What’s In My Cloth Diaper Trial Pack

I realized last week that Camden needed a new nighttime cloth diaper system.  No big surprise, he’s 3 months old and everything seems to change at that mark.

Up to this point we have been using a Bum Genius AIO (discontinued but you can still snag some here and there) stuffed with either 2 Hemp Babies or 1 Kissaluvs super soaker.  Both options are super absorbent but the problem is the leaking out the top.

Camden sleeps on his tummy and I hate picking him up only to discover that he’s soaked!  If you want to see me grow horns give me a wet baby in the middle of the night.

My first comment to myself when I realized he needed a new system was, “Oh drats, I *have* to go shopping.” ;)

Lately, there are only 2 places I shop: Zulily and Amazon

.  Zulily is a big money-suck so consider yourself warned.

Amazon is convenient beyond convenient. Especially on the iPad.  It’s like 2 clicks and I’m done.

In addition to Amazon, I also shop at Diaper Junction.

What did I include in my “cloth diaper trial pack”?

Oh, Katy…funny story.  One of my readers asked me a while back if I had tried Oh, Katy and said they were the best diapers she had ever tried.  I said no and thought, golly how many cloth diapers are out there that I haven’t tried or even heard of???  Fast forward to me shopping for cloth diapers and I see this Oh, Katy.  Hello?!  Why didn’t someone tell me Katydid renamed their diaper?  So, to answer my reader, yes I have tried Oh, Katy and I too love them!

Oh, Katy cloth diapers are really fantastic.  Really.  I loved the fit I got on Sterling (skinny, tall, short rise) and I love the fit on Camden (chunky, tall, longer rise).  There is no bunching, gaping or other awkwardness.  Oh, Katy pocket opening is in the front, which isn’t my favorite when using a diaper sprayer.  But, for now that’s not an issue so I’m very happy.

Fuzzi Bunz OS in Kumquat, Mac n Cheese and Watermelon.  I want to love Fuzzi Bunz.  The colors are bold and energetic. The adjustable elastic provides a snug, custom fit.  The pocket should allow for double nighttime stuffing. The pocket is what keeps me from loving the Fuzzi Bunz OS.  It is a narrow in the crotch making it near impossible to lay the 2 FB microfiber inserts flat.

I’m also not a big fan of the pocket opening.  It seems unfinished and quickly done (compared to the Oh, Katy which has a nice finished opening).

(terrible iPhone pic)

Thirsties Duo Diaper in Blackbird size 2.  I went with size 2 because of some reviews I read but it looks like it will be too big.  We’ll see…okay tried it on. It does fit although a little roomy at this point.  Size 2 states 18lbs to be the low end.  Camden is 15lbs.  I’m not a big fan of the duo inserts.  I wish they laid flat on the ends but instead they’re a little lumpy due to the microfiber and hemp jersey snapping together.  Anyone else feel the same?  Or am I just nit-picking?

A plus to the Thirsties is not having to pull out the insert.  Although I did out of habit.

Babykicks 3G Pocket Diaper in white and poppy.  I give it 2 thumbs down. Hard to stuff due to narrow opening. Definitely not a one-size diaper.  Camden is at the upper end of the middle rise setting and can wear it on the largest setting.  Just from inspecting it while putting it on Camden it appears there is a space that will leak.  I’ve pointed it out in the picture.  I chose this diaper because of the fleece leg casings.  I thought it’d be nice on chunky thighs, we’ll see how it goes after a letting him fill it up ;)

After hours of wearing the Babykicks 3G, fully saturating it, there were no leaks.  However, the bamboo inner was soaked and caused a rash on Camden–I told you he doesn’t like to feel wetness.

Best Bottom Diaper with the microfiber overnight insert.  I ordered this set from Diaper Junction.  When I received the diaper I realized I wasn’t clear on what I was ordering.  The overnight inserts are not stand alone.  They need an insert added on top of them: 1) it is all microfiber and 2) it has snaps for something.  Diaper Junction was awesome when I contacted them about this problem.  I offered feedback, they were happy to receive it and they are sending me a stay dry “topper”.  Yeah!

The insert came today (along with another fluffy mail surprise that I can.NOT wait to show y’all!) and I plan to give it a go tomorrow night.  Best Bottoms look good we’ll see how it fits and performs.

Bum Essentials Bumbino. This would be a great diaper for a big child.  Camden is more on the chunky side than skinny and the waist on the Bumbino swallows him.  It has front elastic, which is a great feature, but because it is so huge it doesn’t function properly.  The inserts are snap in bamboo inserts.  The snaps are exposed on the upper insert :(  The bamboo is soft, absorbent and not a good option for baby’s that don’t like to feel any wetness (This is Camden.).



