for print selection.  What is your favorite fabric choice?  I’m leaning toward mardi gras, color bloom or fish (because we’ll be fishing a lot).

Since I’m shopping for myself I may as well buy a couple more…for two of you! Send me a comment of your favorite fabric choice and you’ll be entered.  If you want an extra entry blog, tweet or post on a forum about the giveaway.  No hoops to jump through ;)

I’ll pick a winner on Thursday the 24th around lunch time (I have 4 kids and homeschool can’t be more specific on the time :D)

Winners chosen!

Have fun!

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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100 Responses to “Want the best wet bag for your cloth diapers?”

  1. Candace Robinson Says:

    I may be too late! But I love both of the owl ones, the frogs, and the monkeys. Too many cute fabrics! I think I may have to order one soon myself and would be ordering from here because of the fabrics.


  2. Leslie Says:

    Wow Autumn….what a great response! Thanks everyone for all the kind words. As you can see, I’m a fabric FANATIC!
    I just wanted to clarify on the custom tab for the wet bags. It actually is for fabrics that you may see on the in-stock section but they may happen to be out at the time. We will custom make your bag in any of the fabrics that are there, or even your own fabric. And yes, we can customize sizes too! We will get into the website in the next 24 hours or so and make it more clear so it’s not so confusing!
    Good luck everyone!


  3. Amy B. Says:

    My favorite is the retro fruit and the fish. I’ve been thinking about getting a new wetbag and this would be great!


  4. Kristen Says:

    I couldn’t wait to see what “Yoga Monkey’s” looked like – How Cute! Although a cartoon print isnt my first pick. The “Round About Spa” is my number one!


  5. Jessie Says:

    I really like the coriander pine!

    jessiekaitlin at hotmail dot com


  6. LesLee Parish Says:

    I LOVE the Night owls print! That is perfect for camping! Thank for the give away!


  7. Jen Fischer Says:


    I let my kids pick too, they like sock monkey and yoga monkey.
    I like so many of them, I let the two older guys narrow it down. They are all so nice!

    Take care!!


  8. Tiffany N Says:

    What great fabrics! I really like the daisy one.


  9. Laura V. Says:

    I really like the night owls! Thanks for the chance to win!


  10. Lucy Says:

    so many great fabrics! i’m going to go with fish. thanks.


  11. Jens Says:

    Wet bags can really come in handy if we will hit the road or if we will go camping. That is a real help specially for mothers. Just imagine if we have a baby in a trip without the wet bag?


  12. Carla Nelson Says:

    I’d have to go with either the Brown Lotus or Boho Orchid:)


  13. Erin Says:

    So hard to choose! I really love them all! I guess I would choose the mod green swirls, though for the camper I think I would go frogs or fish, good luck choosing :)


  14. lynda Says:

    red asian is my favorite!


  15. Catherine Says:

    I like the Night Owls or the Coriander Pine. I have Jungle Fever for my son, but I have a little girl now and need another wetbag! I love Leslie’s Boutique.


  16. Nancy Liner Says:

    Wow what an incredibly tough decsion. I have never seen so many patterns I LOVE! My favorite is the retro fruit print. It is so cute! By the way I love your blog. Thank you. And thank you for such a generous offer.


  17. Sandra Says:

    My little chunky Monkey would like the MONKEY print bag. Thanks, there are so many adorable prints, thanks for sharing this site with us.


  18. Arwen Bobyk Says:

    Oh! Oh! I absiolutely LOVE the linen morning fabric! My 3 year old has a lovely dress I made her in this fabric and I would absolutely die to have a matching wet bag for the little lady who is expected to be born in early November! Love your blog! Thanks for all the great info!


  19. Terra Jones Says:

    I love our wet bags – I think I could easily have another addiction to those ;-)

    Good grief – those are beautiful fabrics! I think I’d pick Laughing Leaf b/c the ones we have are all brown & blue – apparently I’m drawn to that ;)


  20. Erin Calcara Says:

    I really like the fish! My son’s name is Jonah…so, I think that would be appropriate :) Thanks so much! I really appreciate your advice!


  21. Joan Says:

    I love the retro fruit one!! So cute!


  22. Mary Beth Says:

    Great giveaway! I like the Boho Orchid. marybethrabon at gmail dot com. Thanks!


