Where to buy cloth diapers

Everyone has their favorite place to shop for cloth diapers.  But, when you’re new to everything you have no clue where to start.

If you’ve checked out the My Recommendations tab you’ll see many linked to Amazon

.  Why Amazon? Amazon isn’t likely to move pages around and stop carrying something which creates less work for me (i.e, broken links).  But, they aren’t the only place to buy what I use and recommend.

My favorite cloth diaper stores are clean, easy to navigate and have a wide selection.  Most brands sell for the same price across the board but occasionally I’ll find a sale somewhere.

Banana Peels Diapers: I’ve been shopping here so long it’s just my go-to store. I *wish* I would have seen that today- yes TODAY- Heather is having her Black Friday sales! They end in the morning at 8am so if you can shop do it now! The #1 reason I keep shopping with Banana Peels Diapers is the excellent customer service and lightening fast shipping. I’ve been exceedingly satisfied with every purchase.

Little Fluff Monster: A new store that you’ll see referenced a lot now! This store is owned by the WAHM behind my favorite newborn cloth diaper, Mutts! I’m glad I have all the newborn diapers that I need because there are a few I really wanted. The site is still in the growing stages but I look forward to seeing it flourish. Free shipping.

Re-diaper.com: My favorite store to buy second hand (and many new) cloth diapers.

Sweetbottoms Baby: Free shipping. Retailer to one of my new favorite diapers, Kawaii Baby. I love that Beth carries brands that many other retailers don’t: BumWare and Nifty Nappy to name a couple. Newborn cloth diaper rental program.

Kelly’s Closet: Busy site but there’s lots to choose from. I go to Kelly’s Closet when I want to see what new diapers are out.

Diaper Wagon: Free shipping. Clean site. I like that she has lots of sales…well, my husband won’t let me buy any more cloth diapers BUT I do like to look :)

These are just a few of the amazing online cloth diaper stores. Sometimes I just want to support the small guy (you know what I mean…the small WAHM ;) ) so I go with a local store.  For me that’s Go Baby Go.  When I need something in a flash (like when I needed Flip disposable inserts) I can order from there.

Other times I support WAHMs that have hosted giveaways here on All About Cloth Diapers.  Gigglebritches and Pooters are two that come to mind.

The most important part of buying anywhere is the relationship.  Do you feel comfortable spending your money at that store?

One of the first things I do when I visit a site for the first time is find the About page.  I want to know who I’m supporting.

Remember when I said “I *think* I’m set. If only I could stop reading about how wonderful the xs Bum Genius aios are…” in my last post about cloth diapering a newborn??

Well, guess what I see as I’m browsing some great cloth diaper stores: Bumgenius XS Rental! I really need to have twins to support my obsession with itty bitty cloth diapers.  One of you needs to take advantage of these rental programs and write us a review!

Where do you do all your cloth diaper shopping?

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Autumn is a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, friend and most important a follower of Christ. She began cloth diapering in 2005 and has experienced many joys and trials throughout the years. You can read more from Autumn over at https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyblessedlashes.

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34 Responses to “Where to buy cloth diapers”

  1. reponsiblemother Says:

    You can try our cloth diapers and accessories. Check our site http://responsiblemother.com/, maybe you like something. We sew diapers by ourselves and we are from Lithuania. Shipping is not very expensive.


  2. Sara Says:

    Hi, I have tried most of your recommended sites and others and it seems that Mutts/goodmamma and a few others are all sold out, is this common?? If so , what do you do or how long do you usually have to wait to try to order them?



    • Autumn Beck Says:

      very common. she makes them herself so supply is limited to random stockings. i highly recommend joining the muttaqin yahoo group. she announces when she will stock ;)


  3. Julie Says:

    It would be great to have a listing of just Canadian stores! I try out a ton of diapers, most from my store (www.littlemonkeystore.com) and in anticipation of carrying them in my store. As a retailer, I love to see what other stores carry so I can check out the products too!


  4. Mrs. Wheeler Says:

    I love Abby’s Lane, Sweetbottoms, Wee Little Changes and Green Pampered Baby. I’m sure I am forgetting some!


  5. Katy Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I had heard of some but not all of these, so I will check them out. I had a FABULOUS experience ordering from nurturedfamily.com recently. I ordered a FBOS package and needed the diapers pretty quickly as my son was about to start daycare and they had agreed to use the FB and we only had two. I ordered late one night and used their newsletter discount code and requested expedited shipping. I realized early the next morning that the choice wouldn’t deliver on a Satuday and was waiting for them to open to call and change shipping. They must have called as soon as they got in because an hour before opening time, I got a call because they wanted to confirm my shipping choice, and they went out of their way to offer another option not listed on the checkout page to try to get the diapers to me in time. They were incredibly helpful and I appreciated the personal attention and effort to accommodate my last-minute order. (the diapers did arrive saturday so we could use them at daycare on monday)


  6. Katey Says:

    For anyone that lives in the Chicago area I second Maritza’s vote for Comfy Bummy (http://www.comfybummy.com). They are super knowledgable and approachable, and turned me onto my Flip diapers which was a great place to start as a newbie. From there I had the confidence to start looking and researching different options online on my own.


