What Are My Breastfeeding Essentials? Win One!

January 31, 2013



I have been extremely blessed to be able to nurse all my children into toddlerhood.

I realize not every mom is able to accomplish this.

Breastfeeding through the newborn days brings many more challenges than simply holding baby up to the breast.

Engorgement, sore nipples, after birth contractions, nighttime nursing in the dark, new sleep schedules, nursing in public, leaky boobs, finding a bra that works and is comfortable… Just to name a few.

I want to share with you the products I have found that make nursing a newborn a lot easier. Plus, you’ll get a chance to win my go-to nursing cover!


Bra: I am not a fan of nursing bras with clips. The only time I wear a nursing bra is at night or in the newborn days. My favorite is the Bella Materna Nursing Bralet. No underwire, no bulk, no clips.  I managed to buy mine off Zulily one day for a great price.

Nipple balm: Most women are familiar with Lansinoh lanolin. Super sticky stuff but it does work. However, I am ecstatic to have found Scarlet’s Naturals Natural Nursing Balm. Easy to apply, full of healing goodness and made by a fabulous wahm. Here’s a bonus use for you: if you live in a very dry climate and the noses in your family are severely dry and *ahem* crusty then apply some Natural Nursing Balm in each nostril for instant relief.

Nursing pads: Don’t hate me but in every other nursing period I have used Lansinoh disposable breast pads.  Terrible.  Remember this post: Your Baby’s Safe…Are You? The same super absorbent gel crystals that are in disposable diapers are also in disposable feminine pads and breast pads.  While nursing Camden I would occasionally use Bamboobies cloth breast pads but for the most part they sat in a drawer.  This time I’m exclusively using my Bamboobies and Pixie Fluff breast pads.  I’m a leaker and both brands have kept my shirt dry.  My favorite are the super fluffy Bamboobies Overnights.  The bamboo fleece combined with Natural Nursing Balm is heavenly next to overworked nipples.

Nursing cover: I have 3 nursing covers: Hooter Hider, Bebe au Lait, Pixie Fluff and Planet Wise.  I’ve had the Hooter Hider and Bebe au Lait (both made by same company) for years so they are without any of the updates they have made.  I like them for simplicity (I choose non-attention grabbing colors).

Right before Finley was born I purchased a Planet Wise Nursing Cover from Diaper Junction.  This time I went for a beautiful print- April Flowers.  The one feature I absolutely love about the Planet Wise nursing cover is the big pocket on the outside.  I’ve never had a cover with a pocket this roomy.  At $25 I think Planet Wise is a great option.

The other brand I have is Pixie Fluff.  I was sent one to test out and one to give away to you!  My favorite color is grey and that’s what she sent me!  My Pixie Fluff nursing cover is the only one I use.  Why?  It gives me the best coverage (40″ wide) and I much prefer the snap neck adjustment over the standard metal rings.  Pixie Fluff allows you to send in your own fabric—just think of all the pretty woven fabrics you get to choose from!!– and she will make you a nursing cover plus a pair of nursing pads! Her price is $15 (add in your fabric cost).

Baby: I highly recommend only nursing squishy, yummy, soft-skinned, smell-good babies.  Thankfully, all mine have qualified!  I bet yours do too ;)


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About Autumn Beck

Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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131 Responses to “What Are My Breastfeeding Essentials? Win One!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I nursed my son for 6 months. He was sick when he was born and I had to supplement him while he was in the hospital. I wish I would have stuck it out, but I thought he was weaning himself, but now I know he was just having a nursing strike. I plan to nurse my next child. I am better informed.


  2. Shannon Ropp Says:

    I have on #4 right now and all were exclusivly breast fed.


  3. Jessica T Says:

    TTC but I was nursed until I was two years old and I am not embarrassed to tell people this. Thanks Mom!


  4. alicia emrick Says:

    Yes I nursed all 3 kids with the 3rd being the longest and now I am due anytime and hope to breastfeed even longer


  5. Jess Says:

    This is great!! I was wondering what nursing essentials to register for!


  6. Mandy Says:

    I had a sick baby who was unable to nurse but my sister is due soon and Id love to surprise her!


  7. Hope Says:

    I have nursed all 7 of my children and plan on nursing baby due in March. I have always enjoyed nursing and sweetness of that relationship.


  8. Joan Says:

    I’m nursing my 4 month old…we had a rough start, but I’m glad we kept going!


