Want to try a So Simple cloth diaper cover? I did!

February 12, 2010

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When I did my research for the best cloth diapers for nighttime I noticed that many of you love the So Simple covers.  I felt a little left out :(

Was I missing out on a cloth diaper cover that would change my life??  Um…Not likely, but I still wanted to try it.

I contacted LeAnn of Gigglebritches to see if she would be interested in a So Simple review.  She graciously sent me one to try and one of you will win one too!

The fit of the So Simple cover is a little clownish.  I’m okay with clownish if it performs well.

You can cut down on the clown look by ordering on the small end.  I ordered a medium for Sterling and it was huge! LeAnn swapped it for me and the small fits much better.

As expected, the cover performed well.  I haven’t had many PUL covers that didn’t hold in everything.  Good for me (only for review purposes), Sterling had a monster poo and it escaped the diaper.  Thankfully it did not come out of the So Simple cover.

So why would you want to buy a So Simple cover if it’s just like any other PUL cover?

  1. The fleece waist and legs.  Imagine how much more comfortable that is for baby than tight elastic!
  2. The So Simple cover can be used as a pull-up cover, then if necessary — like the poop incident– can be unsnapped.

Are there any disadvantages to the So Simple cover?

The fleece holds a urine smell so I wash it after nighttime use.  That is the only time I have used it.  Daytime use may allow for multiple uses. Also, size may be an issue for some.  Sterling is clearly in the medium size range, however, the small fits much better.

I can’t imagine that there is a cloth diaper that wouldn’t work with a So Simple cover.  With generous room, even the poofiest nighttime cloth diaper booty would fit.

I am very grateful for LeAnn offering to give away a So Simple to one of my readers.  Here’s how to enter:

**PLEASE use separate comments IF you want more than one entry.  If not then put all your entries in one comment ;)

  1. Enter your name and what size So Simple you think your baby needs
  2. Tell me what product LeAnn carries at Gigglebritches that you would like to try (besides the So Simple).
  3. Refer a friend to All About Cloth Diapers.  I trust you so just let me know you’ve spread the word.  My goal with this blog is to make cloth diapering as easy as possible for everyone.

~God Bless~

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153 Responses to “Want to try a So Simple cloth diaper cover? I did!”

  1. Parker Says:

    I am interested in trying So Simple (newborn). I was 18 when I had my first child now we are having twins due 04/20/10 and today I turned 31. Revisiting cloth diapers, there seems to be so many more choices out there. Your web site has been very helpful to navigate through the maze. Estimating 140 cloth diapers used per week, I feel it is most important to take steps to protect the earth for our future(our children) and what a better way! I am also interested in the Planet Wise Wet bags (medium or large) for when we are on the go to store soiled cloth diapers. Thanks so much!


  2. Emily Says:

    THANKS SO MUCH!!! What a great surprise!! :D


  3. Andrea Says:

    I think my son would be a small in So Simple, but I’d go for a medium because he’s growing very fast!

    A different product I’d like to try would be Tiny Tush Elite or Bumgenius.

    I’ve spread the word about your site! I even have a link for it on the side of my blog!


  4. Roe Says:

    Before I even knew about contests and giveaways on your site–I had already listed you on my blog as an “essential website”


  5. Roe Says:

    Like so many others, I would like to try the Grobaby!!


  6. Roe Says:

    I would love to try the so simple cover! My name is Roe and I am always looking for great cloth diapering products. My son would be a size large.


  7. Carrie Stoltzfus Says:

    Would love to also try Flip diapers.


  8. Carrie Stoltzfus Says:

    Carrie Stoltzfus – Size small.


  9. Carisa Thomas Says:

    my name is Carisa, and I am due in 3 days, so newborn size would be just the ticket!


  10. Wendy Says:

    I have a link to your site on my blog so I refer lots of people :)


  11. Wendy Says:

    I would try the Bottombumpers AIO because I’m really into the side snap these days and new to experimenting with AIOs….


  12. Wendy Says:

    Someone put my nighttime wool cover in the washing machine and it shrunk so I really need a new nighttime cover :) My little guy would wear a large.


  13. Mummatutu Says:

    I am a love spreader! I was just telling a friend a could days ago about your site. She has a friend at work that wants to try cloth but doesn’t know where to start. I pointed her to your blog!!! I know I found just about every answer I was looking for here so I am sure she will too!


  14. Mummatutu Says:

    I would LOVE to try more SoftBums! I have one but would love to try the Organic Bamboo Velour Snap-In Inserts for them.


  15. Mummatutu Says:

    Hi My names Patty and I was thinking of buying one of these to try (still thinking about it in fact) I would probably need a Small


  16. Carol Says:

    I sent emails recommending your blog to a couple moms-to-be.


  17. Carol Says:

    Looking around the Giggle Britches site I would like to try the Happy Hempys Fitted.


  18. Carol Says:

    I like the look of the So Simple, but have not tried them. I think my son would need a large.


