What Does The Perfect Cloth Diaper Look Like?

February 8, 2010


I’ve tried dozens and dozens of different cloth diaper brands.  Most have at least one feature that is just right but the other features disappoint.

If I could design the perfect cloth diaper what would it look like?

Here are my favorite features from cloth diapers I have used:

  • Rumparooz gussets. Genius again. The “poop scoop” works 100% of the time. No leaks.*
  • Crossover snaps like Preston Pants and Katydid. Should be a standard addition on diapers.  A must have for skinny kids.
  • Adorable and original prints like Goodmama and Rumparooz.
  • Trifolding snap-in insert like Grasshopper AIOs. Easy to add a doubler and allows for quick dry.
  • Elastic not just in the back (pretty standard) but in the front. Again a must for skinny kids and a bonus for boys. Baby Softwraps has this feature on the AI2 design.
  • Trim like Grasshoppers and Bum Genius Organic AIO while still providing absorbency.

In summary:

If it’s a pocket: one sized, internal rise adjustment or strong rise snaps that won’t unsnap when diapering, stretchy snap tabs, wide pocket in the front, elastic in front and back, soft microfleece inner, bamboo/microfiber insert like the super-do and gussets like Rumparooz.

If it’s an AIO: one sized, strong rise snaps that won’t unsnap when diapering, stretchy snap tabs, snap-in trifold insert, natural fibers, hidden snaps, trim, gussets are still possible (I laid my Grasshopper insert in the Rumparooz shell to test), front snapping with crossover snaps and a creative, colorful PUL/snap selection.

I haven’t yet found the perfect solution for wing-droop.  Sterling gets it on almost every diaper.  I know there are snap options on some brands but I don’t like the idea of an exposed snap when the child no longer needs it.  Perhaps longer front panel wings would work.

What does your perfect cloth diaper look like? And if you get inspired by my list and create my perfect diaper, I get to try it first! ;) *Of course, a couple of my favorite features are patent pending and out of respect for their creativity I ask that you not duplicate it exactly!


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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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24 Responses to “What Does The Perfect Cloth Diaper Look Like?”

  1. John Kluge Says:

    The perfect cloth diaper is an old fashioned pinned prefold, covered with old fashioned pull-on Gerber plastic pants, with a little diaper left out all around the waist. Works for me anyway!


  2. Loni Says:

    Any using Gro-Baby? They seem like a great diaper, but haven’t found many reviews on them. Thanks!


  3. me Says:

    The adjustable/buttonhole design was stolen from a small WHAM company who has a patent pending on the adjustable elastic design. Shame on those who stole the design!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      I’d love to talk with you about your diapers (Evolution diapers) but you’d need to send me a valid email ;)


  4. Krista Says:

    Have you tried envibum? http://envibum.com/index.html#

    If so, what do you think?


  5. Grateful for Grace Says:

    Oooooh, the wrap and snap on Katydids! Brilliant!


  6. Renee Says:

    I think I would add to your list trim fitting. I don’t like the thick diapers that don’t fit under their normal size clothing.


  7. Rochelle Says:

    “Crossover snaps like Preston Pants and Katydid. Should be a standard addition on diapers. A must have for skinny kids.”

    I agree! My DD had a skinny waist and fat thighs, so only diapers with crossover snaps fit her well. Her thighs are a bit thinner now she’s 2, so it’s not too big a problem.

    What are your favorites for overnight diapers? Do you have any favorite training pants? My DD will soon be ready for potty training, so any adivice you have one that I’d love to hear.


  8. Kay Says:

    If Goodmama had a hemp option- that would be our perfect diaper!


  9. Andrea Says:

    I love my AMP’s. They have the elastic in front as well. I find them to be quite trim & very absorbent. I love using bamboo inserts with them.


  10. Liz Says:

    Autumn, I definately agree with the toggle adjustment on the Softbums…I just wish the lining was not fleece but something that can be wiped clean (but then I guess you would have to make it with two layers of pul…) and if the insert was something that could be snapped in both in the front and the back- like the GroBaby inserts. Oooh, maybe the shell design of a GAD- front and back elastic and side snaps, plus cool colors with the adjustment of the Softbums and the Grobaby inserts. I used to be a die-hard pocket gal but I am really digging the AI2 lately! Just curious why you prefer a pocket opening in the front? Oh, how I wish I had some sewing skills!