  9. Erin Yeatman Says:

    I have been able to nurse all three of my children to 16 months, 13 months and 13 months.


  10. April Bergkamp Says:

    I am nursing my 6 w/o. I am hoping to continue to a year. I love seeing her grow and know that it all comes from me


  11. Ashley McGowan Says:

    I nursed my first son until 13 months when he self weaned. We are now expecting our second son in April and I can’t wait to be able to nurse him as well!


  12. tarin Says:

    11 days shy of 1 year of nursing. I pump at work and send it to daycare for him


  13. Robyn Says:

    Been going for 6 mos now with my first. Have had to begin supplementing but so glad ive been able to nurse him. Its such a sweet bonding time


  14. Bonita Says:

    I will be trying to nurse #1 whenever he decides to show up!


  15. Karla Says:

    I was able to nurse my oldest for a few months, until I had to go back to work. My 2nd I was only able to for 1 week. It was just too painful. My twins, I didn’t even try. I figured if I couldn’t do it with the singletons, I wouldn’t be able to do it with twins. This time I am determined to make it work! I know so much more than I did 10 years ago and I have great friends to support me and give me advice.


  16. Suzanne Says:

    I’m nursing my first child(5months). I never thought it would be as amazing as it is. I plan to breastfeed her for as long as I possibly can. Plus! I’m donating milk to help others!


  17. Sarah Hull Says:

    I nursed my first son and we were only able to make it to 6 months. I am currently nursing baby #2 and he is 2 months old and we are going strong! IT is going much better this time – I feel like I know so much more about it this time and it is going much better.


  18. Martine S. Says:

    I will be nursing Baby #2 soon!


  19. Anne Says:

    I nursed my first though I had major problems and did have to supplement some…he didn’t catch on until 2 1/2 months so my supply suffered as I don’t respond well to a pump. I stuck it out and ended up nursing him until he was over 20 months old b/c I was almost 5 month pregnant. I am still nursing my second who just turned 2 and I don’t know when I will wean him! =) I had no problems with him so if you have problems with your first, there is hope!!!


  20. Jane BB Says:

    I busted me rear nursing my first – had to pump after EVERY feeding from 1 month to when he weaned at 12 months because something happened between 2 and 4 weeks of age and he became an “inefficient sucker.”. But I loved it, knew it was the best for us both, and I am so thankful for that time with him. I am newly pregnant with number 2 and praying and looking forward to smooth nursing this time around :)!


  21. Jen Says:

    Yes, I am nursing my 3 month old and plan to do so until at least a year.


  22. Laura Says:

    I nursed my first boy for 8 months and plan on nursing little sister when she arrives in about a month! I would love to try a nursing cover–I never used one the first time around.


  23. nikki c Says:

    Im still nursing my 9 month old daughter.


  24. East TX mommy Says:

    I’m an adoptive mom who has induced lactation to breastfeed our babies. We’re in the process of adopting again (#4), so I’m building my milk supply up so hopefully I’ll be ready when a little one is placed with us!


  25. Anna Says:

    I am currently nursing baby #3 and she has made things very interesting! I usually dry up around 90 days (cycle returns and all). My boys went to the bottle and formula just fine. Little Miss did not. She absolutely REFUSED. I spent about a month nursing NONSTOP just to get my supply up and used some fenugreek (which put about 20lbs on momma – yuck). But I was able to get my supply up and stop the supplement and she nurses like a champ and she is now 7 months old! Praise God!


  26. Jill Says:

    I was able to breastfeed my 18month old until he was 2 months and then my supply ran out :(

    My goal with my little girl due in May is to EBF her has long as possible.


  27. Jessica Says:

    We have three children; 4 years, 2 years and 5 months.
    -The 4 year old was born with a cleft lip/gumline, and I was able to nurse some as well pump and proivde her with some breastmilk for 4 months.

    -The two year old was born with a complete cleft lip and palate. He was completely unable to nurse. I pumped milk for him for 8 months, plus had enough in the freezer to give him a bottle a day until he was a year old and about 100 oz to give him after his palate repair at 13 months. Yay…A big accomplishment.

    -Our 5 month old is Cleft FREE, and ABLE TO NURSE my typical baby! We are 5 months in and going strong. I love that I am able to provide my liitle one the “good stuff” in the “easy” way :). What a blessing.


  28. Angela Gudzinas Says:

    I am now nursing #8. I nursed for 8 mos at the least to 27 mos at the longest.


