What Are My Breastfeeding Essentials? Win One!

January 31, 2013



I have been extremely blessed to be able to nurse all my children into toddlerhood.

I realize not every mom is able to accomplish this.

Breastfeeding through the newborn days brings many more challenges than simply holding baby up to the breast.

Engorgement, sore nipples, after birth contractions, nighttime nursing in the dark, new sleep schedules, nursing in public, leaky boobs, finding a bra that works and is comfortable… Just to name a few.

I want to share with you the products I have found that make nursing a newborn a lot easier. Plus, you’ll get a chance to win my go-to nursing cover!


Bra: I am not a fan of nursing bras with clips. The only time I wear a nursing bra is at night or in the newborn days. My favorite is the Bella Materna Nursing Bralet. No underwire, no bulk, no clips.  I managed to buy mine off Zulily one day for a great price.

Nipple balm: Most women are familiar with Lansinoh lanolin. Super sticky stuff but it does work. However, I am ecstatic to have found Scarlet’s Naturals Natural Nursing Balm. Easy to apply, full of healing goodness and made by a fabulous wahm. Here’s a bonus use for you: if you live in a very dry climate and the noses in your family are severely dry and *ahem* crusty then apply some Natural Nursing Balm in each nostril for instant relief.

Nursing pads: Don’t hate me but in every other nursing period I have used Lansinoh disposable breast pads.  Terrible.  Remember this post: Your Baby’s Safe…Are You? The same super absorbent gel crystals that are in disposable diapers are also in disposable feminine pads and breast pads.  While nursing Camden I would occasionally use Bamboobies cloth breast pads but for the most part they sat in a drawer.  This time I’m exclusively using my Bamboobies and Pixie Fluff breast pads.  I’m a leaker and both brands have kept my shirt dry.  My favorite are the super fluffy Bamboobies Overnights.  The bamboo fleece combined with Natural Nursing Balm is heavenly next to overworked nipples.

Nursing cover: I have 3 nursing covers: Hooter Hider, Bebe au Lait, Pixie Fluff and Planet Wise.  I’ve had the Hooter Hider and Bebe au Lait (both made by same company) for years so they are without any of the updates they have made.  I like them for simplicity (I choose non-attention grabbing colors).

Right before Finley was born I purchased a Planet Wise Nursing Cover from Diaper Junction.  This time I went for a beautiful print- April Flowers.  The one feature I absolutely love about the Planet Wise nursing cover is the big pocket on the outside.  I’ve never had a cover with a pocket this roomy.  At $25 I think Planet Wise is a great option.

The other brand I have is Pixie Fluff.  I was sent one to test out and one to give away to you!  My favorite color is grey and that’s what she sent me!  My Pixie Fluff nursing cover is the only one I use.  Why?  It gives me the best coverage (40″ wide) and I much prefer the snap neck adjustment over the standard metal rings.  Pixie Fluff allows you to send in your own fabric—just think of all the pretty woven fabrics you get to choose from!!– and she will make you a nursing cover plus a pair of nursing pads! Her price is $15 (add in your fabric cost).

Baby: I highly recommend only nursing squishy, yummy, soft-skinned, smell-good babies.  Thankfully, all mine have qualified!  I bet yours do too ;)


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131 Responses to “What Are My Breastfeeding Essentials? Win One!”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    Autumn, how often do you need to change your Bamboobies?


  2. Alicia W Says:

    My little guy is up to 18 months with no sign of weaning soon. I’m not eager to give it up this time either. They grow up too fast!! :)


  3. Angela Says:

    I’ve been nursing for almost 7 months and going strong. It’s such an amazing experience.


  4. Annie Says:

    I plan to nurse my baby when he’s born this spring!


  5. May Says:

    Currently breast feeding and hoping to go as long as possible


  6. Renee Says:

    I am so excited to breastfeed again. It has been 6 years and I feel so much more ready to stick with it.


  7. alaina Says:

    I nursed two kids for a year each and plan to nurse my third due any day now!


  8. Amy Says:

    I plan to nurse our baby due in March!


  9. Alessandra Peterson Says:

    I’m expecting my first and planning to nurse most definitely!


  10. Melissa Says:

    15 months and counting!


  11. Kristen Says:

    I’ve nursed both babies so far. Number 2 is still going strong at 20 months with another on the way (who I also plan to nurse :)).


  12. Nikki Perry Says:

    I plan to nurse this baby due in July


  13. judi Says:

    I’ve nursed all of my babies. My current baby (#7) has been nursing for 8 1/2 months and we don’t plan on quitting any time soon.


    • Kieblan Perry Says:

      I’ve nursed both of my children… Regrettably, I was only able to nurse my first (my son, now 14) for a month as my doctor told me that I was nursing *constantly* because my breasts and nipples were so big (I was a size 38 double I then-i had a reduction afterwards and went to a 38C thank heaven!!!!), that he wasnt able to get a good latch. I had a difficult time with my daughter 4 years ago bc she was early and slightly tongue tied. I persevered, and after 7 weeks of exclusive pumping ( even with numerous daily attempts to get her to latch on and several visits from a nursing coach) – on December 19th, at 9:17pm, she latched on!!! She self weaned at 2.5 years… Although she still demands, “Nipples!” most bedtimes and pats at them and often falls asleep, her cheek so soft against them…

      Anyhow… LOL… I’m pregnant again and am really hoping to get it right this time from the get go! :: grins :: I will also be cloth diapering again… Best thing I ever did as a Mom (well, it’s up there! Lol)!


  14. Krystal Says:

    Still nursing my little guy and I love it… I really like that grey color


  15. Beth VB Says:

    Nursing my 5 month old… and I’m wondering why you don’t wear a nursing bra after the newborn stage? What do you chose to wear?


  16. Kristina Says:

    I am currently nursing a 2 week old! she will be my 4th little nursling


  17. Laura Says:

    Io am nursing my first baby – my goal was one year and I will meet that goal in 11 days! :) we will see about weaning after that. It has been a precious time!


  18. Jeanine C Says:

    I have been able to nurse both of my babies. It is going better the second time, luckily!! :) Thanks for the giveaway.


  19. Marguerite Samuel Says:

    I am currently nursing my 2 month old. I don’t know whey I’ll stop, but I’m thinking at least a year. I love that time with him :)


  20. Nikki L. Says:

    I am nursing my 2nd daughter now for almost 4 1/2 months, and plan to go nursing as long as I can!


  21. Missy Says:

    I just started nursing my little girl at 12 days old (had to wait for doctors to give me the go-ahead). She is such a natural! I’m so proud of her! :) Hoping it continues to go well as I would like to EBF for a year!


  22. Alicia Says:

    I have nursed all four of my kiddos and will nurse this new little one as well.


  23. Kendra Says:

    I plan to nurse my first baby, baby Gavin!!!


  24. Brandi Powell Says:

    My daughter is now 8.5 months and has been breastfed the whole time! I ended up going back to school when she was 4 months old, and I have persisted through the pumping while away. Not very enjoyable but worth it for me. She has been the most incredible baby to be going from breast-bottle-breast multiple times/day. She still breast feeds like a champ, and bottle feeds like a champ too!! While my situation has not been ideal for maintaining breast feeding, my goal of not spending a dollar on formula has held so far :) It’s my favorite time when I breast feed her, such a special bond, love her so much!


  25. Carrie C Says:

    I have been blessed to be able to nurse all of my children.


  26. Jessica J. Says:

    We are at 12 months and still going strong!



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