What Cloth Diaper Blog Do I Visit?

I love charts and numbers and facts and all things statistical.  So, naturally I love reading and filling out surveys at Padded Tush Stats!

Have you filled one out?

Padded Tush Stats creates surveys for various cloth diapers that actual users fill out.  This allows you to see if that diaper you have your eye on will fit with your chunky roly-polie.

Tara is a mom to 2 and is currently a full time graduate student in Education and a College Instructor. Her dissertation is a survey on writing programs so naturally her brain leaned that way when trying to fill a void in the cloth diaper industry.

The surveys in here are in no way a reflection of fancy statistics and survey work, so please don’t judge me on that. These are just simple surveys to hopefully help out a few cloth diapering parents/guardians.

There are dozens of ongoing surveys available right now for you to fill out.  I want to bring your attention to a couple:

In the cloth diaper industry we all must work together to make cloth diapers the norm.  I can’t try out every cloth diaper out there! I frequently glean valuable and helpful information from other cloth diaper bloggers and have even developed friendships with a couple.

If you have a minute, answer a survey or two.  Go through the list and pick out your favorite (or least favorite) diapers.  Your experience will help other families make a better decision.


In other news…

I think I have given up on Zulily. Seriously. 2-4 weeks for shipping! But, I have found a suitable replacement :)


I scored 5 itti bitti tutto diapers the other day and I already have them washed and ready to use!!! Can’t believe the fast shipping time.

I wish they had more products available but then again that’s how Zulily got so far behind!  Once Zulily gets their act together I’m sure I’ll be back…not that I’ve really left, I’m just not buying anything ;)

And you’re probably wondering what I think about the itti bitti tutto diapers?? Love them.  I’ve used them on Camden since he was a couple of weeks old.  They are very absorbent, soft, trim and have hip snap covers that I adore!

More than the tutto I love the AIO. It takes a bit to dry but it’s so dang easy to use!

Have a great week!

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14 Responses to “What Cloth Diaper Blog Do I Visit?”

  1. Cyndel Jones Says:

    The Bitti Tutto is a diaper I would love to love, but the shell just doesn’t fit my chunky monkey very well, if I snap down the rise so it fits my babies legs then the top of his very long butt pokes out, if I unsnap the rise so his whole butt is covered the legs fit awful and can leak if he has a big pee or poo. I love the itti bitti de’lish sized though. They fit him great!


  2. Katie Says:

    Thank you, I love the stats site because I am looking to grow my collection of diapers b/c I am expecting my third in February!


  3. tarin Says:

    I love shopping with nickis diapers. They ship really fast (even to south africa) and they don’t overcharge for shipping. I have been dying to try greenmountain prefolds though, just a pity they won’t ship to me. I have been impressed by a newish company though, differentdiapers.com. Noelle sent me gdiaper inserts at a discounted price and didn’t charge a cent extra for handling or packaging and was super nice and helpful. Arrived in cape town only 2 weeks after ordering which was fantastic


  4. Andreann Says:

    786 Hi everyone,
    Does anyone own a copy of “Changing Diapers” that they no longer need? I’d love to read it and cannot find it at my library.


  5. Texas Momma Says:

    i just ordered a Rock Bottom Bags adjustable wet bag from http://www.greenbabybargains.com on Oct. 4th and it hasn’t even shipped yet!! It was a really good deal but, sheesh, a month or more for shipping? And they’re in the same state as me!!


  6. Mary Richards Says:

    I ordered 2 Fuzzibunz from Zulily on October 4. They just finally shipped on the 21st and aren’t expected to get to me until the 27th. Whoa! I’ve ordered from them four times before, and it was never super fast, but never that bad either. I am glad I didn’t order something I needed quickly! And it’s funny, I ordered a Blueberry diaper from Babysteals on Monday or Tuesday last week, and I had it in my hands by Friday, while I was still waiting to hear when Zulily was going to ship my Fuzzibunz. So, I definitely share your disappointment with them!


    • Carissa Says:

      Yeah same here, I ordered my FB OS on the 5th, they shipped on the 20th and they’re in Chicago today, and I live in Minneapolis! Although, I could never give up on these deal sites, the savings are worth the wait to me!


  7. Allison Says:

    Have you found the Baby Steals Archive?

    All the products are showing “Sold Out” right now but I think that may be a sight problem.


  8. Natalie Says:

    I can’t use Zulily, because they don’t ship to Canada! I’ve used ecobabybuys.com, babysteals.com, and babyhalfoff.com. They all do have long shipping times, but you have to read the fine print. I see that often, the item is not shipped on the day of the sale, but a few weeks later. Maybe they wait for all the orders to come in, and then assemble a big order from whomever they are dealing with, and then ship it out? I don’t know, but I’ve scored some good deals, especially with mama cloth from ecobabybuys.com. I also keep an eye on mamabargains.com, but have not purchased from them yet.


  9. Nicole Says:

    http://www.mamabargains.com has wet bags up right now and http://www.babyhalfoff.com occasionally has cloth as well. Thanks for the warning about zulily since I’ve been tempted to order from them.


  10. Jennifer Says:

    Agreed about Zulily. Although I do like that they send the packages UPS. I received some Melissa & Doug toys last night and it took for.ev.er!


  11. Bridgette Says:

    Totally feel you on the Zulily! The shipping is soooo frustrating. Going to check out some of those surveys :)


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