What Do You Think About GroVia Cloth Diapers

Okay, okay. I heard you.  You want a review on GroVia.  Here’s my 2 cents.

I bought the airplane print shell with one insert to try out.

When it arrives in your hands you’ll love the super cute print and bright orange “adhesive” area.  But, wash and dry it and the orange ain’t so bright anymore.  It’s dull and boring.

On the bright side (that wasn’t intended to be funny!), there ‘s only a very slight chance that your child would be able to undo their diaper.  The fastening system is superman strong.

At the Great Cloth Diaper Change many moms were trying to open the GroVia I had available for show and they had to use all their strength. Good selling point for moms of toddlers that like to disrobe.

I had previously used the GroBaby system but wasn’t a huge fan because of the shell smelling like urine when the soaker got soaked.

Under the new label and new improvements, GroVia soakers are PUL backed.  This prevents urine from seeping onto the shell.

Overall, the GroVia All In Two/ Hybrid system is a winner.  Easy for dads, siblings, daycares, babysitters and moms :)

Right now at Costco.com you can get a GroVia™Cloth Diapering System Starter Kit for $139.99 that includes:

  • 6 Shells,
  • 6 Soaker Pads,
  • 20-ct BioSoaker® Pads,
  • 1 Magic Stick Diaper Balm

That’s an excellent deal.

Having said all that, we don’t use the GroVia.  It isn’t a stay-dry insert so Camden hates it.  You know when you have a child where everything works (Sterling) you are bound to have a baby that is opinionated next (Camden).

I’ve tried to use the GroVia shell as a cover over prefolds but it isn’t wide enough.  I’ll save it for when we use disposable inserts, which brings me to the next point.

GroVia Biosoakers (disposable inserts) are also a great product to have on hand.  I used to be a Flip disposable insert girl but I’m just not a fan of the wider/longer design.  So, I switched my endorsement to GroVia ;)

I like the adhesive tab on the back of GroVia disposable inserts but DON’T use them on Flip covers or any other PUL exposed cover.  The adhesive is meant to be used on a fabric.  If you do use it on PUL you will get a permanent (I’m still trying to get mine off a Flip cover) residue.

GroVia also sells a disposable diaper. It is a “healthy” choice for disposable diapers and contains a minimal amount of SAP gel.


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40 Responses to “What Do You Think About GroVia Cloth Diapers”

  1. MARIE Says:

    I”ve been curious about these! Thanks for the info.


  2. Sarah Says:

    I live in Singapore and they only have Grovia here but not Softbums. After watching a review on youtube of both, I wanted to try Softbums and will try to order it online from an Australian supplier. Anyone has any Grovia vs Softbums comments?


  3. Charissa Says:

    Stacy you just made my day! I was really hoping the best bottoms inserts worked in these shells. Do they work better than the flip inserts? I had to tuck those in some but they work ok. I’m looking for more cost effective inserts. Has anyone tried the Gcloth inserts in the grovia shells? Any other AI2 insert recommendations? I don’t care for this shell with a pre fold or fitted (at least the ones I’ve tried) Also Does anyone know what disposable insert works best in this shell, the grovia, Flip, Gdiaper, or charlie banana?


  4. Nikki Says:

    I’m having trouble with the shells. I have 2. A couple months ago the elastic in one of the legs loosened so it started to leak, now the other one has leg elastic starting to loosen. I bought them in April or so. I do LOVE them when they have elastic that isn’t loosened! :o) Before the elastic issue, I bought extra inserts and the boosters (can’t remember what they are called) because I love them so much. I like to wrap a prefold around a booster and put it in a Flip diaper at night. Works great! I have sent one shell to the manufacturer and they are in the process of fixing it. So in the meantime, I tried the GroVia shell in the Flip cover, also works great!


  5. Genevieve Says:

    Just FYI the covers fit GREAT with a flat — fold once, then again then in thirds for the Swaddlebee’s flats. I use these covers all the time with those. You can also buy stay-dry inserts for the GroVia which I have used.