  23. Jillian Says:

    She has too many cute fabric choices. But I love the Yoga Monkey print. Makes me feel Zen/happy at the same time!


  24. Joceline Says:

    It is a difficult choice, but I love Red Asian and Retro Fruit. Those fabrics are gorgeous!


  25. Whitnie Says:

    What a great giveaway. I was wondering if I should register for one of these since we will be doing CD when baby gets here and it looks as if this is a must-have. Boho Orchid is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! It matches her nursery colors to a T!


  26. Jennifer Bailey Says:

    My personal favorite is the aqua goth…it’s hard to find punky “goth” prints in the cloth diapering world and I’m loving that there are 2 skull fabrics here.


  27. Danna Says:

    Ooooooh! I need a new wet bag. My current one is too small. i really like the red asian print as well as the orchid boho print. They are all so pretty it’s hard to choose which one I like the best!


  28. Lauren Says:

    My favorite fabric…. ahhh… I like so many. Right now it’s the Coriander Pine. The selection is fantastic!


  29. Heather Says:

    I love the sage zoo!


  30. Nicole Says:

    So hard to pick!
    But when factoring in 2 (soon to be 3!) boys, I know that “Frogs” would be a huge hit at our house.

    I would LOVE a new wet bag – I have a boring plain white one that is really bugging me lately with its lack of cuteness.
    Leslie’s prints are WAAAAAAAY more fun!


  31. Nicole Says:

    Although it is hard to choose just one, my favorite is the coriander blue. I have it in a small bag size and I keep it hooked onto our stroller when we are out. I get TONS of compliments on the bag and it always leads to a cloth diaper discussion! :)


  32. Alexis Says:

    I like black damask. Of course, that’s because it matches the black damask drapes in my nursery.


  33. Amanda Says:

    As soon as I read the title of your post, I thought….Leslie’s, of course! Glad to hear that you share my love.

    I’m between the fish and the laughing leaf…I love them both.


  34. Heather McKinnon Says:

    My fav is Daisy Dreams. Having two little girls, this print would work with all 3 of us. :)


  35. Marlana Ward Says:

    The Yoga Monkeys are just TOO cute!


  36. Alison Says:

    Mango paradise all the way!!!!! Nice and brite. It would make a great convo starter!!!!


  37. Stephanie Says:

    love the frog print!


  38. Kathleen Says:

    Oh my gosh, how to choose! I would have to say In-The-Moood because it is just too cute! I have been wanting to try a Leslie’s wetbag since everyone seems to have only good things to say about her stuff.


  39. Michelle Says:

    Brown Lotus and Sage Lacework are super cute. They would be my choice! Happy to find a link to wetbags people love, I need to find one that works for me.


  40. Christine Says:

    There are so many awesome fabric choices that I couldn’t narrow my favorites down to just one so I let my boys pick. DS#1 picked the Surfboards print and DS#2 picked the Mardi Gras print. The Mardi Gras print was also one of my top picks.


  41. Mya Says:

    I like brown owls! Etsy is another great place to find wet bags, but Leslies fabrics are amazing! Enter me for one!


  42. Amanda Says:

    My boys love the Sock Monkeys print; they always ask why we give the monkeys dirty diapers instead of bananas in their bag! We get great comments from random strangers on this print also.


  43. Stacy Says:

    I have two travel sizes in brown/blue dots and yoga monkeys and love them! I have another brand of large wetbag and have been patiently waiting to purchase a large leslie’s! Sock Monkey or Colored bangles…


  44. sandy Says:

    love the cowprint! THanks! I have the travel one and it is so great for the diaper bag!


  45. Melissa Says:

    I love the frogs one!


  46. Shawnna Says:

    Super giveaway!! I love Round About Spa


  47. Charlotte Says:

    Oh, how to choose just one? I love the Night Owls.


  48. Sarah J. Says:

    What a tough decision choosing just one! There are some really cute fabrics! I think I would go with the Frogs.
    We went camping this past summer in my in-laws’ camper. The bags I am currently using let moisture through, especially the dirty ones that have had the solids rinsed off and with a drawstring top, the smell started to seep out after a few days. It would be nice to have one that didn’t leak or smell!
    Thank you!


