What Were The Top 11 Cloth Diaper Posts From 2011

January 9, 2012


If you take away giveaway posts and rank according to number of comments, these are the top posts of 2011:

11) The Life Expectancy of a One-Sized Cloth Diaper This post is a great reality check.  As we begin this journey of cloth diapering we often convince ourselves that the upfront costs are reasonable because the diapers will last through multiple children.  At least this is what we tell our husbands.  Truth is, the upfront costs are worth it but for other reasons.  Before you make your first big purchase make sure you fully know what you are buying.  One-sized cloth diapers are awesome! But, they might not endure hundreds of washes and years of use…or they may :)

10) Do You Line Dry Your Cloth Diapers? I’m not cut out for life without a dryer. I know, weak. This October when my dryer died I was forced to line dry all my cloth diapers.  I really tried to not do diaper laundry while the dryer was waiting for repair but couldn’t last that long.  It was a great one-time experience, however, I’m hoping not to do it again.

9) The Best World Breastfeeding Week Ever With all the amazing blessings our family experienced this year, nursing my friend’s baby was one of the high points.  It’s not something I may ever get the opportunity to do again.  The trust my friend has in me is humbling and an something I will treasure forever.

8 ) The Cloth Diaper Everyone Recommends for Newborns Back in 2005, when I began cloth diapering this diaper was highly recommended.  While still a household name for newborn cloth diapers, many other brands have entered the scene and have become more recommended.  If you are expecting a child and would like a newborn cloth diaper comparison check out my posts on the topic.

7) Our Newest Cloth Diaper Model One of my favorite posts, of course :)  Welcoming Camden into the world was an amazing event.  His birth was just as I had hoped and what could be better than adding another child to the family?!

6) Cloth Diaper Q&A Vol 4 My Q&A series is always a hit…why don’t I do it more often?? I get so many questions from you and it’s only fair for me to share that information with everyone.  The comments throughout this site are filled to the brim with answers to just about every question you could have about cloth diapering.  This particular post dealt with Flip, ammonia and AIO questions.

5) How I Deal With Cloth Diaper Stink This article was originally published in 2009 and yet still so relevant.  Stink is always a problem someone is dealing with.  With a little patience it’s something easily fixed.  I’m looking forward to using the Bum Genius Odor Remover and detergent I have on the way.  It’s fun discovering new ways to wash cloth diapers effectively!

4) I’ll Tell You My Dirty Little Secret There isn’t much you don’t know about me.  You know my highs and lows, you see the real side of Autumn Beck.  How I write is how I talk.  What you read is the real me.  In 2011, there were some big changes for me personally.  I will share those with you in the weeks to come.

3) Are Disposable Diapers Really That Bad? Yes, they are bad. Should we never use them? Not necessarily.  There will be times when they are needed.  The main point is to identify that we are making a choice that isn’t the “best” and move on.

2) Cloth Diaper Q&A Vol 5: Detergents Any time I write about laundry it draws big crowds.  It’s a big issue!  Anyone can snap on a diaper but keeping them clean, odorless and baby rash-free is a colossal task.  It is not always easy for me and I promise to share my failures and successes in order to save you the time and frustration.

1) Why Do I Hate Cloth Wipes? I am proud to say that since this post I have been using cloth wipes.  It has been so much easier!  There has been a major change however since using cloth wipes.  Soon to come is a post on a diagnosis I received at the beginning of November.  That diagnosis forced me to be ever vigilant of ingredients which led me to stop using my favorite wipes solution.  Alas, water has turned out to be easy and safe to use for a wipe solution ;)

What are the topics you want me to write about in 2012?  What troubles are you currently experiencing?

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11 Responses to “What Were The Top 11 Cloth Diaper Posts From 2011”

  1. Jennifer Tippett Says:

    Hi, Autumn!

    I love reading your blog with all of the help and advice you give. I have tried looking for most of these answers myself, but some I just can’t seem to find the answer. I am still kinda new to cloth diapering but have a pretty good handle on it so far (first baby, and he’s almost 8 weeks old now). I am making a nice and big fluff shopping list for when we get our tax return this year with things like a diaper sprayer for when he starts solids (I hear BumGenius is the best), Bac-Out, a wool soaker/shorties/longies/whatever (Sustainablebabyish), some inserts (all kinds, everything from Rumparooz 6-r, Swaddlebees, etc) as well as cloth wipes (Ragababe) and solution (Blissful Booty). A couple different questions (I hope they all make sense):

    1. I know you recommend s’bish wool products, but I am wondering why I would buy longies/shorties if they don’t surround the diaper like a soaker if I’m wanting to use them at night to contain anything that might leak.I guess I just don’t see how they would stop anything from running down the leg.

    2. If I’m not mistaken, your favorite cloth wipe solution is Blissful Booty Wipe Solution.
    “That diagnosis forced me to be ever vigilant of ingredients which led me to stop using my favorite wipes solution.” (quoted from above in article #1)
    I know you said that you were going to address this soon, but I guess I’m wondering if you can give a general explanation on why you are only using water now and if I/we should do the same and not use solution (including any oils).

    3. Speaking of which, should I use oil (like tea tree oil) at all since I hear oil can make diapers repel (kinda makes sense, oil repels water)?