  6. malloch Says:

    I have a 15 m.o. (34.5 inches and 27lbs) boy who can easily disrobe from his Grovia velcro diapers. After he disrobed from his velcro diaper this morning and left me a present, I strongly recommend SNAPS. However, I just wanted to say three negative things from our use: 1) the inserts take forever to dry (line dry or dryer), 2) my shells never smell as clean as others do (no matter what detergent or soakings), 3) guess my LO is longer than I thought because the inserts seem short on him. Since the shells are a perfect fit for my average shaped son, I only use them as a cover.

    Oh yeah, the liners are fabulous. (5 stars) daycare put desitin on red skin one afternoon… liners kept the oil out of my diaper. (Whew!!)


  7. Venus Says:

    I did a lot of research on cloth diapers, as we are new to it. I wanted something that is affordable, easy to use, wash (we don’t have a W/D) and allow for a travel option. I felt the GroVia’s were the best option out there. We weren’t in a financial position to be able to try out a variety of different ones. Thus, I bought mine from Costco, which would allow me to return them if I wasn’t satisfied and they were a great price as listed in the initial review above. The disposable inserts are great when I travel. I use the bioliners, making them easier to get rid of solids, thus easier to clean. We soak our cloth in a bucket in the tub, rinse and then dry outside. The sun whitens them very well. I think it’s a great, easy to use set up. I couldn’t be happier. I only hope more people see the ease of use for these even if it’s just using the shells with the disposable inserts and make the switch from regular disposables that have such a detrimental environmental effect. 500 years in a landfill just shouldn’t be an option for people.


    • vivian Says:

      do you soak the cloth inserts and just rinse an hang dry and they are ok? do u use laundry detergent? in interested in doing this!!


  8. Tara Says:

    I use mine over fitted diapers, prefolds, flats, you name it! I am not sure why you weren’t able to fit it over you prefold?? The key is to just get the diaper over the prefold then if anything is “sticking out” just tuck it in. I have used them with my prefolds mainly and absolutely love them. My favorite diaper I own. And I own a lot. :)


  9. Katariina Says:

    Thnkn you for the review. Just wanted to share my happiness – GroVia is coming to Estonia. The shop thats going to sell GroVia products said that it will be on sale soon. I can’t wait to dry them :) I will def try BioSoakers, they will be the first disposable soakers here.


  10. Cathy Says:

    I love the GroVia Magic stick! It glides on so smoothly and I don’t have to get any on my fingers. I had problems with non-cloth-diaper-compatible diaper rash creams before I found out there were options that work. My local CD store recommended the Magic stick and it works great. Anyone else tried it?


  11. Twylia Says:

    I use and love the GroVia diapers. I have both the AI2 and the AIO. I have a question though…I can’t use them on my LO at night because he gets major rashes. Actually doesn’t matter what diapers I use he gets a rash over night. So we’re using cloth during the day and disposables at night. I don’t really feel like I have a choice because I’m not going to have him getting burned every night. :( What materials are “stay-dry”? I have some sherpa but didn’t know if that was stay-dry or not? I was thinking of just making an insert with it for nighttime, but don’t want to waste time if it’s not. Any suggestions? If I could afford it I’d get some s’bish as I’ve heard those work great for overnight, but we can’t afford it right now. What to do??? :D


    • Katie M Says:

      Twylia- keep an eye out on spots corner (hyena cart) and on Fluff Swappers (on facebook) for gently used s’bish obf diapers- you can often find them for around $17 in EUC – NWT. If your planning to just use them for nights- then you would be safe in starting with getting just 2 or 3 depending how often you wash your cloth diapers. IMO, they are well worth the investment.


      • Twylia Says:

        I can’t find Fluff Sappers on Facebook, but I’ll definitely check out the spots corner. Thanks :)


        • Twylia Says:

          LOL…OK, so that was bad…I meant I can’t find Fluff SWAPPERS on FB! Can anyone tell me if sherpa is stay dry though?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Pooters are an excellent nighttime diaper and very affordable!


      • Jaimee Says:

        Sherpa is NOT stay dry. Stay dry is normally synthetic like microfleece or suedecloth that wicks moisture to the absorbant material. Bamboo velour is not technically stay dry, but people say is feels “comfortable” when wet. I have also started seeing athletic mesh material being used as a stay dry layer. They sell fleece liners to lay in your current diapers for stay dry purposes, but I would just go to Joanns or the like and get some microfleece or suede cloth and cut it to fit. I assume that would be cheaper and you wouldn’t have to sew them because neither fabric frays. I hope this helps.