  29. taralucida Says:

    nursed baby #1 for 8 months until supply and biting issues combined to be too much for me. on 3.5 mos with baby #2 now. since he refuses pumped milk in a bottle, looks like we’ll be doing this for a while. love my BBAL covers.


  30. Julie S Says:

    23 months and still going strong!


  31. MoMof6 Says:

    My sweet baby #7 is two days younger than Finley :-) . We have been working through our bf struggles. Sweet baby girl couldn’t latch on at all for the first 48 hours and we cup and syringe fed most of the first week. She is steadily improving. I have nursed my other children ranging between 5 and 24 mos. I have worked through nearly every bf problem a mom and baby can have (and often several at once!)

    I want to encourage any mama who has had a rough time (or struggling now) – seek help and support! Some things can’t be fixed overnight (or even very quickly) – but if you can make it work at all – it really can be a sweet and rewarding experience (even if it never is for you as easy as it seems for others). Also – give yourself and baby lots of grace:-)

    Autumn – as for leaking…. I can’t say enough for infant prefolds for early engorgement days – lol;-)


  32. Nicole N. Says:

    Absolutely! I nursed my 2 and 1/2 year old for 12 months and I am currently nursing my 3-month-old.


  33. Kiersten Says:

    Would love to win this. My baby girl is 8 months old and I plan on nursing her for a long while still. A better nursing cover than I have would be great!


  34. Nicole Z. Says:

    I’ve happily nursed two babies into toddlerhood and am getting ready for #3 later this month.


  35. Amelia Says:

    I nursed my first until he was 20 months and hope for similar success with my second!


  36. LCT Says:

    Definitely planning on it.


  37. Eunice Says:

    My little one is 5 months now and he loves a suckle at any time! I’m hoping to be able to establish a long term nursing with him and hopefully the next one too!


  38. Misty Henry Says:

    My first one, only a short while. :( This one, 10 months and going strong! And I LOVE Pixie Fluff for nursing covers, pads, and diapers!


  39. Meg Says:

    I will be starting with my first in march :)


  40. Shweta Srivastava Says:

    I loved nursing my first son until 2. I had to stop as I got Bronchitis and was under certain medications during which i was not supposed to BF. it broke my heart but couldn’t help it. I’m pregnant with my 2nd and hoping to continue as long as he wishes.


  41. Stephanie Says:

    I was able to nurse my son for 9 months.


  42. Alanna Yousif Says:

    My LO is now 11 months old and we are still nursing and plan to continue as long as he wants to. I already feel like an old pro and thankfully didn’t have any challenges in the beginning. I love nursing and will nurse all my babies no matter what it takes!


  43. helen Says:

    Baby #2 but first time nursing, day four and I gotta say ‘ouch!’


  44. stacey Says:

    I’m currently nursing my first who is 10 weeks old.


  45. Brittany Says:

    I nursed my first for 21 months and am looking forward to nursing my new one in March!


  46. Anna P Says:

    My son is 13.5 months, and we’re still going strong despite his cows milk protein allergy!!


  47. Ashlei Noone Says:

    I nursed my daughter for the first 6 months. Then we moved and during the move I just couldn’t keep up with nursing. I’m expecting my 2nd any day now and will be nursing her as well, hoping this one be nursed longer.


  48. Beth R Says:

    I have nursed both my boys till 19 months and 21 months and I plan to do it again with my next one


  49. Sam Says:

    I was only able to nurse for one month with DS. Hope to be able to do it longer with the next.


  50. Kathryn Says:

    Love the nursing cover. I bought a yard of fabric while pregnant with #3, intending to make one myself and now baby is 4 months old and it is still not made.

    I too have been blessed to be able to nurse all three of mine.


  51. Christina G Says:

    I nursed my son until he was about 20 months old. I only stopped because my pregnant nipples could no longer handle the nursing :( My daughter is due in a few weeks and I can’t wait to nurse her!!! Hoping to make it to 2 years this time :)


  52. Jennifer Lyden Says:

    I am currently tandem nursing! My youngest is 6.5 weeks and her sister is 19 months.


  53. Megan Says:

    I nursed my first for 7 months and plan to nurse my second for at least a year!


  54. Heather Says:

    I’ve nursed my first three babies until age two, and hope this last baby (#4!!) will be a champion nurser like the others! I remember the first couple of days with my first and how difficult it was until we found what worked for us. I’ve tried to be a nursing cheerleader for everyone I know who has seeked help for breastfeeding. Sometimes all we need is support!