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38 Responses to “What’s In My Cloth Diaper Trial Pack”

  1. Ann Says:

    What did you end up using for night time? Now that she can flip herself over, I’ve got a (super soaker) stomach sleeper and am having leaks…


  2. Patty Says:

    I LOVE my Sbish fitted with a wool cover!! My LO is a all over sleeper so I never know how she’ll end up but that fitted has never given me any leaks!! And believe me I’ve tried plenty of systems! The Happy Hempy is pretty good but I can’t get a good fit.
    I also love my Bottombumpers. I’m not sure about the whole bamboo debate but she hardly ever gets a rash in it (only when it stays wet for too long) compared to microfiber which I’m really starting to dislike. They getmore build up than all my other ones and cause rashes!!


  3. Arikan Says:

    I also suggest to give ImseVimse AIO-s a try! They are fabulous! Never had a leak, they were our best night diapers.
    Now we are using Little Comfort fitted diapers from Ireland, hold an amazing amount of liquid!


  4. Katariina Says:

    Oh, and have you tried Imse Vimse AIO. They are perfect for our nights (my son is 10,5 months old). I don’t have to change it and the little one isn’t soaked in the morning, even when he sleeps on his tummy. We had leaks with Fuzzibunz, Kushies Ultra Lite Organic and Pea Pods pockets – they aren’t good for nights at all! I haven’t tried many AIO’s but Imse Vimse is my favourite by far. I love all their products but the AIO is just fab! I’m in love with it!
    (To be honest, it’s the only AIO in Estonian market – we mostly have 2 part systems on the sale only)


  5. Jenn Chambers Says:

    I *LOVE* using Organic Cotton prefolds at night with any sort of doubler (microfibre, bamboo, etc). My 18 month old daughter is in BG Organic AIOs during the day and can leak through them in no time, but she has NEVER leaked through the night in the prefolds with a sized PUL cover. I use Rearz Better Than Organic prefolds which I personally find far superior to Bummis (which we have in our stash as well). Prefolds may be bulkier than AIO’s or pockets, but who cares at night? Plus, they are super economical!


  6. Sommer Says:

    My son is a heavy wetter and tummy sleeper. Up until we found our perfect combination when he was around 3 months old, my son would wake up every single morning, sometimes in the middle of the night even, with wet clothes and wet sheets. In desperation I even tried disposables but he would still wake up wet. The only thing that worked for us at night was a fitted diaper (we especially liked Swaddlebees organic cotton for fit) with 2 hemp inserts from Jamtots, or comparable thickness, covered with a Disana wool diaper cover. We also used Little Beetle wool covers, and although the Disana was a better fit for our wide, shorter guy with a high rise, neither ever leaked and I felt like it was very comfortable and soft, and natural as well. The drawback it that it is VERY bulky, so the problem we had was finding pajamas to fit over the diaper :)


  7. Candace Says:

    The reason a baby might get diaper rash from a bamboo soaker is because despite what we’re told about bamboo being a “natural, sustainable, anti-microbial” product, it’s essentially rayon made from bamboo fibers. It’s treated with harsh, environmentally harmful chemicals during the process as well. I included a link to the FTC’s website explaining the truth about bamboo fabrics. I found this info while I was shopping for more absorbent alternatives to cotton for cloth diapering.


    • tiffaney Says:

      Candace – thank you so much! I read the FTC. I was about to go stock up on bamboo inserts ! Not anymore!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      wow. thank you so much for posting this link. i had seen the disclaimers on HC stores but didn’t really know what it meant.


      • Arikan Says:

        Before you jump to any conclusions on bamboo rayon and stuff I suggest you read some of the things on this page:


        I myself find it a little suspicious that FTC attacks bamboo and says there is lack of evidence for its good attributes when in fact there were several tests carried out (some of them are even linked on this site) while they do not provide any data, tests, or any kind of proof to prove their own statements.
        I think if they want to be taken seriously, they should provide some reliable sciantific proof instead of just making ungrounded attacks. (Could this be the work of a lobby who is loosing out because of the popularity of bamboo?)

        All I know, is that my supposedly useless bamboo (rayon?) diapers work like magic on my baby’s bottom without any problems whatsoever.