  19. Kayla Says:

    I have 3 things I really want to try – GroBaby, Softbums, and Tiny Tush.


  20. Kayla Says:

    Kayla – my daughter would probably need a small. If not now, then very soon :)


  21. Angi Says:

    My name is Angi and my little one is Micah.
    Micah would wear a medium.
    I have been wanting to try a softbums!!
    I love to tell friends about cloth diapering and also your website!!
    Thanks. Angi


  22. Molly Says:

    I have told people about your blog, it’s been so helpful!


  23. Molly Says:

    I would love to try the Drybees gone natural!


  24. Molly Says:

    I think a medium would work for us.


  25. Vi Says:

    Size: Small
    — will be using for nighttime also and I pad extra for our heavy-wetter!
    Product: OsoCozy Fitted
    — the description really makes me go “oooh, do I need this?!!”
    Registered for your site last year will prepping for our first baby – You made me a cloth-diaper-believer and I try to spread the word through Facebookemails as much as I can! Go SAHM and us > ones especially in good ole Texas!!


  26. Kristy Says:

    I’ve posted the link to your blog on my facebook a couple of times now :). I love to spread the cloth love.


  27. Kristy Says:

    I would love to try the flip cover with an organic insert.


  28. Kristy Says:

    My baby would def fit a medium right now.


  29. Julie Says:

    Size small, butter color. Would like to try the pocket dipe sampler and DryBeez night time diapers. Telling all my CD friends!


  30. Emily Says:

    And I just shared your review of the Flip system with a friend recently!


  31. Emily Says:

    I’d love to try the Softbums.


  32. Emily Says:

    I have a little on the way so I’d like the newborn size.


  33. Karen Says:

    I’ve already recommended this site to other mamas interested in cloth diapering…and will continue to do so.


  34. Karen Says:

    I’d love to try GroBaby from Giggle Britches.


  35. Karen Says:

    I think my daughter would fit a medium So Simple cover.


  36. Sheena Says:

    If I were to pick something new to try it would be the Drybee’s nighttime diaper :)


  37. Sheena Says:

    I would love to try the So Simple cover…DD would take a small :)


  38. Liset Says:

    I would like to try the Thirsties Fab Fitteds.


  39. Sharon McLaughlin-Comstock Says:

    I would love to try the so simple but not to cover diapers. We are in the potty training stage now. It seems great that we can remove them from the side. It is hard enough to remove “big boy undies” without having to worry about the cover also…any other suggestions for the best potty training? This is my grandson, so it is a little different from over 20 years ago when I had my girls. Cloth is still the best.



  40. Liset Says:

    Liset – I would like a medium size.


  41. Janet Says:

    I would love a review of the Thirsties Fab fitted diapers. I already love a couple of the other products she sells. I have told a number of my friends about your blog. Especially those who are looking into trying cloth for the first time. I have learned so much and you make using cloth so easy!!! I know you said to go smaller with the size of the So Simple, but my almost 10 month old is 22 lbs so I think I need the large.


  42. Elisha Says:

    I have given your website to a few mom that have asked me questions on diaper swappers. I also just sent my aunt who wants to cloth diaper her granddaughter your link! : )


  43. Elisha Says:

    I would love to try the DryBees gone natural fitteds!


  44. Elisha Says:

    Elisha. My son would wear a large. : )


  45. Becky Says:

    PLease enter me in your contest! I posted to DS about this site!

    My ds is on the small/long size even though he is almost 6 months so he would probably need a small. I am just dying to try out the Flip system! Your review of it really helped me decide that I want to get some….would be great for the Grandparents and going out!
    Rebecca Amick

    Oh…BTW….I LOVE LOVE the pic of your little Sterling….sooooo cute!!!! :o)

    Thanks so much for doing all these great reviews about cloth diapers, your reviews have really helped me alot about cloth…I am still new to this and we are trying to build up a stash for our little guy so we can get him out of sposies…..nasty-yucky-horrible sposies!!!……Thanks!


  46. Kiersten Says:

    I told my friends to follow/read your blog!


  47. Kiersten Says:

    I’m guessing a size small….I guess I would need to measure her, because weight wise she would fit into a medium…


  48. Kiersten Says:

    I would like to try the grobaby diapers


  49. Ann Marie Says:

    I have been wanting to try a softbums, they look so trim. :)


  50. Ann Marie Says:

    My ds is about 33-34 pounds, but I think a large would be roomy enough. I love the lime and orange ones, sooooo cute!


  51. Catina Ivy Says:

    Name: Catina Ivy
    Size: medium
    Interested in: Flip and Gro Baby
    Yes, I’ve referred friends to All About Cloth Diapers.


  52. Jill Says:

    I’ve told several friends about your website when they started asking me all sorts of questions about how I’ve cloth diapered my kids. Your site has answered so many of my questions, I thought I should just spread the love.


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