  7. Raychel Says:

    I LOVE thanksmama.com. They have a great selection and run really good specials. They always get back to me with anwsers to their questions, and their free shipping over $60 is very fast. I also like littlefornow.com. Julie is super sweet and carries stuff I don’t see everywhere else.

    I hope to open a store where I live in the next couple of years. There are NO stores around here that support mom’s who cd, breastfeed (you can get the major brands but none of the specialty stuff) or babywear. I even had to order my glass bottles for my twins because nothing around here carried them. I’ve had tons of moms approach me about my cloth diapers and my moby wrap. So I think there may be a market for it in my area. I love to promote cloth diapering as well and hope that my store will help moms explore healthier options for their babies and themselves. I hope that it can also carry lots of local WAHM products so that all the super talented local ladies here will be able to make a little money with what they love to do and be able to stay home with their babies.


  8. Margaret Says:

    If you live in Windsor Ontario I have a cloth diaper boutique called Sweetheart Diapers & More. I started it because there was no where around me to buy cloth diapers.

    I love educating new moms and dads who come in thinking that cloth diapering is going to be such a hard thing to do. They always leave surprised how easy it is.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      That’s great, Margaret! I love when moms see a need and fill it. I’ve always wondered, since you are a stone’s throw away from Detroit are you able to shop in the U.S. or do you have to pay more money to do this?


      • Margaret Says:

        Well, right now the exchange rate makes crossing the border more attractive to look for cloth diapers, but when I needed them for myself the rate was far less attractive. I have family that live a few hours north of me and there is several cloth diaper boutiques there so I would just shop when I went home to visit.


  9. Allison Says:

    I had a good experience with Cotton Babies. My bumGenius Elementals arrived in only a few days. They even honored a coupon code I found 2 days after I placed my order.

    Question: When you receive a few new diapers, do you prewash them alone so that you only have a partial load or do you wash them with older/dirty diapers?


  10. MeghanM Says:

    I get my diapers from a store near me shopnurture.com They only carry BumGenius and FuzziBunz, but that’s all I buy so I’m happy :-)


  11. Anna Says:

    If you live in Western Washington and want an actual store to visit, Simple Cloth in downtown Olympia is an awesome resource. There are many brands of cloth diapers to choose from, plus other products. The owner is awesome, and will even let you use the little lounge in the back to breastfeed if you happen to be walking by and need a friendly place to sit! She is patient and willing to answer any and all questions about cloth diapers, and many other things (She taught me how to use my Moby wrap!) She also sells from her website, Simplecloth.com.


  12. lissa Says:

    I really like Sweetbottoms. I have ordered from there 3 x and Beth has been very friendly and helpful. Plus the shipping was FAST! I live in Canada but my sis lives in Rochester so I order them to her and she brings them when she comes for a visit (saves me the crazy Canadian shipping costs). She got the last order only 2 days after I placed it at Sweetbottoms!
    I also had a great experience with Sarah who makes Wallypops. She makes my favourite fleece covers with the strongest hook and loop closure around. These covers are soooo cozy. Plus she gives great customer service; I highly recommend!


  13. Diane Says:

    Thanks for supporting the local shops! :-) It means a lot!


  14. Crystal Says:

    I have ordered from Beth at Sweetbottoms Baby and loved the personal customer service, as well as the selection (I originally chose it because she was the only retailer in the US that had a dipe I wanted to try that is made in Canada). I have also ordered from Justine at http://www.fluffenvy.com and was very impressed with her personal customer service as well. Both of these wonderful ladies helped me out with decisions and issues I was having via email before I ever even became a customer! Talk about “customer service”!


  15. Jamie O'Hare Says:

    Happy Baby Co. is near me in Pittsburgh, and their own design is the Pittsburgh Cloth Diaper. They have great sales and bulk discounts on many of the popular brands. They have cloth diaper orientations in-store, and participants get 10% off. Free shipping to US, no minimum. Only exception is for RnG, which has an extra charge due to its weight. Great customer service from this family-owned online and brick-and-mortar shop! http://www.happybabycompany.com


  16. Katie Says:

    Thanks for posting the xs BG AIO rentals! I was all set to rent Kissaluvs, but the BG would actually end up being cheaper since they don’t need covers. I’ve heard people say that they take longer to dry and was wondering if the AIOs have a stink issue that you know of?


