What Is A Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper?

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A hybrid cloth diaper is a cross between an all-in-one and a fitted cloth diaper.

An AIO is fully waterproof due to the PUL layer.  While a fitted diaper requires a cover due to the absence of a waterproof layer.

So, what makes it a hybrid?

One of the first WAHMs to produce a hybrid fitted was Anne of Little Boppers.  Here is the description from her Etsy store defining a hybrid fitted:

What is a “Hybrid Fitted”? It is a fitted diaper that has a hidden body layer of poly fleece, sandwiched between the outer print and the inner velour. This layer of poly fleece helps the diaper to be more effective.

Liquid hits the fleece layer and is deflected back into the absorbent inner, soaking up into the rest of the soaker pad and inner velour instead of just saturating the middle and immediately needing a change. The hybrid fitted is still a “fitted” diaper, meaning it is breathable and it isn’t totally waterproof. It would require the use of a cover to be considered waterproof.

Many folks like to use these coverless around the house because they are more water-resistant than a regular fitted. They are not as waterproof as AIOs or AI2s made with PUL, but they are more breathable than them.

On the market today are dozens of stores making this extremely popular new diapering system.  Some are near impossible to get, like Tangerine Baby, but don’t focus on the one that eludes you.

Here is a list of shops selling the popular hybrid fitted:

I could go on and on and I encourage you to post your favorite hybrid fitted!

The one thing I highly recommend is to like the store’s Facebook page.  On the Facebook page you will see details of stocking times and previews of what is to come.  There are oftentimes a b/s/t (buy/sell/trade) page on Facebook as well.

Plenty of opportunities to try out a hybrid fitted!!

**If you are the owner of one of the stores listed and would like your hybrid fitted reviewed by All About Cloth Diapers please click the “Contact Us” button in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.  Thank you for all your hard work!


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46 Responses to “What Is A Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper?”

  1. amy acevedo Says:

    Loved this post…a lot of the stores aren’t active though…any chance of a follow up post ;)


  2. Courtney Says:

    I am a WAHM who makes Hybrid fitteds, AIO’s, AI2’s, and Pocket diapers.



    Squishy Bum’s makes hybrid fitteds @ facebook.com/squishybums. 20.00 includes shipping and 5.00 off military discount includes veterans!


  4. Renee Says:

    Cuddle butts on Facebook makes hybrid fitteds as well.


  5. Alicia Says:

    Can anyone link patterns for making your own hybrid diapers? Preferably paid ones, as I know they will be more detailed :)


  6. Surromama Says:

    I also make Hybrid Fitteds :) you can find me at Facebook.com/Urbanbumsboutique

    Thanks for the post, I enjoyed reading it!


  7. Sam Says:

    Baby biology, baby Ten, Heidioh to list a few great new up and coming WAHM brands. All have Facebook pages.





  8. April Wilkens Says:

    Another fantastic WAHM hybrid is 4wardThinking. They are hard to get but Cheryl is amazing! She has amazing customer service and goes out of her way to please her customers.


  9. Sue Says:

    Ok, I know I sound like a dork but how does one ever acquire these coveted yummy fluffies? Every time I go on the websites or HC everything is gone. I don’t have time to play games and cruise the net forever, but I definitely want to try one of these on my rash prone girlie! Any advice to an old cloth diaper who’s a newb at this type of problem?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      Make a note of when the stores stock. These diapers are made by one mom and they can only sew so many per week. I know it can be frustrating but thankfully there are many wahms that make diapers!


    • K Pohl Says:

      Hi, I’m K, and I have a WAHM page on facebook called Chunky Monkey Products and I make fitted hybrid diapers. I do not have “stocking times” but am always taking orders for custom items. This means you all can pick out your fabric and I’ll sew it up for you and get in the mail with in 2 weeks. Just wanted to drop a little note tooting my own horn, hope that is okay. These really are my new favorites, and I’m selling off most of my diapers to replace with my fitted hybrids.


      • Autumn Beck Says:

        K, thanks for the info!!


        • K Pohl Says:

          Your welcome, thanks for schooling me on what a fitted hybrid is. I had never heard of them til I stumbled across this article and I am in love with them! My little bean has been having the worst trouble with a teething diaper rash and I just couldn’t get it to clear up on her. Started making these for her to try out and it is clearing up her bum nicely, think it’s the more breathableness (is that a word?) of not using the pul, but it is working wonders on her poor little bum, and I’m not having to use a pul cover over them.


  10. hellomama Says:

    earthLINGZ are new breed of fitted hybrid. They are amazing! The shells are 2 layers of poly fleece, with no hidden layers… which means no wicking of moisture to the outer fabric! They stay dry coverless all the way up until the soaker is saturated and it’s time for another diaper change! Check them out at etsy.com/shops/earthLINGZdiapers


  11. Melody Says:

    Have you ever tried BubuBebe diapers?



  12. Tarah Says:

    How about Macaroni Baby?


  13. Tarah Says:

    Macaroni Baby makes great hybrid fitteds too. https://www.facebook.com/MacaroniBaby


  14. Jane Says:

    Can anyone say how long these might last until feeling wet? Love the idea of having more breathability but I’m concerned about including them in the rotation for the wonderful sitters I have in place when I head off to work. Would be great if they generally lasted the 2-3 hours we are accustomed to waiting until next diaper change.


  15. Brooke B. Says:

    ok, so glad that i read this! i had no idea what a hybrid fitted was.


  16. Terri Says:

    Bsrb is my absolute favorite hybrid. I highly recommend cruisig her site on fridays at 1pm. Or the facebook b/s/t.


  17. Amanda Hendrix Says:

    Don’t forget Flufferbutters!


  18. Darien M Says:

    I have a Kabumkiss hybrid fitted that I absolutely love and the Mom that makes them provides outstanding customer service!


  19. Athena Says:

    Love teh idea. Going ti have to try one in my night solution. Any recommendation from anyone using them for night time let me know.


  20. Nicole Says:

    LOVE my BSRB hybrid fitted! <3


  21. Agnes Says:

    Thank you for writing this post. Lately, a lot of people have been wondering what a hybrid fitted is. I need to share this post on the CDT Facebook page :)

    By the way, Dick & Jane also makes hybrid fitteds. Her store is at http://www.etsy.com/shop/dickandjanediapers


  22. Whit Says:

    Couture Fluff, Rainbow Monster, Binky D, Monkey Rumps, Baby Roman, Dillicious Dipes, My Munchi and Wild Mountain Mommies are a few more :)



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