Weehuggers Bamboo All-In-One: Review

***This is a review of the 1st generation Weehuggers. They have since released the 2nd generation!***

If you want an organic, earth-friendly, healthy, and trim cloth diaper for your child Weehuggers Bamboo All-in-Ones are an excellent choice.

There are a couple of features of Weehuggers that appeal to me: bamboo PUL (I didn’t even know that existed!), strong touch tape in the shape of cute hands, natural, earthy look, gussets and extreme softness.

Lisa, the WAHM behind Weehuggers, has impressed me.  Her desire to create a cloth diaper set apart from a lot of sameness out there makes Weehuggers more desirable.

Most of us would agree that cloth diapers are a healthy choice.  But not settling for healthy and going for healthiest was the goal she must have had in mind.

At this point, most of you are probably familiar with bamboo.  Here is an article written detailing the benefits of bamboo.

Weehuggers are very trim and very soft. When my husband was playing with Sterling the other day he said, “I like these diapers.  They’re very outdoorsy looking.”

Gotta love it when you find a cloth diaper your husband comments on or notices for that matter!

Lisa states on the information you receive with your diaper that Weehuggers are for day-time use.  The problem with using Weehuggers for an extended time is the wetness that occurs around the legs.

Because the gusset is bamboo and fleece lined the wetness is easily felt.  But, you won’t see any red marks on your baby’s thighs with the gentleness of the gussets and elastic.

Weehuggers are an affordable price especially if you wanted to have a few for daytime.  I don’t think there is any baby that could use these as a nighttime diaper.  Sterling is a light wetter and can go 2 hours before I feel the wetness on the legs.

I add a doubler for extra absorbency and the diaper is still uber trim.  Also the gussets do a great job of holding in poop…found that out this morning ;)

Weehuggers are also available as a cover.  I have not tried them yet but would be worth it if your baby gets red marks from other popular PUL covers.

As far as washing goes:

There are no laundry tabs but I did receive tab covers that I put on after changing.  This has not been a problem yet but we’ll see when I lose them!

Weehuggers are the fastest drying diaper in my stash (bg organic, sbish, grobaby mainly).  After 5+ washes I am not seeing any wear issues w/ the tabs.

One of my favorite aspects of this diaper is the tight, snug, clean fit of the waist.  Sterling is long and skinny. I have a size M and as you can see the tabs are crossed over.  There has been no rolling in and scratching on his belly that often occurs with cloth diapers.

I apologize for the washed out pictures! But, hopefully you can get good feel for the look and fit of a Weehuggers Bamboo All-in-One.

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9 Responses to “Weehuggers Bamboo All-In-One: Review”

  1. Patrice Says:

    Good looking diapers. I would try to purchase one for my baby. I'm sure that more WAHMs will try this also.


  2. monamontraix Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    I usually just lurk but this time I really have to write something to you :)
    Thank you for doing this site and going through all the reviews. If not for you and this site, I wouldn't have found a product like weehuggers until they reach the level of say BumGenius in terms product recognition.
    The weehuggers look sooo cute and the hand velcro is just genius! Can I ask you if you prefer the weehuggers or the SposoEasy (I read that the Sposos ranked pretty high on your fave diapers) in terms of trimness and absorption? Not counting the closure though. I have a few Sposos that I absolutely love but I know what you're saying about the velcro on them.




    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I'd have to say that overall I like Weehuggers better than SposoEasy. I really like the bamboo, “hugging hands” and natural look to the WH. They're about equal on absorbency and trimness.


  3. mummatutu Says:

    What an adorable diaper…. I love the little hands on the velcro…. Sooooo cute!


  4. CMommy Says:


    Elaborate on the “daytime use”. You say you can feel wetness on his legs after 2 hours, do you mean wicking on the exterior of the dipe? I LOVE the idea of this diaper but unfortunately I have a very heavy wetter. Zig is 3months 2weeks and he can soak a Goodmama in about 4 hours (I was using them as overnites). He sleeps 7-8 hour stretch so, I have to wake him up midway to change him because he has soaked through the GM and the cover (wool!) I wouldn't use this dipe for overnite (like you said) but just trying to give you an idea of how wet he can be. I have always loved bamboo and would love to try this dipe, but am afraid will it be soaked after he pees once. Would you compare the absorbency with that of a newborn or infant prefold?

    Thanks for anymore of your advice.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I'd say it compares to a prefold as far as absorbency. If he is a heavy wetter I'd imagine that it wouldn't hold 2 pees. My Weehuggers will probably not reach full absorbency for another wash or 2.


  5. Kara Teaster Says:

    I would love to try one of these diapers, but am unfortunately diaper broke at this time. Giveaways would be great or if she needs another reviewer, I am her person!


  6. Charndra@PartTimeDiaperFree Says:

    I just had to click through to see the hand shaped velcro tabs – VERY cute!

    I like the fold-over elastic that is on some diapers these days – is that the plush velour stuff? A diaper of mine has that – I like it.

    Good luck with your business Lisa, I applaud your research into and your site looks great!



  7. amylemmon Says:

    I think I need to try some of these!


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