  49. anpnek Says:

    I blogged about it on my blog: http://thescrepneks.blogspot.com


  50. Emily E. Says:

    So many cute choices! I think I would choose Carnival Bloom or Black Damask…tough choice!

    Would you believe we have been using cloth diapers for 2.5 years and I still don’t have a wet bag? I know. Horrible!


  51. anpnek Says:

    I like orchid dotastic and 2-d zoo. I can’t decide!


  52. Becky Gittings Says:

    I really like the Color Bangles and Mardi Gras! so vibrant and colorful!! :)


  53. Dae Says:

    Oh gosh, I would LOVE to win one of these! I bought a well-loved wetbag when my ds was born almost a year ago and it “died” on me a couple months ago. I’ve been using grocery bags for the past two months for dirty diapers! Let me tell ya, the crunching sound and lovely “artwork” of grocery bags stuffed inside the diaper bag is something I’d love to say, “good bye” to very soon! It’s not very appealing to change ds’s diaper and have to shove it in a grocery bag before someone sees, lol! I would love ANY print that’s not really girly, because I’m so desperate for a real wetbag! The brown/blue dots print matches my diaper bag, the brown owls, 2-D zoo, Round About Spa, Navy Santa Barbara, Frogs, Night Owls, In the Moood, and Surfboards are all adorable! I think the two owl prints are probably my favorite, but as I said, I’d take just about anything at this point, as long as it doesn’t have a grovery store logo on the side! : D


  54. Jackie Says:

    It is so hard to choose! I like the orchid dottastic…one of many!


  55. Kristin Says:

    I love the coriander pine. I use planetwise wetbags, and have only had one for about three months and the laminate is already peeling off on the inside!! I would love to try a new one out!


  56. Libby H Says:

    I love the coriander pine! Thanks for the chance!


  57. Tina Says:

    hmmm…gotta love the sock monkeys…(I already have different sized wet bags in daisy dreams and light blue pareo–i love the ‘grab-n-go’ 9×9 wet-bag for out and about)


  58. Ruth Says:

    I would love one of these! My current wetbag was tossed in from a Craigslist sale and holds three diapers tops. I break out the plastic bag if we need more than that. I love the 2-D zoo fabric. thanks!


  59. Lacey Miller Says:

    My favorite so far is the Yoga Monkeys too! Sooo super cute!


  60. karen Says:

    they’re ALL so pretty! i woudl choose the Carnival Bloom I think. Thanks so much!!


  61. Beth R Says:

    What a hard choice! She has so many awesome materials, but I would go with groovy orchid. :)


  62. Kia Says:

    These are really nice looking! I’d select Daisy Dreams! Thanks for the chance!


  63. Kate Awad Says:

    I love the chocolate damask. Super cute bags.


  64. heidi Says:

    I love Red Asian and Sock Mockey!! there are so many cute ones though its a hard choice!


  65. Denise Says:

    How do you choose with that many cute prints?!?

    I think I like groovy spa, but they are all so cute!!


  66. Kelly Says:

    That is REALLY HARD! But if forced to choose just one, I think I would go with the Red Asian! Very colorful and super cute! I love wetbags!


  67. Shannon Ropp Says:

    I don’t have a wet beg yet but I need one. not enough $$ to spare. I love the love the ‘In the MOOD’ print!


  68. kriscake Says:

    I love both the sock monkey and the retro fruit fabric. Both are amazingly cute and I would be proud to stick my wet nappies in them. I wish I had known about these with my first daughter. All I had was a plain wet bag from the camping store but it worked well and never sprang a leak.


  69. Nicole Says:

    I love the Mardi Gras!


  70. Jenn Says:

    So many great fabric choices! Retro Fruit is my favorite!
    I’m posting link on my FB to your blog too ;)


  71. Wendy Says:

    I’m leaning toward the Color Bloom. I think it very vibrant. I, personally, have the Yoga monkeys and think that one is cute too. I also love my wetbag from her. She does excellent work.


  72. Lisa Steenberg Says:

    Wow! REALLY hard to pick ONE favorite!!!

    But, since I have to…I will go with the CARNIVAL BLOOM…

    …Very nice! Girly, but not too over the top. Overall there is a really nice variety of selections in the fabrics that look really good!