  11. Alison Reid Says:

    I love my RAR G2’s and my grasshoppers (thanks to you!)!!!!!


  12. Cristina Marshall Says:

    My perfect diaper is EVIBUM. They are a one size pocket that fits great, doesn’t give rashes, washes up great, doesn’t leak at night or anytime, and is super durable. Oh yeah and it looks soooo cute on. I am not stuck on looks. I am all about function and easy. It is a added bonus that they have a minky outer that looks aborable on and I can’t stop feeling his bum. So soft. I did the bum genuis route and returned them with in there warranty. Recieved new ones then sold them. I then turned around and bought EVIBUM. Best puchase.


  13. Esley Says:

    I know a bit old fashioned but for the price I love my prefolds with bummis wraps….cheap and adaptable for different sizes. I have some AIOs but they have a soaker that soaks up the pee smell after 2 washes and attracts every piece of lint, dog hair or whatever you have floating around your house especially if you have hard wood floors. For me cotton is the way to go!


  14. Majaliwa Says:

    My perfect diaper has to have adjustable leg and waist options and high absorbency. My little guy is long, has chunky thighs, a skinny waist, and is a heavy wetter – go figure! For me this means fitted bamboo or hemp diapers with elastic leg gussets (like the Pooters Fitted Diapers) and PUL diaper covers with snaps for legs and waist like Mother-Ease Air Flow covers or GEN-Y Minky diaper side-snapping diaper covers.


  15. Jannea Says:

    WELL! I have done alot of research as well as my own sketches. I currently own and use the BG Organic AIO (I have 6 of them), over a dozen FuzziBunz OS, and a few solo artists like BottomBumpers Medium, MamaLittleHelper OS Pocket, and a dozen Bummis Prefolds with various covers. I have also sewn a few that I use for back up. Although the fuzzibunz have a wide range of sizes with in the button system, I feel that they tend to leak esp. at night. I really do not like the synthetic materials. PUL is bad enough as it an oil based material (oh well!)….but I love Cotton/hemp.

    My perfect diaper is something like this: Waterproof shell, thick Cotton/hemp inner, snap in soaker pad with option to have wide end in either front or back, cotton/hemp soaker pad, snap closures with stretchy tabs, shaped thinner in hip area so baby can curl up bend twist and sit well w/ less bulk, scooped tummy shape for big bellies, One size with adjustable rises and waist width using strong snaps or built in elastic or chords, fast drying time for all the parts.

    Perhaps even a whole diaper that snaps into a cover and it is just the cover that snaps closed on the baby not the cloth part, but more going on in the cloth part than gro baby or flip.

    I want: Leak Prook, easy for baby to move and bend, easy to wash, fast dry time, easy for other people to use it, fast to assemble prior to using, natural materials, flexible absorbency, multi-size.

    I am working on sewing my dream diaper.


  16. Satah Says:

    This combo could never happen unless someone bought the rights to use all the patents from all these patent pending diaper companies!! LOL
    that would be one spendy diaper right there.


  17. puan punyer Says:

    it will be my dream too


  18. heidi Says:

    I am just wondering if you have ever tried a bagshot row bamboo diaper? its my favorite and I have never heard you mention it in any of your blogs.


  19. Nicole Says:

    My perfect diaper is the BumGenius ORGANIC One-Size All-in-One with velcro that lasts forever and at half the price! Oh and if it actually fit newborns.

    Unless there is explosive poop, then a Thirsties pocket AIO V2 one size or two size would be sweet.


  20. Candace Robinson Says:

    I agree with about everything you said! Except I’ve never tried Softbums with the toggle rise adjustment. I do love pretty much the same stuff as you though. I haven’t had many wing droop issues in my current stash though. I have rumperooz (1), BG (3), Little Smudgeez (11, 8 fitteds, 3 AIO’s LOVE these diapers!!!!), Rainshine designs (2 pockets, side snap), Snap EZ (1, I love the snap placement and the front elastic!), and a few others I’m not thinking of.


  21. Sarah Says:

    Whether or not it’s a OS or sized diaper, this should be standard: If it’s a pocket, buttonhole-adjustable elastic in the legs, i.e. Fuzzi Buns OS. Another skinny baby must!!


  22. Grateful for Grace Says:

    Goodness, you have me daydreaming again.


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