  55. elly Says:

    im currently nursing my 7month old :)


  56. Anna Says:

    I have nursed both my babies…the first for 16 months, the second for 27 months. And I’m looking forward to round three come summer. :)


  57. BPurs Says:

    I plan on nursing my new baby at least for 12 months, and after that as long as we both want to! I’m looking forward to it and trying to learn all I can about breastfeeding.


  58. Tonya Peters Says:

    Love this giveaway and products as I am looking forward to nursing #2 sometime in April! I am hoping to nurse until we are both ready to be done as I wasn’t able to do the w/#1! :-( Thanks for sharing!


  59. Joanna L Says:

    I am nursing my 7th child now. She is 1 year old, and I want to keep nursing to around 2 years. All my others have been breastfed, from 12-18 months. Yes, we have had challenges from flat nipples and difficult latch, to food sensetivities, to lip ties, but we have worked through all of them, and I feel that my kids are healthier and more secure and emotionally healthy than they would be without. Besides, breastfeeding my children has been one of the most rewarding and sweet experiences of my life.


  60. Karen Says:

    I have nursed my older 3 for at least a year each and I plan on nursing my little one due in about a month.


  61. Andrea Says:

    I breastfed my first till 18 months when he self weaned due to my supply drying up thanks to a horrible stomach bug early in my pregnancy with my daughter. Doing the same with her, a few weeks on and no troubles at all either!


  62. Hannah Says:

    I have an essential not listed: soothies. Mostly for that first two-week hump with raw nips and for when the baby chomps down after a tooth has come in.


  63. Gretchen Says:

    I’ve been nursing my 4 months old for, well, 4 months. I couldn’t have done it without My Brest Friend nursing pillow. Best thing every!


  64. Marianne Adler Says:

    Bamboobies are awesome! Glad nursing is going well for you and Finley!


  65. Whitney Weston Says:

    I am planning on trying to nurse my LO. I’m so excited to meet him!


  66. Chelsea M. Says:

    I nursed my daughter for 4 months before switching to soy formula due to sensitivities. I’m currently nursing my 7 week old son, exclusively, and it’s going great!!!

    I’m curious though, what do you wear instead of a nursing bra when you’re out and about if you don’t wear a bra with clips?


  67. Claire Smith Says:

    My birth experience with my son (now 2.5) was traumatic and I didn’t even get to see him until the day after! Needless to say, it really sabotaged our nursing relationship. My daughter, now 7 weeks, is a world champion nurser! Breast feeding her has been a beautiful and healing experience. I will nurse her until she’s ready to be done :)


  68. Crystal Says:

    I nursed my now almost five year old until he was almost three and I am currently nursing my eight week old. We are having some major issues with my oversupply problem but we’ll get it worked out eventually. I plan on nursing him the same amount of time.


  69. Amy Says:

    I breastfed my 1st son until I got pregnant with my second who I am nursing right now! Another amazing cover I found on Etsy is the Boob Toob, perfect for nursing in public especially when they are big enough to knock your cover off!


  70. Lavanya Says:

    I am currently nursing our first-he’s a month old. Hopefully i will be able to continue to nurse him for a while(we’ve had a few challenges)


  71. Gwen Says:

    I nursed my daughter until she self weaned at about 18 months when my milk supply dwindled due to my pregnancy with our son. I’m now nursing my little man and hope I’ll be able to continue well into toddlerhood!


  72. Amberlie Says:

    Thanks so much for the tips! I didn’t know about the absorbant crystals in diapers that are also in nursing pads. I definitely plan to breastfeed!


  73. Jennifer Says:

    I nursed my first child until 15 months, my second intil 18 months and I am currently nursing my third who is 3 weeks old. :)


  74. Claire Says:

    Have nursed both my babies and will nurse this next one Lord willing!


  75. Stefanie Says:

    Yes, I’m planning to nurse my first baby, due in March.


  76. Candace Says:

    I nursed all six of mine for at least a year and plan to nurse the one I am pregnant with now. I am trying to go more natural in every way this time! FIrst home birth! Cloth diapers (did my last two), mama cloth and cloth bra pads. COngrats on sweet baby Finley and awesome birth story!


  77. Hayley Says:

    I fully plan on nursing my baby when he comes in April! :)


  78. Jennifer Perritte Says:

    I loved nursing my daughter!!