  17. Susan Says:

    I caught the Banana Peels Black Friday sale yesterday. More cloth diapers heading my way…hooray! It’s on until 8am Pacific Time this morning….so if you are on the east coast or in the midwest, etc. you still have time.


  18. kanani Says:

    ooh! OOOH! the hubs is gonna be maaaaaad when he sees how this has further unleashed the CD beast…

    so many good suggestions! my go-to is http://www.jilliansdrawers.com.


  19. Little for Now cloth diapers Says:

    I test a lot of diapers, so I shop a lot of places once. Of course, most of our diapers come from my own store. It is great when I get walk in diaper customers since it gives me a chance to show them all the different options, but a lot of customers get a “walk through” by phone or email as well.


  20. elizabeth Says:

    I have used Kelly’s Closet recently, and with their FREENOVEMBER code got a Kawaii diaper! You didn’t get to pick your free diaper, so I was excited when it was one I had been wanting to try. It shipped quick and you can’t be unhappy with a free diaper!


  21. Patricia Says:

    I shop at EverythingBirth.com because they have a great selection and Free Shipping over $39.
    I joined as a Diaper Parties Consultant through them because there is no place to see and touch diapers in person here, and I live in a big city.(LA) I’ve also bought stuff through Amazon, Jillian’sDrawers, and small WAHM sites. While I have gotten some good prices that way, there’s nothing like feeling the merchandise yourself. The day my box of diaper samples arrived I felt like a kid at Christmas. I know that at the local mommas I will be showing them to will love to know what they are buying and be more confidant in their choice of going cloth.


  22. Sherry W. Says:

    I shop online mostly. I live in Ontario, Canada in an area that has no local CD stores . My favorites so far are sogreenbaby.com and ottawaclothdiapers.com
    I have never ordered diapers from the U.S. but have thought about it. Many companies will not ship particular diapers across the border (due to manufacturer policies) and some shipping fees are very unreasonable. I keep hoping that more companies will realize how much business they are missing out on by not offering products to Canadians. There are so many of us here who love cloth diapers and are looking for more great diapers to try!
    I love that you have reviews on many diapers, some of which I have been able to purchase here in Canada. Thanks so much for all this wonderful information. Your site has been very helpful in choosing the right CDs for our girls! We think you are amazing and hope to read more.


    • Autumn Beck Says:

      oh, yes, yes! Ottawaclothdiapers.com is excellent!


    • Heather Says:

      Another great Canadian cloth diapers store is Peekaboo Bottoms (www.peekaboobottoms.com). I have no affiliation with the store – I just think their products and customer service are top notch. Plus, they are on Facebook and they often have “Facebook Frenzy” days where they feature super sales on cloth diapers and other great baby stuff. Definitely worth checking out.


    • Kay Says:

      http://www.theclothdiapershop.com as well! They are in Ontario :)


    • Emily D Says:

      Sherry, I totally feel your pain- I am from Ontario as well. I have used Ottawa Cloth Diapers, but they don’t always have what I’m looking for, I have often ordered from US sites as well, as long as I check out their shipping policies first. One site wanted to charge $60 for shipping a couple diapers!
      Sweetbottoms and Kelly’s both are resonable for shipping, and I just ordered from Otter Babies which only charged $4 shipping! But I am disappointed I can’t seem to get lil joeys from the US :(


      • Sherry W. Says:

        So Green Baby (sogreenbaby.com) sells lil joey’s. They have fast shipping, great service and Natasha always replies to ALL my questions and there have been a lot of questions, lol.

        Thanks ladies for the great sites and stores to buy CDs. I guess I will have to ry them all out. Shhhh…don’t tell my husband!


  23. Maritza Says:

    This is another great post, so thank you! I’ve often wondered why you like shopping where you do. I’ve heard you mention some of the above listed websites but never knew what was so great about them, and it’s useful to know more about them. I love that some of these have free shipping (those are the ones I’m more inclined to try out). Personally, I love to shop at my local store in Naperville, IL . They also have an online store at http://www.comfybummy.com, but I love being able to look and feel the diapers first hand before buying and like you mentioned, for me it’s all about the relationship, so when I buy from them, I do go to their brick and mortar shop rather than online.


  24. DeLise Says:

    Thanks for these sites! I actually go to a local cloth diaper store, Soft and Cozy Baby, here in Maryland! I love it! It’s where I attended my first cloth diaper workshop as a CD newbie and when I purchased my first stash, she walked me through the whole store helping me decide between systems. It’s great having a local place because I like to see/touch everything before I purchase it.


    • Meredith Says:

      I second this recommendation–Bayla, the owner, is so helpful and I loved that SACB has an actual storefront. When you’re a newbie, it’s really nice to be able to look through merchandise and learn about it in a more tactile way than is available online. That said, her site carries a lot of great items and has good sales too.


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