    4. Our diapers say wash with warm water, but I feel like maybe they won’t get clean unless I wash on hot. Will washing on hot ruin the PUL or something? We use Charlies Soap and I usually have to do a cold wash (no soap) 3 hot washes with warm rinses (soap) and an extra rinse to get them completely clean, aka, stink free. I’m hoping the Bac-Out will help with that. Is this too much hot water, including the rinses? Also, warm vs cold rinse?

    5. Are the wings supposed to come up above the thigh to fit properly, or is it generally below the hip and still fitting? If you can tell, I am having sizing issues, or at least, I think I am. He tends to leak around the leg opening and I’m wondering if this is from him maybe having skinny thighs (I think he is average, but if anything, towards the skinny side, but long), or maybe something more along the lines of his pee not going through the microfleece fast enough to then be absorbed. I don’t know. I’ve tried quite a few combinations with what I have (pockets with a small sewn-together insert of microterry cotton and hemp), but I still can’t seem to find a solution.

    6. Sorry for asking all of this, and all of the parentheses. If you have ANY other suggestions, PLEASE let me know as again, I’m still pretty new at this.

    P.S. We have Blueberry pockets (using the Mini-Deluxe version, which is like a small one-size meant for babies 6lbs-15lbs until he fits the one-size pockets). I plan on buying a diaper or two of each kind (AIO, fitteds, etc) to see what else works. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t have bought an entire stash of one kind instead of buying one or two of each to see what works. Whoops. Oh well, what’s done is done and now I’m trying to remedy that.

    Again, sorry this is SO long, but a reply to any of these questions/issues is GREATLY appriciated!! =)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      1) You need a better fitted :) You shouldn’t have anything running down the leg. Yes, you are correct, longies won’t hug just like a soaker but it’s pretty close. Longies aren’t a necessity though. Soakers paired with Babylegs are so cute!
      2) I have Celiac’s and the rare skin condition that can accompany it, Dermatitis Hepataformis. This means I have to be super vigilant to stay away from any hidden gluten. Blissful Booty contains gluten ;)
      3) The few drops you use in a wipes solution will not cause repelling.
      4) You shouldn’t have to wash that much!!!!! I recommend trying another detergent. Using hot often will shorten the life of your diapers.
      5) Sounds like he has a long rise and perhaps the diapers aren’t long enough for him. I can’t say for sure without seeing it.
      6) Try a few Kawaii Baby diapers.


  2. sherly Says:

    dear autumn,
    hi…im a mommy of two n i live in Indonesia..i use cloth diaper for my second ( she is 2 months old right now) n i love it. i’ve read your book n it’s helping for tips but not for diapers brand. there is hh,fuzzybuns,bumwear n some you’ve mentioned in you book but it’s quite expensive here :-( right now i’m still looking for night use diaper that ‘leak proof’ since mine is lasting only 4 hours max. is it possible to use 1 cloth diaper for all night without leaking?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      What are you using currently? Can you get hemp in Indonesia? Sorry if that sounds ignorant i dont know what you have access to. Hemp is trim and very absorbent. You will lay it under the microfiber inserts.


  3. Lisa Says:

    Trisha – re: potty rings. With my youngest, I found a potty seat that we LOVED. It was actually a two in one, a regular sized toilet seat that had a little attachment of a smaller sized potty seat that you could either leave down or turn a little lever to make it stay hooked to the lid. It didn’t take up any extra space, and looked so much nicer than the traditional potty rings that just sit on top. I can’t remember for sure what brand it was, but I did a quick google search and found Next Step has one. That may or may not be the one I used, but at least you’d see what I was talking about =)


  4. Tarin Says:

    I would definitely like to hear about potty training too. I have seriously tried so many methods even paid for an ebook about one, but have had no success with my 2 and a half year old boy. As a first time mom this is frustrating. With number 2 due in 3 weeks and the possibility of another c-section looming although I plan to attempt a vbac, I really don’t want to be lifting him to change his diaper. Please help!


    • tarin Says:

      Oh and definitely more on making your own: diapers, wipes, boosters, liners, soakers etc. You haven’t done nearly enough on that.


    • Emily D Says:

      I read a book called Early-Start Potty training, got it from my local library. It has sections for different ages, and it was perfect for my two dd!


  5. Trisha W. Says:

    I would love to learn more about people’s experiences with cloth trainers and to hear success stories in finding overnight products for children who wet the bed well past toddler hood. Slightly off topic, I would be interested in hearing people’s thoughts on potty chairs and potty rings that go on top of toilets. And while I don’t EC, it would be neat to read more about that as well.


    • Rebekah K. Says:


      I read an article about EC when my little one was 6 months old. I started taking her and sitting her on a potty ring before and after bed, bath, and whenever I thought she needed to go. It’s been two months now and she’s a pro. It’s more difficult for me to be consistent to take her all the time;
      but when I do, if she needs to go, she does. I’m not saving a lot in diapers, but I’m hoping to avoid some of the temperamental two’s or threes :)


    • Emily D Says:

      In my experience, the Baby Bjorn little potty is awesome for kids who can’t get on the toilet themselves- very sturdy, never tips over, super easy to clean ( I also have a similar one from the local dollar store which is fine, great for my 6month dd, but not strong enough for a heavy/ active kid).
      And I really like my trainers from Otter Puddles, they snap at the sides which is great for accidents!


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