  12. AP Says:

    I was also going to suggest using a small amount of GooGone to get the disposable residue off. Works like a charm, and I have had no problems the few times I’ve needed to use it on PUL or snaps since it washes right off of them. Hope that helps!


  13. Heidi Maxwell (The Madness!) Says:

    We have a handful of the GroBaby shells – the only real difference in the shell from GroVia is the laundry loops, to help keep the tabs in place. We like ours for travel and backup and rash time diapers – as we only have the disposable inserts for them. I also like that the TPU material they use does not irritate my Punk’s skin, where as normal PUL does.

    A friend of mine has some of the cloth inserts for her GroVia shells and she doesnt’ like how they are sewn at the ends – making a thick layer and a sort of pocket at each end – the inserts don’t dry easily and tend to collect odd odors, according to her!

    I also just got my hands on a GroVia AIO – and this is a very nice diaper! I like the stretchy tabs and it’s soft and squishy! And it works great too.

    Too bad we are potty training, unexpectedly – and will likely not get much more use out of it!


  14. Janelle Says:

    My husband and I both love the GroVia diapers, but we had to stop using them because the mesh around the legs was rubbing and leaving red “rub burns” on our daughter’s legs. I’m bummed because I really love the GroVia system.


  15. Kathleen Says:

    I am in LOVE with my GroVia AIO. I got the the plane print and I haven’t noticed any orange fading. I love how much stretch you get from the snap tabs. I also love that the AIO soaker isn’t attached to the entire diaper. It is only sewn in on one side so the dying time is so much faster than my other AIOs. Adding the double is great with the snap on the under side of the soaker. I am glad that it doesn’t have a way to move around. A big hit!!


  16. Amanda Says:

    I love the Kawaii inserts the heavy duty kind are amazing for my good nights! I don’t really like the suede but the regular kinds are great too! I just love the heavy duty inserts you don’t have to double up!


  17. meghan Says:

    I have a GroVia owls shell only, and I adore it. I’ve switched to primarily pockets from prefolds/covers, and if I run out of pockets, GroVia is the diaper I reach for. I have bummis prefolds, and the GroVia fits well over my 14 lbs, 2 month old’s rolly polly thighs. I have it set to the second snap in rise… I’ve been meaning to buy some of the inserts, but I’ve been too busy spending my diaper money on other diapers. Is anyone else in love with the Kawaii bamboo insert??


  18. Danielle Says:

    Has anyone tried the GroVia AIO? I’ve been wondering about these. So, I saw on the news today, disposable diapers are going up in price. :) so happy to be using cloth.


  19. Krista Says:

    My issue was sizing – they are too small for my chunky kids by ~ 8 months, and 25ish lbs. Until then LOVED these dipes, but could use a larger size. :(


  20. lara smith Says:

    Sooo much better than the g-diapers I was using before I picked up these 2nd hand. Prefer the velcro and new soakers to snaps (have both types). Wish I’d bought them from the beginning since I think I’ve tried everything from prefolds/fitted & covers, pockets of all shapes and sizes and g-diapers etc…. A hybrid system is very important to me as I travel a lot, and you don’t want to be spending your whole mexican vacation hanging out at the laundromat!


  21. Amy Says:

    I used to love the GroVia Hybrids but after some time the hook and loop tabs lose their stick and then start to curl outward. I thought they would change this when they did improvements from GroBaby but it’s still the same. I would love them if they just changed that! I recommend snap shells!


  22. Becky Says:

    I only use grovia for my daytime diapers and LOVE them! The more I’ve used them, the more absorbant they’ve become. I also use the disposable liners. I’ve found that putting a TINY bit of goo gone on a paper towel and rubbing it on the leftover residue takes it completely off the shell and never had any issues with using it. I’ve never used grovia for overnight bc my 20 month old sleeps for 12 hrs at night and I have to stuff pockets with hemp inserts to hold all his pee. I do highly recommend this diaper though!!


