Which Advertiser Got Bullied by Big Business?

I am the most forgiving person, really.  If you hurt my feelings or do something wrong I’m quick to forgive and forget.

But, for some reason I have this inability to show grace to the big businesses that bully small wahm shops.  I mean, come on!

Tell me how a business with a couple of employees making cloth diapers threaten the profit margin of a world-wide, well known company that doesn’t even sell cloth diapers?

Unfortunately, it’s happened multiple times.

This time one of my advertisers, Bright Star Baby, was the target.

Dawn has been SO gracious about this whole fiasco.  What a great example she has been to me.  When I asked her about the mess she had nothing but positive outlook to share.  Dawn and her family sees this as an opportunity for a new beginning.  Who doesn’t like a fresh start?

Bright Star Baby is now known as Peachy Green.  Same great products, same excellent customer service, new name.

Dawn described the new name as a fun name that really reflects how they make diapers. How exactly?

“Our diapers and covers are always local and in season. Local – not only made in the USA, but made locally to me. I am able to drive over and pick them up from a great team of women who do the sewing. In Season – Here’s where we are doing things a little differently than most. We will be offering a limited collection of colors and prints that change with the seasons.”

Press release:

Peachy Green, a new line of cloth diapers by the makers of Bright Star Baby

Peachy Green is new on the scene, yet these diapers and covers are already tried, tested, and proven by bloggers and moms who rate them highly. Peachy Green is Bright Star Baby with a new name – same great fit, fabrics, and makers. The only thing that has changed is the label.

Why the new name? Bright Star Baby was forced to change business names by a large corporation protecting its trademark. While Bright Star Baby did not agree with this challenge, they also felt they were left with no other choice. So the folks at Bright Star Baby got creative and came up with Peachy Green. “Peachy” means excellent, and “peachy keen” means cool or awesome. And then, because cloth diapers are reusable and lighten the load on landfills, ”peachy keen” became Peachy Green. If the peach logo reminds you a little bit of a rounded baby bottom, that’s no accident!

The new name really reflects what this line of cloth diapers and covers is all about. People are paying more attention these days to where the things they use, eat, and wear are made, how they are made, and how far they travel.

Peachy Green diapers and covers are always local and in season. Not only are they sewn in the USA, but they are sewn locally to the company headquarters. Company owner Dawn Bucholtz is able to pick them up, take a careful look at how production is going, and chat with the great team of Americans who do the sewing.

Peachy Green diapers are also fresh and in season. Peachy Green releases a new collection of diapers and covers about every two months, with colors and prints inspired by nature and reflecting the seasons. There is a constantly changing array of prints and colors to delight cloth diaper shoppers throughout the year.

The first collection under the new label will be released around October 28, 2011. You can find them at www.peachygreendiapers.com

Peachy Green is releasing the Fall Collection on October 28th.  I am *loving* the butterfly print.  Camden would look adorable no doubt.

Let’s help make this a great start for Peachy Green and help them to forget all about big business bullies!

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9 Responses to “Which Advertiser Got Bullied by Big Business?”

  1. Heather Says:

    Reading this makes me all the more interested in trying these diapers, and I think the new name super cute and appealing. So maybe this change will work to their advantage!


  2. Leigh Says:

    Unfortunately, I think this happens more often than any of us would like to know…even among diaper companies. You never know which diaper company might be bullying another diaper company behind the scenes.

    If someone thinks someone else has stolen their idea, why not just send them a friendly letter before bringing attorneys in? It can save a lot of time, money–and heartache.


  3. Shelley Garrett Says:

    How sad to see big business acting like a big butt.
    The company that forced the name change has lost my business. Just because I don’t like bullies.

    Know what, though? I’m going to buy some Peachy Greens though! Way to stay strong, WAHMama!


  4. Tiffany Says:

    Fishnoodles, Bright Star Baby, Peachy Green… we love their diapers no matter the name! Good for you for staying positive. I’m bummed that my little guy is all potty now, I will miss those cute little dipes! Best wishes =)


  5. Lenae Says:

    I’ve been in love with Bright Star Baby diapers since I began using cloth, and I’ll be continuing to use Peachy Green as well. They are super awesome diapers, regardless of what they’re called.


  6. Kristen Deptula Says:

    Oh! Wish I knew if this baby was a boy or a girl, LOVE the butterfly print in the fall line! Oh well, maybe they’ll have something similar this spring if we have a girl!


  7. Adrian Post Says:

    Take it as a compliment that they are worried that by using your former name you will take business away from them. When I first started making and selling my diapers I was contacted by the Lawyers of a big diaper company saying that my diapers infringed on their patents. After going over what parts of their diaper they had protected I realized that I didn’t copy them or even have anything similar to what they were saying was the same. I was shocked at first but then thought, wow they are worried about me, the one woman shop!


  8. Cindi Says:

    “out of adversity comes…” in this case humility and courage to stand. what a powerful story in this whole debacle. i love the new name, love it more than the original name and it has a great purpose behind the name. a mission statement in the name.
    another David & Goliath story to be shared. i just love how these big businesses feel so threaten by the little guy, you’d think they would begin taking notes :)


  9. Charlene Foster Says:

    Really LOVE the name Peachy Green! You can not always control what others do to you but can control how you respond. We need more strong women with great attitudes like you! Here’s to your success!


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