Where Do You Buy Interlock and Knit Wool?

October 16, 2009


This is a modified reprint from October 23, 2008.

To view the original click here => It’s Time For Yummy Winter Woolies part 1

For most of you cold weather has arrived! I’m shocked at the number of Facebook status updates I see that exclaim “SNOW!”.  How crazy is that when I’m enjoying the nice 80 degree weather??

Despite the fact that Sterling only “needs” wool at night, I still can’t resist the warmth and complete cute factor of a pair

of longies.  I reach for Sterling’s Woollybottoms everyday regardless that he wears aios during the day.  Wool provides a reliable waterproof barrier over aios and pockets even when unlanolized.

There are wool longies to fit any budget. My 2nd favorite type of wool is interlock (I’ll talk about my favorite in the next post). Prices range anywhere from $25 to $60. Here are some instock interlock longies on hyena cart right now.

Blackbird Baby

Little Green Viking awesome wool.  check out the customs category.

Mamaz Luv Creations

Wild Child Woolies when I used to frequent cloth diaper forums these were “the” thing. if that’s still true these may be sold out when you visit.

The Kestlyn Collection

The Covered Caboose Good price for 2 pairs of longies. If you’d like to make your own she sells interlock wool in bulk.

Little Buddha Bottoms just one outfit but it is really cute and inexpensive


Non-Hyena Cart:

Rainbow Waters

Sloomb aka Sustainablebabyish

Longies are also available in knit or crochet. Because knitting and crochet take significantly more time to create the prices can be quite high. A pair of highly sought after knit longies can easily pull close to $200.

I know many moms who have the old lady next door or the knitting mom in LLL make a pair of longies for them. Someone who has a lot of experience knitting can often look at a pair of longies and recreate the pattern.

Knit wool on Hyena Cart:


Baby Bear


Munchkin Wear

Wool Baby Knits

Serenity Tree congo

Etsy stores:


Green Mountain Wee Woolies


Phew! That should leave you wishing you had more Paypal! A couple of those might not be there for you because I zero self control.

I’ll save recycled wool and how to care for wool for next post ;) Happy shopping!

One more note on knit wool longies, there are many different types of wool available. My favorite by a mile is BBR- Blackberry Ridge. It is the best all around for (in my humble opinion) durability, warmth, texture, and function.

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10 Responses to “Where Do You Buy Interlock and Knit Wool?”

  1. Lindsay Finnegan Says:

    It was so nice to see myself featured a tiny bit in this blog. :) It literally has made my day! I did want to let you know though I do have a hyenacart as well as I wholesale my products exclusively to Lisa at The Cloth Diaper Shop right now. :)

    Here is the link-

    Thank you so much for posting a link to my stuff!!!


  2. anpnek Says:

    Okay this makes sense. I do have some lanolizing staining. However, I have used it twice and it always leaks. The one time really badly. That is why I thought it needed more lanolizing. Is there something I am doing wrong? Why does it leak? My son woke up at 4:00 am (not fun) because he was wet.

    It is a little frustrating as I don’t usually spend a lot of money on diapers, but did because wool was ‘the best’ for nighttime. I am using SBish fitteds with 2 doublers because my little guy is a super soaker. :)

    What am I doing wrong?


  3. Britt Says:

    I bought 2 pairs of wool longies online for my daughter … a cream coloured Aristocrat from Nicki’s diapers and a stripey brown/tan alpaca one from Green Moutain diapers where I get my prefolds. Also, I am fortunate to have friends & neighbours who have knit/crocheted wool personalized covers for my daughter in a variety of colours and designs. :)


  4. Amanda Says:

    OK, I have to ask. What do you use wool longies with? I use prefolds and flat folds with G Diaper covers. How would I use wool longies? Are they great for nightime? Would I have to buy fitted to use with it. May seem like a silly question but do you use them as PJ’s? What do you put on top? I apologize for all the ?’s but I always wondered.



    • Autumn Beck Says:

      No apology needed for questions! I use wool over any cloth diaper (fitteds, pockets, aio, covers). During the day they’re just clothing. At night they are a cover over his nighttime fitted. When it’s cold I put PJ’s over the soaker with no problems.


  5. anpnek Says:

    Autumn, I was wondering if you have any tips on how to lanolize wool for nighttime use. I have a SBish cover. I have now lanolized it 3 times. Is this going to be good enough for nighttime? I has used it after one time & it leaked. It feels really sticky. Is this normal?


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      WHOA! No more lanolizing is necessary ;) Your wool should be lanolized when you get it, then maybe every other month (or every quarter is what i do). A one time lanolin bath will result in a slight sticky feeling. Too much lanolin will be very sticky. Since you have already done it let’s talk solutions. Wash it again in mild soap. Then rub, rub, rub. This will help remove some.

      When I received my sbish soaker I over lanolized it. This resulted in lanolin stains and I had to rub it to work the excess in. It’s worked excellent though over the couple of months I’ve been using it at night.

      What diaper are you using at night?


  6. Jen Fischer Says:

    I <3 wool!!! especially longies!!


  7. Sharon K. Says:

    Hi Autumn,
    I only have one pair of interlock wool longies- they are Simon’s Custom Cloth. I bought them “gently used” off of the for sale or trade section of diaperswappers. They are in like-new condition, for our baby due in december. All my knit longies, shorties, etc. I knit myself. I have collected quite a few different patterns, and I use my favorite parts of each pattern to create longies that I love. And speaking for myself – just b/c I’m a knitter doesn’t mean I don’t need paypal b/c I have a serious yarn addiction! Sure I’m not paying for the labor of knitting, but I can’t stop buying expensive yarns. My baby will be stylin’ in some cute longies, but I won’t be able to show them off much during the winter months, as I plan on staying home a lot more as we go from having 2 children to 3! Oh well…


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