  23. Jennie Sherman Says:

    My solution since they aren’t stay dry is to lay a Softbums newborn insert on top which fits perfectly and somehow doesn’t seem to add too much bulk (I usually only do this at night or if I know he’ll be in it a long time). I have 4 shells (Both snap and velcro) and 8 inserts and I do like them and use them regularly. Their velcro is awesome and aside from Softbums is the only other velcro I will recommend to friends (I don’t like the Bumgenius, Flip or Happy Heinys velcro, those I all prefer the snaps but I prefer the Velcro for Grovia). I was a bit concerned at first about snapping the insert inside the front and back since when I tried the Best Bottoms which has a similar snap in style the diaper didn’t fit right unless I only snapped it in the back, however I think the mesh inside the Grovia allows for enough movement of the insert that it works! The only real dislikes I have about the Grovia shell system is that the booty seems a bit lumpy and the inserts are more easily stained.


  24. Angela Says:

    I have been a big fan of the GroBaby/Grovia hybrid diaper system. It’s one of the diapers that both my husband and babysitter don’t mind using. It’s also the only diaper system (out of the four I’ve tried) that fit my baby from the day we brought him home from the hospital. All the others leaked/were too big for his skinny little legs. I haven’t had problems with the orange fading on the airplane shell but have seen several that do. Not sure why? Maybe b/c of the temp of water I used during the first wash? (I used warm water in first wash, not hot.) The biodegradable disposable insterts are excellent when traveling or if the daycare doesn’t want to deal with cloth inserts. I only wish Grovia made wet bags with zippers vs. drawstring. The zippered wet bags tend to keep the smell contained better and are easier to open/close when you’re hands are full.


  25. Patricia U Says:

    Have you tried the covers with stay dry flip insert? I was not a huge fan of the Grovia until I used it for a couple of months. I guess like wine and cheese, it ages well. At first it just seemed to foreign and stiff to me. Now I reach for it every time I have the chance because A) My exhibitionist toddler can’t get it off. B) He doesn’t seem to really want to take it off because it seems very comfortably and not bulky. C) It fits well under most clothes D) It has never, ever had a blow out or leak.


  26. Shauna Hadrava Says:

    I just bought 4 shells this past weekend to use with flats. They’re WONDERFUL with birdseye flat diapers. I even add a booster for extra absorbency and a homemade stay dry liner (out of an old fleece receiving blanket). Love them. <3


  27. Melanie Says:

    GroVia are actually made with TPU, not PUL. I have often wondered which is better in the end (from a health perspective). The Made in China label has always put me off. But anything other than disposables will always be better.


  28. Sonya Says:

    I too made the mistake of using the adhesive with a Flip cover and still have not gotten it all off. However, part of why I got them is that I loved the adhesive. I didn’t like the way the Flip covers bunched up after he peed and this seemed like a good solution. Is there a cover that has a partial fabric liner you could use the disposable adhesive shells with? Do they work with the GroVia shell?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      GroVia covers work great with their disposable liners. You could also use the GroVia disposable inserts with Charlie Banana and Softbums shells or even a Ragababe :)


  29. Nikki Says:

    I recently (about 1 month or so ago) bought 2 GroVias. I got a great deal at $12.50 each! Initially, I wondered why they bothered with the laundry loop to tuck the tab under since the hook/loop is so strong. Now, however, it is less strong, but still strong enough, so far. I still love them though! As you know BF poo is so runny and it contains it very well! I rarely can use the cover more than once, but I’m hoping that will change once we start solids.


  30. JD Says:

    I tried a GroVia hybrid diaper when I was new to cloth and figuring out what kind I wanted for my stash. Every single mom I know that cloth diapers uses the GroVia hybrid, so I was expecting to love it (I live in the town where GroVia is based, so it’s easily the most popular diaper around these parts). It seemed like a quality diaper, but other than that, I hated it. It just felt so stiff and uncomfortable. Cut to this weekend when I was given a free GroVia AIO at the Great Cloth Diaper Change. I’ve only used it a couple times so far, but I’m in love. It’s so, so trim and the waist is stretchy like the tabs on my beloved bumGenius and Flips. I was just telling my husband that today I’m a bit less of a GroVia hater :). I’d feel bad about not knowing about them when I bought my stash except for the part where I would have never paid $22 a diaper for a full stash, so it’s all good.


  31. Stacy Says:

    The Best Bottoms stay-dry inserts fit great in the GroVia shells- I bet even Camden would approve of that trim combo. :)


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