  79. Elizabeth A. Says:

    I nursed my first baby for 17 months: six exclusively, continued until he was a year old supplementing with food. After a year, I only nursed at naptimes and bedtimes. Currently, I’m exclusively nursing my second and plan to follow the same general schedule as my first.


  80. Jessica Beardmore Hilton Says:

    I nursed my first son till he self weaned at 1 year old. I am currently nursing my second son who is 1 week old.


  81. Sheena Says:

    Would love to try your products. :-)


  82. Amanda Alvarado Says:

    I have nursed both of my babies. My ds (who is 19 now) was nursed until he weaned himself at 13 months and my dd (who is 5) was weaned at 10 months when we were pg again and the Dr thought it in my & baby’s best interest to stop (My uterus had started to rupture when I delivered my 1st dd & she was a c-section. Then I ended up pg before the at least a year she recommended! Oops). Sadly we lost our 2nd little girl at 30 wks so I never got to nurse her. :-( We are hoping for more but God has yet to bless with another.


  83. Audi Says:

    Hated nursing with my first, (but did it anyway for the first 6 months) loved it with my next 2… (despite a few issues)


  84. Lindsay Says:

    My daughter is due in 5 weeks and I certainly plan on breast feeding for as long as I can. I am so glad to have found you and other moms that create such a pro-breast feeding and cloth diapering community for me to be a part of. So, thank you!


  85. Brittany Says:

    I am still struggling to nurse my 3-week old daughter and I’ve found it to be more challenging than pregnancy and labor combined! But…we’re hangin’ in there and even though I am exclusively pumping for now, I still but her to the breast and I’m working with a great LC. This kit would be such a nice little treat for the both of us!


  86. Dinika Says:

    I nursed my son for 5 months, but he was such an amazing sleeper that he didn’t nurse a lot. (I didn’t know much back then and wasn’t in a support group. But God is sovereign!) He gained weight great and was always in the 90% but when I became pregnant with my daughter my milk dried up. I still nursed before every bottle (of raw milk) but at 10 months he began refusing the breast. I cried! I was not ready for that sweet time be over. (And I gagged so many times using bottles and being pregnant, the smell…)
    But the wonderful thought of having a new baby was great to look forward to! She nursed until 13 months when we night weaned, we were blessed with third pregnancy (due march 30), and milk dried up. I am so happy to have the opportunity to nurse another baby and I hope many more to come! Who knows, maybe we will make it to 2 years this time :)


  87. Jo Says:

    I plan on nursing my baby as long as possible! He is due in March!


  88. Michelle Says:

    We have nursed now for 10.5 months, he’s a year old and we are starting to wean now. The first month and a half he was too little to be able to nurse (he was born at 27 weeks), so I pumped like a crazy person!


  89. Shelby Says:

    I’ve nursed all of mine, and I plan to nurse our next baby, too (due in May). Some were easy nursing relationships. Some were more of a struggle. But all were worth it. :)


  90. Heather Says:

    I am planning to nurse my son when he is born in May.


  91. Lena Erickson Says:

    I just began nursing. We are 4 weeks along and doing well. I use the Merino Wool nursing pads from cotton babies. They are expensive but they work really well and are super soft and fuzzy. I leak through them at night so I use a prefold folded in half for each breast during the night. That works really well and I have them already. :)


  92. Allison Says:

    15 months for #1 and so far, 10 weeks with #2!


  93. Catherine W Says:

    Nursed them all, have my 2.5yo hanging off my boob right now :-)


  94. Laura Says:

    Despite supply issues (due to medical condition) with both of my children, I did nurse. The first we made it to 8 months, the second to 20! Now pregnant with #3 and will do my absolute best with it again.


  95. Amanda Says:

    Going on 17 months!


  96. Caitlyn Says:

    I nursed my first child until she was nearly two and my second is stilling going at almost a year. I have loved nursing and have relied on homemade nursing pads from flannel. I’m a leaker too and they have worked, but had leaking issues overnight in the newborn days. My homemade nursing cover hasn’t cut it though and I would love to try a different one!


  97. Angela Norman Says:

    With my first daughter I only breastfed her for about a month and a half. But with my son we are going six months strong now and I hope to keep going for as long as comfortably possible.


  98. Anne Perry Says:

    Yes… I am nursing my 3 month old and 2.5 year old!!


  99. Melissa H. Says:

    I have been nursing my baby for 5 months! It was really challenging at first (and sometimes still is), but I love it!


  100. Akilah Says:

    I nursed ny twins for 11 months and hope to go longer with this baby!



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