Wet Bags so good NASA uses them in space!

October 26, 2015

Cloth Diapers

No one wants to smell dirty cloth diapers. No one wants a pail or wet bag that leaks. When you ask me which wet bags are the best I will recommend Monkey Foot Designs…hands down, every single time. Make sure you read to the bottom, there’s a discount there just for you!

Monkey Foot Designs

MFD has the only double wet bag on the market.

The top 5 reasons I love Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bags (MFD for short).

Reason 1: Stink and leaks just don’t happen. Ever.

I like my dirty diaper smell to stay INSIDE a wet bag. I don’t want to be that mom that has people asking….”What is that SMELL!?”

I can tell you that I have used wet bags that stink even after they’re closed. It’s embarrassing. One time I was out and someone asked if Sophia had pooped. She had, but I’d already changed it and tucked the mess in the wet bag to deal with at home. With my Monkey Foot Designs that would have been exactly what happened end of story. But with my Brand X wet bag, there was a definite stink wafting out of my diaper bag… Not a good way to convince people to cross to the cloth side if you know what I mean.

I’ve used my Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bags for over three years now. I currently put a week’s worth (a full 7 days) of night diapers in them (Sophia is only in diapers at night now). The only time you smell something is when you open the bag to put the next one in. Zip it closed and like magic… no smell.

When I was rinsing out poop cloth diapers, I wasn’t a big wringer. Yes, you really should…but I didn’t. I wanted as little touching of the poo residue as possible. I often put saturated rinsed diapers in my MFD bags. They have NEVER leaked. Ever…

*Disclaimer* You really should wring them out after rinsing. It gets more of the wet gunk away from the diaper and helps to keep mildew at bay in humid areas. I just didn’t do it myself as I am somewhat lazy about certain things. But aren’t we all?

Zip it closed….poof! No more smell. Nothing leaking out. LOVE that! Which brings me to reason two. How can you zip it closed and keep that stink in?

Reason 2: The ZIPPER & PULL! And a few other things…but look at that zipper pull!

I hang my bag off the side of the changing table. It’s always nice to be able to open the bag with one hand so you can use the other to make sure your kid doesn’t fall. The zipper is such good quality and the pull is so big that it is no problem to zip it open, throw the soiled diaper in and zip it closed…all with one hand! Keeping it simple is essential when you are a mom. This is simple!

Reason 3: High quality, Earth/family friendly materials…

Monkey Foot Designs uses ProCare to waterproof the bags instead of PUL. ProCare is a food safe, waterproof fabric. It is eco friendly and better for your baby and family because it has no DEHP, phalates, plasticizers, BPA strengtheners or bromanated fire retardants. The ProCare lining is soft, durable and it will NEVER delaminate!

…The straps!

The snap straps are triple stitched for added durability. And the snaps work so well it’s like the are locked in. I’ve hung up to 11.5 pounds of dirty cloth diapers in mine and it held strong. Weaker snaps or stitching let loose long before reaching that.

Reason 4: Made in the USA

When I say locally I am talking about your own town but also about items made and sold in North America. Money spent here stays here. Forbes.com says that every dollar spent locally has two-to-four times the economic development impact of a dollar spent elsewhere. Want to create and keep jobs in the US? Shop locally and buy Made in the USA and Canada when you can!

Reason 5: NASA used them!

That’s right…the United States  National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA for short uses Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bags in the International Space Station. NHPR News  reported that a NASA Aerospace Engineer found Monkey Foot Designs online and tested her products against other similar products.

Out of the choice of even creating their own or using ANYTHING else on the planet, NASA choose to use Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bags to hold their stinky trash in space. NASA couldn’t find anything else that kept stink in better. I think that says something…don’t you?

NASA ordered a 1,200 of Monkey Foot Designs’ bags enough to last the space station from 2010 until 2016.

Bonus reasons! As if I could top the NASA thing! lol

  • Huge selection of fabrics. So many patterns and prints to chose from. You are bound to find something you love.
  • Sizes for every use. From XS for snacks and baby item storage (utensils and bibs while out or nail clippers or toothbrushes when traveling). Different size wet bags depending on how many changes you want to store. Medium and large are great for days out. I use an XL with two straps at home. It hangs off the side of my changing table and holds about three days worth of dirty diapers.

**I was not compensated in any way for this post. I’ve used and loved MFD wet bags for more than three years. MFD is a current sponsor but I’ve bought more than a dozen of these bags all on my own because they are THAT good. I hope you will try them out and love them too. If you’ve ever tried a MFD bag, I’d love you to share your experiences with other readers! Make sure you leave a comment!

You can find these amazing bags here!

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8 Responses to “Wet Bags so good NASA uses them in space!”

  1. tess Says:

    Hello, I have some questions about these bags as I am very interested in buying them but I am worried about a few things.
    Do they get all wet if I have very saturated diapers in them for a period of days? Or if I were to use it for a wetbag for wet swimming suits? (I have an alva and 2 PW bags that are just horrible when it comes to getting wet on the outside, same with my 2 PW pailliners).
    How does the biggest one work in terms of using it for laundry on a weekend away with a family of 3 (CDs are not necessarily going to be used)? I like to use my fave pail liner currently for weekend vacations but it isnt quite big enough anymore (GroVia).


    • Jennifer Reinhardt Says:

      Hi Tess, I can tell you that I didn’t really squeeze out my diapers really well before storing them in the bag. I didn’t have issues with leaks. But if they are too wet and you leave them too long you do risk mildew growth. But that can happen in any closed container. I would think they would be perfect for wet bathing suits. I’ve used mine both at the beach and the pool and found them to be great! The XXL is pretty big. I can fit 4 days worth of cloth in it. I would think that it could hold a weekend worth (maybe not if it’s winter and you want to throw every single thing in you’ve worn. The dimensions for the XXL are 18″ x 30″ x 6″ if that helps. I can honestly say these are the best made bags I have ever used and I will recommend them every single time.


  2. Osher Says:

    Thanks for the post.
    too bad that they usually not in stock. Already tried a few times.


  3. Shelli Kutz Says:

    Thanks for the blog post! I just ordered one since my 6-year-old FuzziBunz wet bag is no longer doing its job :(


  4. katie Says:

    That is so cool that nasa uses these! I’ve seen them in several shops but never gave them a try. They have cute prints too.


  5. Michael I. Says:

    I wonder which print NASA ordered…


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