    I like these a lot!



  73. Ali Says:

    I love Mod Green Swirls! I also like cow as it matches our carseat. I have been looking for a wet bag. My husband is really resistant to extended our cloth diapering outside of the home, but with a new and funky wet bag…I may be able to convince him.


  74. Amanda Plouzek Says:

    Brown /blue dots would match fairly well in my little boy’s room. I love Leslie’s bags and own two of them! (I only have two). I am needing another for between washes, since we use one in the main floor, and one in the 2nd floor. I love the zipper closure and don’t find smell a problem. Thanks!


  75. Vicky Says:

    Oclothdiapers just twitted about your giveaway :)


  76. Vicky Says:

    Hi Autumn
    My favorite fabric would be the yoga monkeys – oh so cute!!!


  77. Amy Says:

    I can’t decide between Sock Monkeys and Paradise Mango! So many cute choices. :-)


  78. Sarah Flukinger Says:

    I love all the prints!! I was having a hard time choosing just one, but I really like the Night Owls, maybe because we are gearing up for Autumn, Autumn!! LOL!! But that seems like so much fun and very gender neutral!! Thanks for your post as I will be looking to add more wetbags to my collection soon as we are expecting #2!!


  79. Kari Says:

    that’s awesome…love the maxfield blue print! please enter me in the giveaway. Love all the helpful info…I’ve been researching cloth diapering for months….I have 55 days to go to my little man is here & I’m just as confused as the day I started researching. I’m so glad I found your site, great info!


  80. sonja lange Says:

    I love Maxfield Blue! These look way more cute than the plain red one we currently use!


  81. Allie Says:

    Wow! So many cute prints to choose from but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the boho orchid. So pretty! Thanks for offering this. :0)


  82. Stacey Says:

    This is a hard choice!! I think I would pick Frogs. How cute!! Thanks for offering a fun giveaway!


  83. Nicole Says:

    The Animal Crackers print is adorable!


  84. Casey Says:

    If you’re going to keep this wet bag in the camper full time I think the fish is really cute, but if you’re going to use it other times, too I’d go with the color bloom. It’s so hard to choose!
    There are so many good choices, normally I lean toward stripes or the damask, but for some reason the Turquoise Calaveras is catching my eye.

    I love these types of contests! Thanks Mama!!


  85. Tiffany Underwood Says:

    I just posted about the giveaway on my blog.


    Thank you! I love your site!


  86. Tiffany Underwood Says:

    LOVING the wet bag print choices. It seems so many wet bag makers tend to use the same fabrics! The fish are adorable, but I LOVE the Mardi Gras and even the Mod Green Swirls!!! I may have to get one for myself if I don’t win one!!! :)


  87. Crystal Says:

    She has so many great prints- I think I like the colorful spirals because it is gender neutral. And FUN!


  88. Cory Says:

    I like the sage lacework, which is stylish and looks like Queen Anne’s Lace — chic camping for sure. Or to go with something more whimsical, you can’t beat sock monkey!


  89. Crystal Says:

    Enter me please! I am so excited to get started with cloth diapers!


  90. Whitney Says:

    I just posted about this on Lake Norman Mommies Network in the Natural Living forum. Thanks so much!!


  91. Cyndy Says:

    The Yoga Monkeys are so cute! I have put my Leslie wet bag through the wringer and it has held up well! I’m always finding another place/reason why I think I need another one, but have so far managed my impulses.

    Have a great camping trip! Can’t wait to hear how it went.


  92. Whitney Says:

    What a fun giveaway (and for something I am in desperate need of)!! I liked so many of the fabric choices, but my favorite is the classy Black Damask. Now I’m off to post about this on our local Mommy forum :).


  93. Nancy Says:


    Sign me up for fishies as well, lol! I’m glad you posted about wet bags because I’ve been too overwhelmed by all the choices. :(

    Nancy Martin


  94. Teri s Says:

    LOVE the green martini print!


  95. Catherine Says:

    I love Blue Sky and Green Martini Dots (which actually matches the fabric I used in the nursery!). So cute, and I’m so glad to hear a recommendation on wet bags, which I need to order some of soon.


  96. Meg Says:

    Our faves are the Linen Morning and Green Pears. So cute!


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