        • NC mom Says:

          I think it really depends on who is manufacturing the bamboo. Naturesfabrics.com takes great pains to manufacture it in the best possible way…I agree with the last post, I got RID of all my Bella Bottom bamboo diapers, and then I was stuck with using my cotton that left baby wet and I had a harder time getting clean, now I am back to using bamboo/organic cotton because it just worked well and my LO was happy when I use it.


  8. Tripp Says:

    My wife, Rebecca, and I have been following your blog for quite some time. Thank you for the excellent information and the education your provide.

    We read with interest your latest post regarding a “diaper trial pack”. As we read the post, we realized you really could have benefited from a true diaper trial such as that offered by my wife’s boutique, The Natural Baby. Our diaper trial program lets you try, for three weeks, any diaper we have in stock without any risk. In fact, you do not pay anything up front other than a $10 deposit. Wash the diapers, try the diapers, get them dirty, wash them, try them again, evaluate the fit for day and for night and after 3 weeks, simply keep the ones you want and send us the ones you don’t. If you decide none of the diapers are for you and your little one, just send them all back. All at our cost! Its an excellent program that allows you to thoroughly evaluate the diapers of your choice without any financial risk.

    Here’s a link to our cloth diaper trial program: http://www.thenaturalbaby.com/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=2413&idcategory=390

    Best Regards,
    Tripp & Rebecca
    Owners, The Natural Baby


  9. mariel Says:

    I have tried Best Bottom diapers. At first when my baby was smaller (she is now 8 months and about 18 lbs), it worked just fine. I have had no leaks with it. Problem now is the diaper doesn’t seem to fit her perfectly at this stage. I just couldn’t get a proper fit. Her “Butt cleavage” (sorry i can’t find the right words) just show with it. I tried all means of adjusting the diaper to no avail. Snapping down the rise to the lowest and mid setting would leave a gape at the thighs. Snapping it to the infant setting is just too tight and would leave red marks on her thighs. Plus, there would also be a gape at the waist! I have both the snaps and the aplix and both have the same problem.
    Have you tried using Happy Heinys sherpa fitted diapers with a Kissaluvs doubler? And Happy Heinys sherpa fitteds with Baby BeeHinds bamboo doubler? These work for us. Goodluck!


  10. Audrey Says:

    Goodmama Goodnight with an Aristocrat cover….done


  11. Dinika Says:

    My friend is signing up to sell Smart Bottoms which sounds like a great company but I want to know if they work…have you tried them? I have an all-over sleeper and it’s hit or miss on where to double up – front, side or back :) 11 months 19lbs boy


  12. Vanessa Says:

    I am at the same place…the BG AIOs were leaking at night so I am moving on to Happy Hempys with an Aristocrats soaker…surely he can’t leak through that :) the BGs always worked for my girls but are not cutting it with the boy and strangely, instead of wicking in the front the wetness is in the back.

    I always have stink problems with Fuzzi Bunz.


  13. Amy Clouter Says:

    For us, we’ve found our BG 4.0s double stuffed with the stay dry liners work the best. My boys are 11 months and on the smaller side at about 17lbs with long rises and both are tummy sleepers and sleep for 12 hours. In the morning, they feel dry to the touch (mind you the inserts are completely soaked!). We’ve also found that a Baby Kicks Hemp Prefold with one of the newborn sized BG 4.0 inserts placed between the diaper and a Bummis Superbrite cover works well in a pinch.


  14. Sarah Says:

    I also use Mother-ease at night. I use their one-size diapers with one of their liners and then cover them with Gerber vinyl pants. This combination NEVER leaks! I’ve been cloth diapering for 6 years and this is the only nighttime diaper combination that hasn’t leaked. I just like Mother-ease for toddlers anyway because they are so absorbent.


  15. Emily M Says:

    For night time I use Mother Ease (a Canadian diaper) on my toddler. I use the one size with the diaper cover with snaps. The only thing I don’t like is that the elastic is kind of exposed. If I don’t snap the diaper just right, baby has red marks on her legs :( But they are very absorbent for her night time pee habits, and on lazy mornings I can even let her do her morning pee in them with no leaks. Soon after she wakes up she goes on this half hour to hour pee marathon; she has been waking up dry to semi-dry the past month or so. Once she’s done peeing in the morning, however, the diaper and doubler are SOAKED!
    If I’m out of clean Mother Ease I use my BG 3.0, although the velcro is starting to go on that, so every once in a while she’ll wake up without a diaper. Yikes!


  16. Aimee Says:

    I have been using a high quality indian cotton prefold with a hand made doubler from mammasloveathome website closed with a snappi and wrapped in a Med Super Whisper Wrap for my 4month 15lb baby girl and so far she has not leaked at night. I use these diapers when I’m at home and then I use the Bumkin Med AIO when we are busy, I also call these my DADDY DIAPERS. They hae been discontinued, but I have been finding them here and there. They are also easy for my teenagers to use.


  17. Kora Says:

    What do you mean they discontinued the BG AIO??


  18. Tina Says:

    I’ve been using the sbish ‘magic’ diaper (as per your suggestion!) and a sugar peas fleece cover at night and it has never leaked. My little guy is 4.5 mos. and approx. 13lbs. (I make ’em tall and thin). He pees a lot too….he’s been soaking through his Fuzzi Bunz one-size during the day….I’m going to have to start doubling up (if I can get two inserts in there…I agree that the pocket is a bit too narrow…I can barely get my big hand in there).


  19. Anna Wixom Says:

    Is your BG AIO aplix or snap? I know Aplix leaks when wet so if they are aplix try something with snaps. I just use a BG pocket with a joey bunz hemp at night either that or my blueberry diaper with the hemp microfiber insert. I know Apple cheeks diapers are supposedly good for tummy sleepers because they have the elastic in the front. I have not tried them but I am about to. I just have to prep them. I will let you know how they hold up.


  20. Katariina Says:

    I’m so envious of you that I’m probably glowing green in the dark :D I just hate the fact that we have (in Estonia – a tiny country in East Europe) so few modern cloth diapers in the market. And it’s so expensive to order them from othe countries *sniff*. I would give a kingdom for suc a great diapers that you just bought :)
    Go CD!


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      no fair! Estonians deserve good cloth diapers too :)


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      do you receive my emails? reply to one with your address. i want to see how much it would cost to ship.


    • Vered Says:

      Hi Katariina,

      I live in Israel and we don’t have a large variety of cloth diapers here either. But I’ve found several stores in the US that do ship internationally at decent prices – Mom’s Milk Boutique, Jillian’s Drawers, Jennifer’s Cloth Diaper Boutique, and also quite a few WAHMS – many on hyenacart or etsy have international shipping, and if you’re looking for premium fitteds I can give you my favourites.

      Hope that helps,



      • Katariina Says:

        Thank you :) Thats very kind of You! But we have closer shops that do sent to Estonia. Like Finland – they have tons of cloth diaper shops. In fact I just order a BumGenius AIO :D Yay for me!


      • Jole Says:

        Hi, I’m new here but I appreciate this great blog. Thanks for all the useful information you provide! I live in Italy where you can find a good range of cloth diapers, but the price is often high… I see USA prices are morer affordable, but I’m afraid the shipping would be too expensive…
        Do you think I could contact the above mentioned shops to have a shipping quote? What are your favourite diapers? I emailed sweetbottoms Baby boutique my wish list for about 313$, I’m still waiting for their answer…:-)
        I have ordered the Kawaii brand, the Grovia hybrid & AIO, some Indian unbleached organic prefolds, some hemp/organic OS fitteds like Kissaluvs contour, Baby Kicks, Tiny Tush, Sustainablebabysh snapless multi fitted with some Thirsties Duo wrap covers…
        I have also included some hemp inserts like Thirsties, Joey-Bunz and so on…
        What do you think? Is this a good starting point?


        • Autumn Beck Says:

          Sounds like a great starting point. Many manufacturers won’t allow a US retailer to ship internationally because of international retailers. This may factor in on some of your choices. If I recall correctly, Rumparooz and Cottonbabies have this policy. I have no idea what the shipping would be but if you find out and need help getting the products to you, I’m sure there are plenty who would volunteer.


          • Jole Says:

            I know… Unluckily Cottonbabies & Totsbots do not ship internationally… That’s a pity since I would like to get some Bumgenius and Easyfit diapers… They’re much cheaper in the States if you think that in Italy you pay them 24-25 Euros each (1 dollar-0,70 euro)… Maybe I should look for some UK retailer selling them instead!
            Thanks anyway


  21. Marlena Says:

    i have the best bottoms and they work great for my little girl. She has a chunky belly and skinny legs and with the best bottoms she never leaks!


  22. Amber Skinner Says:

    We have one BUM ESSENTIALS diaper (same color as you picture) and I love it for night time! Only other diaper besides my LolliDoo that keep him dry at night. My boy is a tummy sleeper too. He is 23 pounds and 18 months old. Also love that it fits my 4 year old who is 43 pounds if needed.


  23. heather Says:

    HAVE you tried GoGreen Pockets? They are by far my favorite, so far, and I have had no issues with my belly sleeper waking up wet in them. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.


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